How To Deal With A Scorpio Man Pulling Away?

How To Deal With A Scorpio Man Pulling Away?: Your intuition is screaming at you that your Scorpio man is pulling away? Well,let me tell you, it is because they are having second thoughts.

He would not tell you what stories are playing on the back of his mind but you can surely tell that there is so much going on underneath the surface if he is a Scorpio.

Scorpios tend to be very passionate who loves deeply but can be secretive. They may be thinking about multiple things at once without even you having a clue.

If your Scorpio man is pulling away, it could be for several reasons: You hurt him, you are too clingy and need more of his energy, he thinks you are not loyal, or simply, he might not be interested.

Your man might be occupied with his work or material life and that is why he is not prioritizing relationships anymore.

Scorpios need a woman with whom they can experience a deep, emotional connection, who they can trust blindfolded, and fulfill their desires.

To deal with a Scorpio man pulling away, you need to understand him, give him space, deal with him in a calm and polite manner.

If you both don’t have a connection like this, that is the possible reason why your Scorpio man is pulling away from you.

These are the main Reasons your Scorpio man is pulling away:

A Scorpio is not an easy zodiac to deal with, especially in terms of relationships.

He is highly sensitive to emotions and if he feels that he is wronged in any way, this man will isolate himself.

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Some reasons as to why Scorpio guy will pull away, distant or isolate himself can be these:

You may have hurt them:

As these males are sensitive to feelings, they can get hurt very easily.

They may start to act cold or just withdraw from you and silently deal with their emotional traumas.

If your man has started to act differently-like not calling or texting you and not even hanging out with friends just sitting all alone in his room all day, then there is something that you have said or done that he didn’t like.

You should think about what your fault might be.

Scorpios do not speak out what they are feeling and if you have hurt them, they will just try to detach from you so they can protect their heart from hurting even more.

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You want more from the relationship than him:

Scorpio men will withdraw if they sense that you want more from them than what they are already feeding.

This happens only when the male has to decide what the future of his connection holds and should he invest in this or not.

He can be in an indecisive mode at first, and if during this period you demand more of what he is giving, then most certainly he will start pulling away.

Scorpio man demands time so that he gets to know you properly before making you his love. The logical side of this masculine will trigger him into pulling away as he is not ready yet.

You are clingy:

Your man can also pull away from you if they feel like you are more needy or clingy.

If you show them that you can not live without them or that you need to be there where ever he goes then trust me, he will instantly start pulling away from you.

Scorpio males are attracted to women who are responsible for their own lives and who are independent.

If you try to agree with everything he says, just to keep him or for the sake of the relationship, this will make him want to run away.

Your Scorpio guy will like it if you give them space and carry on with your daily activities. Set up your own goals and do not just rely on your man for everything.

Plus, do not act extra needy of his attention.

He thinks you are not loyal:

One good reason as to why the Scorpio man is pulling away can be because he thinks as if you are insincere.

Some good traits of this zodiac sign in love are that they are very loyal beings, highly intuitive but can sometimes feel insecure too.

He can have trust issues. If he doesn’t feel as if you are trustworthy, then he will immediately start to detach himself from you.

To gain his trust, it does take some time but it will take only a second to lose it.

He doesn’t like to play or get played. If he senses that you are playing games, then he is out for sure, without any warning.

Ditching him means that you will not see your man ever again.

Plus, he might also pull back if he smells any kind of danger as he does not like to be vulnerable.

These men also don’t like to compromise so think twice before cheating on him.

He is not serious:

These secret beings do not open up very often.

They do not express their feelings very easily.

Expect this only when he fully trusts you.

This guy may also not feel confident enough to talk about where is this relationship going.

You will never find out what’s going inside his mind.

You wouldn’t know why is he being distant but, it might actually be that he does not think he is really into you.

This guy has a certain standard and if according to him, you are not up to that standard he will start ignoring you.

They are highly selective when it comes to their love interest.

If they do not find you fulfilling their criteria, that is when Scorpio men pull away.

What to do when a Scorpio man is pulling away?

Is He Trying To Make You Jealous or Is He Not Interested?

Give him space:

If your Scorpio man thinks you have upset them in any shape or form, then he will remain silent so you can sense that something is up with him.

In this scenario, the best option would be to give him some space to figure things out but beware, do not give him this space for too long as he might think you don’t care anymore.

It might also turn into a competition of who is the best at ignoring or who can ignore the longest.

Message or call him occasionally, but not too much.

Ask him how his life is going and how is he. This will make him feel as if you still care.

Plus, he will have enough of his alone time to reconsider the situation.

Understand him:

A negative aspect of a Scorpio male is that they have the tendency to throw off their anger on the people they love the most.

I know this sounds so selfish, unjust, and rude but there is a reason behind this act.

These guys think you are the one who can understand their tantrums the most and if they show you their aggressive side, that means you will immediately get a hint that something is not right.

They expect you to be understanding in this regard.

Also, they know that you love them anyway so you wouldn’t leave them.

There is zero chance of you losing them and vice versa.

All you can do is give them space just like I explained above. Let them deal with their issues. Everything may get settled down once their temper cools down a bit.

Stay cool and calm:

Scorpios have anger issues and can be quite aggressive if they lose their temper. For this reason, they decide to remain silent.

They don’t want to explode so they may just start to pull away from you.

If you remain peaceful and quiet during this time, it will be beneficial for you, your person, and the connection.

But if you start creating a drama, or start shouting and screaming at him as to why is he pulling away, this will boil his anger.

As a result, he might throw it back at you in case it was your fault.

How to make your Scorpio man miss you if he is pulling away?

If you feel that your Scorpio is pulling away from you and you are not liking that, here are a few ways you can get him to miss you.

It could be that maybe he comes back to you this way.

Here is how:

Do not bombard him with texts or calls:

As I mentioned earlier that do not call him day and night, but contact him occasionally and give him space.

Let him call you first.

If they start to feel that you are ignoring and not giving them much of your energy, then this might make them pull towards you.

Stop spying, liking, or commenting on his pictures.

This will trigger him to move towards you. Silence speaks louder than words.

He may want to save the relationship if he finds out that now you are the one who is showing tantrums.

Make him want more:

If you keep on calling him, talking too much, and not ending up the call then he might take your love for granted.

Make him want more of you.

Make him crave your love, attention, and care.

If you want him to come back pulling towards you and miss you, first learn how to keep cutting him off.

Try being the first one ending the call, occasionally tell him that you are busy at work so can’t talk for hours…

This way your person will be curious and would want more and more of you.

As long as you do this, he will keep on running towards you until you don’t give him your all.

Say NO:

How To Get Your Friend To Forgive You?

Do not hesitate a bit to say this word.

He might think as if you will always be available for him whatever happens because women often tend to say “Yes” or ” I agree”, but you don’t always have to say these words.

Even if he gets distant and cold, guys know that their girls will be waiting on him. You don’t have to wait for him. I mean obviously, you are waiting for him as you still do love him and want him back, but you don’t have to show this to them.

Here is a tip: Show them the total opposite of whatever you are feeling.

Go out with your friends, click selfies and upload them on your Insta and Snapchat.

Your Scorpio guy should know how happy you are without them and that you don’t need them in your life to enjoy and smile.

Make sure he stalks and sees these stories and pictures otherwise all this will be of no use.

By stalking your social media he will gain interest in you and will want to come back in to be happy with you.

Be mysterious:

Be unpredictable. Scorpio man does not like fixed routines.

They keep on wanting something new. If you tell them everything about yourself on the first date, that will be no fun. He will get bored.

So, you would have to keep a mysterious atmosphere around you.

Make him crave or chase for your answers.

Don’t just speak out everything you feel or think. He should think as if you are a shadow.

Even when you answer his questions, keep some to yourself as well.

Just show him a bit of you each day.

Moreover, you can also challenge him with new ideas and activities every other day for a fun and playful time so he enjoys your company and does not get bored.

Guys want new things in life including love and relationships.

Your guy may find other girls interesting and would want to know more about them. So, this is why you should be a puzzle piece for him that remains unsolved.

Just move on:

You wouldn’t want to wait for him your whole life and miss him each day.

You would have to move on one day. Keep your options open.

Date or talk to other guys. It is better to find someone new who can also stand up for you than to just lie down and miss the Scorpio person.

Show him that you are not one of those girls who can wait for him their whole life so he can enter whenever he wants to.

NO, you have your own life and you are not there to just watch, sit and wait.

This is not about making him jealous or anything, but it is about moving on with your life and finding the best one for you out there.

If he wants you in his life, then he should take action quickly and fight for you and your connection.


Scorpio guys wear a hard exterior and don’t show much on their faces.

They wouldn’t tell you how much they love or miss you, but trust me deep down they have an ocean of emotions for you.

If they truly love you, they will make all the efforts to get you back and express how much they missed you.

Scorpio is one of the very intense zodiac signs. Inside they have thousands of feelings and strong passion for only the one they love.

So, if you know that you both have a powerful connection, do not take his pulling away from you as he doesn’t love you anymore.

It is just a way to show you that he is upset about something. That’s it!

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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