Learn Something New In 10 Minutes

It requires no explanation that our lives today are no less than a beehive, all of us buzzing around like little bees, unable to give a moment to ourselves.

It can be challenging to take time out of our busy routines to try and learn a new skill quickly and nicely.

In a situation like this, all you might be able to think of is Rome wasn’t built in a day. And while it is completely true, it stops a lot of us from learning new things. As we think that because we cannot take a lot of time to learn something new, it’ll directly mean that we can never learn that skill because no skill can be mastered in a few moments, right?

Nevertheless, while it is acceptable that it takes a long time to earn command over a lot of fields and skills, some moxies can still be learned in just a matter of minutes.

So for those of you who don’t have the time to spare, but at the same time have the fire of curiosity and learning something new burning inside of them, we have constructed a special guide.

Sometimes life can feel stagnating and boring, while sometimes you might feel like you cannot match its fast pace.

Well, the reason behind both could be the fact that you have put a stop to learning new things!

It is understandable that it is extremely easy to get caught up in the knots of a busy routine.

And by the end of the day, there is no time left for you to do or learn something new. See what happens on the internet in just 1 minute.

But in order for our brains to stay energetic and not become the sole reason behind our frustration every now and then, it is important to keep them stimulated at all costs.

And that is done best by learning new things!

Plus, the satisfaction of learning just feels unexplainably good. Never gets old.

So even if you think you do not have a second to spare in your buzzing and tiring life, there are still a few things that you can master only if you take time as less as 10 minutes out of your schedule.

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1- Learn the art of paper folding!

Learn the art of paper folding

Now you must surely be thinking that paper folding does not seem interesting at all, but I am actually talking about good ol’ Origami art.

Origami is surely a fun activity to spend your spare time doing, plus you will actually be doing something you most probably haven’t done before, so it’s a win-win.

As simple as it sounds, all you need is some paper of course, the time, and the will.

And perhaps a YouTube tutorial that can teach you a technique or two in the short time you have.

Just like learning absolutely anything else in the world, you will need to start from the bottom and gradually climb to the top using the stairs of practice.

You can begin with the basic symbols and notations used in Origami art and get yourself used to them, and from there you can start creating some basic Origami models which will eventually build up into bigger, more intricate and better models with the passage of time and a lot of practice.

Origami is a great skill to have at hand, especially when it comes to last-minute gifts and/or packaging ideas for friends and family!

Ten minutes here, ten minutes there, and eventually you will become a pro at it.

2- Tap onto the chef inside you!

chef inside you

For those of you who have always loved or aspired to learn how to cook, but have not been able to take the time out, then I believe you were just trying too hard to do so.

The lack of free time in your life should not stop you from doing what you love. You can always try out new recipes everyday, just choose ones that can be done within a shorter period of time. So you can get to make something new to let the chef inside you come out!

Choosing recipes that you can make within a few minutes, or things you can try to create will help you stay productive during your free time, learn new things, and of course also provide you with yummy things to eat at the end! (Be your own judge *wink wink*)

Perfect that frosting recipe, find easy new recipes on online platforms like TikTok and/or YouTube, try making different mug recipes, or just construct recipes of your own!

3- Grab a needle and some thread!

Grab a needle and some thread

Stitching, it is not just a life skill, but also a good form of therapy as it helps to reduce stress and can be used as a tool of distraction from stress and other bothering issues.

Whether it is about sewing a button onto your shirt or creating a unique piece from scratch, the act of stitching will reward you with a boost of self-esteem and provide you with the confidence that you are capable of solving your problems on your own.

You can start with a basic running stitch (aka the stitch behind almost every sewn piece of clothing ever) and then slowly build up to more complex ones including couch stitch, lazy daisies, French knots, and whatnot!

There are hundreds of super easy tutorials on YouTube that will fill all your stitching noob needs! And there are also some best stitching machines for beginners.

Oh and for people who are just way too busy, sewing is fantastic if you want to just have a chill time and unwind as it helps you slow down and just relax.

If over time, you become learned enough, then you can maybe even start to sew your own clothes which let me tell you, is just pure bliss.

You will no longer feel caged in the compulsion to follow the clothing trends available in the market. Just be your own stylist and trendsetter!

Oh and I almost forgot, all the countless thoughtful and ‘one of a kind’ presents you can make for your loved ones if you have this skill up your sleeve!

4- Master a few dance steps!

Master a few dance steps

This is another exciting way to keep your productivity flowing and also learning something new. It has been a very ‘viral’ hobby, especially during the pandemic when we could see dance tutorials all over Instagram and Twitter.

And of course, TikTok.

If you are not a pro at creating dance steps of your own, then you can just scroll through TikTok, find a dance video that you enjoy, and just learn the moves to it!

This is literally the easiest and most fun way to learn new dance steps. TikTok is filled with dance videos to the brim which ranges from easy to hard levels of difficulty.

No matter where you are, whether you are a noob at dancing or regularly dance, TikTok will definitely have something for you.

And a lot of the dance videos even have tutorials! Basically, the only thing you have to do is pretty much just download the app! And the rest will be done for you!

Plus, since the videos are just a minute long, they do not contain a bombardment of moves, but still enough for you to easily spend ten minutes learning.

And by the end of 10 minutes, boom, you will have learned so many new dance steps!

If you aren’t a TikTok fanatic, however, you can always head to Youtube and find similar content to let the light shine upon the dancer inside you!

5- Start exploring the world of a new language!

Start exploring the world of a new language

Yes, I know that languages are learned best when you are a child, however, that does not at all mean that you cannot learn one just because you are an adult now!

All it needs is some determination, and of course, passion.

A lot of it.

But that is a self-explanatory, basic rule when it comes to life, no matter what you are doing.

Firstly, you obviously have to choose the language you want to learn. Yes, some languages are a lot more difficult to learn than others, but if you possess the vehement passion to learn it, nothing can stop you!

The second step is based more on a personal suggestion. Let technology help you out! Get the assistance of a language learning app!

There are thousands of those out there, and I am sure you must have heard about a few including Duolingo, Memrise, and LinguaLift.

And if you have not, well, now you know.

These kinds of apps are designed especially to aid you in learning new languages, and they have got you covered with a long long list of options to choose from!

Whether it be Spanish, French, German, or even Arabic, apps like Duolingo will walk you through the exhilarating and arresting world of language with the help of baby steps.

Moreover, instead of setting unrealistic goals like today, I am going to learn how to make sentences in Spanish on the first try, set small, attainable goals (preferably easier things that can be done within a few minutes) because fulfilling them won’t just satisfy you, but in return, you will feel like you have actually learned something in the 10 minutes you took out.

You can then later on move to a more intermediate level of learning grammar and stuff like that as soon as your brain gets in practice!

Yes, you most definitely cannot learn a whole language in just 10 minutes, but however far fetched it may sound, one day you will, at last, earn command over one just by dedicating 10 minutes to it daily.

And then again, whatever you learn in your 10 minutes would surely be something new for you every time, so yes, you technically are learning something new!


These and thousands of more are skills that you can start to learn whenever you have some free time on your hands. Even if it is just 10 minutes.

Ten minutes are something that we can really easily waste when we have nothing fun to do. So why not choose to do something that won’t just satisfy your inner self but will also help you keep your productivity in check.

So what are you waiting for? Take those ten minutes out today, whenever you want, and do something for yourself.

Try to learn something new in 10 minutes and trust me, you will be surprised at the things you can.