Benefits And Myths Of Listening To Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal Myths: Majority of people don’t like metal and if you are one of them you are missing out on a lot.

Majority of people don’t like metal and if you are one of them you are missing out on a lot.

Like all genres metal is a music genre too and it takes some time to learn, and when you learn it, your brain starts recognizing the patterns in that music and it’s no longer “just shouting” like many Bieberish people comment about it.

Metal music comes eventually to you.

One has to start with Rock, with something, like Linkin-park, then slowly go up to Hard rock like Guns and Roses and then to heavy metal like Pantera, and then you get and understand those extreme genres like death metal, (Swallow the Sun is my favorite one by the way).

Your list may vary of course because everyone has different choices when it comes to music.

And which is; if people who are just into pop or trance or whatever, start listening to death metal abruptly, will just hear the endless noise.

Anyways, let’s look into some myths and benefits of it:

3 Stupid Myths people think about metalheads:

I don’t know why people do this, but they ask me these things all the time like.

1- You love metal? Really? but you seem so nice.

OK, one thing is true that fans go crazy but by that is just their way of exhausting all the negative energy out. It helps release energy.

What do metal haters expect?

That just because one plays guitar and listens to metal means he should have long hair or black nail polish on or should wear filthy clothes and weird masks and face paints all the time and just start hitting and abusing everybody?

Metal doesn’t make you bad or good or anything.

Metal is just music.

2-Are you Anti-religious or Satanic?

There are many religions and many beliefs that people have. Everybody tries to preach them and want more people to become followers and I don’t want to get into “why they do that”.

The thing is, there are of course satanic bands and people listen to them, but that doesn’t make all the metal bands or metal heads satanic.

There are of course some metal bands that provoke Satanism, but they only have limited audience so this can never be concluded that all metalheads are satanic. So it’s just a myth.

In fact, I take it as an abuse if somebody asks me “Are you satanic?” It’s very dis-respectable to blame satanism on someone based on the music he/she listens to.

3-Turn that noise down a man:

At the start, it takes time to learn every genre of music, whether its pop or rock, trance or whatever.

People like pop more often only because they hear it everywhere on the TV on commercials, in dramas or whatever and metal is used way, way less. So they simply develop that genres sense and they can understand it.

Of course, they can not play a metal music in the background of a baby’s diapers commercial, that would just sound funny and insane.

Similarly, they can’t play “baby baby baby oooo….” on a HOT ROD commercial.

3 Awesome benefits of listening to metal

1-Makes Workouts better:

Crank up some of Pantera’s songs before you start working out or any other for that matter and see the magic happen.

You will get so psyched that you won’t believe it.

You would be able to lift more, and wouldn’t understand from where, all that energy is coming from, if that is, you are into bodybuilding or weightlifting.

Similarly, if we are talking cardio here then, walking and jogging will never give you that shape. If you want to burn up your fats or do HIIT, which is “High-Intensity Interval Training” and which requires an energy boost.

Heavy metal is just so manipulating, in a good way of course, that it just gets you keep going on.

Metal is simply awesome in this regard, it gives out this strong vibe which makes you wanna keep going, makes you want to push yourself to the limit.

Metal simply is motivational!

I myself can’t do a good workout if I forget my cell at home. I just can’t push myself to the limit then.

And sometimes, there comes a time when my workout Set gets synced with the best part of the song like,

2-Releasing Anger:

Metal makes you want to headbang and jump. It just takes the edge off, you know.

There are a lot of researchers based on it and all of those concluded that listening to metal music is a very good way of diverting one’s anger into a positive outcome.

Researchers Leah Sharman and Dr. Genevieve In published their research article in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience,

The findings indicate that extreme music did not make angry participants angrier; rather, it appeared to match their physiological arousal and resulted in an increase in positive emotions.

So listening to metal simply represent a healthy way of processing anger into something positive!

4-Acts as an anti-depressant.

A study by Shaleen L. Coss of the psychology department at Loyola University found that participants who listened to heavy-metal music with violent lyrics and music were less likely to feel depression afterward than those who listened to non-violent songs. (taken from here).

The research, published in academic journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, says that psychologists concluded that heavy metal actually takes an edge off of people, and makes them calm and somewhat satisfied.


Now you know the Heavy Metal Myths people made.

There is nothing more to say, Metal is simply awesome. Almost all metal songs would give you motivation. Write ‘motivational songs’ on google and see. 90% of those results would be of different metal songs because they are the most motivating ones.

When you listen to them, they give you an inner boost of power and motivation.

You just don’t want to sit around because they make you-you want to go up and do something. Even when you feel down, it lightens your mood up. It removes all your anger and keeps you calm. Oh, and it helps in getting over the breakup pretty quickly.

So guys Listen to metal, Not all of them are noise, start with rock maybe, you will get it.

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