Ever felt like dating a Chinese Woman? Learn To Impress Them

Ever felt like dating a Chinese Woman? Learn To Impress Them: China being the most populous and developed country is still driven by a conservative, ethnic, and racial mindset. If you are an outlander and know nothing about Chinese culture, then this article is a must-read for you to impress your Asian crush.

But before approaching her you must know that Chinese girls hate casual dating because they are pressurized to marry early. Chinese girls are more likely to get married by the age of 30 because it is considered absurd to be alone after that.

‘Sheng nu’ or ‘leftover woman’ is a term created by their government and media to promote early marriages. State media portrays ‘leftover women’ as unwomanly and abnormal since they have failed to fulfill the traditional women’s role of becoming wives.  

Chinese culture is the most diverse and difficult culture to understand when it comes to dating. Like from casual dating and one-night stands to cultural weddings quickly by moving north or west to Beijing and Shanghai.

So, you must be very careful with your words, gestures, and dressing. And if you do not know any of this that is no big deal. We are going to teach you how to pull it off and impress your Asian counterpart.

Finding a Chinese Woman:

Finding a Chinese Woman

There are almost hundreds of online dating apps working throughout China. What you must do is just sign-up on Tantan or MOMO and start looking for a match with both beauty and brains.

Well, dating apps are not the only platform to find a date in China, you can also date your college fellows, colleagues at work, or even some dates are set up by friends or family.

It is a very common sight in cafes and restaurants of China that the youngsters are sitting together to attend matchmaking sessions.

One more practice is very common, you may have heard of marriage markets in China. That is true, parents attend these markets to advertise their adult sons and daughter to find a perfect match for them.

Now we are aware of all the ways to find a perfect match for you in Asian culture but how would you impress her? That is the question here.

So, let us focus on how to impress your Asian counterpart now, followings are the ways to leave a mark on her.

9 Rules to Impress a Chinese girl:

9 Rules to Impress a Chinese girl

Remember, the first impression is the last so you should be dressed properly.

If you guys are meeting at a food place you must get there 10 mins earlier so she does not have to wait for your lazy ass and when she comes, you must bring out a chair for her and wait for her to sit properly.

Now just go and tighten up on your seat.

Rule no. 1:

Chinese women portray men as leaders, conversation initiators, and decision-makers so what you have to do is start a nice and calm conversation by asking routine questions, obviously after greeting her.

Questions like what your hobbies are, how many members are there in her family, what does she do for a living, and what is her favorite color.

Do not bring out private questions like what your salary is, what is your age, and what is your financial status because it is a big turn-off for them.

Rule no. 2:

Politeness is the key to make your way into her heart. Chinese women love men who are expressive, honest, and respectful.

Western women get annoyed when they are praised for their beauty while Chinese girls love that. They instead of saying “come-on” starts blushing and loves it.

Rule no. 3:

As I mentioned earlier, Chinese girls want their men to make decisions for them. It lies in the eating etiquette that men should order food for them.

And if you are lucky and were able to crack what they love to eat then congratulations! You have impressed her.

Another eating etiquette is if you are ordering Chinese food then you must know how to use Chopsticks because as much as Chinese are developed, they are attached to their culture.

So, the second thing while eating should be using chopsticks but if you don’t know how to use them properly you better order western food for her.

Rule no. 4:

Chinese women love men with ambitions. Chinese have the biggest female employed population so you must know that they are the most ambitious girls in the world, and they love men with goals.

If you are thinking that only looks matter, then my friend you are wrong! Looks do matter, but for a Chinese girl bright future and expensive gifts are very important.

For example, if a Chinese girl has a choice between a guy offering her cheap lipstick and the other one offering Maybelline Lipstick; She will surely go for a Maybelline Lipstick.

Chinese women are attracted to expensive gifts and materialistic things. Buy her an expensive gift to change a ‘no’ to ‘yes’.

Rule no. 5:

Unlike Western women, Chinese women love their men paying bills. And if she is offering you to pay the bill, just consider it a polite gesture and say ‘no’ Instead of letting her pay the bill.

In Chinese culture, men are supposed to be protective and caring for their women. That is why letting her pay the bill is kind of conveying to her that you are not interested in her.

Rule no. 6:

She can also bring her parents or friends with her to meet you, or she may introduce you to her parents. If you guys have been on dates 2 3 times you should expect that she will introduce you to her parents.

Be polite, calm, and respectful to her parents whenever she introduces you to them. You must impress them because if they do not like you, she will stop dating you.

Rule no. 7:

Showing affection through texts and calls every day. I know it is considered invading personal space and it is considered annoying in Western culture but the Asian loves it.

They love showing affection through calls and texts now and then. So, you must be polite and calm about it and reply to her respectfully because they take it too seriously.

Rule no. 8:

No intimacy on the first date. Chinese girls are the way to protective and concerned about their virginity status. In Chinese culture, virginity is still the most crucial thing to this date.

No sex before marriage – another tradition protected by the Asians. If I Chinese girl ‘let her guards down’ for you that means the goal of your relationship is going to be the marriage.

But if you are dating a more westernized girl like one from Shanghai or Beijing then sex is not that big deal.

Rule no. 9:

If you guys are dating for like 2 3 months, then you should expect to meet her parents or grandparents. The Chinese culture has evolved to some extent, but they have not forgotten their values to this date.

If you have been able to impress her then she is most likely to talk to her parents about you. You will be amazed to read that unlike Western culture Chinese parents arrange dates for their daughters like an expensive restaurant or a famous café.

If you are going to meet her parents at their house there are some rules for it as well. Let us guide you for that:

  • First, be punctual; punctuality is considered a virtue in China.
  • Second, do not forget to buy a gift for them; Chinese people love gifts. Buy a nice perfume for her mom or a bottle of wine for her father.
  • Third, present the gift with both of your hands; it is considered respectful.
  • Four, let the elders sit first.
  • Five, eat properly so they may know that you have liked the food.
  • Six, do not tap your chopstick with bowls because it is considered rude.
  • Seven, when you have eaten just leave.

Perks of Being a Foreigner:

Chinese women love dating foreigners not because they are beautiful or they need a visa to get out of China but because they are more understanding, expressive and caring. Following are the reason why Chinese girls are more attracted to foreigners:

  • The main concern of an average Asian is to be financially stable and career-oriented and in doing so they often forget how to enjoy life. All they are concerned about is being rich and financially stable.

While Western men are more concerned about enjoying their life and living it to the full. So, the Chinese women find them more adventurous and exciting and choose them over their fellow citizens.

  • Chinese men hate premarital relationships, and they consider it a shame to marry a girl like that. Whereas Western men are more accepting than them. They consider it cool and accept their partner as it is.
  • Chinese men are brought up to be leaders or decision-makers for their women. So, they are less expected to hear their partner’s problems.

Whereas Western men always give space to make their own decisions. They offer a full amount of freedom to their wives whatever the matter is.

She is free to give an opinion and help her partner in making their decisions.

These are all rules while dating a Chinese girl and I know it may sound difficult to pull it off but it’s too easy. You just must understand their culture and act accordingly.

I hope these all rules help you in impressing her and your date goes well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the most famous online dating apps in China?

  • SOUL
  • MOMO
  • Tantan

What should you buy to impress a Chinese girl?

  • Buy a dress.
  • A Maybelline Lipstick
  • A necklace.

How many Valentines’ days are there in China?

Incredibly they have 6 Valentine’s days in China.

  • On 14th February
  • On 14th March
  • 20th May
  • 20th August
  • 15th Day in Lunar Year
  • 11 November

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