Revitalize Your Home Cleaning Process

Revitalize Your Home Cleaning Process: Whether you’re a neat freak or not a clean home is something everyone strives for. After all, what’s the point of having a home if you can’t keep it clean.

Most of the time, a lot of us let small tasks slide due to the lack of time or just because we’re not into it. However, that shouldn’t be the case; small tasks eventually lead to bigger problems.

Not only will those problems require more time to fix, but they will also be heavy on your wallet too. So, you should try and get to the tasks at hand in time before they turn into something worse.

A lot of people complain that they spend all their time doing small tasks around the house and that still isn’t enough. In that case, you aren’t going about it the right way.

Cleaning is always more fruitful when you do it the right way rather than going at it haphazardly. Remember you have to work smart rather than work hard.

While some people out there might not prioritize cleaning, know that it is an essential part of a healthy life. The place where you live holds great significance in how your overall health turns out.

A clean house will keep you away from many illnesses and will have a positive effect on your mental health. It is a great way to work through things that might be happening and helps you relieve stress too.

A decluttered and clean house is bound to help you declutter your mind as well.

If you’ve come across this post chances are that you’re looking for ways to improve your home maintenance process.

Well, look no further you’ve come to the right place. Here mentioned below are 7 things that will help improve the process and ensure that your home is the best place to be.

7 things that improve your home maintenance process:

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Well, before you get to the list, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that planning is essential to the whole process.

The goal is to not start just anywhere. Planning is the key here.

Granted that will be a lot of things to deal with in the beginning, make a list and prioritize certain areas.

Once you’ve determined the hot spots, you can then get started with the process of cleaning.

The first thing that you should do is make a list of indoor and outdoor areas that need maintenance. Once that is done, prioritize on the basis of how often a specific area is used.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is the essentials that you’ll need to go through the process. Whether it’s a broom, a brush, a vacuum, wipes, varnish, or mops make sure that you have everything you need before you get started. This will make sure you don’t lose your motivation halfway through the task because you can’t find a certain thing. Apart from your cleaning essentials make sure you have some cool headphones so you can enjoy the process.

Another way to go about things is to plan according to the severity of the task. For example, do the easy ones first and then move towards the more demanding ones.

You can clean out the trash cans, declutter, wash and vacuum, do the dusting, and then be done with it.

Choose Quality Products:

Know that if you want a clean house slacking on cleaning products isn’t the way to go. Granted that some cleaning products might be costly, know that they are a great investment into your house. While some people do go for home remedies trust me you do not want your home smelling like lemons and have sticky countertops.

Remember that you need to look at it from a long-term point of view. Using low-quality products will result in damage to your house and you wouldn’t like to deal with those expenses down the lane now would you? Saving a few bucks now might lead to spending twice as much later on.

While buying your cleaning products remember to read the instructions at the back and invest in products that are better suited to the surface in your house.

Rather than going down the cleaning aisle and picking anything you like, it is better to get an opinion from the professionals.

Read up on the products that are better suited to your home then invest with an open heart. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

If you want some name then Bissellshop offers good wet and dry cleaning options.

Consider your schedule:

Granted that cleaning is a chore, it shouldn’t be something that brings you down. If you spent countless hours on it and it still doesn’t seem to last for a long time chances are that you’re doing something wrong. While some tasks can be done once or twice a week, some require frequent retouches in order to stay the same.

For example, while you can take out the trash once or twice a week you can’t go through a whole week with only doing the dusting once. You should know that there is dust around us all the time and no matter how detailed you do your dusting if isn’t retouched 4-5 days a week it’s not going to last.

So, you need to understand that the frequency of how often a cleaning task should be performed varies from one task to another. The best thing to do is make a timetable while keeping your schedule in mind. In doing so you can do small tasks during busier days and others when you have ample time on your hands.

Understand your cleaning goals

Before you get frustrated because things aren’t turning out the way you wanted them to, ask yourself whether you need your home to be absolutely spotless, or are you just aiming for functionality?

We all have different goals when it comes to our home maintenance, and that’s not a bad thing. While some aim for perfection most of us don’t have the time to put in such effort.

Such people want their house to be presentable enough to invite friends over and organized enough that they can navigate around the house without tripping over stuff. Once you have honed in on your goals, you’ll know what tasks need to be revitalized, added, or removed from your regime. Knowing that can help you out a great deal and give you mental peace as well.

Know that not everyone out there may have the same goal and that’s okay, your house doesn’t need to be cleaned thoroughly on a daily or even a weekly basis. Do a thorough cleaning once each season and it will last a few months. Other than that just keep on tending to small problems that might arise from time to time and you’ll always have a clean place.

Get some outside help

Getting a cleaner might not be what you had in mind when you planned to change your cleaning processes, but perhaps this is the right plan forward for you.

If time does not permit a thorough clean or it is a painless process you are sick of doing – get some quotes and look at your options. Granted that it does require monetary investment but ask yourself, “why am I earning in the first place if I can’t make my life easier for myself?”

What you might spend in money you will gain in time and comfort.

It further benefits you as you won’t have to do a thorough maintenance every now and then. Furthermore, since most of us don’t know how to get into different nooks and crannies it is possible that we leave some important places due to oversight. This isn’t a problem that you’ll have to deal with if you hire a professional to do the job.

Make it entertaining

Ok, the cleaning itself is probably never going to be more entertaining than what it is now… but you can get some outside help.

When you clean, put on a podcast, playlist, or even the television so that you can switch into autopilot and absorb some media. Granted that it might not seem like much but trust me it is a great way to absorb information or give you some time to think about things you don’t get the time to. Once you make a habit of it you’ll look forward to the time that you spend while cleaning.

This might make cleaning time more attractive, and you can even segment the time to be one episode per room cleaned or something like that. It’s a great way to catch up on shows that you’ve been meaning to watch and haven’t got around to yet.

Introduce storage solutions

If cleaning feels like Groundhog Day, it might be a sign that you actually don’t have adequate systems in place that mitigate the mess.

Are you always picking up the same things? Introduce some storage containers, tubs or additional shelves so that you can house the bits and pieces that never seem to fit anywhere.

Know that adding new storage places to your home is surely going to cut your tasks in half. If you have time on your hand you can make it into a DIY project and go about it yourself. However, if you think that you neither have the time nor the skills; try hiring someone professional to do the job. They’ll be done in no time and you’ll have a better way of dealing with things.

Celebrate your efforts

Cleaning is no easy feat, regardless of how big your home is and how many you are cleaning up after.

This is why you need to do something celebratory after you’re done in order to reward your efforts.

You might also find that you are less likely to blow off your cleaning duties if there is a bowl of ice-cream, a Netflix binge, or pizza delivery waiting for you at the end of the slog.

Even if you feel like cleaning is a duty that should be done regardless, it doesn’t mean you can’t still pat yourself on the back.

Ending Note:

It’s always important to review what is and is not working so that you are not wasting your time on things that do not add value to your home. If you share this responsibility with someone else, be sure to have them involved in the review process.

Now that you have a list of things that can help revitalize the process what are you waiting for? All you need to do is take some time out and go through the steps, once you’re down you will be in a better position to make decisions for your cleaning regimen.

Remember that it is a slow and rewarding process, so don’t be frustrated if you aren’t seeing immediate results. If you do, it will help you in short-term satisfaction and you’ll see the benefit of the process in the long term too. As such maintenance can ensure that you get a higher value of your house if it is in pristine condition. So, stick to the list above and get started.

Now the goal is to not start just anywhere. Planning is the key here.

Get your tools right. Maybe you can afford to get some robot vacuum cleaners or some robot mops. Oh yes, they exist commercially.

Also, see the easy targets and consider going after them first. Don’t get overwhelmed with clutter. Make a checklist of chores and go after the easy stuff, for example, emptying the trash cans.

And make sure you get your music on with some cool headphones.

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