How To Make A Scorpio Woman Miss You?

Scorpio women are described as the most magnetic and misunderstood of all the zodiacs. They are very soft in nature but are perceived to be the other way around because they are not good at showing emotions. After a breakup, even if she missed you, you will need to urge her to show those feelings.

You can do it by being someone she admires and understanding her moods. Reigniting the sentiments in a Scorpio female is easy, but making her act upon those feelings is the real task. Hopefully, the tips mentioned below will help you make your partner miss you and take steps to reconcile your relationship for the better. (I’ll start with #4)

Making a Scorpio woman miss you can be a lot of work. They often don’t project their feelings, and this makes them look stubborn.

Even if they miss you, they won’t show it, so for bringing those things to the surface; you need to give them time and put in the effort.

Perhaps, you’ve heard that a Scorpio woman is the easiest amongst the zodiacs to come back to you, but mind it, most of the time, it’s on her own terms.

#1 – Posting nostalgic pictures on social media

Expressing their feelings is not a Scorpio’s forte.

Posting nostalgic pictures on social media

Don’t assume that a she is done with you until you are hundred percent sure of it because Scorpios often struggle to reveal their true feelings.

As a result, people start doubting and misunderstanding them.

Perhaps she still has feelings for you, and you are not aware.

Thus, you should always keep trying to reignite her feelings for you by making her miss you.

Use nostalgia as the bait to lure her in.

Remind her of all your favorite memories that you made together, show her the times when you were happy together, and she may start to want that life back.

Posting the things mentioned above on social media may encourage her to treasure all the happy moments you spent in each other’s company, and in turn, make her understand that those moments are worth giving you another chance.

Just like that, she’ll start missing you unintentionally.

Take all the good memories to wipe out the effect of the unpleasant ones. If she really felt happy with you, her heart would want it back.

Just strengthen her desire by reminiscing the eventful past.

Another way you can lure a Scorpio woman and make her miss you is to appeal to her visual nature. Show your best appearance on social media.

Post captivating, confident pictures, and you will surely capture her attention, and she would want you by her side again.

#2 – Lay low for a while with her

Scorpios like the thrill that comes with a chase in a relationship.

Timing is everything

If she wants you and realizes that she misses you, she will surely come after you after contemplating whether you are worth it or not.

If you stay away from her for a while and give her the time to reminisce on all the time you spent together, she may realize your importance, start missing you and try to contact you by dropping subtle hints here and there.

If you stay low and give her a chance to initiate things once again, she may feel in control of the situation, making her calm and comfortable.

Putting a little distance between yourselves and letting her do things the way she wants to will surely make her miss you.

She will admire the fact that you are not pressuring her.

If you think the situation has moved past a breakup and the woman is just baiting you, lay low for a while but keep living your life like a boss.

Let her sort out her feelings and realize whether she cares for you or not.

If she misses you enough, she will give your relationship another chance, but if you see no green flag from her side, you need to move on.

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#3 – Go on with your life successfully

Ignoring a Scorpio woman is one way to make her miss you, but you can also trigger her feelings for you by moving on successfully with your life.

Respect the Korean Cultural differences

Scorpio women are ambitious; they are strong females who like to surround themselves with people who can help them grow rather than those who act as hurdles between them and the completion of their goals.

Thus, when she sees you being successful in your career and achieving your goals, she would start admiring you and may even regret being away from you.

It could also be possible that she misses you already but is suppressing it.

In that case, she needs to be reminded that you are actively striving to achieve your goals and are successful in your life.

As a result, she may be encouraged to reconnect with you and enjoy your journey to success, as it will motivate and inspire her too.

All these things can help you draw a Scorpio woman’s feelings to the surface.

#4 – Create a good impression through mutual friends

When a Scorpio woman breaks up with you after a long-term relationship, you may not be able to contact her for a while and might not find a chance to explain yourself or even apologize, which is when your mutual friends can become your best weapons.

Hanging out with mutual friends

They can become your best allies in the pursuit of conquering your woman’s heart again.

When talking with the friends you and your woman share, display signs of maturity and understanding, don’t speak poorly about your partner, and if you were at fault, openly admit it and express your desire to make amends lest given a chance.

Your friends will report, whatever you say, back to your Scorpio ex-girlfriend and may end up projecting a good impression of you in front of your partner.

This will help to open a Scorpio woman’s eyes.

She’ll remember why she was attracted to you in the first place and admire the fact that you accept your mistake instead of ruining her reputation by portraying yourself as the victim.

She will be impressed by your calm and positive demeanor and will focus on the bright aspects of your personality, and that could make her miss you.

She’ll want to seek you out again and reconnect with you.

#5 – Give her some space and time

Sometimes a Scorpio woman just needs space to figure out what she wants.

When a guy texts you

Scorpios are deep and reflective by nature; they ponder over things a lot to find out whether they’d be good or bad for them in the long run.

She may not know if she misses you or not until she contemplates the reasons why she wants you back, and that is a time taking process.

Don’t rush her to change her mind after a breakup, as it will just cause her to be annoyed and feel intimidated.

Scorpios need time to settle with their feelings, so don’t push your woman to make any commitment or decision as it will make her feel burdened.

She needs to do this on her own so that her desire and attraction will be based on conscious thinking, not any pressure.

Scorpios like to feel in control of the situation, so don’t bother trying to control them.

If you keep texting to check in on your Scorpio partner, you may end up making the situation more complicated for yourself.

Instead of encouraging her to miss you, you’re taking up the time and space she needs to clear her head and realize if she wants you back or not.

This is a critical mistake. Instead of trying to get her to miss you by showing up or contacting her repeatedly, let her realize that she misses you by experiencing your absence. Let her plan the next move while you stay low for a while.

The decision she will make in her headspace will be much beneficial for you than what she will decide under pressure.

#6 – Take frequent trips

If you really want to make a Scorpio woman miss you, be a lively soul.

Travel around, visit places, go on outings every now and then.

Fearless and adventurous

Live your best life, and even though she won’t be a part of it, make sure she knows what a fantastic time you are having exploring new and exciting places.

If you’re on a trip, post photos and comments about your travels on social media, show her that you are living a good life.

This will not only keep you distracted and keep your mind off the negative things, but it will also intrigue her, and she will miss you and will remember how you used to go on trips together.

She would start to want that energetic aspect of her life back.

Scorpios are fascinated by learning new things.

The more you go out into the world discovering countless things, the more curious and keen she’ll be to talk to you and learn about all the exciting stories and wisdom you have in your pocket.

She’ll be captivated!

#7 – Be unavailable

When she finally does reach out to you, don’t be too transparent with your excitement.

The better and more effective way to make a Scorpio woman miss you is to disappear when she wants your attention.

Scorpios love the chase, and you being inaccessible for a while will enhance your woman’s urge to see you and increase their feeling of missing you.

When you don’t text quickly or delay accepting or returning her phone calls, you send a message that you are occupied with your own life instead of wasting your time sulking.

Show her that you are busy and independent; she’ll be highly intrigued by you.

The time she spends in your absence when she wanted to contact you will trigger feelings of longing and desire.

It will make her miss you and want to be with you even more.

She will be more inclined to chase you as a result.

#8 – Make a strong impression

When you want a Scorpio woman to miss you when you’re not around, even while you’re still together, got to make a powerful impression.

You need to develop and maintain a different spark to attract her towards you.

There have to be some specific traits she misses about you.

It can be your striking appearance, sense of humor, or exquisite wit.

She may even miss how compassionate or determined you were.

It could be anything.

She may miss things that make you stand out from others, but you need to make sure that you down such a powerful impression upon her; it makes her keep thinking of you in its long-lasting effects.

It would help if you had such a profound impact on her that she can’t help but feel the void you filled while you were around her.

Let her know that you bring a special spark into her life that is irreplaceable.

This will enhance the emptiness and longing she feels when you’re not around, and no one else would be able to fill your space either.

It will make her miss you greatly and make her consider that you are worth a second chance.

To Sum Up:

To have a Scorpio woman miss you and come back to you, you need to be both patient and consistent with your efforts.

You need to know how to make a Scorpio woman miss you after a fight and breakup.

Otherwise, her mind will only make her believe that she was the victim, and it will cause feelings of hatred to surface instead of reconciliation.