Potheads Personality Traits and Difficulties of Living with Them

Potheads Personality Traits and Difficulties of Living with Them: Living with a pothead is never an easy task. You will be faced with a wide range of problems, from health to social issues and from sleep deprivation to mutual understanding.

Potheads are short-tempered, impractical, lazy, anti-social, and irresponsible. Apart from that, they also have unknown fears, hallucinations, wild imaginations, a pessimistic approach, and irregular sleeping & eating routines.

Keeping in mind all these things makes it a lot harder for you to get along with a pothead.

Indeed they have strange habits and priorities, but there is a bright side to their personalities too. (See at the end).

Let’s look deeply in to some personality traits and what’s its like living with them.

PS, there are also different types of pothead personalities as well, (explained in the video)

They get irritated very easily

If your partner or roommate is regularly smoking weed, be prepared for their unpredictable behavior.

One of the main issues you would face while living with a pothead is that they will easily be irritated.

They are always short-tempered and can’t bear things they don’t like. It is a common problem faced by many individuals.

Sometimes, they even do not understand their own responses and reactions.

And that will lead to anger and some times, even violence.

This makes it incredibly hard for you to live with a pothead.

They have irregular Mood Swings

They are always unpredictable and will behave strangely in serious situations.

Similarly, they have crazy and irregular mood swings.

You just do not know how they will respond to certain situations.

They have their own way of thinking, and it is just a matter of time that they will react differently to the same thing.

Besides, you can’t trust their promises.

At one time, they will be excited and will promise to do a certain thing; however, after some time, they will take a u-turn and refuse to fulfill their promises.

That makes it mighty harder to deal with a pothead as you just can’t understand their mood completely.

They are very emotional

Along with other difficulties, one vital issue while living with a pothead is to deal with their emotional nature.

It makes them extremely vulnerable to making wrong decisions. As we all know that you just can’t make a sound decision while you are angry or upset.

You will always be careful to deal with the irregular and strange reactions of the weed smoker.

Ultimately, their emotional nature creates numerous issues and difficulties for you.

You will be affected one way or another due to their emotional and unpredictable nature.

Moreover, you will always be guessing what will be the reaction of your pothead partner to a certain situation.

As a result, their uncertain and dubious nature impacts you directly.

They have a very weak memory

Most of the time, they don’t remember things.

They have inferior memory, and if they miss your birthday present or wedding anniversary, it wouldn’t be unusual.

It is very much on the cards that they will miss the deadline for even important assignments, and after that, you will see an embarrassed face and nothing more than that.

It makes it extremely hard for you to trust their promises.

Mostly, they are irresponsible, and you should always remind them of their tasks regularly.

Otherwise, there is no guarantee that they will do it.

They feel it hard to complete tasks and often leave important projects half-completed.

They are prone to depression

Those who smoke marijuana regularly, there are high chances of distress, anxiety, fear, and depression.

In some cases, these fears and stresses can even lead to paranoia.

Regular smoking of weed affects their personalities visibly, and you will notice that they don’t behave like normal healthy individuals.

They are depressed and uncertain about many things.

Their decision making power decreases significantly.

Among all these situations, it becomes quite hard for people to spend time with potheads.

At times, it becomes tough to manage and fulfill the demands and needs of weed smokers.

Apart from that, they are pessimists; they always think of negatives. It is something familiar that they will calculate the worst-case scenarios.

Instead of finding solutions, they find problems in every situation. Their negative approach makes it harder for you to deal and live with a pothead.

They are impractical

Have you heard about the denial of reality? If not, meet a pothead, and you will realize what actually it means.

So, potheads love to stay in a state of denial.

They are not ready to face challenging situations and accept the harsh reality.

To avoid responsibilities, they create their imaginary world where everything is perfect.

One of the primary purposes of taking weed is to avoid the harsh and hard realities of life.

For that sake, they love to stay in the world of fantasies and imaginations.

Their impractical and unrealistic approach make it hard for themselves as well as for their partners to combat the situations and make things right.

Instead of taking practical measures, they get high and try to deny the realities of life.

They get angry very easily

They always have a short-temper. You just can not expect what will happen next and how they will react to certain things and actions.

They can be irritated very easily, and this irritation can lead to anger and even violence.

When you are short-tempered, as a result, all your relations get disturbed.

Politeness is key for making long term friends, and if you can’t deal with your friends in a friendly manner, ultimately, you will be alone.

You will found no one around you.

Similarly, if your partner, friend, roommate, or a family member is a pothead, managing him/her could be difficult for you, as you won’t be able to know the likes and dislikes of the pothead because they are constantly changing.

This makes a living with pothead mighty tricky.

They are careless and irresponsible

It varies from individual to individual; however, overall, it is observed that potheads are careless and irresponsible.

They take things for granted and usually don’t notice small details.

Apart from that, they are not reliable.

If you trust them, most likely, they will disappoint you.

Their carelessness, irresponsible behavior, unpredictability, and uncertain nature makes it hard for you to deal with them.

They have a habit of forgetting, and they are vulnerable to miss deadlines and minor details.

This makes a huge difference, and things can go wrong. Responsible behavior and care is something which is needed in every aspect and every field of life.

Without it, it could be pretty much hard to live with such a person as you can’t rule out trouble at any moment.

They cant make sound decisions in tense situation

Even though it is their personal mental flaw that they can’t make sound decisions in troublesome situations; however, if you are partnering them, it will directly impact you.

Most of the time, they are confused, and they can’t evaluate situations perfectly.

As a result, they make a decision that is not sustainable in the long term.

This is a major personality flaw that could be attributed to excessive use of weed.

Thus, it has direct implications on the partners of potheads, and all wrong decisions they make will impact you one way or another.

That’s why living with a  pothead could be extremely difficult and challenging.

They are lazy and anti social

Along with other strange habits and priorities, most of the time, potheads are lazy and anti-social.

They are immune to crowds, and they do not want to go out of their comfort zone.

Their laziness stops them from joining gatherings and parties, and they love to stay in the corner of the room.

In a sense, they become introverts, and they have little or no exposure to the outside world.

The first reason is that they want to get high and create their own perfect world of fantasies.

The second reason is they don’t want to face the harsh realities of life. So we can say that they are in a constant state of denial.

This makes it harder for them to socialize and enjoy themselves.

Similarly, potheads limit their activities to a few things which they repeat daily.

In the background of all these situations, you will feel it hard to get along with a pothead as they want to be alone, with other potheads, or with someone they are comfortable with.

They have Decreased Ability to Perform Tasks which Requires Coordination

As we discussed that potheads are lazy, irresponsible, short-tempered, and emotional.

These personality traits and habits make it hard for them to perform tasks efficiently.

Laziness, irresponsible behavior, and careless nature prevent them from completing tasks that require coordination and cooperation.

If your partner is a pothead, expect that he/she will ask for extensions, and you will see lame excuses and constant delays.

There are high chances that they will miss the deadlines, and they will make it harder for you to make things right and get back on track.

So, if you are living with a pothead, you may be asked to complete his/her tasks, and additionally, if you are an ambitious and hardworking individual, their negative and impractical approach might harm your confidence.

Most of the Time they Need Money

Except for a few countries where weed is found in abundance, it is quite expensive to smoke it on a regular basis in other parts of the world.

It comes with a cost, and a pothead might not be able to pay for it when they have already finished their existing stock.

Most likely, they will ask you for money to arrange it and get high.

If they don’t get it on time, they get crazy and can do anything which you can’t predict.

Therefore, along with other personality problems and complications, living with a  pothead will also be heavier for your pocket.

They have irregular Eating Routines

Marijuana increases metabolism, and after smoking it, potheads starve.

There is no fixed time for getting high, and when they smoke it, whether it’s night or morning, they will start looking for food.

Being in a company with a pothead makes it difficult for you to cope with their irregular eating routines.

Even at late night, they will go to the fridge, or in the worst case, they will disturb you to go and find something for them to eat.

This will not only disturb your sleep but also make it tougher for you to manage food for them at that hour of the night.

They have poor focus

Excessive use of weed is fatal for overall focus and attention.

Those who smoke it continuously for prolonged periods they lack proper concentration and focus.

As a result, it disturbs their productivity in a very negative way.

Several times you will talk to them, and they will be nodding in affirmation as they understand each and every aspect of your story.

However, when you ask them, what were you saying?

They won’t have any idea because they were mentally absent, and their attention was somewhere else.

Apart from that, taking marijuana also impacts Cyrubrum, which is directly connected to the balance and hand-eye coordination.

So, potheads are usually can’t keep their balance, and even at a younger age, it could lead to shivering.

Therefore, partnering with a pothead will compel you to deal with all this stuff in order to keep things on track.

Fire Risks

Smoking weed always needs to have a lighter in the pocket.

Keeping in mind their irresponsible behavior and carelessness, you can’t rule out the risk of fire.

Most of the people use gas heaters in winters, so it could be a potential threat to start the fire.

One mistake, and everything will be gone.

Although this is unlikely, you can expect anything from them as they are highly unpredictable.

Health Problems

If you are living with a pothead, you are vulnerable to several health issues. Even though you are not an active smoker, however, you can be a passive smoker.

Sometimes, passive smoking is more harmful than active smoking as it goes to the lungs without any filter. As a result, it may affect your health negatively.

Apart from that, potheads are usually coughing; they cough for a longer time than normal healthy persons.

This may disturb your sleep and could even lead to stress and anxiety. In case you are living with a pothead, you have to be ready for their unending coughing sessions.

Irregular Sleep Routine

They have irregular sleep routines, and most of the time, their circadian rhythm, which is responsible for sleeping at night and waking up in the morning, is disturbed.

So if you are sharing a room with a pothead, you have to prepared by their irregular sleep routines.

They sleep whenever and wherever they want, however, when it comes to your sleep and comfort, you will find it hard to balance your timings with the pothead.

Unknown Fears & Hallucinations

It is common for a pothead to have unknown fears and hallucinations.

They are overthinkers, and they find it hard to manage the link between past, present, and future.

Often they amalgamate past and present, and as a result, they have hallucinations. Similarly, they have unknown fears in their hearts, especially when they are high.

At times they become cowards and will fear even simple things.

There are dozens of reasons which make it challenging to live with a pothead.

They are indeed careless, irresponsible, short-tempered, emotional, lazy, anti-social, and impractical.

However, sometimes their mind works better than anyone.

They have this great ability to find solutions to complex problems.

Maybe it is because of their lazy nature that they think out of the box and finds solutions to complex problems.

They are always humble and loyal friends. Even if they can’t help you, at least they will try.

They are sincere and softhearted people.

In most cases, they will sympathize with you and will try their level best to help you.

So we can say that all is not bad, and even the dead clock shows the correct time twice a day.

On the same note, along with multiple problems and difficulties, there are also some positive aspects of their personality.

Summing up

Living with the potheads is hard, there’s no doubt about it. But despite all these negative points, they are sensitive, humble, sincere, softhearted, loyal, and helpful.

They will always give their 100% to make you feel happy, secure, and comfortable.

Instead of hating and abandoning them, it is recommended to help them to get rid of this addiction.

Support them to quit smoking and bring them back to their normal life.

After all, life is beautiful, and everyone has the right to enjoy it with the best health.

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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