The No Contact Rule With a Libra Man?

Acting according to the ‘no contact rule’ can be very beneficial if you want to solve or end the relationship problems with your man, however, it has to be followed properly. In the end, the rule may or may not work as expected, as the results vary according to situations and personalities of individuals involved.

Avoiding contact means blocking all ways of interaction, and you must be mindful of that while adopting the policy. And finding ways to come across your partner would really hinder the purpose for which you are following the rule.

At times like that, you can either patch up or get over him, and that is up to you to decide. Whatever of the two you decide, adopting the no contact rule can help you with both (sometimes).

Note: No contact rules, comes in silence treatment, so go ahead and read this, otherwise, be really sure if they deserve it.

What is the no contact rule and how it Actually works?

When you break up with someone or are trying to take a break from them, it can be very hard to stay away from them.

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Just as much hard can be getting back with them, as you or even they can want to get back to your normal relationship.

If you do want to have them back, you can use the no contact rule to remind them of your worth and importance in their life.

However, if you want to end things with him, distance yourself and ignore contacting them completely, so that you could easily let them go.

If you won’t avoid them, they may think that you can’t stay away from them and want to remain in a relationship with them.

‘No contact rule’ means that you stop all forms of contact with your man.

Figure yourself out, and let your man figure himself out too. Decide if you want to get back with him or get done with him.

If you left because of a mistake your man made, staying away from them may help him realize his mistakes.

He will definitely get back to you if he truly loves and cares for you.

When you are certain that your relationship with him has no hopes left, and you want to move on, no contact rule can be a great help.

Stay away from your guy, while sustaining and increasing the distance further, with time.

Some men are toxic, and maintaining the distance while staying away from them becomes even more important, as being lured into returning to them will not do you any good.

Staying away from a former partner can be very hard, but you have to do it so that you are saved from repetitively falling into the same spiral of negativity.

Hence, don’t call, don’t text, don’t meet them.

Block them on all social media platforms.

Tell your heart that giving a toxic man another chance isn’t a choice, and move on with your life.

What happens when you do the ‘no contact rule’ thing with a Libra man?

As we mentioned earlier the no contact rule is not always used to end things but can sometimes serve as just the right medicine to save a falling relationship.

The rule may increase your Libra man’s love for you:

When you distance yourself from your Libra boyfriend while adopting the no contact rule, it may help him see your importance and position as a part of his life.

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No doubt the rule is a bit extreme with no calls, texts or meet ups, but it can work wonders.

In your absence, your man may be able to see if his heart aches for your presence, and hence his heart could become even more passionate and devoted to you.

So, the rule has a chance of getting you your man back.

If he is truly interested in you, your silence will become a poison for him, driving him crazy to have you back into his life.

If he did something wrong, due to which you aim to adopt the ‘no contact rule’ policy, and now want him to apologize, the distancing could seriously make him forget his pride.

Following the rule could lead you self-actualization:

It is very easy to lose one’s self when you are in a relationship with someone.

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Women often forget about their own likes, dislikes, desires and priorities when it comes to being in relationship with a man.

Seriously, putting aside your ambitions and goals for a partner is a nerve racking thing, it can make your life dull and miserable.

So, when you are away from your Libra boyfriend, following the ‘no contact rule’, try to figure out who you are without him and that which you actually want to do in your life, not as girlfriend but as a human.

You’ll have plenty of time for yourself:

Having time for yourself is an important thing, a necessity you may get deprived of when you are living with your Libra boyfriend.

Having more time for yourself

You can, at some point, get tired of being entangled in stress and issues related to your life as girlfriend, and ‘no contact rule’, could prove to be your vacation ticket to take you away from all the drama.

Following the rule can help you realize that you need your own space, freedom, and a certain amount of control to live your life happily.

When your life won’t just circulate around your Libra man, you will learn to live independently, in terms of everyday life and decision making, both.

In addition to that, you’ll be able to see and cater your own needs more efficiently when you don’t have to worry about your man and his problems.

Doing so would really be beneficial for your mental and physical health, helping you focus on your own life and goals.

Adopting the ‘no contact rule’ could help you get over a breakup:

When you breakup with a Libra man for any reasons, ‘no contact rule’ can be very helpful for you in forgetting him and getting over your feelings for him.

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When you don’t contact him or remind yourself of him through his pictures or texts, it will become a little easy for you to let him and his memories go.

Yes, breakups can be very painful, but you need to overcome the agony and move on.

Take your time to heal your wounds, but stay away from your old partner while doing that.

Following the rule could make your partner acknowledge his responsibilities:

Men can get very irresponsible and lazy when they get used to their wives or partners doing their share of jobs and chores.

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If you are faced with a similar problem, you need to teach your Libra man a good lesson.

Even if you love him, take a break from him and stop contacting him.

While you are away, your man will learn to do his work by himself, and hence become more responsible.

Furthermore, he’ll be able to realize how much you do for him, which may in turn make him grateful for your efforts and respect you more.


Following the no contact rule would mean that you’ll block every way of interaction with your Libra man, and completely avoid him.

You can do that for the purpose of getting your man back, but also for getting over him.

When you are in a romantic relationship with a guy, oftentimes you are faced with many highs and lows. Times come when you may disagree with him over things, or you two even get separated.