Best UV Nail Lamp – Our Top 5 Picks

Best UV Nail Lamp – Our Top 5 Picks: If you are looking to buy the best UV and LED nail lamps, then this is the right place to be. We will provide you an in-depth review of the various types of UV and LED lamps available in the market and help you make the decision in a better way. Looking after your hands and nails has now become a common practice. It is not just popular in women, but some men also have a desire to have beautiful and refined nails. Nails are like the accessories of the hands and fingers. Keeping them neat and clean and decorating them in a fashionable way has become a necessity for a well-groomed person.

There are different salons offering various types of treatments for your nails. From manicures to artificial acrylic nail attachments to gel nails, there is a wide variety of options to choose from. The getting gel nails are the latest and most popular fad these days.

But this is not a very inexpensive treatment. It requires money as well as time to get gel nail manicure every now and then.

All of us today have busy and hectic lifestyles. Shuffling between home and office we hardly find time to give to ourselves.

The “ME TIME” is phasing out of our lives. In this busy lifestyle, finding time to get your nails done is not a very easy option.

You can buy the best UV and LED nail lamps for your home or salon in no time. Simply have a look at the models and products that we have shortlisted.

But before looking at some of the best UV and LED nail lamps in the market you need to answer the following questions:

  • What is your preference? LED Lamp or a UV Lamp?
  • What is your purpose? Professional Salon Use or personal home use?
  • What is your budget? Do you want an Expensive nail lamp or a cheaper one?
  • Which Brands of Nail Polishes you Use?

Which Lamp to Buy?

After reading about the main differences between the two types of nail lamps available in the market, the question still remains the same. Which is the right option for me? With so many brands and features, which model of Nail lamp should I buy to satisfy my requirements and needs.

For this purpose, we have shortlisted a few of the best UV and LED nail lamps in the market. The product features and brief description of each has been highlighted to provide you a better understanding.

SUNUV Sun 5 Pro 72W Lampq? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07HD68ZBB&Format= SL600 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=wereviewssl 20&language=en USir?t=wereviewssl 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B07HD68ZBB

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This model of LED Nail lamps is an improved version of the older Sun 5 lamp. Its design is bigger and wider and can be used for both hands and feet simultaneously.

Product Features

The lamp has a power supply of 72W which is greater as compared to its previous version. More power ensures lesser curing time for nails. It has 36 LED bulbs that can function for up to 50 thousand hours. There is a digital LED screen for clear display of settings. The device dimensions are 12 x 8.5 x 4.3 inches.

The timer allows a user to set 4 preset curing timings while the motion sensors allow the lights to turn on automatically with the in and out the movement of the hands and feet.

This nail lamp is convenient as it allows you to cure both hands at the same time. It has a higher comfort level because of a low heating setting. Although it has two hand capacity, it is still well designed and not bulky.

The user has the capability to remove the plate at the bottom for cleaning purposes and using it for the feet. It has a very efficient curing time and is equally good for pedicures.

Why is it a good choice?

Sun 5 Pro is a good option for LED nail lamps because it has the capability to provide salon-quality results at lesser cost and greater convenience. It has a greater capacity and is easy to use for beginners even. However, if you plan to carry it along in your purse, then this is not an option. It is slightly heavier and big.

Lumcrissy 72W Nail Lampq? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07YJPP42J&Format= SL600 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=wereviewssl 20&language=en USir?t=wereviewssl 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B07YJPP42J

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This is a cordless version of the best LED nail lamps available in the market. Brought to you by the well-known manufacturer called Lumcrissy it is a good product suitable for both salons and homes.

Product Features

This product can be used without a cord through a rechargeable battery option. The batteries can be charged for two hours and last up to 12 hours. It has an in-built 15600 mAH high-quality lithium battery for this purpose. You can work on almost 180 manicures with one charge.

The device has a clear LED display screen that is adjustable. This means you can reverse its display direction according to your own preference and sitting position. Observation for the user becomes easier. It is powered by 36 LED bulbs that can work up to 50 thousand hours and the bottom base can be removed for cleaning purposes.

The device has a timer that has a number of options to choose from. The hand motion sensor makes turning on and off automatic. The low heat settings help provide the best results without burning the skin of the user.

Why is it a good choice?

For those of you who want some extra convenience while curing your nails, this rechargeable and cordless model is a good choice. You can free yourself from the condition of being close to a power source and can work on your nails anywhere and everywhere.

Some points to consider include the size, which is bigger than others, the weight, which is heavier because of the batteries and the charging, which is a pre-requisite.

Gelish 18G Professional LED Lampq? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B006GWDBZ2&Format= SL600 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=wereviewssl 20&language=en USir?t=wereviewssl 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B006GWDBZ2

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If you are looking for the best UV and LED nail lamps for your salon then this professional model is ideally suited for your requirements. Manufactured by a well-known and trusted company called Gelish, this is an expensive yet professional superior device in the market.

Product Features

The results of this product are far better than the other cheaper counterparts available in the market. It is mostly used by professionals worldwide. The timing of the curing process is very fast. It comes with an eye-shield or protector that can easily be pulled down to avoid unnecessary light exposure to eyes.

The product body is durable and resistant to acetone.

It is designed for extra comfort and comes with a padded hand rests for this purpose. The size is also convenient to cure one hand easily without being concerned about the thumbnails.

The product has only a 34W power setting and uses only LED light to carry out the curing process. It can dry nails in as low as 5 seconds. The lamp has 3 preset timer options and a clear attractive LED screen for display settings visible from two angles.

The timer also has a beeping sound for extra accuracy and attention. The company also offers a cordless and rechargeable version of this product.

Why is it a good choice?

For professional nail services and curing, time and effort are both precious. With such fast curing results, this product is ideal to save time for the professionals. Although it is slightly high priced, it still provides the right value of its cost. With all these features, the product is still medium-sized and does not take up lots of the same in the salon.

Anself Pro 64W Nail Dryerq? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B0185JQU92&Format= SL600 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=wereviewssl 20&language=en USir?t=wereviewssl 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B0185JQU92

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Anself is a popular name in the nail curing and drying industry. It offers a good range of products for both professionals and home use. This is a professional model of 64W nail dryer and falls in the best UV and LED nail lamps list of the market.

Product Features

The Anself Pro 64W nail dryer is an amazing professional device that is known for its durable and long-lasting quality. It comes with a metallic case that helps prevent overheating. It has a body made from Zinc alloy and not the regular plastic.

It is heavier than other devices in the market weighs around 5 pounds and provides only LED light for the curing process. It is powered by 32 LED bulbs which have a functional capacity of 50 thousand hours.

It is coupled with an automatic light sensor but it is not that efficient compared to other models. The carrying handle is a feature that makes the product stands out from its competitor. But this feature is very useful because of its large weight. The product does not have any bottom plate.

Why is it a good choice?

If you want to have a device that will work for a long period of time without any damages and defects, then this is a good option for you. It is heavier and slower than its other competitors but the durability and strong design overcome all other shortfalls.

The Need for a UV or LED Nail Lamp

Need for a UV or LED Nail Lamp

In general, a gel manicure is done with the help of gel nail polish. This, not the common nail color available in the market. It is different in its make and ingredients. Unlike traditional nail polish, it does not have naturally drying capabilities. Therefore the drying becomes difficult and requires special air dryers for the purpose. For this reason, UV or LED nail lamp is needed to harden and dry the color completely.

Why not go for a home gel manicure? But wait! Are you a nail expert? No. Then how do you provide yourself with the same salon results? Well, the real truth is that anyone can do a nail manicure at home. It is cheaper and easier than you think. The supplies you need are a gel nail polish and a nail lamp. But you would know anything about a nail lamp.

There are two types of nail lamps in the market these days. The UV or Ultraviolet Nail Lamps and the LED Nail Lamps.

So many people opt for Do-It-Yourself techniques. For nails, the DIY requires you to have a good UV or LED nail lamp at home. But with so many options and models available in the market, deciding on which one to buy can be a challenge.

For this reason, we have shortlisted some of the best UV and LED nail lamps available in the market these days, and provided a brief description of each. This will help you make a better decision about your purchase. So, let us have a look.

Types of Nail Lamps

Over the years technological innovations have led to the development of many new gadgets and devices for the cosmetic world as well. In the manicure industry, the nail lamps are fairly good invention. There are two different types of nail lamps available in the market these days.

  • The UV Nail Lamps
  • The LED Nail Lamps

What is a LED Nail Lamp?

A device that is used for curing gel-based nail polishes is called an LED nail lamp. Curing is the process of drying gel nail polish. It is also equal to preserving it so that it lasts for a longer period of time.

The LED lamp gives out ultraviolet radiation that helps make this process effective. The UV rays have an effect on the molecular structure of the gel nail polish making it hard and dry. This keeps the polish from chipping off the nails for more than seven days.

The procedure is fairly simple and convenient. All you have to do is place your gel polished nails inside the LED light dispenser and keep it there for a little while. And Voila!! Your gel nails are ready to go. The process is easy, fast and convenient.

These lamps are more costly as compared with UV lamps but are also more effective. They require less maintenance and LED bulbs are more long-lasting.

What is UV Nail Lamp?

These types of lamps are fairly older in the market but still have not been outdated by the LED nail lamps. They have great effectiveness with gel nail polishes. There are many brands and well known cosmetic producers that recommend UV lamp uses with their products.

What is the Difference Between the Two Types of Nail Lamps?

LED Lamp

  • Weight is less
  • Works for a maximum of 50 thousand hours (Irreplaceable Bulbs)
  • Has more efficient functioning as it cures gel nails faster than UV lamps
  • More costly

UV Lamp

  • Heavy in weight
  • Works for maximum 10 thousand hours (bulbs are replaceable)
  • Takes more time in the curing process
  • Less in price

These were some of the best options and models of UV and LED nail lamps available in the market. Now you might be a little more informed about what type of product would be your choice and are there any other features that you must be looking for.

But after going through the above, some questions or queries might still be boggling up your mind. You may still be confused with the same question:

How to choose the best option for your purchase?

UV nail polish lamp drying buying guide

The internet has become one of the largest markets in the world.

Anything you are looking for is available in this virtual market. However, with this large ocean of information, you can be overwhelmed with a flood of product descriptions, reviews, and options. Wattage differences, curing time options, power volts, and various brands, all this information can be quite confusing for a new or potential buyer.

Vital Factors to Consider

So, to make your life a little easier, we provide you with a brief description of some of the key factors that you need to consider while buying the best UV and LED nail lamp for your home or professional use.

  • Budget

The first thing that you consider while making any type of purchase is the amount of money you have and what you are willing to spend on it. The nail lamps available in the market vary greatly in terms of their prices. The other consideration which is affected by your budget is the frequency you are planning to use the device.

Doing a comparison between the salon manicure prices and the cost of doing a manicure with the given device can also be beneficial for understanding the value it will provide at a given price.

Therefore the price of the device compared with the features it provides is an important parameter for making the final decision of purchase.

  • Nail Polishes You Use

The second very important factor that effects which brand and machine you are going to buy is the brand and make of polishes that you use frequently. All types of LED and UV nail polishes can be cured using the UV type of nail lamps. However, most of the LED nail lamps are only usable for the LED-based nail polishes.

One example is the CND Shellac brand of UV nail polishes. According to their specifications, this type of nail polish can only be cured by a UV lamp and not the single LED-based nail lamp.

However, most of the latest brands offer nail polishes that can be cured using any type of nail lamp.

The chemistry of the gel nail polishes varies because they require specific wavelengths of UV light that help in the activation of their ingredients. Their formulas are designed in different ways and so one should buy the nail lamp that is suitable for the specific brands of nail polish.

  • Curing Times

Different types of nail lamps offer different curing times. In most cases, LED lamps are faster at curing as compared with UV lamps. The UV lamps have an average curing time of 90 seconds while the LED lamps have an average curing time of 30 seconds. This means that if you are looking for fasting curing machines then LED lamps are your choice while for patient users, the UV lamps will do equally good.

  • Durability and Life Span of the Lamp’s bulbs

In general, the LED nail lamps are powered with LED bulbs that have a very long life span. They do not require replacement and can be used for almost 50 thousand hours. In UV lamps the bulbs can be used for up to 100 hours after which they have to be replaced. The replacement cost is not included in the lamp price.

So you need to spend extra on every replacement. However keeping in view the life span of each bulb of 100 years, even if you have a manicure twice a week you may need replacement after 20 or more years.

But if you are using it for a salon then the life span of the bulb may be a more important consideration.

  • Size of the nail lamp

The size of the lamp is an important factor for most users. Generally, a nail lamp can cure 4 fingers at one time. For the thumb, you have to make an extra session. This may be a little frustrating for some. Additionally, some lamps are large-sized and can even be suitable for pedicures and toes.

For pedicure purposes, most lamps have a removable bottom plate attachment. There are large-sized lamps also available in the market that allows you to cure both hands or feet simultaneously thereby saving time and efforts.

  • Warranties

Like any other electric and mechanic device, warranties are important for nail lamps as well. In most cases, the companies offer a warranty period of one year to their consumers.

This is effective when you buy the product directly from the manufacturer. If you buy the lamp from a retailer or reseller you might be offered a lesser warranty period.

This is mostly of 90 days. In many cheaper models, you do not even get a warranty. So, if you plan to buy a costly nail lamp, you would surely like a dysfunctionality or damage warranty with it.

  • Additional Features

Like all other devices, nail lamps also offer their customers different features. Some features are common in all lamps and are considered as basic.

However, there are some additional features that may be exclusive to a selected few. Like for example, the preset timer feature may not be present in all less expensive models of nail lamps.

Some models may have a timer, but it may not have preset timing. So, the additional features also vary from device to device. Motion sensors, automatic switch off, and cooling fans are some of the uncommon features that may make a lampstand out among its competitors in the market.

Final Thoughts

There it is!! A brief line up of the best UV and LED nail lamps available in the market these days. Apart from this, we have also highlighted the need for having a nail lamp and the buying consideration you need to understand in order to make a wise decision for yourself.

You no longer need to wait for long periods of time or move wobbling around the house just to get your nails in the perfectly dry shape. You can save your salon time and try out different DIY manicure techniques at home without any extra effort or discomfort. The Nail Lamps provide a quick and easy answer to your nail curing needs. Buying a good nail lamp can free you from the worries of chipped or untidy nails for a long period of time.

So wait for no further and use the above valuable information provided by us to select a good option for yourself from the best UV and LED Nail lamps available in the market.

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