The Problem With Working Hard

The Problem With Working Hard: Hard work is the key ingredient to success but not unless you do it smartly. It is challenging and sometimes it urges you to step out of your comfort zone too. It can be painful. But at the end of the day, this is what gets you to the top! And if you are not doing it smartly, you are wasting a lot of your energy too.

Working hard demands your energy, effort, time, and persistence. You need to hustle to attain the goals you wish to achieve but you need to pay attention towards your direction and methods of working too. The majority of us assume that we are hard workers; but are we really?

A hard worker is one who puts all of his/her energies towards their goals. They tend to follow their passion or career path blindly. So are you one of them? Are you dedicated enough? Many of us try to presume how to become a hard worker and turn out to be exhausted in the middle of the journey. What you thought to be easy, doesn’t turn out that way.

What makes you a dedicated hard worker?

What makes you a hard worker?

A hard-working person is far more different than others and to understand this statement you can observe the people in your surroundings. You will get an idea that a hard worker is mentally, physically, and emotionally different from others. They tend to have amazing stability between their emotions and professionalism.

The lifestyle of a hard worker and their style of thinking and perceiving things is a lot more mismatched to a person who is only fond of doing a less or short period of work and crave to achieve more than his efforts.

People of that category are more curious for you and your results if you are a hard worker. People working hard are the cream of that era as they are more special from normal persons.

Why work hard?

Everyone in this world wants to be a rich and successful person but few of them genuinely struggle for it. It is human nature that we always want more in our life. People want more power, more success, more money, and more fame but when it comes to putting ingredients of hard work and effort in the bowl, they usually step back. They do so because hard work is not attractive and only you have to bear the consequences of your hard and terrifying journey.

There is also another side of the picture that is all about grooming, glowing and self-confidence. We all know that you can’t earn something without paying and hard work, courage and endless efforts are the prices for earning success together with peace in life. A person who is willing to do hard work in a required manner will surely be in a different position in life one day. A strong person can achieve his goals if he makes his mind. No one can stop a strong and determined man to be a successful person.

Problems with working hard

Most of the people thought that hard work is something which can ultimately sooner or later end up with success but they are unaware of the fact that it is something that is of no use alone, as it depends upon a strong body and a sound mind too. Hard work unaided by all other necessities will only grant you with stress and futile mental pressure. Hard work is very important for becoming successful in life but there are some of the problems that you may face while doing hard work.

Health Problems:

Health problems in working hard

Stress issues:

Hard work comes with stress and stress causes health issues. One should not focus on just hard work by neglecting all other momentous tasks of life for example: neglecting your health while preparing for an exam or not considering your alliance with others. Failure in health can be a great hindrance in your way towards success and achieving goals. Many health experts told us that if work will become too hard or stressful to the body later it will lead you to alarming conditions for your healthy life as we can say that hard work can sometimes only be hard for your body and not for your career breakthrough.

Physical weaknesses:

How does the MBTI test work?

Working hard is easy for many people but there are also a number of people who are not capable of doing hard work for some reason. Poor health, less IQ, financial or family problems can be one of these reasons. A question arises here that, will they ever be able to become successful in their life? The answer to that obvious question is yes. They can step up on the ladder of their life by doing smart work along with hard work. Being smart in life is something that one should always keep it in mind. If a person keeps on going with too many assignments, tasks and obligations by neglecting his health, a time comes when he will be suffering from health issues like insomnia, headache or blood pressure, etc. At that time, his hard work is no longer of use.

What should be our measures:

Piles of work to do and nothing for your health are not fair enough for a man. As a human being, it is our responsibility to take care of our health. Every person should be kind to himself at least to give himself a healthy life. Studies prove that working hard can be dangerous to health and researchers came to know that working hard for a long duration of time gave you heart diseases, mental issues and abnormal heart rates.

Relationship Problems:

Relationship problems in working hard

Work preference over relationships:

There comes a time in life when everyone is thinking about becoming successful and concludes that hard work is the only way to succeed. With this thought of doing hard work for success, you get yourself prepared for a challenging time and dive into the river of hard work. When someone is investing all of his energy and time at one point by ignoring all other necessary tasks of life than how can he expect that it does not affect his personal life? People don’t even realize sometimes that by putting all their stamina in one mission, they are clearly overlooking all the relations connected to them and that is wholly unfair.

Lack of attention:

Relations always demand attention and care and if you overlook them they ultimately become weak and you have to face the results. Due to lack of time and attention, your relationship suffers and communication problem starts. This will give you a plenty full of stress and depression and most probably you will not be able to perform well in your mission and get done with your work. If you spend a long time in your own mission of dreams and ignore your loved ones for long period of time, you will regret it.

Dreamland without dear ones:

Let’s suppose, your hard work leads you to the road of success and you will be in your dream life in no time, but it might be possible that you will be alone at that heaven and no one will be there to stand by your side in your dreamland or to whom you will share your success with. Hard work makes you successful but it is so lethal that it cost you your peace and dear relations and anything that costs you your peace, is not worth buying.

Psychiatric Problems:

Psychiatric Problems with hard working

Hard work causing nerve issues:

We can’t deny the fact that hard work, if properly and accurately performed will give you a lot of success but this journey to dreamland is full of thorns that are so influential to end your life with stress. It is proven from research that many workaholics were healthy good at their health but after doing a lot of work without any limitation brings them serious nerve issues. When we look back in history, one of the facts that many people suffer from Psychiatric issues is taking a lot of stress.

Nowadays the fear of being in the line of modern and updated plus earning facilities and luxuries of life, people are working hard day and night without giving them proper rest. By doing so they slowly are going towards their destruction. Hard work makes you successful anyway but paying no attention to your body and soul will get you impairment of your life.

Unhealthy results of overwork:

Boring job

Working hard is important but there is something people should take into accounts that if they overwork to get recognized in the world they end up with mental stress and a bundle of diseases. Stress can affect your overall health and attitude resultantly person becomes a patient with psychiatric issues. So choose your directions wisely and try to control your nerves in a healthy and positive manner.

Experience along with hard work:

Experience with working hard

Farsightedness to have experience:

You cannot work hard on something if you simply do not know how to do it. You can’t get the desired results of any work unless you have done it in the right way. The experience provides you all the information and learning about how to do the work in the best appropriate way that helps you utilize and achieve the best results. Everyone has to look deeper and aim to find out the real facts of that are the building blocks of success. These things require farsightedness in a man Experience has a strong role as it allows and trained a person to perform his task in a precise and smart way.

Perks of having experience:

Experience helps you grow, learn, and flourish yourself each day so you can become more successful in less time with slighter efforts. By each day in your experience, you can explore yourself by attaining self-awareness and discovering your capabilities of being a smart worker.

Having an experience with a job or task allows you to perform that job or task in a much better way even without hard work. But simply putting in hard work without experience can lead to zero outcomes. So whether you are considering the two in the business scenario or at the societal level, the experience can always outperform hard work. Qualifications and other working skills have lesser weight when recruiting new members to their teams. You don’t really need to be blindly run on a track without knowing about the way.

Advice for the beginners:

Companies prefer experienced workers for their sensitive tasks and a hard worker with a great passion to learn will never be their priority. Many recruiters and human resource managers around the world advise the students, that along with focusing on getting good grades and degrees in colleges they should also try and get practical experience in their respective professions and industries.

We can take an example here, such as if you try to play in a field without having proper instructions about the game, you will ultimately fail. The rules of the game are actually the criteria to be a winner, and if you don’t follow that you can never win on the battlefield.

Likewise, the battlefield of life is also the same and you must have proper knowledge, experience, and tricks to be a winner in life. Hard work and passion gave you a blind path to which you happily start walking and expect that you will find your destiny but the truth is that only experience can make you aware of all the difficulties that come up in your way.

Following the footsteps of experienced people:

All the great men of old times, either they were leaders, emperors, sportsmen, or scientists, create their name in history by masters in their fields. They spend their whole life in learning skills and growing each day makes them so perfect in their field that they become successful and skilled in their departments. Experience allows a person to create himself.

Good and bad experience:

Experience is of both the types, some are good and some are bad ones but the charm of experience is that you can obviously get one better chance of acquiring many things from a good one, but bad experience also hands over the lessons of life.

In this way, you can never regret the time you spend on learning but if you only focus on doing a high-level task that requires very much hard work, you are only wasting your time. When experience is combined with hard work it makes a perfect combination of success.

Knowledge along with hard work:

Knowledge along with hard work

Knowledge as an upper hand:

It is said that knowledge is power and it gives you the real positive strength to fight and work hard in any field. When you put in the hard work along with performing best even with that you sometimes failed. You can’t win an argument unless you know all about what you are talking about, likewise, you can never be a hero in a field except that you are fully trained and best in it.

By working hard at your workplace you can impress the audience for a limited period of time but when it comes to results, you have to face disappointment at that stage for the reason that you have put your best version in it still you can’t make up to success. The root of this failure is not having enough knowledge and skill to tackle smartly with your hard work. Not considering the gospel truth that you can’t be a winner only by hard work can make you let down in the end.

The universality of knowledge:

The plus point about knowledge is that there is no age limits, caste boundaries or religious factors involved in gaining knowledge. Anybody throughout their life can learn and for this purpose, a person should have accepted that he is not perfect and there is a lot more to gain in this world.

No one is born a hard worker, as all of us require some motivation and teachings to be a proficient one. A practical person must know the denotation of knowledge and need to welcome all the lessons with open arms. When you are motivated towards hard work and willing to achieve what you want in life, then seeking knowledge and observing silently with a deep thirst for becoming learning surely gave you outstanding results.

Working with the best of one’s skills:

To be a hard worker is not the only quality required to become successful in life as one should be humble enough to accept the fact if he doesn’t know anything. When you work hard with best of your skills and plenty of knowledge about where you are going to perform then you must score something big in life but if you only rely on hard work and don’t regard the worth of knowledge, skills and learning so it is hardly possible for you to become successful in life.

Hard work VS smart work:

We all know that “Hard work is a key to success” but this key demand its polishing and requires its lubricants so that it can be able to play its role properly. Now you must think about how to polish this key? Experience, smart, and efficient work, and making a convincing strategy of your goal can absolutely be advantageous and arrange your work more fruitfully with fewer efforts.

Must choose right direction:

Choosing the right direction

A mandatory condition to achieve success:

You can say that there is a condition applied to a determined person to be successful in life that he must be on the right path and make sure to put all his energies in the right direction. Hard work encounters you with such nature of tough time that you can only feel when you experience it on your own thus many people comeback after doing hard work for a short tenure as they thirst rapid results that are surely not so smooth to score.

Hard work demands a great deal of courage and time. You must have to be consistent and should deal with every trouble with extreme firmness that comes up in your journey. A sensible person must know the barrier between a career-boosting work and just hard work.

How to overcome problems?

A student can do his best with great interest in the field which he feels inclined to the most, such that a hard worker can become undefeatable easily when he gets to polish his qualities of being strong and determined by the time and master himself in almost all affairs of life. A hard worker can score the best in his studies by investing more time, learning from his superiors, and by acting and working smartly in the classroom.

Hard work in studies requires a great deal of patience, intelligence, smartness, and efficiency to be one top of the list. Only hard work is not enough and to blindly follow your one track or settled goal is a useless thing to do. It can only give you pressure to be in the race but to win you have to be smart. Success and hard work have a deep connection for sure but it has some other strings to pull on to make it rock. By chasing your dreams instinctively you backslide.


The problem with working hard

There are large numbers of problems you have to face while doing hard work. Hard work demands plenty of time, focus, knowledge, and proper guidance. You can’t win or accomplish yourself by hard work as victory charge a complete package of perfection. A complete balance in life is very important as the balance is undoubtedly the key to success. One should maintain a balanced life by setting the particular boundaries that allow him to grow and flourish in life.

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