Top Car Accident Lawyers in Missouri

Top Car Accident Lawyers in Missouri: Living the fast life in today’s world; we are all constantly rushing to make sure we don’t miss a conference or get late for a friend’s party. Accidents; big or small, have unfortunately become a regular part of our lives. Hitting a pavement or scratching another car’s perfect acrylic coat are damages that we often overlook.

But what happens when damages include serious injuries, or worse; death, due to manufacturer’s defect or substance-impaired drivers? What happens when the damages are not covered by insurance and they can burn a hole in your pocket?

Missouri, being the 18th-most populous state of the United States of America, is no stranger to accidents with 21% of its traffic crash fatalities caused by substance-impaired drivers and the rest due to inattentive or aggressive driving, as well as Intersection collisions.

Such accidents in the state of Missouri call for lawyers renowned for their expertise in car accidents to help affected parties recover damages. With that said, it is also necessary to understand precisely what kind of accidents require a car accident or a personal injury lawyer.

While there are no restrictions as to which collisions deem it necessary to hire a lawyer, recruiting one is always a good idea. This is because legally pursuing the case in court through a trained lawyer can help recover x3 the amount that would’ve been received in case there were no lawyers involved.

Since going toe-to-toe against powerful authorities or companies without the professional help of someone that has legal expertise can have unfavorable consequences, lawyers are recruited by victims in the aftermath of the following accident ordeals:

  • Car wrecks which injure a person who then files a claim with his insurance company to be compensated fairly but the company takes advantage of the unrepresented victim and offer him a lowball settlement amount.
  • Fatal car accidents that result in the loss of life of a passenger.
  • DUI (Driving Under Influence) accidents. In 2017, more than 250 people lost their lives in Missouri after getting into such accidents.
  • RV and ATV crashes caused by manufacturer’s defect.
  • Accidents caused by Roadway Defects such as broken guardrails, ongoing constructions or faulty barriers.

In order to save your time and make sure all effected parties are brought to justice by some of the best attorneys that specialize in car wrecks, we have done a comprehensive research and compiled a list of lawyers and their law firms suited to appropriately handling such complications.

Here are the 9 law firms that hire the best car accident lawyers in Missouri and settle such matters on just lines and favorable terms of their clients.

Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys

Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri; Kansas City Accident Injury Attorney is one of the leading law firms that specialize in different kinds of motor vehicle accidents, such as drunk driving (DUI) accidents.

Their wide range of practice areas not only include car and other motor vehicle (truck and motorcycle) accidents, but they also deal with personal injury cases such as defective products and product liability, which is useful if the accident is caused by manufacturer’s defect.

In one of their cases, a 28-year-old mother of 2 was rear-ended in a low impact collision, was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome. She suffered from excruciating neck and left arm pain for more than a year before she sued the liable party through the reputable firm.

It was later medically proven that she was diagnosed with the chronic syndrome due to the accident and the exceptional accident lawyers of Missouri helped her receive a compensation 6 times more than the original settlement offer.

Brown and Crouppen Law Firm

Based in St. Louis and Kansas City, Brown and Crouppen law firm was established in 1979 and thus, has decades of experience in helping motorist accident victims. Over the years, the talented group of car accident lawyers has obtained millions of dollars in settlements for their clientele.

Known for their skill as well as generosity, they offer free initial consultation to clients and charge a proportionate fee based on the amount they claim for them. They do not charge any fee for their services if they do not succeed in recovering an amount.

The Brown and Crouppen Law Firm once helped a U.S postal service employee settle for $1.5 Million dollars when he was hit by a private mail truck. The victim alleged that the colliding truck was insufficiently equipped to prevent such crashes.

The prosecutors managed to prove the negligent actions of the defendant and therefore helped a fatally injured man settle for a much deserved hefty sum.

Some of their prominent personal injury and car accident lawyers include; founder Ron Brown, Ed Herman, Jim Cantalin and Jim Hopkins.

Page Law

Page Law is a firm of highly skilled personal injury and car wreck lawyers with offices in St. Louis, St. Peters and Illinois. With an excellent track record and stellar testimonials from clients, they promise to only charge a fee after winning the case and bringing justice.

The passionate legal team uses decades of its experience and makes it their mission to help victims recover a fair amount in settlement. Over the years, the car accident attorneys at Page Law have claimed over $20 million in settlements on behalf of its clients.

A few successful cases pursued by the law firm include a $6.5 million settlement for a truck accident victim, $1 million for a jeep accident victim and $2 million for a charter bus crash victim.

Page Law’s best car accident attorneys in Missouri include Brad Wilmoth and Andrew Drazen.

Missouri Injury Law Firm

Located in High Ridge, Missouri, the adept attorneys at Missouri Injury Law Firm specialize in traffic accident cases and use their expertise to recover compensation for victims. They extend unmatched consulting as well as litigation services and guide their clients through every step of the way.

The lawyers at the aforementioned law firm not only deal with major accidents and DUI cases, but also cases as minor as a speeding ticket. They offer unique insight due to their extensive insurance industry knowledge and cover accident cases for all motor vehicles.

Like some of the law firms mentioned above, the legal team at this one also provides a case evaluation free of cost. They also claim to only charge fee for services rendered on a contingency basis.

The Missouri Injury Law Firm has a large clientele spread throughout the state of Missouri and St. Louis region. That helps them be at the beck and call of their client at all times and assist them through this ordeal.

Krause and Kinsman Law Firm, Kansas

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Krause and Kinsman specialize in all sorts of car accidents. From rear-end accidents to collisions with an uninsured motorist- they have got it all covered.

Rear-end accidents are the most common type of accidents in Kansas city with 26,000 rear-end collisions that have resulted in 9,500 injuries and 41 fatalities.

As common as these accidents are, the legal team at Krause and Kinsman assures to rightfully compensate the victims of rear-end, or any other types of collisions. This is a verified fact, as it can be proven by the following vehicle rollover case:

The victim was passenger in a car that was hit by another vehicle as it jerked its steering across three traffic lanes in an attempt to get to the exit it had missed. As driver strongly swerved the car, it hit victim’s vehicle and it rolled over thrice.

As she was fatally injured, the lawyers at Krause and Kinsman went toe-to-toe in a legal battle against the at-fault party’s insurance company and settled for a compensation of $1.75 million while other lawyers promised a recovery of only $50,000.

Aaron Sachs and Associates, P.C.

Situated in Springfield, Aaron Sachs and Associates, P.C, has a clientele spread across the state of Missouri. With an experience of over 235 years, they provide remarkable legal services and excel in trials.

At this eminent law firm, the focus is on two kinds of car accidents- those involving underinsured motorists and uninsured motorists. This situation takes place when the responsible party cannot compensate for the damages due to inadequate or no insurance coverage.

Aaron Sachs and Associates provides services to people who have been involved in such accidents. Nonetheless, it is imperative that the effected party is covered by Underinsured Motorist coverage (UIM).

Some of the best car accident attorneys at this law firm in Missouri include Karima Gilbert and Joel A. Block.

The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C.

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, the lawyers at Hoffmann Law Firm cover all sorts of personal injury cases including car accidents. Established 20 years ago, they have an superb track record of successful negotiations and trials.

The attorneys here use their knowledge and expertise in the field to cover a wide range of auto mobile accidents while primarily focusing on injury claims arising from car accidents. Apart from this, they also litigate uninsured and underinsured drivers when involved in car wrecks.

The goal at this consummate firm is to recover compensation for all damages on behalf of the client including any psychological and emotional damage brought upon by the accident.

Name partner of the firm, Christopher Hoffman is one of the best car accident lawyers in Missouri with nearly two decades of experience in the field.

Deputy and Mizell, L.L.C, Camdenton, MO

With a very wide area of practice, the skilled lawyers at Deputy and Mizell, L.L.C, consult and litigate auto accidents and work on family as well as criminal defense cases.

With their offices situated in Lebanon, Camdenton and Tuscumbia, they cater to clients across the lake of Ozarks region and Missouri.

Being personal injury lawyers, they have a stellar legal team ready to render their services to anyone who has suffered an injury due to a car accident. The lawyers at Deputy and Mizell fight for their clients while adhering strongly to Midwest values of honesty and integrity.

The legal team consists of founder and manager Dan Mizell who has  experience with insurance firms and Cody Edwards who mainly focuses on DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) cases.

Burger Law L.L.C

A firm of qualified Personal Injury Lawyers situated in St Louis and Illinois, the attorneys Burger Law L.L.C are some of the best trial lawyers in the country. They have recovered more than $170 million for clients so far and promise to assist all their clients at all times necessary.

Their area of practice includes car accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall injuries and many more. They stand up against powerful insurance companies and large corporate defendants unwilling to fairly compensate for damages incurred.

One of their success stories is as follows:

Burger Law’s client (accident victim) was hit while driving on an intersection by a driver who ran a red light. As a result, victim sustained severe injuries to his head, knee, back and arm.

The vigorous litigators pursued this case and the at-fault party’s insurance company was made liable to pay $250,000 for the damages. This enabled car accident victim to focus on his recovery without worrying about its affordability.

The car accident lawyers at this prominent firm of Missouri include Gary Burger, Joan Burger and Tyler Thompson.

While hiring a lawyer for an accident may seem like a cumbersome task after already having gone through a traumatic experience, this decision can prove to be one of the best decisions ever taken since it can save thousands, if not hundreds of dollars.

Being a layman with a negative perspective of the legal system, afraid of getting caught up in court dates, motions and dismissals makes this decision a conundrum. Especially after already having gone through such a traumatic experience.

Nonetheless, it is important to understand that this decision can prove to be one of the most beneficial one since this comes with the possibility of saving thousands or even millions of dollars and relief from stress of having to pay for car accident damages.

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