17 Signs A Girl Likes You But Is Trying Not To Show It

Sometimes life brings you at a point when you have a special girl in your eyes, but you are confused whether or not she likes you. Sometimes, the signs are clear and the girl may actually have feelings for you and is just trying to hide them.

However, sometimes, it could be the total opposite, and making assumptions without any real proof can get you in knee-deep trouble. It sounds confusing, and very frankly, it is quite difficult to differentiate between these two situations.

So this gives rise to the million-dollar question; how to know if she is hiding it all?

If a girl likes you and doesn’t have the confidence to confess her feelings, she will use subtle signs to show you how she really feels.

For example, she will always find small things to compliment you on, plus whenever you have a conversation with her she will ask you personal questions because she is curious to get to know you.

Also, she never misses an opportunity to give you a heartfelt smile.

Here Are 17 Signs A Girl Likes You But Is Hiding It!

She plays the eye contact game

This is the most common if not the most obvious sign of someone being into you.

Eye contact game

After all, eyes are the windows to the soul.

Usually, girls don’t want to make their true feelings obvious, so they tend to look away when they catch you looking at them.

She wants to hide her feelings for as long as she can, but also wants to see your reaction so she keeps her eyes on you.

She’ll compliment you all the time

A girl who likes you will find it hard to hold on to her feelings, she won’t confess, but she’ll find ways to make you feel wanted.

So, whenever she gets the chance to strike up a conversation with you, she’ll make sure that she talks about things that will lift your spirits up.

She will find small things to compliment you on and make you feel like a million dollars.

She often smiles at you

You will often find her smiling at you.

Whenever your eyes meet or whenever you’re in the middle of a conversation, you catch her smiling at you a lot.

She often smiles at you

A girl’s secret admiration for you emerges in the form of a beautiful smile so if you’re skeptical of whether she likes you or not, this is the one sign that you need to look out for.

She wants you to know that she enjoys spending every second with you and smiling at you is one of the best ways to show that she likes you.

You can feel that she cares for you

Let’s admit it, the streak of emotions when she tells you that she is worried when she hears you’re sick is more than just a friendly gesture.

She’s concerned about you and will call or text you at least or ask around the class or office about how you’re doing.

She is genuinely concerned when she sees that you’re not feeling well and can’t hide it even if she wants to.

She wants to know about your life

A one-way conversation is a hint of no interest.

When questions come up in a conversation, it is a sign of a person’s interest.

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The girl wants to know about your life and wants to get a gauge of your personality. It’s her way of measuring your compatibility.

So, she won’t shy away from asking you really personal questions.

She follows the conversion

Engaging in a meaningful conversation is a sign that she is ready to open up a door to another level of relationship.

The more you talk to her about yourself the more she opens up about herself. She wants it to be a two-way conversation.

So, the more she shares in the conversation, the more she wants to keep your attention.

She’ll share more and spill things about herself depending on the topic you discuss.

Your likes become her likes

This requires your keen interest. As soon as she learns about your interests, you might want to check if she becomes interested in them as well.

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Whether it’s your favorite food, music, band movie, sport, or place, she’ll try to explore the things that you like and want.

She’s after the things that you like because she loves the idea of you and she wants to have the same interests as you so that you start liking her.

She dresses to impress you

She dresses according to the preferences she thinks you like.

For example, you might have mentioned a celebrity you like between conversations, so don’t be surprised if she shows up in the classroom or in the office wearing the same style as the celebrity that you talked about to grab your attention.

All her friends will know you

You will always be the topic of girl talk when she hangs out with her friends.

Hanging out with mutual friends

Girls share everything with their friends and the guys they are into are one of the topics that come up more often than we think.

Her friends will know everything about you and you probably won’t know a thing about them.

They might even tease you both about being together.

She’s trying not to show it but in this case, her friends already betrayed her.

So if you find her friends following you on social media, it’s a strong hint that they are talking about you.

She enjoys long late-night talks with you

She enjoys late-night talks with you.

After a long day at school or work she texts or calls you because she enjoys spending time with you, this way she can discuss everything with you and she wants her to be the last thing on your mind before you go to sleep.

She shares her music with you

If a girl likes you, she will sometimes share her playlist with you.

We all know that music is the language of the soul and most of the feelings that we can’t put into words are said in the lyrics.

You want to listen to the song that she tells you about taking time to decode the lyrics from the song or the inspiration of the song, there might be something in it that she could relate to.

If it’s not a playlist she is sharing with you, you might want to watch a movie or a tv series that she likes, the same idea works there too.

Her tone changes when she talks to you

This is a tricky one. First, you will need to observe how she normally talks and interacts with her friends or people in general.

Body language and Conversation Tone

When you get a general idea of that, go and start having a conversation with her and see if her voice changes with you.

It generally sounds sweater and lovelier when she is talking to the person she likes.

Look out for her body language

She will try not to show it but her body language will betray her when it comes to her crush. Look to see if she is constantly staring at you.

Another thing to look out for is if she is mimicking you when you hang out together because that shows interest and connection.

A subtle one would be if her feet and shoulder are pointing towards you, it shows that she is paying attention to you and that you are just that much more captivating to look at.

Last but not the least, be on the lookout if she is fiddling with her hair or jewelry, it could show that she’s nervous or that she is really into you and trying to keep herself distracted so she doesn’t show other obvious body language signs like touching your arm or hand.

She’s shy

Shy girls are the best at hiding their feelings. With shy girls, you can’t be 100% sure but there is one way to tell.

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Pay attention to how she behaves towards you.

Figure out if she acts normal and talkative with others but when you’re around she becomes blank.

She might be nervous around you and will be afraid that she will make a fool out of herself.

For her, the way to not overreact is to underreact.

That is she becomes quieter around you and acts as if things are alright.

She totally agrees with you

It’s a good sign when she agrees with you on a lot of your discussions, especially on important subjects.

People, in general, like to spend time with those who are similar to them, so by doing this, the likelihood of you becoming close and you hanging out with her will be high.

So maybe she isn’t fully ready to show her feelings, but she’s going to take things slow and see if you want.

To perhaps hang out more with her.

She gets awkward around you

You know those times when you’re in an awkward position but you can’t really describe it, but you just feel and know that it’s awkward.

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For her, she could be extremely shy or extremely obnoxious or flat out just weird and you’ll know.

Sometimes when a person likes another person that is close by, they can’t keep their cool and their mind just goes out of the windows taking their ability to pull themselves together with it.

If that is the case, she is totally into you.

She will want you to make the first move

Last but not the least, if a girl is into you, she will be reluctant from making the first move.

She is shy and awkward around you and if you want her to walk up to you and confess her feelings then you’re asking for too much of her.

However, If you ask her out, she will be willing to go out with you.

You can ask her out on a date or if you want to take things slow, just ask her to hang out with you along with a bunch of your friends.

However, just to make things clear again, if you were to be direct and ask her on a date, she will definitely be happy to go.

Summing up

No matter how hard a girl tries, if she has a crush on you there is no way she can hide it, especially if she hangs out with you a lot.

You will notice how her behavior and mannerisms change when she is around you.

Her tone will become sweeter and she will become a little awkward and shy.

If you are sure that she is interested in you, you need to be the first one to make a move, she is too shy to walk up to you and confess how she feels.