Tell Someones Personality by their Signature

So can you really tell someones’ personality by just looking at their signatures? We have lost the art of handwriting and that is where the human era has gone wrong.

They have actually lost a great art and alas…no one takes consideration to learn it and setting it back to the level where it once used to be.

We are totally not worried about our handwriting anymore.

Like I don’t have to write a letter to my girlfriend.

So why would I bother to get a great handwriting?

We are so indulged in emails, texts, and types of presentations; that nobody actually gives a damn anymore.

The list of the different communication means can simply go on and on and on and there won’t be anything that involves handwriting in it these days. Sad, isn’t it?

We are on these people who cross a road blindly, too indulged into a call or the morning text that we are about to send to our other half.

If  you guys have ever watched the movie “Me Before You”

(I am not recommending this movie, by the way, I mean there are times when you have some time to kill and in a mood for a movie and all you are left with is just one stupid movie and you have to watch it.)

So anyways, those who have not watched it, don’t! And there is a guy in it Will Trainor and he gets paralyzed because he was too indulged into his phone. So the lame point I am making here is that we people are Will Trainor.

Coming back to handwriting; 98% of us have no idea, that our handwriting is depicting our personality heavily.

That signature that shows off on your checkbook that can tell dozen about your personality.

Even if you say that no that is not how I write or you wrote that in the utter hurry; it is showing a part of your personality.

How? How can you know a bit about it? Let’s get a handwriting artist…

*Changing mode to handwriting artist*

Signatures are the last medium of written communication that we come across and surprisingly it is diminishing rapidly. However, let’s see how your signatures give a handwriting expert or artist, a little sneak peek into your personality.

Personality through signature:

know personality by signatures

So as we have names for reading stars that are astrology and so on. What is the art of reading handwriting is termed as? We refer to it as Graphology. And it has been present since Aristotle’s time. I know it’s quite aged like astrology and biology and all.

However, earlier graphology wasn’t used on a large scale. It isn’t even now as I mentioned above, we hardly have a written communication medium anymore.

But it still helps in investigation cases and it also aids in understanding some medical conditions. And you might be amazed to hear this that some employers have started a handwriting analysis to test the ability of an employee they are about to hire.

So next time you walk into an office and you are given a handwritten test to go through; you might be getting checked for your compatibility. Sounds freaking good to me!

And you might be amazed to hear this that some employers have started a handwriting analysis to test the ability of an employee they are about to hire. So next time you walk into an office and you are given a handwritten test to go through; you might be getting checked for your compatibility.

So which are aspects or factors taken into consideration while the handwriting experts decipher them and peek into an individual’s persona?

Factors to Consider while Deciphering Handwriting:

1. Size

2. Slant

3. Pressure

4. Angle

5. Spacing

6. Legibility

7. Thread

What does your signature say about You?

So now comes the part a lot of people are too indulged in and eager to know about it as well.
Experts say that signatures are known to be the most friendly handwriting piece that we actually do.

However, the experts have yet more to say; signatures unveil a lot about a person in both personal and business life.

So here are some things that the handwriting experts or artists get to know about you by just setting their eyes own your signature. Feeling creepy about this? Well let’s read further! It is so interesting!


The size of the letter determines a lot about you.
• Small sized letters are a hint that you are a shy and quiet person. It also shows that you are a little withdrawn as well. It also shows off your great concentration level. However, if the letters are way too small; you are termed as an egoistic person.

• If your signature’s letters are averaged sized, then you an adaptable personality and are well-settled in life.

• Large sized letters show off your confidence and portray you as an outspoken person. You might be a bit naïve and a dreamy individual.

Legible handwriting:

• If you have an illegible handwriting in your signature, it tells that you are an arrogant person.
• If your signature is legible and can be read easily then it shows that you are happy with your life and have nothing to hide.


• If your signature or signature writing slants towards the right or more towards the right side then you are most likely to be an outgoing person. It also shows that you have a positive manner of looking towards life.

• If your signature handwriting slants towards the left or downwards, it shows you as a pessimist. It also shows that you don’t like to move forward easily.


• If your sign is intricate and shows off a bit of fanciness, then you are termed as a creative and passionate person. You also love to gain attention and that makes you a bit boastful.

• If a line runs through your sign, then you are termed as an extremely unhappy person. It also shows that you are highly self-critical.

• If you underline your signature, then it means that you have selfishness as a prominent trait in you. You also desire for recognition.

Famous people and their signatures


Yeah I know, reading this bit about handwriting, won’t make you an expert within 10 minutes. But you actually get an idea about your own signature right?

You get to understand some traits of your personality. Or are you too afraid to write down your signature and see what it turns out to be for you?

Give it a try!