iRestore vs Revian Hair Helmet

iRestore vs Revian Hair Helmet: The desired amount of blood flow not reaching your scalp causes hair loss that can be caused due to a number of reasons including an unhealthy lifestyle and unfavorable genetics. If you are suffering from such a condition and are worried, you came to the right place because we are comparing two devices that have the potential to cure your hair loss (with the help of Low Light Laser Therapy)

Now we are going to be comparing iRestore with the Revian hair helmet, but there’s still a product we’d pick above these 2.

Kiierr – A Better Option

Kiierr Hair Cap

Thousands of men and women have grown thicker, fuller hair and gotten their confidence back in the process! You can check all the reviews by clicking the button below. Kiierr Laser Caps for hair loss are portable, powerful and hands-free specifically designed for ease of use. It’s our top pick.

The Irestores Pro variant comes with 282 medical graded lasers and LEDs that are installed equidistant from each other to provide your scalp maximum coverage possible.

Revain doesn’t tell you the number of LEDs and Lasers that they provide neither can you see them. This is because the Revian cap uses rather unique technology.

Both of these devices use Lasers but the difference is that iRestore uses Low Light Laser Therapy whereas Revian uses Modulated Light Therapy.

The difference between these two technologies is that with Modulated Light Therapy, optical spectroscopy is used in order to emit the lights from LEDs at a wider angle which then focuses on your whole scalp.

The 282 LEDs on the iRestore are quite big in number but it’s a fact that they do target fixed spots only whereas with the Revian you get uniform coverage on every part of your head.

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FDA Clearance:

iRestore is a rather older name in the industry and is both FDA cleared and approved. FDA cleared and approved devices are clinically proven to work and are gone through a number of trials and tests before they receive their FDA approvals.

FDA clearance also means that the medical product won’t have any adverse effect on your health if your medical condition is a bit different from a normal healthy person in any manner.

Revian on the other hand, not an FDA cleared device, this means that you won’t get a standard medical assurity with the Revian.

Battery Pack vs. Built-in Battery:

Revian comes with a preinstalled battery inside the cap. It can be charged through the Micro USB cable that comes with it.

The good thing about the built-in battery is that once it’s charged and is ready to use, you no longer need to deal with the hassles of taking care of a wire and the external battery pack.

With the iRestore, you won’t get anything like a built-in battery instead you’ll get a long wire and a battery pack.

This makes the Revian even more favorable while carrying it or taking it outside for a walk because of the built-in battery.


Revian and iRestore are both helmet shaped. Revian is made more of a mixture of silicon and leather type material whereas iRestore is mainly made of solid grade A quality plastic.

The plastic on iRestore makes it nonadjustable and no matter what the size of your head is, either you are male or female, you all get a standard sized helmet.

Revian comes with multiple headliners. You may choose the one that feels the most comfortable and then install it in the inner backside of the helmet.

The headliner when chosen correctly allows the cap to have a snug fit against your forehead.

Remember that the headliner in the inner front is not for fitting purposes and shouldn’t be removed, only the headliner at the back is meant to be replaced for fitting purposes.

There haven’t been any complains about the fitting on the iRestore though, it’s pretty decent but still you don’t get the choice to adjust it according to your own will as you get with the Revian.

Clinical Efficiency; Required Usage Time

The trails that Revian has gone through show that it grows hair at 21.3 hair per cm square which means that you’ll see noticeable difference after 16 weeks of constant usage. These figures are quite impressive as no other Laser Hair Growth brand claims there devices to be this much efficient.

iRestore after clinical trials of its devices claims that you’ll see visible changes after 24 weeks of usage and for even better results a full year of consistent usage is required.


The Revian Red delivers light at wavelengths between 620 nm to 660 nm whereas the iRestore gives you a range of 640-665 nm.

Lasers at such wavelengths are absorbed by the skin and penetrate only a few layers doing the job for your hair.

Revian App:

Revian also allows its users to benefit from the Revian app. In fact, the app controls the Revian cap while using it.

You’ll need to pair your Revian cap to your smartphone in order to use the cap properly. The pairing process can be easily done according to the instructions on the user manual.

Once you’ve paired it, you’ll see an option of treatment dial with the number of minutes written on it. As you press it, your treatment starts and ends automatically after 10 minutes.

The great thing about it is that the app automatically takes care of the time period. Irestore’s functioning doesn’t require any app but while using an iRestore, you’ll have to constantly look at your watch or you’ll need to setup an alarm. Revian just simply takes care of that through its app.

Another added benefit of the app is that with iRestore you need to look at the paperwork that comes with it in order to use it, with the Revian App , all the instructions and stuff is included in the app so that decreases a bit of the hassle too.

Revian’s charging Base:

In the box, you also get hard plastic made charging base. This base isn’t meant to charge the cap but instead acts a supporting and holding object while you charge your Revian cap.

Revian is cheaper than iRestore:

Revain costs you around quite less than the iRestore. However, iRestore comes in two variants. A professional one and an economical one called the iRestore essential that costs even less the Revian.

Are these devices worth spending this much money?

The answer is a simple Yes. Hair Transplants and PRPs that the alternate to the Laser Methods require several sessions and continuation of usage. Once you stop using the, you’ll notice your hair will start fall again.

You also go through hair loss once you stop using the Laser devices like Revian and iRestore but the good thing is that these devices are only a one time investment. Once you’ve purchased them, you’ve got nothing to lose.

In addition to that, they work even better if you use them after a hair transplant. Not only will they prevent your transplanted hair from falling but will allow them to grow fuller and thicker.

Both these devices are great devices to prevent your hair loss. Both of them work really well but iRestore slightly wins the battle due to its FDA clearances and clinical trials that guarantee you no harm despite your medical condition. If you are fine risking that, you might just go with Revian which is pretty decent too.

Do these Laser Devices have any side effects?

Laser hair growth devices like Revian and iRestore have zero side effects. They don’t use any artificial processed supplements just as your hair growth pills do.

All they do use LED lights to unlock your body’s hidden reserves of nitric oxides which then increases the blood flow and makes your hair grow back.

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