How to make a Scorpio man stop playing games?

How to make a Scorpio man stop playing games?: Love is all rainbows and sunshine until one day your significant other starts to act suspicious and it begins to feel like they are playing some sort of twisted brain games with you.

These “games” may come in different forms; ignorance, derogatory comments, manipulation, push and pull, acting too friendly around other women, and the list goes on and on. There is no standard set of rules which come under this regard since no two people are the same in their actions, hence anything that feels off to you must be valid.

A Scorpio man in love is nothing comparable. He’s devoted and fully committed to you, and will go to his fullest capacity to shower his partner with love, affection, and care.

However, to every good thing in life lies an equally bad consequence. And with a Scorpio man, it’s his dark side that tends to thwart their love lives the most.

But to every problem, there is a solution, and we have gathered all the ways which can help you in stopping a Scorpio man from playing games with you in a relationship, and have also listed a few ways in which they manipulate you and play with your head.

His insecurity is taking the best of him

Being Cool and what it means

Scorpios are very insecure by nature and have quite a hard time trusting anyone, especially when it comes to love. So if you’re newly into a relationship with a scorpio, and if he’s acting distant and closed off, it could just be because he cannot gain his entire trust on you. It mostly is the case that he wants you to take the first step towards him. He may act strategically just to observe how you act when he plays this game with you.

So, the right way to tackle this situation is to confront him about his behavior instead of playing the game with him. Don’t let his controlling behavior and manipulation get the best of you and approach the situation with the love and devotion that love actually requires. Talk to him patiently to get hold of the situation and see if you can gain his trust and put an end to his behavior.

He may make promises that he can’t fulfill

Making promises that they can’t fulfill is a household name for Scorpio men, so don’t be surprised when huge promises of a happily ever after don’t get fulfilled. They were actually just a trap to pull you into “strengthening” the relationship and temporarily fulfilling his needs.

If it is bothering you too much, your best choice is to talk it out with him and convey how his behavior hurts you and your relationship.

Avoiding the conversation when you confront him

When your partner is not worth your time

Another mind game that Scorpio men frequently play is turning their back on you when you approach them to talk out your concerns regarding your relationship. Basically, they’ll just avoid any conversation which involves talking about commitment and love.

As his partner, you deserve to know all his reservations regarding relationships and why he prefers to stay closed off when it comes to discussing your relationship. Of course, as a partner, it’s not something you want. To resolve this issue, the best option is to let your actions speak since he himself isn’t willing to talk. Show him why you are worth every risk that he is afraid of taking and make him realize that the two of you can make something incomparable and beautiful together. Lashing out on him regarding how much his behaviour hurts you will do nothing but make things worse between the two of you.

While you make efforts to convince him that love is worthy of taking risks, make sure to not let yourself get too attached to the idea of him and him only. You can try to cultivate love between the two of you, but you can never force someone to love you if they are not willing to. Hence, part ways with him if he fails to realize your worth despite your efforts.

There will be a lot of mood swings

Scorpio men are emotional messes. While they are known for their fiery passion and undying love in relationships, a characteristic which is left untalked about is that they change moods like the flick of a switch. So one moment he will be all over you and the next he will start to act closed off and would want to be away from you.

It is undoubted that their mood swings will frustrate you to your fullest capacity and you will start to feel like you’re a prisoner to their emotions. You have to act according to what they’re feeling and have no autonomy over what you want to feel.

While some people may think that it’s okay for your emotions to feel suppressed when you’re in love with someone because they think that their partner’s happiness comes above all; doing so will simply just make you more and more miserable. So instead of staying in the dark and thinking you have devoted your life to your love, reach out to him and talk your concerns out in a civilized manner so that he doesn’t get aggressive or defensive and your problem gets solved as well.

Ghosting is a norm

Will A Pisces Man Come Back After A Breakup?

When you’re in love, you wish to spend every minute of your life with the person you love. It comes natural to us, but for Scorpios, the rules may be a little tweaked sometimes. When you’re in love with a Scorpio man, don’t get surprised if he goes MIA for a week or doesn’t answer your calls for the weekend.

You may choose the option of talking it out with him, but if he doesn’t own up to his actions, then you should take a step back and let him do what he wants for a while. If he wants to come back to you, he will. But if not, boy bye.

He is getting a bit too friendly with other girls

Being moderately friendly with girls your Scorpio man knows is fine, he has friends and he needs to tend to them just like you do too. But if you notice him getting a bit too frank with them, or see him frequently flirting with random girls at the club, especially when you’re there with him, you should know something is up.

And we guarantee that if you ever did the same with your male friends, or got a bit flirty with random men you meet at the park, he would lose his mind. Of course, that’s what is natural as well. But if he keeps up an inappropriate behavior and doesn’t pay heed to the fact that he has a partner like you, then you need to come out straight with him.

Sit him down and hold him accountable for his deeds, and let him know that you won’t tolerate such behaviour at all. And if he wishes to continue it, then he is free to be on his own. It is important for you to be as stern as you can when you are confronting him so he knows that you aren’t there to play and doesn’t dare to make the same mistake again, even when you’re not around.

You’re the secret girlfriend

Signs Of A Possessive Woman

When one is serious in a relationship and is happy with their partner, they will, at some point, choose to introduce their partner to their family and friends. It’s a sign of welcoming you into his family and is a big hint of him being serious about you.

But if you’re in a relationship with a Scorpio man and he seems like he’s always going out to meet up with friends and family, but never takes you along (even if you ask him to) then it’s a big red flag. It is extremely likely that he does not want you and his close ones mixing up because he probably isn’t that serious about you anyways.

If you have been dating each other for a while, and you believe that it’s high time that you meet the people he originates from or calls friends, then you may want to talk about it to him. Let him know what is worrying you and that you suspect that he isn’t serious about you. If he truly is serious about you, you will be able to catch it in his apologetic and guilty tone, but if he isn’t sorry at all and continues to keep you hidden from his loved ones, then you should leave as well. You don’t need to invest your time, energy and love in people who do not value it and don’t give you the same in return.

He might be busy

Love is all about attention and catering to your partner’s needs and desires. But if you often find yourself going to bed alone after waiting for your partner to come home to you, him bailing out of commitment and promises, then you might start to think that he’s just betraying you and doesn’t prefer spending any time with you. It may start to feel like he’s playing with you and your feelings for him. However, this is not always the case. Maybe he’s just going through something at work and is caught up with it badly but hasn’t shared it with you. It could be that he doesn’t want to worry you with his problems, that he isn’t sharing the details with you, but still spends most of his time at work. Scorpio men are terrible multitaskers, so there is nothing to be surprised about if he cannot handle his love and work life efficiently.

If you are going through such a situation with your Scorpio man, let him know that you miss him and crave his attention. If he feels sorry for it, you may want to help him cheer up by setting up a little pampering session for him at home with you. Turn on a movie and throw some cosy blankets to cuddle in. It won’t just get his mind off of whatever is troubling him at work and help him relax, but also aid you in spending time with him so neither of your feelings are compromised.


It is undoubted that Scorpio men can be a lot to handle in a relationship, especially owing to their bad reputation. However, this shouldn’t stop you from dating one. It is not a hard and fast rule that if they have a bad reputation, then by all means all Scorpios have to be bad. You never know one could be your soulmate after all. Try to be resilient and patient when you’re dating a Scorpio man, but also be vocal about your feelings to make sure that yours is a smooth sailing ride.

When it feels like your Scorpio man is playing games with you, you should approach the situation strategically to tackle it. You should know how your man reacts to certain situations, since they all are very different.

Once you know your course of action, it is relatively easier to get your relationship back on track.

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