How to Keep a Leo Man Happy?

Often in relationships, we find ourselves looking for ways to keep our partner happy. It takes a while to fully understand what you should and should not do to keep them content with the relationship or with life in general.

No matter how things are going, people in healthy relationships do what it takes to keep things sound. If you are dating a Leo man, keeping him happy can be confusing at times. If you do not know what to do, it can lead to frustration on both ends.

If you are in need for ways to keep your Leo man happy, then you need a thorough and objective guide to tell you what you should and should not be doing.

Having an optimistic, self-sufficient, appreciative partner who leaves no fraction in radiating positive energy tends to keep Leo men happy.

They feel happier with someone open with their feelings, attentive to their needs, lets them take the lead, and is their friend.

They like having a calendar full of activities planned with their partner so that you can do something for them.

What makes them unhappy is when their partner leaves them in the background, criticizes them, gets jealous, plays mind games, or is careless about their well-being.

Understanding Leo Men

To keep a Leo man happy, you need to understand his personality. Leo men are hopeless romantics.

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They crave affection, intimacy, and an energetic partner who is also their best friend.

They tend to go out of their way to keep their partner happy.

At the same time, they expect their partner to do the same for them.

They have a huge ego that can get easily bruised.

If they feel like their partner is unappreciative, then they pull away.

They hate it when someone is not open about how they feel about them.

They can be very stubborn and demanding at times, which is when you need to deal with it wisely instead of giving in to their stubbornness.

Here are some things you can do to keep a Leo man happy:

Show your appreciation

Leo men love a little stroke to their ego. They tend to think relatively highly of themselves.

Because of this, they like to be surrounded by people who agree with this and show it to them.

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They love being praised, whether it is for their achievements or their personality traits.

Appreciation for the things that they do for you is also something they genuinely crave.

When they do not receive this appreciation, it is bound to make them unhappy with the relationship and discontent with their life.

When they hit a rough patch, what they need more than anything is a partner who praises them, respects them, and appreciates them.

Be All Smiles:

Leo men are warm, kind, and optimistic individuals.

They have a positive energy about them.

It is what makes them who they are.

They cannot bear being surrounded by people who radiate relatively low energies and do not share their enthusiasm for various activities that are part of their day–to–day or for life in general.

If you are trying to keep a Leo man happy, you need to share his positive energy.

They are attracted to people who are warm and full of life and are delighted and beaming around them.

This makes them feel good about themselves and also makes them more attracted to you.

Have a full calendar:

Leo men have an endless capacity for shenanigans.

They like to be on the run and in between commitments.

They love to add in a quick coffee break on busy days with someone they love, love meeting for lunch, love adventures on the weekends, and love doing these things with the people who matter to them.

They love having a packed schedule and something to look forward to.

To keep a Leo man happy, make plans with him regularly. Always have something fun planned and scheduled for the two of you.

Whether it is big, bold things or casual hang-outs, it is bound to keep them invested and happy with the relationship.

Let him take the lead:

While their demanding nature and their colossal ego can be a little too much, it does not hurt to stroke their egos a little.

While you should not lose your own identity and power, you should also let a Leo man sometimes take the lead in the relationship.

This helps them feel in control of their life and the relationship and keeps them content.

Let your Leo man take the lead sometimes by letting them plan a date, a vacation, or make regular decisions in the relationship independently.

Make him feel that you trust his judgment and are easy-going and willing to go along with things.

Taking the lead will make him happier with the way things are.

Be confident when it comes to feelings

Suppose something gives a Leo man the impression that you are not fully invested in the relationship, that you are unsure about your feelings, do not appreciate him, or are not very serious about the relationship.

In that case, it is a major turn-off for him.

Since they are confident about their decisions and feelings, they cannot bear to be with people who are not honest about theirs.

In your relationship with a Leo man, be open and honest about your feelings.

Have conversations with him where you express how you feel about him and the relationship.

Express your appreciation.

If you are upset, communicate with him.

Not knowing how the other person feels makes them discontent and unhappy.

Be attentive towards him

Leo men are known to have a huge ego.

They can be somewhat self-centered, and they do not like it when their partner gets too caught up in their own life and neglects them.

While they may be self-sufficient and confident, they do not want to be left in the background either.

If he is feeling low, he needs someone to cheer him up and to appreciate him.

If you notice a positive change in him, acknowledge it, so he knows you honestly see him.

When you find him asking to spend more time with you, adjust your calendar and plan something for him.

Remember that he loves big gestures and romantic dates such as picnics and candlelit dinners.

These gestures will go a long way in terms of his happiness.

Show complete self-sufficiency

Leo men are confident and independent individuals themselves.

They do not like people who are overly dependent on other people and cannot be on their own.

To keep a Leo man happy, do not be dependent on him.

Know how to keep yourself happy and how to take care of yourself. Make time for yourself and work on your self-growth.

Do not base your life entirely on the relationship and neglect your own needs.

Focus on your goals and independence as well.

Be his friend through thick and thin

In a relationship, Leo men look for more than just a lover.

What they need and crave is a best friend.

They need someone who listens to their fears and ambitions, supports them with their dreams, picks them up when they are down, and is open to talking to just anything.

Be your Leo man’s best friend.

Build a deep connection that goes beneath the surface and connects you both through your hearts and minds.

Be each other’s biggest fans, and help each other through the difficult times as a friend would. Work on knowing each other inside out.

This connection is bound to keep him grounded and content.

Here are some things you do not want to be doing because they make a Leo man unhappy:

Please do not leave him in the background

Since Leo men are rather self-centered, they like to be the center of attention with the people in his life.

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They do not like it when someone neglects them and leaves them in the background.

This makes them feel unwanted and unappreciated, and it is a turn-off for them.

When you are out with a Leo man, whether it is with your friends, with your family, or at a wedding, do not leave him hanging.

It can lead to bitterness on his part.

Be with him and make him a part of things.

When you have a busy schedule, do not neglect him entirely; instead, find some time to spend with him.

Jealousy is a big no

Leo men are loyal people, and they hate it when someone questions their loyalty, especially since they go out of their way to show their commitment and faithfulness.

Since they are social creatures and very friendly towards everyone, this can create confusion in relationships.

Even if your Leo man is friendly with someone, do not blow it out of proportion, and understand that it is just their need for social interactions and attention.

They are very unlikely to cheat, and if you are sure of his loyalty, do not act jealous.

Quit playing games

Leo men are very confident about their decisions and feelings.

They are straightforward about how they feel for someone.

They hate it when someone is unsure about their feelings and leaves them questioning things.

They hate for people to be insincere in relationships.

Do not play mind games with a Leo man. Instead, be honest with him and if you are truly committed to him, let him know about it.

They do not like to waste their time waiting around for someone to figure out their feelings or for someone to show their interest.

If they find someone being unsure, they feel unhappy with the relationship and pull away.

Do not be negligent of yourself

Leo men, being self-centered, are obsessed with taking care of their looks.

They care a great deal about how they present themselves.

They spend a lot of time grooming their physical features, and they are known to dress sharply.

For this reason, they tend to judge other people on their looks as well.

A Leo man will not like it if you are negligent of yourself.

They want to stay in good health, fitness, and demeanor and expect their partner to do the same.

If their partner does not care about how they dress, puts zero effort into their appearance, or does not practice good hygiene, it is a significant turn-off for them.

Do not openly criticize him

Leos love themselves above all else and do not handle criticism well.

They have egos that can be bruised easily, and they tend to pull away from anyone who criticizes them, especially if this criticism comes in front of their friends or family or the public.

It makes them feel humiliated, especially since they often think the complaint is not justified, and therefore unhappy.

Never criticize your Leo man unproductively.

Please do not do it to demean him, instead help him improve. When you do so, never do it in front of other people.

Only offer criticism when the two of you are on your own, and that too constructively.

Final thoughts:

Leos can be a little hard to please, and keeping them happy requires a lot of effort.

They are complex and high-maintenance individuals, but the love they offer the people in their lives is incredible as well.

Their passion and happiness are definitely worth investing in!