Best Cell Phone Booster for Rural Areas

Best Cell Phone Booster for Rural Areas: Did you know we check our smartphones about 221 times per day and we all know that life without mobile phones is pretty boring.

From setting up an alarm in the morning to sending out good nights texts to your date, mobile phones really are essential in the modern-day, and in such a time, having signal issues can be really frustrating.

A Cellphone signal booster consists of an exterior antenna, an amplifier and an interior signal receiving device which together form a wireless system that enhances your cellular reception.

Our Top Cell Phone Signal Boosters Picks for Rural Areas

Signal Boosters differ from each other on numerous factors. These factors include their capability to boost signals, the coverage they offer, their compatibility with the carriers, the looks, shape design and so on.

Here we bring you our top picks based on all these aspects that will not only allow to choose the best signal booster but in fact you’ll be able to understand the reasons for choosing the booster too.

Also see our picks on the best cellphone signal booster for camping.

Cel-Fi Go X

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These are the most power full signal boosters ever manufactured. With the capability to boost the signals up to 100db which is around 40db more than any other signal booster we reviewed.

The second most provided by any other booster is the WeBoost’s capability to reach 72db.

The Cel-Fi Go X covers up to 15000 sq. ft. ensuring that you don’t face call drops or weak signals anymore. This coverage is the most offered amongst signal boosters with the second-best being offered by the HiBoost that is 10,000 sq.ft.

The best thing is that you get the option between two antennas so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Sure Call Flare and HiBoost also have two antennas but both of them need to be used at the same time to make them function.

The single package includes both Dome Antenna and Panel Antenna. The dome spreads the signals in all directions so you’ll be able to get signals almost anywhere.

It’s a bit rounded and comes with a cable so you need to fix it accordingly, most preferably on the back side of the ceiling.

The panel antenna however spreads the signals towards where they are pointed. They are flat and can be installed on a wall.

The Cel-Fi Go X only amplifies one cell carrier at a time which means that if you got two phones and say one of them is from the T-Mobile carrier and the other is an AT & T then either of them can boosted at one time.

So if you are someone who uses multiple phones with different carriers then this particular booster isn’t for you and should probably opt for the other boosters in the list like the WeBoost that enable you do that.

The company made an app called “Cel-Fi wave app”, this app allows you to test and find the best location for placing the device which will then result in most efficient way. With other boosters except for the HiBoost 10K, you don’t get an application and you might have to go with the hit and trail method to choose an installation point.

These were the first to become legal and get licensed as cell phone boosters

Despite of all the good things, it’s a fact that the Cel-Fi Go X isn’t much of a battery-friendly device. It drains the battery faster than the competitor devices like the WeBoost and HiBoost which are battery friendly devices.

You should also ensure that the Cel-Fi Go X supports your carrier before buying it. Cel-Fi Go X is compatible with AT & T, T-Mobile and boosts both 3G and 4G LTE for these carriers. However, for Verizon and US cellular it only boosts 4G LTE. If you are a Sprint user then this device will do no good to you as it doesn’t boost any sort of Sprint signals.

You can find many cheaper signal boosters than this one but it’s a fact that it’s the most power full and that’s what makes it apart from the other signal boosters out there.

WeBOOST connect 4G:

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With 24 dBm in uplink-output power and 12 dBm in downlink-output power and the maximum ability to reach 72dB, the WeBOOST makes it second at our list.

The booster comes with a range of about 7500 Sq. Ft which though comparatively lower than the Cel-Fi Go X but, certainly is more than enough to provide you the coverage you need.

The antenna on the WeBoost is fine but there’s room for improvement. It works well for a short-range, but once you start going far away from the antenna the signals start getting weaker. In short, the antenna doesn’t work well if there are hindrances like concrete walls or any other blockages in the way.

WeBoost connect 4G also comes with an auto gain technology that automatically balances the signals inside the home when the signals outside are too strong. In fact this the reason why it made our list.

Most other booster aren’t able to handle such situations where the signals outside become unusually strong, they completely shut down and end up providing no signals at all. WeBoosts auto gain technology does pretty well in these situations and allows you to keep using the booster.

It’s true that signal boosters consume some part of the battery and the same happens with the weBoost connect 4G. However, compared to other signal boosters, the drainage is comparatively very less.

Like the Cel-Fi Go X, there’s no app with this device to guide you where to install it for optimal signals. So you will have to try installing it at various points to make sure which point has the strongest connection.

Another great thing about this booster is that its 5G ready. Most of the boosters lack this feature but weBoost ensured that their device will be good to go with 5G once it’s released in your area.

With this booster, you also get a 2 years manufacturer’s guarantee and a 30 days money-back guarantee, not many boosters manufacturers provide you guarantees so this also adds up as a great thing to have.

SureCall Flare Signal Booster:

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The SureCall Flare is another powerful signal booster with an uplink power of 26 dBm and the maximum capacity of 72dB.

This signal booster has won many awards for its signal boosting capabilities, especially in the rural and remote areas.

You get an outside antenna that receives cellular signals sent from a cell tower far away and transmits it to the flare. The flare then amplifies the signal and broadcasts it throughout the coverage area. It amplifies the signals of your cell phone in an area up to 2500 Sq. Technically that would cover 1-2 rooms fully.

This booster also comes with manual gain adjustments so you can switch between 4G and 3G for better data transfers.

The booster is compatible with both 3G and LTE networks and is designed to work with 5G too.

The booster also comes with LED indicators that let you know what’s really going on with the signals.

Sure Call Flare Signal Booster is compatible with all the cellular networks in America including SPRINT, AT & T, Verizon, T-Mobile and so on. You can also use multiple carriers simultaneously on this phone.

The design is something that makes that Sure Call Flare Signal Booster overall different from others. It comes in a unique triangular shaped design in silver colors with beautiful engraved spiral lines in top. The other booster manufacturers have never kept the design and outlook a priority and this what makes Sure Call Flare apart from other on the basis of its delightful outlook.

HIBOOST 10K Signal Booster:

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HIBOOST 10K gives you a range of 10,000 Square feet which will basically cover around 3-4 rooms easily. Some other boosters from this brand come up with the range 2500 square feet, 5000 square feet and some even go up to 150000 square feet which is absolutely insane.

HIBOOST 10K is built up of highly durable material. The booster comes with a signal repeater kit that has everything needed for a successful installation and is really easy for you to install at your home.

Our previous boosters either had Auto or Manual Gain adjustments but none had both. The HIBOOST 10K made our list because it comes with both Smart Auto and Manual Gain adjustment functions (AGC). With AGC, the signal gain is controlled automatically depending upon the strength of the input signals. With MGC (Manual Gain Controlling System), you get the options to control the signals manually. This is what makes it one of the best signal boosters out there.

The company has also made an application lets you control your device and helps you tune to max power. In addition to that, the company has a high functioning remote monitoring system, which allows you to resolve any device-related issues through the application.

In addition to common carriers like Sprint, AT & T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, this booster is also compatible with other carriers like U.S Cellular, straight talk wireless, TRACFONE, ROGERS and so on, so it’s basically compatible with all the carriers and you really won’t be facing any carrier-related issues.

The booster also comes with LCD screens. These screens provide a lot of help when installing or troubleshooting your device. It also helps you adjust your booster according to your needs.

With the device, you also find tons of training and troubleshooting materials. You can also use indicators on the LCD display to check the signal strength.


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At number 5 we have the Amaz boost signal booster. This booster enhances your signal strength up to 100X.

The Amaz boost gives you a coverage area of 2500 sq. Ft.

On paper, it’s less than the other ones mentioned above but pretty much does the job.

This booster is classic and unassuming. All the parts and accessories are white and the main body is rectangular shaped. So if you are looking for a uniquely shaped booster, you are out of luck with this one.

In terms of ease of use, functionality, and durability, the Amaz boost stands up to more expensive models with no trouble at all. When setting up this booster, you will be pleased by how easy the instructions are to understand.

This device can be mounted and set up within a matter of 10 minutes.

The AMAZ boost works with all of the American carriers. You can also connect multiple devices and boost them simultaneously. Multiple users for example people using smartphones, tablets, PCs, modems can all connect at the same time.

The battery consumption on this booster is what makes it different from the other. The AMAZ BOOST itself is pretty battery efficient. We also found out that the battery life of our connected devices such as mobile phones and laptops increased wit this booster, this can be due to the fact that our devices spent less time searching for a signal. Our smartphone gave us an extra 2 hours of battery life.

Once the antennas are correctly positioned and the device is connected, it works pretty well. However, the issue you might face on using the device, in the long run, is that the position of antennas marginally keeps on changing very often. These slight changes are enough to ruin the signals and you might have to adjust the antennas multiple times in order to regain the signals.

Though this isn’t a big problem, it can create a difficult situation for someone with very little mobility.

The only other problem after the antennas is that the 60 foot RG6 cable that comes with the booster is considerably bulky and taking care of it might be an issue. However, any cable that long would be certainly bulky, and you can certainly reduce the size of the cable by taking it to your nearest electrician but that certainly adds up to your work.

Do Signal Boosters Work in Every Situation?

You should also keep in mind that in order to boost your signals through the signal boosters, you will need to have at least 1-2 bars of usable signals on your phone outdoors, to ensure that you will get better signals indoor.

All the Manufacturing brands clearly mentions that before purchasing their product.

So make sure that you have at least 1-2 signal bars or else the signal boosters simply won’t work.


After comparing all these boosters, we reached the result that the Range and the coverage on the Cell Fi Go-X make it the best booster out there.

However, if you are using multiple carriers then this device isn’t for you and if you are looking for all-round performance with battery efficiency and carrier compatibilities then WEBOOST Connect 4G, AMAZ Boost, and HIBOOST 10K are pretty decent devices.

If the design is something that you are into then you should probably opt for the Sure Call Flare. Having said that, all these boosters are great high quality and efficient products that will surely help you against your signal related issues in the rural areas.

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