Windows 10 home vs. Pro | Which one suits You?

Windows 10 home vs. Pro | Which one suits You?: Windows 10 as we all know, is a series of operating systems amplified by Microsoft, issued as a slice of the Windows NT family of operating systems. And also is the most up-to-date and secure operating system that features universal, customized apps, and advanced security options for your devices.

This game-changer automatically updates your application and all-new features make it more efficient and secure.

To choose between pro and home of windows 10, it simply comes down to which capacity will you be using your computer for?

If you want to have a virtual assistant to fulfill your business needs at any point, go with Windows 10 pro. But, if you’re only looking for personal use PC for some casual browsing and streaming and do not intend on using the enterprise features of the pro version, Windows 10 home might be a more suitable option.

Windows 10 home and Windows 10 pro might seem the same, but they have distinct differences.

We also concluded the best OS for gaming.

Windows 10 Home Analysis:

Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation

Windows 10 home is ideal for your daily use such as browsing the internet, checking emails, streaming, or paying your bills.

It comes with an extensive collection of features and applications that could be used with a Microsoft account on a device that is compatible with Windows 10.

The features of windows 10 home come with built-in security and it includes apps for entertainment, security, and productivity. Here is the review of the most popular features so that you can evaluate them based on your daily needs:


The presence of internet protection in windows 10 home is to guard the device and data against potentially dangerous applications and websites while you are playing your favorite game or streaming a movie to watch.

The extra security shield is provided by parental control that restricts access to adult content while you are using a Microsoft account.


The home edition of Windows 10 features all the familiar tools such as:

  • Cortana Personal assistant
  • Start-up menu
  • Digital pen
  • Touch
  • Access to download non-Microsoft apps.

Moreover, you can use the Microsoft store for business to find, manage and distribute applications to different devices.


Windows Hello allows you to sign in via your facial recognition, PIN, or fingerprint. This built-in security feature in-home edition ensures the security of your data and device.

It has Windows Security Centre to protect your device from viruses, which are automatically scanned. You can also keep the updates to ensure if your device is protected from threats or not.

How so ever, it lacks the business features such as BitLocker device encryption, enterprise data protection, and Windows update for business.

Conditions to upgrade windows

If you plan to upgrade your windows from Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 you will need to meet some basic requirements. These are:

  • You must possess a 1 GHz or faster compatible processor
  • In the case of 32-bit, 1GB RAM and in case of 64-bit, 2 GB RAM is needed
  • Approximately 20 GB of hard disc space
  • A video card with 800 x 600 screen resolution or higher than that
  • Access to the internet.

Windows 10 Professional Analysis:

Defragmenting Take On Windows 10

It is ideally used by small business owners, and people who want improved security and functionality.

For a small or medium-sized business, Windows 10 pro is a good choice. It requires little or no technical support if you want to safeguard your data and keep the remote access and control of devices.

The main features of Windows 10 Pro are:

  • Cloud security support
  • Extra protection for data control
  • Distant or remote access to your device
  • Improved productivity applications and features
  • Facility to connect with a corporate or school network

If the above-mentioned features are on your list, Windows 10 pro might be the perfect choice for you. For small businesses or companies, it has enhanced security protection and device management.

Mentioned below are some appreciable features of the Pro edition of Windows 10:

Workable management

Windows 10 Pro is packed with all the features present in Windows 10 home, with some additional features too. With the pro version, you will be able to manage devices using on-site or online device management services present in Windows 10.

Also, you can manage the devices of your company over the internet or across the MS services with the Pro version.

To get a dedicated device such as a kiosk, there are options to lock specific applications to enhance the security and productivity of your shared device. Installing windows 10 pro will enable you to access your programs, files, and documents remotely. After setting it up, it will enable you to connect your devices using the remote desktop from another PC with windows 10.

Moreover, it allows you to utilize the cloud so that you can easily manage the user experiences. It also automatically upgrades your company devices from a version of Windows 10 to another.


If you have a desire to strengthen your built-in security to protect your business data, windows pro 10 will be exemplary.

You can, with the Pro version, put a stop to the unwanted access to the computer long before sign in while using a BitLocker or Bitlocker to go.

With Windows Hello, you will be able to sign in to Windows, office, or other various Microsoft services without using a password. To protect the sensitive files of your business, you can allow only authorized users to access the data.

Conditions to Upgrade Windows

You will need to have the following features in your Windows to upgrade:

  • A processor of 1 gigahertz or faster than that
  • The hard disk space should be up to 20 gigabytes
  • In the case of 32 bit, 1 GB RAM, and in case of 64 bit, 2 GB RAM is needed
  • A video card with 800 x 600 screen resolution is required.
  • Internet access.

Comparison of Features at a glance

Gaming pc

To help you choose the right fit for your device, here is a list of product offerings to figure out which version of Windows 10 checks all of your boxes.

Things Common in both Windows versions

Why Gaming Laptops Are So Expensive

1- Windows Hello

Windows Hello is a secure, fast, and password-free way to unlock your devices, using facial recognition, PIN, or fingerprint.

2- Device encryption

Device encryption helps to protect the data by encrypting it. Once it is turned on, only authorized individuals can access your device and data.

3- Firewall and network protection

A firewall is a comprehensive, built-in security feature along with internet protections to protect it against viruses, ransomware, and malware.

4- Internet protection

To protect your device from dangerous apps, downloads, websites, and files, windows defender SmartScreen is present.

5- Secure Boot

The presence of a secure boot is beneficial to prevent malicious software applications from loading during the startup process.

6- Windows Defender Antivirus

Based on the power of the cloud, machine learning, wide optics, and behavior analysis, it protects your devices from newly emerging and sophisticated threats.

7- Digital pen and touch

It is used to make notes, draw, doodle, create or edit your favorite things. You can enhance your digital drawings.

8- Microsoft Edge

It uplifts the battery life and provides faster browsing for your Microsoft edge-containing devices.

9- Cortana 

Whatever action you wish to perform, ask Cortana to do it for you. Cortana is your digital assistant who can schedule a meeting or inform you about the weather conditions.

10- Battery saving mode

As clear from the name, battery saving mode is used to extend the battery life by restricting the background activity.

11- Mobile

It will help you to get quick access to your texts and photos present on your desktop or laptop, in the case of android. For iPhones, you can connect your phone to enjoy browsing and better application experiences.

12- Voice

You can save your time and typing by speaking to your computer. You can get reminders or play your favorite music by telling your device to do so.

It covers the built-in security, management features to use up less time, and productivity features to help you save your money and all the inconvenience.

Things Present in Windows 10 pro, but not in Windows 10 home.

best gaming desks to buy

1- BitLocker device encryption

In case you lose your device, or someone steals it, BitLocker and BitLocker To Go puts an entire lockdown and no one can access your system or data.

2- Windows Information Protection (WIP)

Windows Information Protection is useful as it prevents potential data leakage without interfering with the experience of employees. It also saves your enterprise apps and data against accidental data leaks. It helps to bring the employees back to work without needing changes to other apps.

3- Mobile device management

Mobile device management is a proxy of the traditional PC management process.

4- Group policy

By availing of group policy, you can manage your user accounts, groups and you can easily access your files whenever needed by paring Windows 10 pro with Windows server. It is on you to define security and other networking policies for your devices.

5- Enterprise state roaming with Azure

This feature is present to provide users with a better experience across Windows devices. This will save time to configure a new device every time. Enterprise state roaming comes along with an Azure AD premium and a security license.

6- Microsoft store for business

It is beneficial to manage, find or distribute applications to Windows 10 devices.

7- Dynamic provisioning

You can simply unbox your PC, turn it on and change it into a productive organization device, by utilizing Dynamic Provisioning.

8- Windows update for business

With the help of Windows updates for business, you can lessen the management costs and get complete control over the update deployments. You can effectively and efficiently get updates delivered and get access to the recent innovations from Microsoft.

9- Kiosk mode setup

You can configure a device in the kiosk with the help of a kiosk mode setup. It is done either locally or remotely on a device by bringing Mobile device management into use.

10- Support for active directory

To enable your IT staff to easily handle user accounts and PCs, and to get easier access to the files this feature is used. You have the choice to define the specific security and networking policies too.

11- Azure Active Directory

By simply using a single login across Windows 10 you can easily manage your passwords and accounts. The shared login or password is suitable for tablets and phones as well.

Final thoughts: Choose the version that suits your need

Best os for gaming

The successor of Windows 8.1, is this most recent version of the MS Windows Operating system. It is technically designed to run on desktop and laptop computers, as well as it runs equally well on tablets.

Taking a moment to think and defining your needs will help you to choose between Windows 10 home and pro version.

However, if we compare the pricing of both, windows 10 Home will cost you $139 while Windows 10 Pro will cost you $199.S

So, if you choose the Home version and later you realize that you needed the pro version, it will cost you $99. Making the right decision is crucial. Choose wisely!

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