Should You Apply For Multiple Jobs At A Single Company?

Getting captivated by the charm of multiple jobs all at the same time at the same company is something a lot of us folks go through.

Let’s just say that it is a lot more common than you think. However, it can prove to be a tricky situation to handle at times. Read on to find out what to do when you find yourself in a similar one, and how to tactfully deal with it.

The dream to find the perfect job.

Picture this: you are diligently trying to find a job, desperately waiting for one that can help you easily pay the bills while not being too arduous as well.

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One fine day, you are going through the newspaper looking through the section for job applications and you come across multiple jobs put forward by the same company (bonus points if the company was one that you had an eye on for quite a while now)  and that little bell inside your head goes ‘ting!’

Nothing, absolutely nothing, can be better than this, right?

You think to yourself, there is nothing that I have ever wanted more in my life. If I apply for all these posts, I will surely get one of those. How hard can it be?

You quickly get your resume out and while deciding to apply for the whole set of open positions, you prepare yourself and all the applications.

It is agreeable that if by chance, a single company is hiring for multiple positions, and you come across them, then you might be tempted to apply for all of those posts.

Some people do it, thinking that it will increase their chances of landing one of the gigs.

While some are extremely against it, being of the belief that such an act gives off a conflicted and muddleheaded image about the kind of person you are and what you actually want to do.

This can definitely ultimately end up being quite unfavorable in terms of you securing the position.

Is it bad if I apply for multiple positions at the same company?

Meaning of being a pushover

Some of you may consider that it is okay to send in your resume for more than one post at a company. I mean, yeah, what could possibly go wrong? You just want a job at your dream company, right? Is that too much to ask for?

There are more factors to consider when you are in the same picture than just going with what your heart wants and wishing to bag an ideal job at the ideal company.

Job applications are not something that works on the basis of favorites and inclinations.

And let me break it to you, in most cases, sending in numerous submissions will not help you in securing the bag.

It is not advisable for you to put yourself at the risk of ending up with a job that makes you despise waking up each morning to go to work;  without even thinking whether the job in question is ‘the one’ for you or not?

You need to ask yourself if you think that all of those jobs are suitable for the kind of person you are.

You need to know if you are determined enough to do whatever comes your way if you land a job that isn’t made for you. We all know that is not a piece of cake to do something that you do not feel pulled towards every single day.

You will be displaying a confused aura and an extreme lack of focus and understanding of what you want.

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This aspect fulfills all criteria of common sense because surely if you channel the fact that you are willing to go into a lot of different directions at the company at the same, even if you do not have the intentions to do so at all, then, by all means, the company will be put off by your lack of confidence and focus.

Or it can go the other way round and they will perceive that you are maybe a little too confident about your capabilities.

Plus it makes a lot of sense that no one can claim to be perfect at a certain thing (a job post in this case) and then at the same time also say that they are the perfect fit for the rest of the vacancies available as well.

Plus not to be offensive, but you will come off as really desperate and that really does the job of making the hirers at the company turn their backs at you.

You need to align your choices with your focus, your passion, and the willingness to secure ‘that’ one position at the company so not only you are able to show up as the best version of yourself for that work, but also make the company fall head over heels for your firm understanding of what you want to do.

Do not think that you will go unnoticed by the hirers.

And yes I mean that in a bad way.

What Exactly is the fear of being judged?

It is quite expected that the company you are reaching out to has one or a team of hirers who go through all the applications.

I think you know where this is going.

If the hirer(s) have to run their eyes over a single name over and over again, there is a great chance that it’ll subject them to some annoyance and they will give up all your applications to begin with because they will get the perception that you are yes, way too desperate and like I said already lack focus.

Employers do not want you to shove your multitude of applications in their faces and if they do not view you as overqualified, they will certainly think of you as annoying.

As simple as it gets, the employer and the hiring team looks down upon such applicants because they are actively searching for a clear-minded, impressively passionate candidate who does not leave any trails of confusion behind and proves that the company will not be able to get someone better than them.

With just one resume, guys.

However, if you send your applications to different departments of a big company, there may be a chance that each department has a separate set of managing hirers. Hence, in such a case, you may be able to get away with applying for multiple positions without it having any kind of effect on the ultimate result of getting one post.

Then again, whether or not a company has a different team of hirers for each sector or not cannot be determined while you are sending in your applications, so it is better to just avoid pulling such a stunt off. Just to be safe.

How can I improve the chances of me landing a job at the end?

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Understood, you are really in need of a job.

You are hardly able to pay the bills each month or do not have enough money left to save at the end.

Or whatever your case is that is compelling you to take such a step.

Nevertheless, still, try to think rationally because this might not get you one of the posts to begin with at the end.

Yes, you may think, if I send in multiple applications, it’ll increase my chances.

When it actually will not.

Instead what you can do is, follow the tips stated below and channel them onto a single resume. And that will increase your chance of being employed.

  • Modify your resume and cover letter according to one of the positions to which your qualifications fit into like a puzzle
  • Listen to the position that truly calls to you and go forward with that one
  • Reach out to the company for an informational interview
  • If you can, try to submit your resume by physically going in to hand it over. Puts a good impression.

Suppose, even with all the repercussions in mind, you still feel very pulled to the idea of applying for multiple jobs at the same company and decide to go for it, then these same steps (along with some more) can be followed to help you improve the chances of ending up with one job.

Try stating clearly that you have vigilantly applied for more than one post to give off a more transparent image of yourself.

Reach out to the hiring manager or someone of equal status and address that it is your belief that you are fit for more than a single post, hence you have given in multiple applications.

How to narrow your choices down?

If you cannot make the arduous decision of which path to take up, then you can refer to some easy tips that can help to pull you out of the pits of confusion.

The best tip to avoid any job mishaps will be to put all your qualifications in front of you and compare all of them with the position requirements.

See which ones of your qualifications fit perfectly with certain requirements of certain positions.

Then calculate if at least 80% of your qualifications do so.

If they do correspond with some positions, then you should go forward and apply for them.

If they do not, then you simply need to face the music and check those posts off of your lists.

It is what’s best for you because you need a job position where you can excel at your greatest.

And the respective company to needs an employee that is determined, passionate, and capable enough for their empty spots.

In the end, it comes down to passion.

What to do when you have had enough?

On a side note, no matter what kind of job opportunities you come across, you must always do something that you are truly passionate about.

Find your passion and direction in life.

Firstly, you should know that sending a job application to a company out of just the dire need of that job will be a lot different than a job application that is whipped up especially to cater to a position you are passionate about. The managing hirers will know when you put your heart out into an application, and also when you send in a routine, normal application.

And you don’t need me to tell you which one would they consider more, right?

The rule of quality over quantity is operable in this case too. If you put in a lot of effort on a single application in order to make it perfect and polish it in a way that the hirers find it hard to reject it, then your chances of landing the gig will dramatically increase.

But if you heartlessly write more than one, trying to make each one look perfect, then you will not be able to present one that is worth it.

To conclude, keep your head clear about what you actually want as a job, focus on an application for that job only, and save yourself from tons of embarrassment.

And of course, get that bag.