Top 10 Landscape Architecture Firms In Los Angeles

Top 10 Landscape Architecture Firms In Los Angeles: LA here we come!!

LA! What comes to mind? The notable Hollywood sign, studios, for example, Paramount Pictures, Universal, and Warner Brothers Architecture.

Hmm Yes, there are absolutely great, best, and engineering firms in Los Angeles which you’ll find out in by reading our article till the end.

LA is a rambling Southern California city and the focal point of the country’s film and broadcast business. You can see the city’s attractive building even in films; so it is highly unlikely to not offer credit to the builders in the Los Angeles Area that have made this a reality.

Present-day design in LA was formed by the wars and development in engineering hasn’t stopped since.

Today home to countless structures planned by various compelling designers in the Los Angeles Area, the city horizon is continuously developing, offering development for inventors with it.

Things to consider while looking into the architecture firms

Things to consider while looking into the architecture firms

Our goal is to connect people with the best local experts. We scored Los Angeles Architects across five categories and analyzed the results to give you a hand-picked list of the best 10 firms.

5 categories include:

  1. Availability
  2. Qualifications
  3. Reputation
  4. Experience
  5. Professionalism

“Architecture is a visual art and the buildings speak for themselves” (Julia Morgan)

Firm 1: Green Grounds Landscape Services

Green Grounds has over twenty years of Landscape Service expertise. Wow!

Starting from scratch or simply redoing your grass and planters. They will handle everything on your need and plans. Demolition, irrigation, planting, fence, painting deck, and fence all will be done in one place.

Their 250 purchasers embrace multi-family homes, housing complexes, business properties and buildings, spiritual temples, etc.

Keeping property spirited at the top may be a place that necessary to be appealing and therefore the best living. They resolve all client issues relieving their stress and keeping the property fabulous.

Patients comfort is the primary goal.

Landscaping deserves a modification of color and theme throughout the seasons. Eventually pink and red colors of flowers in spring add blossoms within the heart. Woohoo!

Isn’t that lively!

This additional spice to our property adds flavors of color and attractiveness to residential landscapes.

Designing a landscape with minimum resources is an art that is never done these days and seeing this state of affairs worldwide we must always use resources decently.

They additionally install Rain gardens. Yes, you approached it right “Rain Garden”.

Isn’t that exciting?

In a shell, the total expense is charged on basis of the project and not hourly.

They guide you from cerebration to thought and irrigation arrange to code. If you are looking for saving natural resources and savage designs then this can be the proper alternative.

For any question their consultation is free and you can make your decision after consultation keeping in mind of your needs and budget.

Firm 2: Lisa Gimmy Landscape Architecture

“Architects Advocate: Action on climate change”

Lisa Gimmy founder of “Lisa Gimmy Landscape Architecture”, in 1992 to produce very high-quality style services by involving herself to each project.

She has developed distinction as a collaborator among allied professionals for comes that need a sensitive approach to problems with historic preservation, place, and social responsibility.

Gimmy has built her trust with her clients’ by her indoor/outdoor work areas for homes formulated by famous architects and team.

Gimmy’s unique suggestions and exploration make her unique and extraordinary from others. According to her if one can not dedicate their affection and fascination to their career then they are not an artist of nature.

Her work doesn’t need any further elaboration because “Actions speak louder than words”. This slogan completely describes what she is as she is also a part of Architects Advocate.

Go see the web page, you’ll surely say that this last is beyond words. After doing so much work she has earned a respect and her coworkers and clients love her for that. She is dedicated to and exploring her ideas at the same time.

A mixture of color, motivation, and empowering that on nature, residency is great to deal with work and it has earned her respect what she deserves.


Studio-MLA is a design studio that combines landscape architecture, urban design, and produce an attractive environment, populations, and renovate housing landscape. Advocacy is a foundation of their practice – a powerful tool to blend ecological and social change with inclusivity and authenticity.

Serving for more than 25 years, founder and president Mia Lehrer, FASLA has sparked the team’s inventive thinking to communicate sophisticated connections within urban and nature. From the grasp making plans of towns to the making plans of intimate plazas and gardens, the studio is diagnosed for creativity, pragmatism, and obligation across a spread of scales and geographies.

It’s a 45-person team of landscape architects, designers, planners, botanists, and ecologists from around the world. Diversity and multiple aspects add importance to alliances and outcome value.

As teamwork, they will bring the transformation in nature and also the setting that we have a tendency to live in.

She has served the community by bringing changes and innovative ideas to save natural resources and utilizing fewer goods and producing more output.

Come let’s assign her and bring change to our shelter.

Firm 4: Kate Anne Designs

Kate is experienced in designing & project managing in interior and exterior environments for a wide range of clients. Flawless taste, trustworthy, time-efficient, and friendly.

Kate Anne Designs is completely outstanding. They have budget-managed designs, with the complete installation.

The world of design & construction can be discouraging. But they Have lots of experience as designers, contractors, owners’ representatives, and homeowners. They are multitasking and a complete package.

Their job is to create a beautiful yard and help you relieve your stress of the install process so that you can focus on enjoying your new yard!

They make sure what the client wants, and also being very efficient and real with the environment and keeping everything aesthetically gorgeous. Kate’s knowledge and creativity in her designs and the plants blew out our minds.

They are very professional. They are real people and care and listen to what you want, but also give their ideas based o their knowledge and experience, which is so helpful! We recommend them to anyone wanting to do landscape, small or large. Worth it!!

Firm 5: CannonDesign

Attractive and different structures help people, businesses, communities, society and the environment flourish, together.

This company has more than 1000 creative thinkers to resolve challenges faced by clients and society.

It doesn’t matter what they are designing. Whether designing for educational, healthcare, the entire society, new scientific discoveries, or the “next big idea” in business, they provide end-to-end services to help organizations improve human life.

This company is more towards advancement and helping humans and society by their new, developing, motivational ideas. So that both the economy and society can be developed and groomed.

They are unique and their ideas are totally different from other architects, their vast thinking surely makes them stand on another level and let others know that they think beyond the horizon and their thinking is not precise to one box.

Firm 6: Garden Designs & Landscapes

They provide exceptional landscaping services to a wide range of commercial and residential properties for the past 10 years. Their experienced landscapers set goals each day in landscape design, paving, hardscaping. They’ll blow your garden into shape in no time and amaze you with their work.

They provide superb quality and customer service. The crew is delightful to work with and very accommodating at making changes as customer likes.

“Good design is the key to a successful garden”, is the idea they follow.

When they finish a project, they always like to make a friend and leave the door open.

With so many years of experience in the business, their company is a source for high quality and landscaping service. Well planned landscaping unifies indoor and outdoor spaces, resolves yard and garden problems, and provides a valuable chance to relax and have fun.

Firm 7: Ecocentrix Landscape Architecture

Ecocentrix provides a full-service landscape architecture firm that furnishes single-family and multi-family residences, and iconic commercial spaces. It delivers high end luxurious exterior environment landscape architecture!

They believe that one’s quality of life is a reflection of their environment.

Amazingly qualified team and will always put you and your goals as their top priority. They know how to handle their customers and make sure that they are fully convinced by their work.

We highly recommend this firm to anyone interested in high level, detail-oriented landscape architecture and design, especially if your site has challenging slopes and steep hillsides as they are the premier landscape architects for complex hillside site/landscape development projects.

Creativity and elegance is reflected in their work.

Firm 8: Studio AR&D Architects

Studio AR&D Architects is an innovative architecture, design & construction firm. Their firm is based on the belief that architecture has the ability to help shape one’s experience.

Doesn’t matter what type of project it is, big or small, public or private, high-end or low-income, it connects the public in a significant, poetic way and leaves a lasting impression.

Simple and attractive designs. Beauty lies in simplicity.

Their work is as numerous and different as life itself. They are devoted to broadening, raising, reconsidering, retooling, and rebooting; whatever it takes to continue to create applicable, well-crafted, significant experiences. They don’t take their work as work, they take it as a responsibility and complete it with full loyalty.

Firm 9: Gensler

Wow, what an amazing work is given by Gensler. Superb!

Gensler is involved in delivering sustainable design, master planning, interior design, and urban design. Their work is just outstanding and remarkable.

Living in this era where everything is changing day by day we all need to alter are thinking and bring some change in the surrounding where we live. During this pandemic situation, lets make use of this and change are living style by hiring Gensler Architect so that they can put resilient designs to work in the walk of pandemic.

“Creating a just and equitable future”.

They believe in quality work and client satisfaction is top-most priority.

They use the power of design to spark positive change and create a future that promotes equity, stability, and wellbeing for everyone. To meet new expectations, they’re pushing the boundaries of architecture, design, and technology by encompassing physical and digital design to create fresh, connected experiences.

Working with the new generation of students, designing for health and wellness, supporting and creating solutions for housing and homelessness, and preserving the environment, and collaboration with other organizations to support underserved people and make our cities more equitable and safe.

Firm 10: Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP

Serving for more than 5 decades, Richard Meier & Partners has been assigned to design important buildings, and it has successfully completed over 130 projects across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Among its best-known works are: the Smith House in Darien, Connecticut; the Getty Center in Los Angeles, California; the United States Courthouse in Islip, New York; and the Jubilee Church in Rome, Italy.

With limited resources to meet competitive public agendas, governments are looking more and more to private development to meet their public infrastructure needs. Dedicating its entire landscape for public use in Taiwan make us understand that humanity is still alive and people do help others in difficulty not thinking of favor in return. What a remarkable job?

They have earned respect for quality and professionalism of work they deliver. They deliver luxurious modern architecture, that fulfills complex programmatic and functional needs, and professional services that exceed clients’ expectations for the delivery of substance and value.

They have brought an innovative change in our community and promote new ideas to surrounding so that our community delivers some message. It also promotes that as time is moving and a new era is coming we need to bring changes and new thinking for motivation in this growing world where there is the human race going on.


The growing world and new agendas daily make architects realize that they need to serve the community by bringing new innovative and attractive ideas. And from the above-mentioned companies which are serving their part in different ways we need to put our role to give these firms a forward step so that they can implement those new ideas. Relationship, quality, professionalism, and time are important factors that made us select these 10 firms to ease your life so that you can choose what you want and what is best for you.

“It’s more than just plants, though we should know our plants.”

Relationship is most productive when architects are open-minded and respect what landscape architects know. Landscape architects see the land as a system rather than simply a canvas. Landscape architecture is building that landscape almost to the equal intensity that we’re building the house.

“Architecture should speak of it’s time and place, but yearn from timelessness” (Frank Gehry)

Simple and flawless work is provided by every firm mentioned and each firm is unique from each other. Some focus more on indoor some on outdoor work.

Keep yourself updated with upcoming new ideas and innovation and stay tuned with us.

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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