The Problem With Working Hard

As we climb up the career ladder there are a number of different things that we learn on our way. Starting from the day we start our studies to the time we retire from our jobs, the process of learning new things and benefiting from them continue. But the road up the career ladder is not very easy and simple. Sure you can always work, but the problem with working hard is that theres always a better and easy way to do things. In other words, it’s not about working hard, it’s about working smart. It’s about the experience as well.

There is a long way to go with lots of obstacles, hindrances, and hiccups. There are competitors with better qualifications and resumes, new challenges of the markets and industries and the ever changing world of business environment; you have to deal with everything face up. Only then will your journey towards your destination will be successful. Same thing applies to individual lives as well. As we grow older it is just like a career path. Moving in a forward direction with some successes and some failures or missed opportunities under our belt.

Hard work or Experience – A lethal combination:

In the above scenario, two elements are vital for any type of success. These are hard work and experience. All across the world and in the pages of history we find that both of these characteristics are associated with great leaders, entrepreneurs, and heroes of different times. Their combined synergy is what makes the difference in an ordinary situation. Experience combined with hard work is a win-win combination for all types of challenges and this has been proven thousands and millions of times in history as well.

The problem with Working hard

Although the two offer a lethal combination for the enemies, many critics and analysts look at the experience and hard work alone as well. The argument is built on the scenario that either a person can win through hard work or through practical experience. Having both can be difficult and rare. So how does one have a winner in this situation? Is one better than the other? Which is more powerful for success? Hard work or Experience? Let us try and find out.

What is hard work?

Giving something all you have got is hard work. It is putting in all your efforts and strength towards achieving one goal or aim. These days working hard has become just a cliché. It has been used so many times and at so many places that not many people take it seriously. But the fact of the matter is that working hard is key to acquiring what you want. By putting in this extra effort you can reach your dreams in no time.

What is the experience?

The process of gaining knowledge, learning things, acquiring and mastering skills and jobs is called experience. You get experienced about anything you in this world. It is simply learning to do something after a long period of doing it repetitively. Experience in a particular field or subject can make you an expert.

Which is better?

So what do you think? Which is better? Experience or hard work? Well in my opinion hard work can help you gain a lot by struggling in a given direction. But it is one’s practical experience and knowhow that can give him or her the competitive advantage over the others.

You cannot work hard on something if you simply do not know how to do it. Having an experience about a job or task allows you to perform that job or task in a much better way even without hard work. But simply putting in hard work without experience can lead to zero outcomes. So whether you are considering the two in the business scenario or at the societal level, the experience can always outperform hard work.


After the above discussion the conclusion is simple, it is experience and not hard work that can get you higher up the career ladder. Definitely, the combined effect of the two can be one of the best pathways to success but separately, experience matters more. For the same reason, we find that organizations now days lay more stress on hiring experienced employees. Qualifications and other working skills have lesser weight when recruiting new members to their teams. Looking at successful CEOs and leaders of the world, we also find that although they initially put in the hard work to enter their field or industry, but later it was their experience that led to their ultimate win to the top. Many recruiters and human resource managers around the world, advise students, that along with focusing on getting good grades and degrees in colleges they should also try and get practical experience in their respective professions and industries. Doing part time jobs and working in holidays help you gain this experience and get a better chance to perform well.

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