30 Best Pieces of Life advice for Young People

As Albert Einstein stated: “A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with complete restlessness.” In light of this statement, we do understand that a modest and calm life is the best and these two are the most important elements of living with contentment. We usually come across life advice for young people that states everything about positivity and contentment, makes you wish that you could change your life in the blink of an eye.

But that does not happen. You cannot just close your eyes one day and hope for change to embrace you. However, taking that amazing life advice and practicing it on a daily basis can help you embrace the change that you want.

Life teaches us all! We are provided with lessons by life, every other day. Every situation, good or bad, teaches us something if we look closely at it. Therefore, in this post, we have wrapped up 30 life lessons for everyone along with life advice for young adults.

These are not going to change your life within minutes or a few days. But these are going to tell you some very crucial things about life and how you need to understand them, in order to spend a happy and content life.

Life Advice for Young Adults:

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Before we jump into some of the most important 30 life lessons for everyone, we will be providing you with some very important life advice for young people.

These fragments of advice have been compiled through different books and successful people and are going to provide you a different perspective towards life.

Read them with concentration and do think about them for a while.

You will notice that these pieces of advice are utterly true and meaningful and if taken, they can be extremely helpful as well.

Also, remember that learning is never going to exhaust the human mind.

It always nourishes it for the better!

There are so many people out there who have faced a lot of difficulties and rejections in their life.

However, they have still managed to live to their fullest potential without letting the hurdles become a barrier for them.


Forgive Yourself (Maya Angelou):

We hear so many people talking about this but Maya Angelou was the first one to really stress upon this a lot.

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She was an activist, author, and poet. She stressed the fact that forgiving yourself is very important.

Till the time you are alive, you will keep making mistakes, either small and big.

The fact that mistakes are inevitable needs to be accepted by people so that they can live to their fullest.

This is very important life advice for young adults as it seems extremely easy for us to blame ourselves. Anything goes wrong; you are the culprit.

Especially when we mature, society makes us assume that we need to do everything correctly.

This makes it harder for people to forgive themselves.

However, take it as an advice or a lesson but forgiving yourself is important.

You need to learn how to let yourself be, even after making mistakes.

Understand that life is built up through failures and successes.

In order to cherish the success, you need to overlook the failure and accept it and forgive yourself for it.

Never Stop Learning (Indra Nooyi):

Indra Nooyi is CEO of Pepsi and she states:

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“Wherever we are in our lives, whether we are entry-level employees fresh from college, or a CEO, we don’t know it all. Admitting this is not a sign of weakness. The strongest leaders are those who are lifelong students.”

She emphasizes the fact that we should never stop learning because no matter how much you study, you never have enough knowledge.

The more you learn, the more you will realize that there is a lot that you do not know about.

Your learning process gets efficient when you walk through each lesson that life teaches you.

Think about a situation that you have just gone through; you will be able to unveil a lot of aspects that you didn’t know about life or yourself.

Also, people who have been termed as the most successful youngsters or adults always kept learning.

They did not lose the zest to learn anything new.

Say YES to Things (Edric Schmidt):

Saying no to people and creating boundaries is certainly important but we must focus on saying yes too.

Taking time to reply

This is very pivotal life advice for young people who miss out on so many opportunities because they are scared to say yes.

Even if you do say yes, following up and making efforts for a specific purpose puts you down.

Saying YES is not about just voicing out your agreement with something.

It requires you to build up your motivation, persistence and prepare yourself for all the effort that it requires.

This habit is very important for growth and success and will help you massively in life.

It adds up to your character and makes you stronger.

Listen to Yourself (Mark Zuckerberg):

Who doesn’t know Mark Zuckerberg?

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He is the CEO of Facebook and is one of the most successful people in today’s competitive world.

His life advice for young people is as follows:

“The most important thing is to just have faith in yourself and trust yourself. When you’re young, you hear that you don’t have experience to do things, that there are people that have more experience than you. But I started Facebook when I was 19.”

There are a lot of people who will doubt us and the things that we are set to achieve.

In this bunch of people, some will be genuinely concerned for us and others might just be jealous.

You have to agree that envy is real these days! However, the only thing that will keep you going is your faith in yourself.

You need to listen to yourself and have trust in what your inner self says to you.

People are unable to see what we are imagining in our minds.

It is your personal creativity box and no matter how much you try to put it into words, nobody will understand it.

Thus, at this point, what will work magic for you, is having faith in yourself.

Just listen to yourself closely. Have the guts to turn your passion into reality and then turn that reality into the bigger picture that you have always thought of.

Yes, it can be time taking but if you resonate your possibilities around it, you can achieve anything.

If you tell yourself that you can do it; you will!

A Setback is not a bad thing (Richard Branson):

Richard Branson is the founder of Virgin Group and he learned something important from his mistakes and turned it into life advice for young people:

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“I never see a setback as a bad experience. It is just a learning curve.”

Richard Branson, like all of us, had several setbacks in his life, before discovering Virgin Group.

However, he made sure that he learns through those setbacks.

We usually allow setbacks to let us down.

We start believing that what we are dreaming for, is not meant for us.

However, this is not the case.

We should utilize those setbacks to learn what the situation is trying to teach us. You can always choose the path of your thoughts.

You either allow the circumstances to drive you towards negativity or you can use them to think positively.

Thus, take setbacks as an important lesson and try to learn whatever they are teaching you.

Setbacks are always learning curves and they tend to make you flexible as well.

These were the top 5 life advice for young adults and we all must include these in our lives.

These are not only true but are very helpful in the long run.

They allow you to grow in your personal and professional life both.


Now that you have some of the most important life advice in your hands, we will be stating 3 life lessons which are very powerful.

We all have been through these or some of these and they tend to teach us a lot about life. You must always be willing to learn and it can really help you in the long journey of living.

Following are 30 life lessons that you must learn by 25, as these can be extremely helpful for you!

We must love:

We usually let this statement go by, considering it as cliche.

But somewhere, this lesson holds a lot of truth. If we do not love, our lives will never be happy or joyous.

Loving and spreading love provides us with happiness.

And being loved back is also the best feeling ever.

Even if we get heartbroken, love is a feeling that is hard to avoid.

Smile at someone and let people smile at you:

When someone smiles at you, you notice that a tiny thing like a smile can really make a change.

You feel good about it, even if you don’t admit it.

And when you smile at someone, you spark a little emotion in them.

These two actions take nothing but a minor twitch of your lips but they can make life a lot better.

Love is not the only key to the survival of life:

Yes, love is important and we must love.

But this feeling is not the only essential key to survive through life.

Love is not enough. You need to express it, showcase it through your actions in order to let others know that you care for them.

Just feeling an emotion is never going to be helpful.

Happiness is not bought:

This is the most bitter of the 30 life lessons because when we were 10, our happiness was on sale, in the form of ice cream.

But as we grow up, we learn that happiness is not bought.

The material things that we add in our cart out of frustration, won’t make us feel good about our life.

These things will still make us feel empty by the end of the day.

Being content with who you are and where you are heading to in life, is going to bring you happiness.

It is an internal feeling and cannot be bought through external sources at all.

Moving on is a part of life:

We all face failures in life and go through heartbreaks that are hard to overcome.

However, we need to understand that in order to live, we need to move on.

Failing is inevitable.

Tell yourself that you tried your best and move on with life.

Change is important:

Majority of us run from change, not realizing that changing with time and situations is extremely important.

This is one of the most powerful lessons from the 30 life lessons that we all need to understand.

If you know that you must change, then you need to work on it.

Don’t be scared of change.

It is a part of life and we all have to go through it, in order to grow.

Don’t underestimate health:

When they say that health is wealth; they are right.

Health is extremely underestimated and it shouldn’t be. Take care of yourself!

Your job is not the end of the world:

The day you die, they will hire another person in your place. Don’t treat your job as the only important thing in your life. Work as much as your body allows you to. Make sure that you have time for yourself and your friends and family too. Balancing everything is the key to a happier life.

Giving is living:

This life is worth living. The meaning of life is giving.

We usually think that this is extremely cliche but till when are you going to give feelings and things to yourself only?

Contribute to other people’s lives in a positive way and you will feel amazing about yourself.

Passion is very important:

You might say that passion is overrated but it isn’t.

The power of passion is undeniable and we all must have at least one thing in our lives, that we feel utterly passionate about.

Find a passion so you always have something to do in your idle time, instead of eyeing others on Instagram with envious looks.

Relationships Matter a lot:

We are talking so much about self-love, in the wrong way, that we are dumping relationships blindly.

Our false expectations our ruining our commitments and we do not realize that we are doing the worst to ourselves.

You need to contribute to them in order to flourish them.

Status is nothing:

Like all the other materialistic things, status is nothing.

It won’t bring you contentment by the end of the day at all.

Therefore, don’t run after it.

Work hard and be successful but make sure that you keep all the other things side by side in your life too. It’s an important thing for success when it comes to successful vs unsuccessful people.

Everyone is not going to like you:

Who doesn’t wants to be loved? We all do, right?

But the bitter reality of life is that everyone is not going to like you and that is okay.

Learn the fact that you need to like who you are and not rely on other people to adore you.

Be comfortable in your own skin!

Dump jealousy:

Jealousy is a wasted emotion and it won’t do you any good.

Let it go!

This is a very important life lesson that we all need to embrace.

Competition and jealousy are two different things and there is a fine line difference between them too.

Learn it!

You are not the center of the world:

Humans find it hard to look at the world, with a completely different perspective that doesn’t match theirs.

This is human nature and we all wish that the world would revolve around our ideas and beliefs.

But it does not!

During your 20’s, this will be a huge lesson to learn and accept that you and your beliefs are the center of your own universe and not for other people.

We all are small elements in this world and we are not the center attraction of it at all.

Listen to your intuition:

If your gut says no, it is better that you say no too.

We all know that our intuition is correct most of the times but we do not give it the credit.

It knows a lot more than the facts that are right in front of us.

Therefore, learn to listen to your instinct and understand what it is trying to tell you.

Enjoy the journey:

We are all so focused on reaching the destination that we hardly enjoy the journey.

Someone gave me this life advice and said that it is a very powerful life lesson that we all need to master.

And I couldn’t agree more.

In order to be happy, you need to live in the moment and stop worrying constantly about where you would end up the next day.

Pause; take a break:

It is okay to pause!

We are humans and not machines. You need to take a break and stop rushing everything.

One day you will realize that you just rushed rapidly through a lot of things instead of truly living through the moment.

Enjoy every moment.

Sit back some days and just relax your mind and body.

Go with the flow:

Planning is crucial and I agree that it is an important thing to do.

However, if something does not go as you planned, then you must learn how to go with the flow.

Upsetting about it, won’t make it better.

Therefore, learn to go with the flow and live in the moment.

Let life excite you sometimes!

Everything changes:

Just like change is a must, remember that this statement doesn’t confine to you only.

It is for everyone.

We all change with time, under different circumstances.

Your relationships with your friends, families and even your partner will evolve and change with time.

Nothing stays the same; it doesn’t mean to.

I think this is one of the most crucial one amongst the 30 life lessons.

If you learn this; you will be very calm.

Don’t pretend to be perfect because it doesn’t make you perfect:

Accept your flaws; embrace your imperfections.

You are not perfect and you weren’t meant to be perfect.

Pretending that you are, won’t make you!

Learn this lesson and you will be at peace with who you are.

Suffering is not useful; put pain to work:

Pain is helpful but suffering is not.

Pain symbolizes the need for change but suffering is a choice.

You allow pain to hurt you when you are suffering.

So, putting pain to work, in the right way is important.

If someone tells you this, trust me, they want you to do good with life.

Don’t let the pain kill you; allow it to make you stronger. Change your life by learning these dark life lessons.

Comparison kills:

I think the faster we understand this, the better our lives will be.

Every other girl compares her beauty with another and every man envies the other for the amazing car he owns.

Comparison is the death of you and your happiness.

Don’t do it! Never compare your life to someone else’s.

Honesty is key to a good life:

Honesty is simply about telling the truth and not lying about anything.

It is an important ingredient to live a good life.

Waiting is fine:

It is okay to wait for something.

Just remember that you have put in all your effort and if it will be best for you; you will get it.

Patience is an important life lesson that we all need to master.

Doubt kills:

Just like comparison kills, doubt kills too.

You are your worst critic and when you doubt yourself, you stop yourself from doing big things and achieving your dreams.

Freedom is important:

Money might buy you everything but it won’t buy you the freedom and without freedom, there is no happiness in life.

Thus, learn to be free.

Master comfort in solitude and don’t rely on people for living a happy life.

Be Open:

Just like honesty is crucial, being open is also very important.

Openness is all about real. When you are real, life gets better.

The past does not define the future:

Past is a good place to visit but just for references.

Look back to see how far you have come or whatever you have learned through that time.

But don’t let it define your future.

If you allow past to overcome your present and future, you won’t ever be able to grow in life.

I am still figuring life out and it is okay:

Nobody has their entire life all figured out and it is okay!

What works for me, might not work for you and sometimes, it won’t work for me too.

Let it be and stop trying to figure everything out.

With this, we are done with 30 life lessons that we all should master, accept and learn to live a happier and content life. If you want to be successful in both personal and professional life, then make sure that you bring some handful of advice to practice.

I hope that life advice for young people helps you out in figuring out a lot of things in your life.

Also, try putting all these 3 life lessons in your life gradually and you will see a positive change in your life. Get wings, get free and live life, like it should be lived!