Virtual Reality Games for Adults Top 5

Games are indistinguishable from reality and with major developments in VR headset technology; it is a huge leap for gamers. Most of the young adults like to play games, and with the advancement of technology in the last few years, virtual reality gaming became very popular in adults. That’s why we are here with some of the best virtual reality games for adults in this third year of VR gaming since it captured the world. 

Virtual reality games for adults created a lot of hype for the sexual games but many of times, you want to enjoy your spare time with some really good VR games for adults, and they don’t have to be always sexual.

You need to know about some good quality VR games for adults. Virtual reality apps and gaming experience are simply just amazing, a person plunges fully into the game and forgets about what is happening around him.

All existing PlayStation games can be played on PlayStation VR or PSVR

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Virtual reality technology is the most suitable for those who don’t like distractions while playing games.

Games that were played on a TV or Computer screens that lacked immersion and felt distant are now starting to become one with the gamers.

Something about being right in the game while defending your base from zombies or trying to get the lead in racing games just feels real.

Combined with haptic feedback, in the form of rumbles and vibration, provide an interesting experience. VR headsets such as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift use live motion tracking to change surroundings in the game according to your movement in the room. It does this by using motion sensors placed in opposite corners of the room. It is then translated into in-game motion.

VR isn’t all good though, playing for extended periods of time causes nausea and fatigue, and the need for a capable system to play VR titles makes it difficult for beginners.

Nonetheless, VR gear is improving and there will come a day when it’s gonna feel like the movie “Ready Player One”.

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Project Cars 2

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Best racing virtual reality games for adults brings you Project Cars 2. There is just something that combines VR to Driving games. The hands-on experience and ability to drive exotic cars everyone, especially petrolheads, love so much are now possible, from setting the best time on a racetrack to battling it out online with other players. It’s all possible now.

Project Cars 2 fixes the problems of its previous installment, making it a solid VR experience, specifically if paired with racing wheels. If you want to take a Mazda Furai for a test drive or a Ford GT for a track run, it’s all possible.

The reason VR helps is it connects real-life driving to the game, enhancing spatial awareness. As a side effect, this, in turn, improves the player’s perception and skills in real life, like turning your head to see the side mirrors and rear-view mirror.

The game is richly detailed to mimic actual cars as much as possible. This includes handling, sounds, and even interiors. These details make VR racing natural and convincing.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

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In terms of horror, virtual reality games for adults, this is the best one. For true fans of the horror genre, this is a fantastic game to play, if you dare. It is the latest installment in the Resident Evil series.

This game is available for use with PSVR and doesn’t feel shortened. It has all the features of the regular game, plus the immersion. The graphics in the game feel designed for VR, The bloody, dark visuals are amazing and quite scary, especially if they show up unexpected.

The game is filled with jump scares that are sure to give you the heeby-jeebies. The Baker mansion is filled with features to explore. While jump scares and narrow, dimly hallways are scary, Going down the staircase becomes a test, even to the bravest.

This game is a fine example of what VR gaming is all about and other developers should try to deliver the same sensation in their games.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim VR

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Of all the virtual reality games for adults, I personally love this one. With a massive, open-world like Skyrim, with numerous things to explore, it was only a matter of time before the developers released a VR version. This isn’t a small, simple tasting piece. Instead, it’s the whole game.

Being able to walk from one corner of the map to another, witnessing all the sights and features of the world is breathtaking. The player can take a detour to Skyrim’s dungeons, do side quests and much more.

The combat system is a bit outdated but is refreshed, the ability to move hands independent of each other makes fighting really immersive. Two different spells can be cast on different enemies at the same time.

The use of a sword and shield in each hand gives a natural, controlled feel as well as lining up a shot with your trusty bow and arrow. It is still Skyrim. It still has all the bugs and glitches that we had but they’re so much fun, but are letdowns for those who want reality.

This game really shows what VR can do.

Doom VFR

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Another one in the category of virtual reality games for adults. The legendary FPS title that defined its genre is now on VR. Doom is known for its fast-paced, brutal gameplay and a plethora of weapons to choose from. This game features intense combat and brainstorming in order to solve puzzles.

A visceral, gory game is perfect for fans of the original Doom. The game takes place on mars and you, the protagonist are the last man alive after an alien demon attack. The protagonist is tasked with restoring order and functions to the now overrun mars facility while obliterating armies of alien enemies and explore the gruesome world.

The facility is richly detailed, allowing for greater, rewarding exploration. There is also physical interaction with the facility. Switches and levers can be operated to open up new sections of the map. Items can be picked up and used as weapons. Weapons in the game are the iconic, double-barrel shotgun, grenade launcher and the BFG 9000.

This is a game made for full-on action and is not for the light-hearted.


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This is one of the cool virtual reality games for adults, an FPS game with a twist. Time moves only when you move. These words govern the beautiful world of SUPERHOT VR. It has no weapon pickups, all weapons must be obtained by overcoming enemies. The ammunition is limited so each bullet counts. Guns themselves can be thrown and used as weapons.

The movement in the game starts the game. In SUPERHOT VR, time stops when you stop.

This creates “The Matrix” style gun battles which are in slow motion. Move too fast and the bullets hit you. Move to slow and the enemies gang up on you. Overall, it’s a fast-paced shooter which is sure to be a favorite of anyone liking the genre.

Of course, there’s plenty of other games out there that you should definitely try, but just to get started, I think these are the best.

These were some of the best virtual reality games for adults, hope you liked them.