Olivia Bentley And Her Life

Remember that straightforward girl, who entered in the Made in Chelsea show? Yes, you got it. Of course, we are talking about Olivia Bentley! She makes an entrance into the reality TV show on the E4 channel in 2016 and steals the show with her excellent performance.

She is a reality TV show star with a unique personality. Therefore, here is everything that you need to know about her family, connection with a founder of Bentley Motor’s, Alopecia, net worth, and her personal life.

Olivia Bentley and Her Family

Liv Bentley was born in England. She completed her studies from a fancy boarding school named Bradfield College located in Berkshire. She was born in England on August 26, 1995, and her zodiac sign is Virgo.

Liv has three siblings Athena Bentley, Kinvara Bentley, and Cordella Bentley. In Oxford Shire, Liv was living with her parents Kate and Keven Bentley. Before her first appearance in Made in Chelsea, she was a specialized fine art photographer.

She joins the E4 reality TV Show Made in Chelsea’s in its 11th season. Currently, you can see her in Celebs Go Dating.

Olivia, Hair Disease and Her Insecurities

A hair disease known as Alopecia affected Olivia’s hair. This disease affects her hair terribly; when she was a young girl. It also makes her more conscious of her looks. She started suffering from Alopecia when she was a 16-year-old young girl. She was always afraid to tell people that she is facing hair issues.

Coping up with the disease, it affects and lowers her confidence level. Due to this, she started using hair clippings and extensions to hide her baldness; but it only made the situation worse. She used to wear wigs and hair extensions all the time. Due to Alopecia, she got insecurities back in her teenage. She always feels that her wig will be slipped and fell off in front of everyone.

She also wears glasses all the time on her head, which gives her satisfaction that her wig is fixed and will not fly away with a strong wind. However, this was back; when she was in her teenage. Nowadays, she is a confident 24-year-old girl who doesn’t think much about hair insecurities anymore.

Olivia Bentley and Her Motor’s Controversy

Might be thinking what Bentley motors have a connection with Liv? The E4 famous pre-planned reality TV show star Olivia Bentley asserts that she is the direct relative of the founder Bentley Motor’s, W.O. Bentley.

The controversy begins when Liv first appeared on the front page of the country life magazine with her sisters. On the front page, everyone can see that Liv was sitting on the old model of Bentley Motor’s car.

However, when Mr. Miles Hutton’s nephew, Will Hutton, raised the issue in front of the magazine, they blamed Monkey Kingdom producers. Later, the Producers of MIC accepted the fact that she is not a direct relative of the founder of Bentley motors.

The Brand also clarified the confusion later; that W.O. Bentley has no children at all. Also, Bentley Motor’s Brand denied her claims clearly that Olivia Bentley is not the direct relative of W.O. Bentley.

From Photographer to Reality Star

Before her first appearance in Made in Chelsea E4s reality show, she was a specialized fine art photographer. She mainly focused on natural environments and portraits her models with a natural background in its photography.

She even poses for her own work. In 2015, she held an exhibition to show her work to the world. This exhibition brings another success to Olivia’s life as she sold all of her work to the high-level clients.

First Appearance in Made in Chelsea

She joined Made in Chelsea in its 11th season. She steals the show because of her plainspoken and boyish attitude. Moreover, she got tons of attention from her audience due to her confident performance in the scripted reality show.

After winning the award from BAFTA, no one can doubt her performance and acting skills. Another reason she became famous is that she got so much attention is that she was in a relationship with her co-star Digby Edgely.

Made in Chelsea and Bentley

It is an award-winning pre-planned reality TV show originally released on E4 in the UK. Its first series was on- aired in 2011. However, this show gets popular not only in America but also got attention from all around the world.

This show covers the lifestyle of socialites and elite class. However, apart from their luxurious lifestyle, life is not always full of happiness. We also have to face hard situations. As wearing suits from fancy brands; can’t end life and its difficulties. You can find the problems of these parties harder’s, and their relationships also get in troublesome situations. Made in Chelsea is also known as MIC.

This show has produced by monkey production. This show also portrays the locations of Kings Road, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, and also some other amazing locations. Here we are living in 2020, but it is still popular worldwide. As everyone knows that it was a pre-planned show, but peoples are still in love with these series.

On the E4 channel, its 19 series has released in march of 2020. Due to Covid-19, only the first part was released. The next part is under the production process. It is in pending; because of following the W.H.O’s distance, maintaining instructions. After the pandemic, it will be on-aired on E4 soon.

Expelled From Made in Chelsea

Bentley was once expelled out from the famous reality TV series. The reason behind this was that she was found using drugs. In front of thirty peoples, she inhales up the powder. Her act made her bosses expelled out from the MIC cast.

In the footage, she was wearing a blacktop. She was sitting in front of the table. In front of her, three lines of white colored powder were placed.

In the footage, she inhales up that powder with the help of a rolled note. This news was heartbreaking for her fans and loved ones. Her fans didn’t like her behavior, as everyone can see clearly in the exclusive footage go viral. Her fans were shocked to see her inhaling white power. Her fans troll and bash her poorly on a social media platform, Instagram.

Due to her unacceptable act, she was kicked out of the Reality TV show. However, it was not clarified at that moment that she was suspended temporarily or permanently. But the producers give her another chance to join Made in Chelsea show. And, we see her performance in Made in Chelsea’s series.

Bentley in Celebs Go Dating

In 2016, a new show was also released originally on the E4 channel. It was first on-aired in August. It was also a planned dating reality TV show, in which famous celebrates date, single persons.

This show has a total of 8 series from 2016 to 2020, with a total of 154 episodes. Olivia Bentley joined this show in its 8th series, which was broadcasted on E4 from Feb to march in 2020. She attracted her audience’s attention with her frank and direct talks, just like always.

Net Worth of Bentley

Our favorite MIC Blonde Olivia Bentley is also a wealthy reality start just like other MIC cast members. Earlier, she has completed her studies from a Bradfield college which is located in Berkshire. That college is expensive as she pays 28000 pounds in a year.

Apart from this, she also earns money through her photography. However, her life changed when she was first appeared in Made in Chelsea. Her estimated assets are worth of 600,000 pounds.

Olivia’s Plush Abode, and Her Lifestyle

As Olivia is a wealthy reality star, she has an ideal home in London that anyone can dream of. She often show-off her lifestyle and her lavish wardrobe by posting her pictures on Instagram. She has a marvelous big balcony in her house; for the city view.

She has a full-furnished house with a wooden floor. She has a lavish kitchen with excellent shimmering walls. As we have talked earlier, she is a fine art photographer. She has displayed her work on the walls of her house, which reflects the confidence that she is fully aware of her great photography skills.

Olivia Bentley: Single or Married?

Olivia Bentley, a reality star, personal life is hidden from all of us, as she doesn’t chatter much about her life. This 24-year young blonde is not married at all.

Although she has been in a relationship with a couple of co-stars, soon, she learns that her way of thinking and mindset is not compatible with her co-stars.

Later, she moved to find her ideal man and found her soul mate in Dugby Edgley. However, she also breaks the relation with him. Now you can see her in a new reality TV show on E4. Yet, before popping up in Celebs Go Dating, she has a long dating history.

Joshua Ritchie and Olivia

She was in the tittle-tattle after her relation gets uncovered with Joshua Ritchie in front of everyone on-screen in the Celebs Go Dating’s last episode. Joshua Ritchie is his good friend for the past few years. Both Joshua and Olivia fancy each other a lot.

Earlier, she refuses to admit that she was with Joshua. Later she clarifies everything to us that she likes Joshua. But they are not in a relationship. However, Joshua from The Beach Star has broken his long relationship of 2 years with Charlotte recently.

After his breakup, he quickly joined Celebs Go Dating. He and Olivia break the rules of the show, as celebrities are not allowed to date each other. However, they broke and were spread everywhere on social media.

Fredrick Ferrier and Liv Bentley

Previously, Liv and Fredrik Ferrier were enjoying their life together back in the reality TV show Made in Chelsea. Fredrik has also worked in Made in Chelsea as a famous cast member. He has long blonde hairs with the ideal body; that makes him look different from others. He is a model from the time back when he was studying because of his looks. Their relationship starts when; they both were performing in the reality TV show.

However, due to some serious reasons, they are not together anymore. Their relationship was in the critical days when; Fredrik Ferrier start talking with a fellow star Mimi Bouchard.  Which makes Olivia thinks that it’s better to leave this toxic relationship.

Francis Boulle

Olivia was also linked with Francis Boulle back in her Made in Chelsea’s days. He is 30 years old and has performed in MIC in 2011. Francis is a successful young entrepreneur with a total net worth of £10.1 million. He runs a couple of businesses. In Made in Chelsea, Liv and Francis start seeing each other. But then things went poorly wrong that made both of them to take a hard decision. He is also a most wealthy cast member of MIC.

Demi Sims, Sam Thompson, and Liv Bentley

Back before the pandemic; She was with Demi Sims. But of course, these days she is in her house, practicing social distance. However, when she was back in MIC. She grabs the attention of viewers; on her relationship with Sam Thompson. However, this relation was not able to run between both of them as they have trust issues and other problems. Because of this, they understand soon that; they are not suitable for each other.

Unstable Relationship with Digby Edgley

Digby Edgley has also worked in Made in Chelsea. He is a 25-year-old  model and a certified trainer.

He is running his own fitness company that mainly focuses on home workouts. He calls himself a certified fitness trainer on his Instagram too. Digby and Olivia were involved; during their MIC reality Show. He appeared in the famous reality show MIC in 2017. In the 14th series, they started seeing each other, which finally ends up in a relationship.

This relationship was going well enough. But things went changed in the last series of Made in Chelsea, where Digby fly off to Africa. After looking deeply into Digby’s Instagram, people get to understand that both Olivia Bentley and Digby Edgley are busy in their own life. And they are not in a relationship anymore. However, Olivia quickly signed the new show, which is known as Celebs Go Dating, where she is search for her soul mate.

Bentley’s Instagram and Twitter

To get the daily insight into her life, you can follow her on social media. Liv is on Instagram, and she has a big following of 434K followers. On Instagram, She shares her pictures and works with different brands as an influencer. You can find her @oliviabentleyk on Instagram. She is on twitter too. Moreover, just like Instagram, she has 46.3K followers on twitter. You can find her on twitter as @livBentley1.

Wrapping it up!

Olivia Bentley was born in England on August 26, 1995. The 24-year blonde has completed her studies from a fancy college, which is located in Berkshire. She has three siblings Athena, Kinvara, and Cordella Bentley. Kate Bentley and Keven Bentley are her mom and dad. She is also a successful photographer. She is a photographer specialized in fine art. During the MIC, she successfully sold all of her work to the high clients.

Olivia Bentley also struggles with her hair as she started suffering from Alopecia in young age. She feels so insecure. She uses wigs to cover up the back of her head and always feels like that wig will fly away and what people will thing about herself. She wears glasses on her head to support wig so that it stays in its place.

She also declares that she is a direct relative of the founder of Bentley motors, but; Bentley motors refuse her claims. She is also a wealthy reality star with a total net worth of 600,000 pounds, just like other wealthy MIC cast members.

Olivia Bentley (also known as Liv) is a famous reality star due to her outspoken attitude. She was first popped up in MIC, the famous reality show 2016. That show was trending all around the world, which was broadcasted on E4 Channel.

Made in Chelsea is the reality (but scripted) show that covers the story of socialites and peoples from the high class. It also shows the behaviors and relationship problems as money, fame, and name can’t stop life problems.

This show was first on-aired in 2011, but her viewers first saw her in its 11th series. She has won the heart of her audience with her excellent performance and clear-cut attitude.  She entered the MIC when she was so young. However, during these days, after breaking up with Digby.

She is now single. Although earlier, she was linked with Francis Boulle and Fredrik Ferrier. However, after breaking up with them, Liv has joined another reality TV show to find her true soul mate.