What To Do When You Miss Someone?

What To Do When You Miss Someone?: Nothing feels as disturbing as the end of a relationship you weren’t ready to let go of.

When a loved one leaves your life, whether it is ending a relationship, moving away or they are no longer living, it can be hard to deal with. Anger, disbelief, and feelings of desperation are some of the most common reactions experienced when you cannot stop missing someone dear to you. 

You may wonder what to do when you miss someone to help stop the ache and longing for them.

The feeling of missing them may never fade away completely, but you can take action to ease the pain. When you miss someone, you first need to realize that you must let that person go, and then focus on your own self in order to get hold of your life. Create a strategy for your life.

The time that you spend on your personal growth will help transform you into a better person and this experience is going to help you to see the brighter side of life and be a much happier person.

This article will give you some tips on what to do when you miss someone. 

Express your feelings of sadness and loneliness

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The first thing you should do when you miss someone is, embrace your feelings, and allow yourself to grieve.

Do Remember, this time will pass away. Invest in something that will help you see how far you have come. Like this Hugging Ring.

And tell yourself that it is okay to be sad for a while.

Instead of denying it, feel free to accept your feeling of loneliness and express.

Stuffing yourself up with the emotions is unfair to you. Everyone has their own way of expressing their sorrow.

  • If you feel like you need to cry, allow yourself to cry. Talk to the person or friend you trust instead of running away from your feelings and suffer. Expressing sadness eradicates the stress you feel.
  • If you are not comfortable in crying or sharing your feelings with someone, pour your heart out on a piece of paper.
  • Take a paper, a diary, or a journal you keep and write whatever you feel. 
  • Once you are done mourning them, be determined to getting back into the swing of your daily life.

When you can’t stop missing someone, the first thing you should be doing is to accept and address your feelings of sorrow instead of asking, what to do when you miss someone. Give yourself a certain time to grieve and then concentrate on getting hold of your life back. 

It is alright to be angry

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Losing a significant relationship can let you down and be disheartening. 

The thought of investing your time and emotions and putting in every effort you can to build a relationship on trust and then having your “safety net” jerked out from underneath you can eventually lead to anger and fury. 

Annoyance is natural when you miss someone but don’t let this reaction take hold of your social life or cause you to say stuff you’ll later regret. Feeling angry is not wrong but taking your rage out on others definitely is. 

Losing a valued relationship may make you feel deceived, abandoned, excluded, and other strong emotions such as rejection. Although these emotions might be difficult to handle, it is important that you don’t get stuck in your anger. 

If you find yourself having trouble letting go of your anger while missing someone who is no longer a part of your life, talking to a licensed therapist might help you. You need to realize that your anger must not cost you the other relationships you have in your life. 

Avoid staying at home all the time

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One of the biggest mistakes you will be doing when you miss someone is, locking yourself into the home.  

The worst way to deal with missing someone is choosing to cut yourself off from outdoor activities.

Do not move away from social life, be in touch with people around you. 

There are high chances that sitting at home all the time is going to make you miss that person even more.

Therefore it is important to get out. Here are some ways to keep yourself busy and help you avoid staying in all the time. 

  • Go to the gym. Resume your workout routine and if you don’t have one, plan on having one. Workout at the gym is not only going to give you time away from home, but it is also great for your physical fitness and maintain a healthy positive attitude. 

Moreover, there is a great chance that you develop new social interactions which are always great to help you move on. 

  • Go for grocery shopping. Make a list of the stuff you need at home and go shopping. It will keep you busy and help you keep your mind off the unnecessary stuff. 
  • Take your pet out for a walk. Spending quality time with your pet is a good way to keep yourself away from saddening thoughts of missing someone. In case, you don’t have a pet you can still go out for a walk and interact with neighbors around you. 

It is necessary to get out of home when you someone so that you’re not overwhelmed by the thoughts of missing them or not having them near you. So if you are missing someone sitting at home and wondering what to do, just get out of your home for a while.

Take a walk or a good drive to help you get away from this feeling. 

Connect with your friends

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While trying to figure out what to do when you miss someone, keep in mind that spending quality time with your friends is always a great approach to escape from the memory of someone else. Replacing that person is not possible, but your friends can help you heal and move forward. 

Give a call to your friends, pay a visit to them, or plan a hangout together.

Remember that friends are always a great means to help you fill the void created by someone’s absences.

Even if they cannot fill it completely, they can still help you feel it less. 

If you have friends who you have not been in touch with for a while, now is the time to call them and spend time with them. Spending quality time with your friends is a good way to help distract you. Here are certain ways you can spend time with your friends. 

  • Plan watching a movie with your friends
  • Call them and make plans for shopping together
  • Ask your friends if they would like to have dinner together. Cook for them or eat somewhere out
  • Ask for any other stuff you like doing together 

Sitting alone and missing someone isn’t going to help you at all. So reach out for your friends and let them help you get over the feelings of sorrow and emptiness. Spend quality time with them to overcome the feeling of missing someone. 

Distract yourself

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While missing someone, you may find yourself tempted to hole up in your room or overlook your responsibilities, getting on with your normal routine can help you get through this turmoil of emotions. Give yourself tasks to accomplish on a daily basis. Besides keeping you active, this will help you get on the track and resume your normal life. You can also distract yourself by trying something new. Here are a few suggestions to help you distract when can’t help yourself but miss someone.

  • Start looking for a new hobby or an already existing one which you couldn’t find time for earlier. 
  • Try to learn cooking or try a recipe you haven’t before. Cooking helps you a great deal to distract yourself from your thoughts and make you feel light.
  • If you are a reader, start reading a new book. Make a list of the writings you have been planning to read and start reading them without any further delay.
  • Make yourself a cup of good coffee or tea and grab your headphones. Music can play a huge role in elevating your mood. 

The last thing you would want to do while missing someone is to let yourself get dwelled by these thoughts therefore you must distract yourself in order to divert your attention from this feeling. Distracting yourself will help you overcome your sadness in little time. 

Start socializing

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Making new connections is always helpful in getting over older ones and to fill the space created by the absence of someone who meant a great deal to you.

When someone close to you leaves or you can’t have them back, try moving forward in life by always keeping the door open to new connections.

Make an effort to welcome new relationships in life and deepen the ones that are already existing.

Making new connections doesn’t necessarily mean that they should be developed overshadowing the ones you already have. You can always have new relationships and still cherish the old ones.

Try to build relationships with people who are positive towards you and are encouraging. If you are looking for ways to socialize and interact with new people, here is what you can do.

  • Join a new club, society or organization. You can also participate in a meet up in your area to interact with new people.
  • Try to develop deeper bonds with friends you already have. Ask them to hang out more often or starting some new activity with them such as Sunday brunch or Friday movie or game night.

So if you are wondering what you can do to stop missing someone, you need to be more social and be more welcoming towards the new beginnings. Only by being accepting towards new connections, you can overcome the void created by someone who is no longer available or isn’t available at the moment. 

 Try looking for your source of happiness within yourself

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When you can’t stop yourself feeling the absence of someone, ask yourself, “How much time do you actually spend by yourself?”

This is not about time you sat in front of your computer or watching some series on Netflix or scrolling down your social media app screen looking for a new story.

The time you spend by yourself means, doing the things you truly love to do.

It cannot be stressed enough, how important it is to have self-time. You must learn that your source of happiness and pleasure lies within yourself rather than someone else. Happiness doesn’t come from the other person. It lies in finding happiness within ourselves. 

No matter if it comes through ideas, experiences or passions. It comes from realizing our actual source of satisfaction and then sharing it with the ones we care about.

If you feel sad about missing someone, tell yourself that your happiness depends on your own self and not some other human being. People might fill the void we are reluctant to see within ourselves but that only makes us emotionally dependent.

Rather than being dependent, you must learn to be independent when it comes to your pleasure and happiness. 

Try to fill your day with content

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If you feel alone, you should not leave yourself a room for boredom and free time without content.

Such circumstances lead to a build-up of negative emotions and people tend to indulge in damaging and pessimistic thoughts, unnecessary questioning, critical self-evaluation, and a sense of loneliness. 

Exactly in these situations, people fall prey to hopelessness because they incredibly miss the person they still love. In such a case you need to fill your time as best as you can.

Design your day in a way you don’t find time to feel the emptiness inside you. Make a list of the chores you need to do in a day.

Include your daily chores, fun and socializing, and some activity that helps you reflect within yourself and make you find your source of pleasure. When you wake up in the morning it is needed that you know what you will do today until you go to sleep. Do not leave an empty space for dark thoughts and analysis of the past.

Do something to honor them

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If you are missing a loved one who is no longer alive, you can sustain a link with them by starting or supporting a charity event or scholarship in their name.

You can do something they loved to do to honor them and cherish the memories you had with them. You might participate in something or take part in an activity they would otherwise have loved to be a part of.

This is how you can keep them alive with you. 

You miss someone because you are loving and caring

Much emphasis is laid on the negative aspects of missing someone, but this is only because of the attached way of adoring someone that has become the human default. 

When you are truly missing someone, take a moment to be grateful for the fact you’re caring enough to be missing someone at all.

You miss them because you are not indifferent. You should be thankful that you have not grown into some insensitive being who doesn’t feel any emotions inside them. 

When you miss someone, it is a sentiment that is created from a sudden break of the habit.

You became habitual to the presence of some person and when they are no longer available you find it hard to accept the change. 

Remember that habits and routines are something that keeps changing. Those that are broken are compensated by the other new and quickly get forgotten.

The absence of some specific person might make you miss them badly at first but then you can always learn to move on by giving way to your emotions, be accepting towards new connections and relationships in life, and realizing that you are the only person responsible for your own happiness and missing someone is nothing but a state of emotional dependence. 

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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