Is Hisense A Good TV?

Is Hisense A Good TV?: So is Hisense TV Worth It? If you are looking for a giveaway TV, most likely, Hisense TVs will appear in your search.

Providing more inexpensive options than those presented by the Big Players (LG, Sony, Samsung, Philips, and Panasonic), Hisense TVs surely look like good value TV on paper.

What was once an equally well-known brand, certainly in the United Kingdom and the United States, Hisense has since made significant moves in the past year or so.

Hisense was the official sponsor of the 2018 Football World Cup and is on the line to support the Euro 2020 tournament as well.

Indeed, Hisense is one of the dominant players in the market. However, there are still some questions that might popup in your mind.

Which company is best to grab a television? Is Hisense a good TV?

Here we are putting down some facts and figures about Hisense Television’s and its comparison with other companies that will help you to decide whether Hisense is a good TV or not?

Introduction to Hisense

Hisense is one of the leading electronic and home appliances manufacturing companies in the world. It was found in 1969 in Qingdao, Shandong province, China.

It started as a small scale radio factory, and gradually it became Qingdao No.2 Radio Factory. Over time, the company started advancement and brought variations in its products.

Later on, they started to produce televisions, and their first TV model is CJD18, which was made back in 1978.

Although Hisense provides a variety of electronic appliances, nonetheless, televisions are what they are famous for across the globe.

If you are searching for a TV, you may come across the Hisense; the simple reason for this is its popularity. Moreover, Hisense delivers the best quality, affordable, and elegantly designed products to satisfy the needs of their customers.

Hisense Motto:

Hisense company follows a simple and enchanting motive according to their customers’ needs. It tries to improve the experience of the customers by providing them with high standards, superior quality, and affordable prices.

Hisense is the No.1 TV brand in China and South Africa, while it is the fifth most popular TV company in the UK.

It has 13 working factories in China. Besides, Hisense has a broad international consumer base and has developed 54 manufacturing units across the globe.

Apart from that, Hisense has 12 research centers in Europe, Central America, and South Africa, which are responsible for innovation and the best service delivery.

Is Hisense a Good TV Company:

When compared to its competitors, Hisense provides its premium services and technologies at the most affordable prices.

The fame of Hisense is increasing throughout Europe and America because of its cost-effective nature and high-quality performance. In the competitive television market, Hisense has a considerable presence.

Recently, it has introduced a TV based on the Al power HDR algorithm with a supercomputing strength of 6.5T and 8K 10 bit HDR screen.

On the back this amazing turnaround, we can claim that Hisense is a good TV, and it will provide you with a fantastic experience.

Some of the Main Features of Hisense TV


Hisense is using various technologies in its different series of televisions and upgrading its products regularly. The following are some of the features and technology updates of Hisense.

  • It provides smart TVs for the better experience of their customers. A smart television is a digital type of Television with the latest computing technology. It allows the user to utilize different internet applications and brings about the experience to the highest degree.
  • Along with watching the live broadcast, it is also equipped with internet streaming and browsing features.
  • Affordability is one main aspect that gives an edge to the Hisense over its competitors. Without compromising on the quality of the TVs, Hisense produces top-notch products over the years. So if you are low on budget and looking for a high-quality TV, the Hisense is strongly recommended to you.
  • It offers screens with quality shade balance, sharp and clear image, reflects its excellent services according to the customers’ desires.
  • Its significant smart-home components and superslim design are just perfect for you. It adds more flavor to your TV watching experience. In its new models, it nearly wipes away the use of remotes.
  • Hisense in the premium set, it also deploys Quantum dot technology in H9G and H8G. Also, U8QF and U7QF are the upgrades of U8B and U7B ULEDs with Quantum dot technology.

Collaboration with Roku OS:

Hisense has also collaborated with the Roku OS on particular sets, including its ULED range.

It is the range of high spec LED televisions for providing high processing speed, more advanced colors, and style modification.

Its 4k ULEDs has a simple and easy interface and can stream 500,000+ Tv shows and movies. It is a smart Android Tv and delivers hand-free control.

As you can use Google Assistant to search anything you want to watch by using voice command. The high view engine boosts its features and offers a more clear picture with ultra high definition resolution (details of images from over 8 million pixels).

It also supplies Dolby Vision HDR, like any other expensive branded TV.


You may come up with the question, what is the difference between OLED and ULED? Or which one is more superior? So here is your answer.

  • OLED can individually turn on and off pixels, and it improves the viewer’s experience. Unlike OLED, ULED lacks this feature and uses a backlight mechanism. Although the Ultra Local Dimming feature gives it a durable hindrance to screen color bleeding, still minor color bleed can be noted on the screen. Similar to the pixel control, it provides a highly specified color contrast and clear image.
  • OLED TV can be relatively thin compared to ULED because it does not require a backlight to focus. It is one of the significant advantages of OLED over ULED.
  • Both ULED and OLED have Dolby Vision HDR technology, and it puts on brilliant quality HDR vision. It allows the TV to auto-adjust brightness, better color contrast, and picture quality.
  • The most noticeable problem with OLEDs is they are far from cheap. Due to its very high rates, it is somewhat difficult for everyone to manage it in a limited budget.
  • The benefit of Quantum Dot Technology assists in maintaining illumination according to your needs. Particularly when viewing HDR content, it makes sure to sustain color discrepancy and quality brightness of the image. As a result, it makes OLEDs more precise and convenient.

Hisense is Throwing Away OLED TVs

Nowadays, people prefer OLED TVs more than ULED. The panel technology is more prominently used by popular TV companies like Panasonic, LG, Sony, and Philips.

Hisense has no plan to formulate such OLEDs anymore as they are not releasing successors of O8B OLED. Nevertheless, Hisense is not coming slowly; it develops a budget-friendly and viable alternative of OLEDs.

The DualCell ULED XD panels with fused 2k and 4k screen give high contrast and color quality.

It seems that Hisense is mainly focused on the modification of ULED (DualCell) and aims to replace OLEDs.

Hisense has made O8B(OLED) and aims to give the latest featured set in the cheapest possible rates compared to its competitors.

Moreover, unlike many other Tv sets, Hisense provides easy to use the operating system, which makes it extremely convenient and user friendly.

Comparisons of Hisense with its Competitors

We have discussed the features and answered your main query that is Hisense a good TV? And what things it should do for improvement.

Here we put down some comparisons of Hisense with other reputed Television manufacturing companies.

Hisense or Samsung:

Samsung is one of the most famous brands in the world. It is a top-rated company; similarly, its prices are much higher than any other brand.

Unlike Samsung, Hisense is delivering high quality and extraordinary features at a super low price. Hisense provides more features in a low budget in contrast to Samsungs costly sets.

Furthermore, Hisense PVR enables the buyer to record one show at a time in a USB hard drive.

We are just taking an example of two comparable sets of both companies that will help you out to get the disparity between both companies.

However, both companies have distinct rates. The Hisense high-end TVs, for instance, U7B is barely £549 while Samsung’s QE55Q60R is £869.

It will assist you in comparing and understanding the price range between two brands. Regardless, both companies utilize distinct modes of the panel.

The QLED uses quantum dots, which produces more enthusiastic colors while Hisense has liquid crystals (LCD technology).

Hisense or LG:

LG is one of the giants in the Television manufacturing industry with higher prices and advanced technologies. On the other hand, Hisense is offering the latest features and attractive designs at much lower prices.

LG has the advantage; it manufactures its panels itself, and it is one of the most experienced companies in producing OLEDs.

Besides, it gives a better viewing angle and exceptional image quality. The Hisense has Roku built-in while LG has its web OS.

However, the common observation is that Roku is more user friendly and occupies many applications.

Apart from that, you can also control you Hisense TV with the help of a smartphone by downloading their remote from the play store/app store.

Quality Issues:

Although Hisense Tv ranges are affordable, there are some quality issues. Low audio quality and creepy TV remotes (in some models) are the major complaints noted in different sets.

Another common problem is its display control. Many complaints have been received that after a few years the use,  Hisense TV develops this fault in most of their models, which is highly inconvenient.

In some cases, you can fix the problem through the reset option; however, most of the time, the replacement is the only option.

Picture quality issues and poor color contrast are quite common in some models. However, it can be resolved by carrying out fine-tuning.

Nearly every television brand has some issues in their models. Like any other television brand, Hisense also has some problems, but it is also trying to fix the problems and offer improved services.

What Should Do If Your TV Is Not Correctly Working:

Check the warranty: The Hisense backs its products by providing a warranty to the customers. So if your Hisense TV develops an internal fault, contact the customer service of the Hisense.

If your TV was still in the warranty, the company takes full responsibility and will repair your TV for sure.

However, in the case of physical damage, the company will not take responsibility as they provide a warranty for their software and not hardware.

Colour issues: If your Tv is showing some unbalance screen color, you should check the display setting, and if even after this, it is not settling down, contact the customer service of the company, and they will provide you with the required assistance.

If the remote stop responding: If your remote stop responding, there could be two potential problems, either the remote is not working, or the Tv has developed a fault.

In any case, first of all, you need to replace the batteries of the remote. Apart from that, you can also restart your TV, and many times this trick works.

However, if the TV is still not responding, it is better to contact the customer support of the Hisense, if the warranty has expired, bring a mechanic for your TV and they will fix it.


Generally, the Hisense televisions are quite low on budget as compared to other companies. So if you are low on budget and looking for a high-quality Tv, the Hisense might be a good option for you.

They offer decent quality and amazing features. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more reliable, convenient, and long-lasting Tv, the Hisense might not be a perfect option for you as it can develop faults.

Let’s be real; we all know that lower price always brings the risk of faults. And if you are going for an affordable option, it is more likely that you are exposed to am inferior quality.

It doesn’t mean that Hisense TVs are a waste of money; rather, in such a low budget, it still provides decent services to the customers.

This is the reason it has developed a huge market place in the world, and it is still on the rise.

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