Best Running Face Masks for Cold Weather

Best Running Face Masks for Cold Weather: In the summers running is more effective, or perhaps we have less of a problem while exerting our bodies. But in the winters there are a couple of things apart from being lazy that is bound to be a major hurdle between getting out of bed and getting your heart rate up.

Low body temperatures make for more effort to activate the muscles, in addition, the heavy breathing of cold air will not just tire you out sooner but might even result in increased built-up of lactose, thus causing cramps mid-workout.

To find a perfect solution to this among other problems like freezing ears and catching a cold while running in the winter, we have compiled a list of your favorite solution to winter sprints.

Top 10 Face Masks for Running in Cold Weather

Nobody wants to get sick in the process of running just because he/she loves to run and have a wish to be fit.

So what to do if you want to enjoy running in cold weather?

In this case, purchasing a nice face mask for you is the best choice as they come in a range of designs, shades, and shapes.

Here are some of the best face masks, perfect to give you a pleasant running experience.

Zerdocene Face Mask

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This one is a versatile hinged design and an ideal candidate for cold weather runners.

Its best is its flexibility, making it a perfect size for almost everyone.

(A common problem while buying online is getting a perfect size).

It fits in most sizes without feeling like it’s cutting off circulation to your brain.

It has a mesh vented section to ensure enough level of heat retention but with breathability.

And it comes in multiple camo options as well.

Every regular runner must keep this product as a part of their winter running gear.

Quick Specifications

  • Soft fleece-lining
  • Hinged design
  • Comfortable material
  • Breathable mesh vent design

Helmet-Liner Face Mask

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Most practical and the easiest face mask to take care of. This one is with a fiber content of 92% polyester and 8% spandex. You’re going to get a lot of life and a lot of wear out of this mask as it can double as a mask or as a hood. It can just be worn as a neck warmer while running until you need something over your ears and up over your head.

It is a very nice piece of equipment. This is one of the ones that you should just pick up and it’ll probably become your everyday face mask for running in cold weather.

Quick Specifications

  • 92% polyester
  • Flat-seam construction
  • Fast dry technology

Gator Clavagator

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This one is a complete fleece head and fleece neck face mask. It has a neoprene face and cheek. It contains a little bump out on the nose area that covers the bridge of the nose.

It’s made from neoprene that’s backed with fleece. It is really warm and a nice option for your running.  This mask contains a vented mouth hole so the heat that leaves your nose and leaves your mouth doesn’t get pushed back up into your safety glasses.

This is the only one that has a back Velcro.

Quick Specifications

  • Fleece Lined front
  • Nose and Mouth Vents
  • Stretchable Neoprene Fleece
  • Lightweight
  • Contour Fit

Tempest Multi-Tasker

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This is also a fleece face mask and it has a single hole but it is kind of indented for your nose and chin on the bottom.  It proves to be a very generous fitting face mask as it is soft and packable. You can easily fit it in your coat pocket if you don’t want to wear it at the start of your peaceful journey, for sure running.

It’s a lightweight face mask. It’s not the heaviest but because it is fleece and fleece is one of the best wicking materials when it comes to sweat or heat transfer.

This multi-tasker can cut the wind and dry really quickly. So consider all its specifications for your purchase and enjoy your running time.

Quick Specifications

  • Perforated breathing panel
  • Lycra Binding around face
  • Neo-fleece material

Novalava Face Mask

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The specification of this mask is what makes it the best choice. Its light and thin fabric offers more strength and warmth to you for a great running experience in cold weather.

It is made of a lightweight cloth to improve comfort and versatility. You must prefer this balaclava because it’s easy to wash, either with your machine or your hands.

Quick Specifications

  • Very Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Thin yet warm

Under Armour Cold-Gear Face Mask

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It’s yet another fantastic balaclava that you should give thought to running. It has been based on the unique technology to improve comfort and flexibility.

It suits all wearers with ease. The anti-odor technology is the best feature of this gear. With this technology, you won’t have to think about its smell, even without washing.

Additionally, the fabric is breathable; thanks to perforations around the mouth area and it also helps provide some of the best comforts you’ll find in a full face mask.

Quick Specifications

  • Thermo-conductive inner-coating
  • Form-fitting and breathable
  • Full facial Protection

Kooyu Gear Face Mask

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This mask provides great protection to your head, face, and ears while running. It is a proper shield that is extremely strong, durable, and lightweight to ensure your safety from cold wind.

Its hinged construction allows multi-functional features, wearing a balaclava or tube to the neck.

Never irritate your skin because of its elastic closure.

Quick Specifications

  • Comfortable specification
  • Windproof breathable
  • Quick drying

Self-Pro Face mask

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A basic and high-quality all-rounder, the Self Pro Windproof Balaclava is a top-quality commodity for both men and women. It is a windproof product that ensures to protect your face from all the roughness of cold wind.

It mostly gives you protection from all kinds of external weather especially during running in cold weather.

This is created with a longer neck that ensures excellent and perhaps unrivaled warmth retention and freezing cold climates.

Quick Specifications

  • Ultimate protection from wind
  • Longer neck for better warmth retention
  • One size fits most

Carhartt Face Mask

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It’s a basic widely-used single hole, knit face mask. It’s a hundred percent acrylic which means too much heat, these things going to melt, it’s going to shrink, and it’s going to recess back to a shape that will not return once it’s stretched out. The insulation properties in this face mask are actually very good.

You will find this mask quite warm. This is particular 40 grams of Thinsulate, so that’s a pretty good amount of Thinsulte to have in a face mask to make it exceptionally warm.

Quick Specifications

  • Stretchable rib-knit Fabric
  • 100% Acrylic
  • Thinsulate Flex

Nike-pro face mask

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This one is perfect to keep your face warm on a chilly day. Its users are impressed by its coziness.

Say goodbye to your hat and neck warmer because that’s what you should choose. Its fit design will keep you warm and dry, while it also provides a little bit of versatility being able to be converted into a neck gaiter at a moment’s notice.

Quick Specifications

  • Comfortable against the head
  • Therma fit design keeps you dry in cold weather
  • Convertible to neck gaiter

How To Pick The Right Face Mask For Yourself?

A lot of people seem to hurry to purchase their running accessories, without having the time to make wise choices. As a result, they complain about the gear that it didn’t fit them. The problem here is they didn’t take into account the necessary factors.

Thus you should always choose wisely while considering the following factors before purchasing your face mask.

  • Size:

Such items come in various sizes and you should choose them wisely. The size of your head and the type of face is a considerable factor.

Make sure you pick a balaclava that suits well without getting too close on you. Test that you pick one that suits your face shape/type well.

  • Material:

Considering the importance of material of anything before buying is always a sign of a wise one. Always check the material of the balaclava that you are going to purchase.

The material you choose will determine whether even the coldest days will keep you warm enough. It should also be comfortable enough to let you enjoy your run.

Fleece appears to be the most frequent alternative. The most popular was wool, in the early evolution of balaclavas but silk, cotton, and neoprene is also in use now-a-days.

  • Flexibility:

People might wonder how flexible the balaclava should be as it is already elastic.

You just have to choose the one that makes the fast turning of the head. Make sure that it has a good design to enhance the flexibility for that.

  • Breathability

To check the breathability of the face mask is an important factor to consider, as these masks are designed to cover the nose area, you’ll need to be sure to choose one that will allow you to breathe easily.

So, they can be breathable but it may disturb your normal breathing passage. Always choose carefully.

Commonly Asked Questions…

Why should you wear a mask in cold weather?

Have you ever wanted to go out but the wind is too cold and harsh that you ditch the thought?

Windburn is no joke! So to protect your largest organ, adopt a good regimen of cold weather skin care to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Never let the cold weather ruin your runs.

Only by having the right gear, you can be happy to experience your run and improve your performance as well.

What should be the size of the mask?

It should be according to the circumference of your head.

Size                              Head Circumference

S/M                                    50cm – 55cm

M/L                                    55cm – 65cm

What is the best mask for running in cold weather?

All the masks are designed and made with different materials according to the choice of people.

All are good in one way or another, so it is you who choose which ones fit you the most.

Are these mask comfortable or they suffocate you?

These masks are made to give possible comfort to its user. There are a lot of balaclavas that are lightweight and with windproof lining with a more elastic coating over the mouth. They are comfortable and easy to wear.

They are designed so that they allow you to breathe easily; especially all the fleece mask contains perforated mesh design to ensure free breathing of air current through the mask. If you still feel uneasy in any face mask during running, just change your gear

What makes the neoprene and a basic mask different?

Neoprene is more windproof than other ordinary fabrics used for masks. It has discrete breathing holes that make it easy to wear even for long duration.

Which face mask is best for an asthma patient?

Yes, the asthma patients can breathe and even run in cold weather. Specially designed latex-free, silk-lined fleece masks are available that are best for an asthma runner. It also helps to minimize the extreme stress cold weather and cool air may have on the cardiovascular system.

How to protect your face in cold weather?

Never let your passion give you any harm, no matter what, either it is your whole skin or just face. If you take good care of your face, just then you can continue running otherwise the results never allow you to run again in cold weather.

You can take care of your skin in cold weather by:

  • Wearing an appropriate mask

It is important to wear a mask because it keeps your face moist and serves as a great shield against the cold wind.

  • Enough moisturizing

In the cold months, moisturizer is your best friend and especially if you are a runner than protecting your face with a mask is not enough as your body still wants a full lotion rub down.

  • Dress suitably

To dress according to the weather is important for a runner because it will give you long-term enjoyment of your experience. The more you feel comfortable, the more you can get from your walk.

  • And avoid hot showers

It sounds good to take a hot shower after a cold run, but it can be harmful for your skin. You can take a shower with lukewarm water, but make sure to limit it less than fifteen minutes as doctors recommend so.

What is Balaclava?

A piece of fabric designed to protect the face as its mask is called a balaclava and is a headgear. Balaclava has been designed to cover the entire head, including the neck and three-quarters of your face or sometimes full-face except eyes.

It looks like a closely fitted, trimmed cap that covers the head and neck and upper portion of the shoulders.

Few mostly used ones:

  • Carhartt Face mask
  • Kooyu Gear
  • Nova-lava face mask
  • A helmet liner and many more.

What are some advantages of wearing a face mask?

Tends to hold your face warm:

Wearing face masks keeps you safe against the cold. The ambient cold will leak moisture out of your body straight away, but a mask will help insulate you from the wind. As long as you are running in cold and fast wind, the mask helps you avoid windburn.

Shield your skin:

Besides just ensuring that your face is warmed enough, the balaclava will also shield your skin from injury. The gear can protect your skin from scratches, sticks, or branches in the woods, or even from flying insects. The intense cold will make the skin stiff. So make sure you have a decent and protective balaclava for yourself while running in cold weather.

One of the most frequent victims of frostbite (while running) is the nose, the ears, and wearing a mask will help keep the delicate bit of skin and cartilage warm and protected.

Prevent cold stress:

In cold climates, the air is generally drained of humidity and moisture. Your body believes it’s colder than it might be, when your face is cold, and starts to take stress. So, you can minimize this stress by wearing the best-suited face mask for running in cold weather.

It is said that you should try to inhale your nose and exhale through your mouth while wearing a mask to keep you safe from the cold killing wind.

TIP: Always warm-up before every run. A Good Warm-up is super important before it helps to get you into a good run form.

Don’t bind yourself indoors just because it’s cold outside. Go get yourself the best face masks that will serve you the best according to your skin and weather demand.

Enjoy running

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