Top 7 ESFJ Careers To Avoid

Top 7 ESFJ Careers To Avoid: Commonly referred to as The Providers, ESFJ’s are the caretakers. This personality type stands for extrovert, sensor, feeler, and judgemental.

People with this personality type are highly conscious of the feelings of others. Known to be readily available to help whenever someone needs it.

These people love to be famous and are most popular among their colleagues and therefore make about 12% of the total population chunk in the US.

Choosing a career for these social butterflies is a tough job. Along with being true extroverts, they are sensitive, emotional, and highly observant.

Their energy and strong vibrant personality traits are very precious so anything which drains them should completely be avoided.

This personality type has a relatively strong ability to compromise with conditions even unfavorable to their natural tendencies but compromising can kill the positivity these people are known for.

If you are someone diagnosed with this persona type you need to be very particular about the career path you are to choose.

To build a successful future, you must observe your capacities and stamina for jobs you can and cannot do.

See other personalities on Myers & Briggs Theory, if you are not sure who you actually are.

This article will tell you 7 main careers to definitely avoid. But before we get there let’s get an insight into how career choice can affect an ESFJ and vice versa.

Effect of ESFJ on a Career path:

What causes boredom

Careers demanding high organizational abilities are excellent for ESFJ’s. These people have exceptional organizing skills and so can have a very bright future in such jobs.

These people can do really well with roles and careers that demand leadership abilities. If assigned a task to order, compose, and manage a group of people,  they will never disappoint you.

A single desk job or a job that demands long monotonous hours without awarding the spotlight directly can be a big no for ESFJ’s.

Similarly, careers demanding long and tiring work hours or modes of thinking also reciprocate to the natural tendencies of an ESFJ.

Moreover, careers, where the core purpose is to help other fellow beings, are the priority of such people.

Effect of career on the personality of an ESFJ:

Effect of career on the personality of an ESFJ

Here, you must be thinking what difference do both these headings make?

Well, they make a big difference…

Not only can an ESFJ ruin a career path if it is not suited to his/her natural abilities but also will that wrong career destroy the sense of being in an ESFJ.

People with this personality type have a lot to offer in whatever job they do. They are habitual of putting their best efforts into the task assigned but are equally sensitive to the response they receive for their efforts.

They are known as social butterflies for their extrovert yet sensitive nature. Your response to an ESFJ can hurt them or excite them to an extreme.

Coming to terms with their own sensitivities can be very challenging for an ESFJ itself. They can hardly stand critique and negative feedback and that makes it even more important to choose the right career path.

The below-mentioned list of 7 ESFJ careers to avoid will give you an account of the careers that may drain the natural positivity and energy of an ESFJ leaving behind a very stressed and depressed person.

This type of personality needs to invest its robust and positive energies into the right place.

In this article, we have mentioned 7 careers which are a definite no for an ESFJ.

7 ESFJ Careers to Avoid:

Effect of INFJ personality on career paths

This list of careers contradicts with the natural abilities and enthusiasm of an ESFJ.

It is to be noted that ESFJ’s are quick learners and they might tend to adapt to any career they get in. but you should never get fooled by the competency an ESFJ shows in any of the below-mentioned careers.

As any career that leaves their natural abilities and strengths unused can prove to be slow poison for the cheerfulness and energy ESFJ’s are known for.

And even beyond this list, any job that demands a monotonous working behavior or technical and complicated machine work is not an ESFJ’s cup of tea.

Software Developing Jobs:

Posting the “wrong” thing

Though ESFJ’s have excellent interpersonal skills they struggle with their analytical ones.

They are not really fond of obeying orders or instructions.

unlike a software developer, who needs to follow what the client demands and you being an ESFJ would rather enjoy being in a controlling position and putting in your demands.

Moreover, even well-designed software is subjected to change and modifications so a software developer must be open to criticism and changing demands.

Which makes it another big No for an ESFJ cause they would never take orders for modifications in their projects.

ESFJ’s are usually creative but this creativity is more inclined towards fashion and colors and less towards computers and machines.

Or we can say that their creative abilities rely on others but innovation to create software is missing in an ESFJ making it a more unsuitable career.

Also, an understanding of computer languages and capabilities is essential for a software developer and that makes it all the more boring and tough for a fun-loving ESFJ.

This career is a 180 degree opposite to an ESFJ persona type.

Editor Jobs:

Editor Jobs

This can be a dream job for any introvert but to an extrovert, it can be a nightmare.

Moreover, while most ESFJ’s are excellent in sketching and drawing they can completely fail in writing and compiling which is the main job of an editor.

The job of an editor requires guiding and to a greater extent pointing out the errors in what the team of writers produces. This is again very opposite to who an ESFJ is.

An ESFJ will always be reluctant to critiquing the hard work of others considering he himself is very sensitive to being critiqued. This strong dislike of ESFJ’s towards conflict and criticism makes editing a tough career path.

He will always try to avoid an argument or a conflict with his writers which will definitely not comply with a good editor.

It is more of a monotonous job when compared with the basic interests of an ESFJ.

If you are an ESFJ and choose to become an editor, more chances are that you will have a stressed, and anxious lifestyle.

Economist Jobs:

Boring job

Being an economist means you have to use mathematical models, statistical techniques, software, and calculus and this is exactly where the problem begins for an ESFJ.

Maths is never attractive and appealing to you if you belong to this persona type, and maths is the basic pillar of the economy. So if you are not a maths person you can never be a good economist.

Observing and collecting data and then deriving logic-based conclusions is highly monotonous and boring for these personalities.

This career has very complex and abstract processes to work with and an ESFJ has near to zero tolerance for them, the reason being their quick hasty nature.

Jobs related to the economy involve deep reasoning and long thought processes behind them so are never ideal for a person who is an ESFJ.

One wrong step or formula and all that you concluded through analysis become garbage, this is how maths is and so is the economy. This makes the career very frustrating for any ESFJ.

Boring work schedules, continuous mathematical procedures, no room to create new innovative ideas, and please people around you is what makes it a definite no for the relevant personality type.

Computer Programming related Jobs:

Clerical job

Languages such as C++ and JAVA are the core base of computer programming.

This means an understanding of the above-mentioned languages and even more is compulsory.

Now for an ESFJ, anything related to computer and technology is never a definite yes but when it gets to this tedious and repetitive world of computer languages this career becomes a complete flop for an ESFJ.

As boring as it gets, a computer programmer needs to be a master in creating code libraries which adds to the tedious side of this career.

Essentially this is a table job and not many enjoy sitting on the chair in front of the screen for long hours this is where it adds in another no for this career concerning an ESFJ.

Programmers are much related to software developers when it comes to the nature and demands of work. Their work nature often overlaps and an ESFJ will not enjoy such a work environment.

Lastly, being a computer programmer demands an interest in researching, investigating, and understanding natural laws which again is certainly not an ESFJ kinda job.

Electrician Jobs:

Electricians or Technicians

Being an electrician means dealing with blueprints, technical diagrams, wirings, and their maintenance, transformers, and circuit breakers.

So, the demands of this career are entirely different from what an ESFJ might take interest in.

This career highly demands an interest in building things which is unlikely to be appreciated by any ESFJ.

When we speak of building interest we are talking about an interest in working with tools and machines also making and assembling more electrical and technical stuff all of which is least craved by an ESFJ.

Moreover, it is a single man or a freelance job which is never a forte of a person with an ESFJ personality.

Being an ESFJ is all about being energetic, social, vibrant, and warm-hearted individuals and there is nothing vibrant enough when you talk about being an electrician.

You can never enjoy working alone and striving for recognition all on your own if you are a diagnosed ESFJ instead your excellent interpersonal and leadership skills demand a place in the spotlight with heaps and loads of appreciation.

Chemist Jobs:

Chemist related jobs

Dealing with solutions, compounds, and reagents used in the laboratory, analyzing substances, and figuring their composition and properties and more such tasks are what a chemist is expected to do.

All of the above-mentioned stuff is completely out of your zone of interest if you are an ESFJ.

It is because this job involves heavy investigation and realistic demands, more hands-on-work, and less direct interaction with people, all of which is completely alien for you if you are a true ESFJ.

You need to have a detailed knowledge of mathematics including stats, algebra, and calculus cause all these complex techniques are used by chemists regularly.

And all of this is what you being an ESFJ would escape from. So it is not your cup of tea.

Conclusions derived by chemists require precision and accuracy there is no room for error and this critical thinking approach is never suitable for anyone who is an ESFJ.

This job will drain all your inter-personal skills and is highly unsuitable for extroverts who enjoy teamwork or interaction with other people.

A great deal of trial and error is required before finalizing a product and that certainly is frustrating for an ESFJ.

Mechanical Engineering Jobs:

Experience with working hard

ESFJ’s are completely unfit for mechanical and technical stuff neither is it their forte nor field of interest and that makes it a career to avoid for them.

The reason being that they are not inclined towards technology and mechanics, by default.

This job demands dealing with data, ideas related to working principles of machines, and hands-on-work with tools and machinery.

All of these tasks demand abilities that may not naturally exist in an ESFJ and have nothing to do with the type and nature of the natural inborn abilities and talents that he/she may have.

A mechanical engineer is never demanded to be a very cheerful, polite, or people-loving kind of person which are all the natural strengths of an ESFJ.

Maths is not a subject of choice for an ESFJ and Mechanical engineers need to be masters of trigonometry, calculus, and other advanced mathematical topics for the design and formulation of their work.

A mechanically creative mind is required for a mechanical engineer to excel and succeed in his field. But you can never expect an ESFJ to be technically smart.

From an ESFJ’s view, this career is boring, energy-draining, hectic, and lifeless.


Hopefully, this list of 7ESFJ careers to avoid has made it all clear about what to look for and what to avoid when choosing your career as an ESFJ.

Getting an idea of your personality type is very important to choose the right career path.

ESFJ’s are realistic and practical people who are very sensitive towards others and their feelings.

This makes them highly suitable for jobs related to helping others, leading, being the center of attention, and organizing things.

These people are ideal for career paths such as medical, education, business, etc.

They are very sensitive and require a work environment that meets their emotional needs and natural preferences only then can you hope for a valuable response from an ESFJ.

Otherwise, under unfavorable circumstances and when on the wrong career path they can prove to be complete disasters.

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