Top 7 INTJ Careers to Avoid

Top 7 INTJ Careers to Avoid: Here we are talking about the careers to avoid for the 3rd rarest personality type, the INTJ’s, which are also referred to as “The Masterminds” majorly because of their ability to hunt out possibilities and opportunities from life.

Why are we particularly talking about careers to be avoided by such intellectual, masterminded, and confident personalities? Well, simply because despite being very strategic, opportunists, innovative, determined, and eager to learn kinda people still their low EQ’S, arrogance, perfectionism, and imbalance make them imperfect for quite a number of careers.

Here it gets important to draw a clear line between what they can do and what they should do. For that, it’s better to start with the careers to avoid.

Our Picks for Top 7 INTJ careers to Avoid:

We have shortlisted these careers on the basis of stats, researches, and natural interests of INTJ’s.

Based on our research we concluded that careers demanding law enforcement, understanding minute details at the present moment, active social interaction, and making strong decisions are ill-suited to the natural tendencies of this persona type.

So, we found out that the following list of professions is most uncommon among them. (see after this video)

Police Officer:

Did we mention earlier that any job that demands to impose security and rules is not suitable for INTJ’s?

Police jobs

Being a police officer is one such job.

Due to their un-authoritative nature they feel difficulty in leading, managing, imposing, and dealing with obstacles. And all these are the primary demands for being a good police officer.

Moreover, they are true introverts, and dealing with a variety of different types of people is completely not their comfort zone.

So a profession that is all about encountering people from all races, dealing with criminals and gangsters, imposing rules, and taking steps to ensure the security of the people around is naturally not an INTJ thing.

Also, they prefer jobs that serve quantifiable outcomes in a structured environment so the nature of this career is far too unpredictable and can never or very rarely provide them with measurable outcomes.

Another important reason why this profession holds the prime position in our list for careers that an INTJ should definitely avoid is that it won’t help them explore their natural abilities and talents.

This is a duty-driven job that may sound appealing to them but, it is still not ideal as they won’t enjoy the code of work a police officer has to follow.

There is not much room for bringing ideas, innovation, and creativity in this duty-bound job and that is what makes it an ill-choice for this personality type.


The nature of this job is very extroverted marking a big no.

Receptionist Jobs

As not only does a receptionist needs to receive calls, take messages, and forward the information but they need to be actively present at the reception to greet the visitors or clients.

For the reason that anyone who will enter the hotel, hospital, or maybe even an office will have to meet the receptionist first for further bookings.

So this is quite opposite of what an INTJ would enjoy. In fact, will be a nightmare for them.

This puts the first big no to this career.

Secondly, a receptionist doesn’t have much choice when it comes to deciding the role of work. They don’t necessarily have to be creative or innovative.

But for an INTJ their analytical behavior craves opportunities to solve the problems to figure out and reason the happenings in a more logical way.

All of which will completely go down the drain with a career as hospitable as being a receptionist.

In short, they demand a work environment that keeps them intellectually stimulated and the receptionist is certainly not on that list.


Nursing being yet another extraverted career path holds a red flag for them.

Emergency Medical Services related jobs

This is because a nurse also has to deal with a number of different patients of different personalities and if you are INTJ you can better understand how uncomfortable can this get for you.

Moreover, being a nurse you need to be very sensitive to what other people may feel, which will not naturally come to them. As they are not really known for being emotionally sensitive people.

This profession also demands high tolerance levels. As no matter how rude a patient may get you have to keep a smile on your face.

We have serious doubts about if an INTJ can practice such shear tolerance. Cause they will definitely get very uncomfortable with such clients.

Listening to the tough stories of others, treating those in pain may appeal to you from a distance but the truth is that INTJ can never enjoy doing that.

Another important thing is that this job will never provide your inner analytical and innovative approach to flow out and hunt possibilities. Thus all your natural ability modes will automatically be switched off.


So this career is also known for its highly extraverted demands whereas, just on the contrary they are well known for their introverted nature.

Jobs related to sales

So the pitch for friction between the personality and the career begins right here.

As INTJ what you would least enjoy is selling your products to clients you know are complete strangers.

What is even horrible is that as a salesman you will have to persuade them to buy things that you yourself would never like to buy.

That can be considered the prime quality of a good salesman and the worst nightmare for this personality type.

Also, you would find a strong competitive environment with your colleagues thus already sensing the discomfort in your work zone and becoming depressed.

Not only this but again like all the above-mentioned career paths this won’t allow your natural abilities to flow freely.

I mean what innovation and analytical approach will you use in sales?

Right, there is no room for innovation and that is where it gets the final big no.

 Social Worker:

As the name suggests it is all about being social, and are INTJ’s known for their social abilities?

Social Worker Jobs

Clearly not.

So it starts right there.

A social worker is someone who meets and interacts with the common people around. He is supposed to listen to their problems, question them, and reason out why these circumstances began.

Not only that, but he is also expected to be a people lover and be available to them for all the help if he could provide any.

None of which complies with them and they are people-haters, in fact, they can make really good friendships.

It’s just that they are very particular when it comes to sharing their energies.

Just like all other career options, this one also lacks the basic INTJ personality in it.

When we talk about careers lacking a certain personality that means the individual traits and natural tendencies or abilities of that persona type do not go well with that particular career.

Just like innovation, analytical abilities, and sheer focus to achieve are the basic traits, which are not particularly in demand for being a social worker.

Primary Teacher:

Being a primary teacher is all about having detailed know-how and interest in child psychology. Moreover, it is a profession that demands refined communication.

Career in Teaching

INTJ’s neither have good communication skills and nor do they ever will enjoy studying or knowing child psychology. This makes them unfit for this career type.

Not only is this an extroverted career path but also it challenges and threatens the natural behavior.

Here is a brief account of how can this profession damage the personality of an INTJ.

It demands care and hospitality, sensitive nature, quality of resistance, compliance, and softness. All these are not even close to the real and true image of them.

They would hate to be surrounded by kids daily and that too for long hours. If they get stuck into this career path somehow, they would completely be drained of all the valuable elements of their precious persona.

For these major reasons it is suggested that an INTJ should stay away from this career.

Recreation Worker:

This job may attract their personality apparently, as it holds a slight capacity to create, innovate, and analyze situations.

Weaknesses of Personalities

But, it is also completely against their introverted nature.

Recreation work is all about designing part-times, leisure activities, and leading groups of people in volunteer or recreation facilities.

So you can design but cannot work independently or in a group of your choice. You will have to work in groups of different people thus here is where it gets hectic for them to even think about.

Interaction and exposure to such a huge audience can devastate and overwhelm you.

Moreover, this profession demands a high patience level as you would need to work with people of different age groups and different temperaments.

But all of it is totally not in an INTJ practical zone. Therefore, this career also gets a big no.

A Brief Account of INTJ Careers to Opt for:

Now that we have talked about all that needs to be known for careers to avoid and why to avoid them, it gets even more important to throw light on certain careers that are meant for this personality type.

Jobs that involve dealing with complex ideas and demand logistical approach are perfect for them.

They will love to comprehend the deep meanings in detailed ideas and would also enjoy exploring ways to improve the outcomes.

Keeping this INTJ behavior in mind following career paths are well suited for this personality type.

Careers related to business, finance, and math, healthcare and science, law-related, engineering and architecture, computer and technology, arts, etc.

All these involve a dozen opportunities for them to explore their true colors and potentials.

What are INTJ’s Known For?

The acronym relates to 4 key characteristics which combine to tell that they are Introverted, Intuitive, Thinkers, and Judging people in their day to day approach.

INTJ Personality Type- The Architect

As an INTJ you are a logistic person, have innovation and creative abilities.

In fact, you are known for your ability to produce and create new interesting possibilities for yourself as well as those around you.

Another major chunk of your personality is your tendency to keep your emotions from interfering with your decision making.

This means you prefer logic and facts over feelings and emotions. But still are not very good critical decision-makers.

Unlike most introverts, you have high self-confidence and are very certain about your intellectual abilities.

You also crave people who share your values and despite being a true introvert can form a close bond.

You find your motivation in abstract theories and are truly ambitious people.

However, you have an over-critical nature, tendencies to overthink, and often misplaced priorities which may lead you to a wrong career and as a result a miserable lifestyle.

How can Certain Careers Affect the Natural Behavior of an INTJ?

As an INTJ you need to be very clear about what you want to be in life. As if you end up in the wrong career it may cost you a big deal over your physical and mental health.

It is important to consider the introverted persona of this personality type before picking a career path. These people can work well independently, or with another team of same personality.

In case, they choose a career that demands them to work with a couple of other personality types, results won’t be very appealing.

INTJ’s have a natural tendency to get arrogant and consider themselves superior to others and that is where the friction with the team and company starts.

Moreover, these people are highly capable and if stuck in a profession that doesn’t allow them to explore their full potentials, they will get frustrated and depressed.

Their career must include a logical reasoning approach as only then can they survive the grind.

Otherwise, if stuck in any career path or profession that requires you to deal with the emotional approaches of other people, you will struggle to understand the environment because of your analytical persona type.

Emotionally stressful jobs and those that demand active social interaction are a big no for an INTJ.

Similarly, any job that requires actions to maintain security and convenience or taking strong stances is also not suitable for their persona type.

Reason being that they are really not authoritative figures. So ordering or enforcing implementation of desired actions on other people is quite not their forte.

How INTJ’s can Affect a Career?

Boring job

Not only can a wrong profession affect them, but they can also get into a wrong career path which would hinder their progress (of that particular job).

These are people with sensitive temperaments and anything that goes antiparallel to their nature can provoke their frustration and anger quite easily.

This in turn will affect the environment of the workplace.

Moreover, they can never give their 100% if they don’t enjoy a task. So getting into the wrong career and then sticking to it means that you are wasting your as well as the company’s precious time.

When we talk about careers it is always smart to start with a grip on the top careers that should definitely be avoided.

Wind Up:

When a person selects his career he is actually selecting his mood for the rest of his life.

So a wrong career path that doesn’t comply well with your nature and personality will never guarantee a happy life ahead. So. before taking this decision be sure about who you are and what are your personality demands.

Later you can study all the careers in detail and know if any of those careers demand your particular set of talents.

Only then can you get a profession that serves you the right deal.

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