Why Is My Leo Woman Ignoring Me?

Leo women can be highly unpredictable. One day things will be light and breezy, and the next, they will pull away and leave you wondering what went wrong. Whether it is something you did, or she is dealing with something herself, she will choose silence rather than communicating it with you.

This undoubtedly then can be very confusing and frustrating as well. It can be hard to deal with, especially if you have just started seeing her. If you are in this situation, you deserve to know why she might be ignoring you, what it means, and what you can do about it.

When a Leo woman ignores you, the reason may be that she is having a bad day or dealing with some problem privately.

However, it can also be something on your part.

She may ignore you if you have made a mistake, have been insensitive, have betrayed her trust, or have been ignoring her yourself.

It may also be because your energy or humor does not match with hers, so she is pulling away.

Understanding Leo Women

These women are confident and self-assured human beings.

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They know what they want and are not afraid to make life decisions to attain those things.

At the same time, they can also be stubborn. Because of these qualities, they do not like to be walked over.

They do not want people to be inconsiderate and betray them. If someone makes mistakes or ignores them, it is a significant turn-off for them.

They have huge egos that can easily get bruised, and they would instead give you the silent treatment than forgive you.

They like to be surrounded by people who are as full of life and enthusiasm as they are and will distance themselves from people who do not match these criteria.

When they are dealing with life problems, however, they become low-key. They deal with personal matters privately.

There is a high chance they will be missing in action with their friends, family, and partner when they have a bad day or have been struggling.

Why she is ignoring you?

Here are some reasons why a Leo woman might be ignoring you:

You made a mistake

A principal reason for her to be ignoring you is that you made a mistake.

Leo women can be stubborn and will never be the first to forgive if you do not acknowledge your mistake and ask for forgiveness.

They are not the kind to give in, take the high road, and move past the error.

The mistake may have been something small in your day-to-day life with her, or it may also be a significant mistake that put your relationship at risk.

Whatever the error, she expects an apology, and you will have to acknowledge your mistake, apologize, and make amends if you want to move past the problem.

Otherwise, she will likely keep ignoring you.

You have been insensitive

Leo women are sensitive.

They are very caring and considerate individuals and expect the people in their life to give them the same treatment.

If you have not been considerate towards her, it could be the reason she is ignoring you.

As her partner, you are expected to be careful of the little things.

These may include asking her how her day went, what is bothering her, or what she wants for dinner.

If you have been insensitive to these little things, it will hurt her feelings.

This would also be because you have been insensitive enough to say something to her that bruised her ego. You may have accused her of something or been unnecessarily critical.

And make it clear that if you have been hurtful, she is likely to ignore you.

You have been ignoring her

Leo women tend to be egotistical.

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They know their self-worth and like to be treated like the queens they are.

It is bound to upset them if they are being ignored. If you have been neglecting her lately, it is likely to bruise her ego.

If you have been ignoring her texts, not returning her phone calls, or avoiding seeing her, she will notice and feel unappreciated.

Since she has been unable to figure out why you have been acting distant and feels like she deserves more than that, she will ignore you to regain her self-control and ego.

She is having a bad day

When she is having a bad day, she will pull away to recharge by herself. She may feel the need to spend some time on her own and get her act together.

Since they have a persona of being energetic and full of life to maintain, Leo women do not like for people to see them at their lowest and think any less of them.

She may be having a terrible day and unable to hold back her tears, and the last thing she wants is to see her partner.

It may also be because she is too drained of energy to talk or spend time with you.

If you know she is having a bad day, you should give her space and ask her what is wrong and anything you can do to help.

Your humor does not match with hers

Leo women are smart and witty with a top-tier sense of humor, and they have the time of their lives with people with whom laughter comes easy.

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They like to be surrounded by people who have the same sense of humor and can make them laugh until their stomach hurts.

If you do not have the same sense of humor as her, she may grow distant and ignore you. This could be because you do not find her funny and she feels her humor unappreciated or because you cannot make her laugh and she is not having as much fun with you as she could with someone with the same sense of humor.

You betrayed her trust

Leo women are proud creatures.

They are also very loyal to the people they love.

They cannot even imagine letting down the people they care for.

For these reasons, they hate being made a fool out of.

One thing they cannot stand is when someone lies to them or betrays their trust.

If you have betrayed her trust, it is likely one of the main reasons she is ignoring you.

The same goes for if she has caught you in a lie.

You cannot expect to treat her like this and have her forgive you.

If you treat her like this, you should not be surprised if she ignores you to the point where you existing or not existing is the same to her.

Your energy does not match hers

Leo women are very enthusiastic with un-matchable energies.

They tend to radiate positivity and light up every room they enter. Since their energy is so wholesome, they like to protect it.

They do not want to be surrounded by people who do not share this energy, who bring her down, and who cannot keep up with her.

If your energy does not match that of her, she is bound to pull away.

She desires a partner who appreciates her energy and can keep up with it.

She would not want to be with someone who slows her down and hampers her growth.

For this reason, she may be pulling away and, thus, ignoring you.

She is dealing with something

While these women are usually very full of life, they go low-key when dealing with something on a personal level.

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If she is facing a significant life problem, a Leo woman will want to deal with it independently.

They are very independent and do not like to rely on others and burden them with their problems.

Instead of weighing you down with her problem, she will try to tackle it herself.

As a result of the stress weighing her down, she will not be as full of life and will not spend as much time with you and give you too much attention.

She may take some time and resolve the issue before things return to normal.

What you can do about it

If she ignores you, you need to know what you can do to help the relationship move past whatever the reason is.

Here are some of them:

Give her space

This is especially helpful when a Leo woman is dealing with some problem of her own.

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When she is having a bad day or struggling, as crucial as it is to be there for her, you also need to give her space.

She needs space to think, heal, and help her cope with the problem and resolve it.

She does not require a partner who is pushy in these circumstances.

Giving her space can also be helpful when something about your relationship with her is not sitting right with her.

She ignores you because she needs time to reevaluate the relationship and loop you in when she has made up her mind.

Make amends

If you have made some mistake, she will not move past it all at once.

She will not forgive you if you are not worthy of it.

It would help if you showed her how full of remorse you are and do anything you can to fix things.

If you have made a mistake or betrayed her trust, you need to apologize to her and show her that it will never happen again.

If you have hurt her feelings by being insensitive or ignoring her, her ego is likely very bruised.

It takes a lot of time and consistent efforts for her to come around.

Instead of blaming her for any of these things, you need to make amends.

Be supportive and appreciative

When “she” is struggling, the last thing she needs is a partner who just does not understand.

She does not want a partner who makes it all about themselves and adds to the burden that she’s dealing with.

Instead, she needs understanding, support, and encouragement.

If your Leo woman is ignoring you because she is struggling, be helpful.

Show her your support and say and do things to lift her.

Make sure to be there when she needs you and encourage her to conquer all that is troubling her, and remind her how amazing she is.

Plan the perfect date

This is especially helpful when she ignores you because you have been insensitive or when she is struggling.

In these circumstances, she needs to be reminded of how much you care for her and appreciate her.

You can do this through the big gesture of planning a perfect date.
A perfect date would consist of the things she enjoys doing.

You can buy her flowers and arrange a homemade candle-lit dinner, or pack a picnic and go on an adventure.

This will be a much-needed retreat and just what she needs to recover from whatever the problem is.

Final thoughts:

Even though it can be a little difficult to understand why she is pulling away and ignoring you, things will fall into place once you figure out the roots, do right by her, and show her your love!