Ways To Style Blue Blazer Outfits For Men

Although each individual’s fashion sense is unique to their personality, there are some articles of clothing that are just way too good to not be a staple in everyone’s closet. A classic example of this is a good old blue blazer found in the wardrobes of many men.

Often, if it’s not in a set with matching trousers or part of a school/ club uniform, it can be quite difficult to figure out how to style it. And since most people don’t have the time to piece together a blazer outfit in the mornings, it usually just sits on the hanger, neglected.

However, it’s your lucky day because we’ve got a whole ensemble of very stylish blue blazer outfits for all occasions. Whether you want to look professional or dress it down, just keep on reading to find out how you can make it a part of your weekly outfits!

A navy blue blazer outfit is the most commonly found blazer in the wardrobe of many. It is so versatile that depending on what it’s paired with, you can either look like you’re ready to conduct a meeting or going out to enjoy a nice cocktail with your friends.

Even though finding a blazer that fits you perfectly might be a little hard at first. But once you do, the options of styling it are truly endless! A perfectly fitted blue blazer not only makes you look smart and elegant but also sharpens up your personality.

Formal blue blazer outfits (Business wear)

The following outfits are perfect for business meetings, job interviews, classrooms- you name it. If there’s a professional setting and blue blazers are involved, by following these tips, you’ll be the sharpest-looking man in the room!

  1. Classic crisp white shirt and tie:

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This outfit is the one to go with when you’ve got a really important presentation to deliver in front of the entire office staff. You can never go wrong with a classic, buttoned-down, white collared cotton shirt underneath your blazer.

While the quality of your dress shirt doesn’t have to be top-notch, you need to be on the lookout for a few key qualities. These will work together to give you that neat and clean look that most businessmen are after.

Your shirt needs to have a sturdy enough collar and the shirt has to be a perfect fit. It doesn’t have to be skin tight but needs to be fit enough that there’s no extra fabric to be stuffed under your blazer. Lastly, make sure that it tucks well in your pants without poofing out or giving any extra volume, which again comes down to your fit.

If you’re going for a monochromatic look, pair the blazer with some navy dress pants. Otherwise, you may go for a khaki or grey color pant too.

Now shoes can be the make or break of an outfit. Just imagine the horror on everyone’s faces if you were to slip on some crocs with business wear!

For this outfit, we recommend some oxfords or derbies (make sure you polish these well) to pull the look together. Remember to match the color of your shoes to your belt for that professional look!

When it comes to accessories, a tie is a must-have for business wear. For a classy look, opt for a red or a burgundy tie along with a white pocket square. Remember to put on your cufflinks and slip on a good watch.

  1. Add some color!

Switch out the white-colored shirts for maybe some pinks and lighter blues.

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These colors are still subtle enough to go perfectly with a navy blazer for a professional look.

Remember that color cotrast is an important part of your overall look.

These subtle colors will be professional but will also spice up your outfit a little and make it stand out.

Pleated khaki trousers go perfect with these, along with a darker tie in shades of blue. Finish off this look with brown oxfords and a brown leather belt to match.

Semi-formal blue blazer outfits:

Semi-formal outfits are typically worn on occasions such as weddings, fine restaurants, or business dinners.

Here, you’re at liberty to play around with the colors and patterns of your shirt and trousers.

Put your own touch to it while maintaining that semi-professional look.

  1. Colors and chinos

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We’re bringing back the colored buttoned-down shirts for this one! While white is a preferred color for a formal occasion, semi-formal occasions such as weddings demand a little more personality and pop of color!

Try and play around with complementary colors like purple and grey, pink and blue, yellow and blue, etc.

Another subtle way to add some color is through checkered shirts which do give a more structured look but are equally good looking! Regardless of the shirt, you pick, just make sure that it has the qualities mentioned above.

When worn with fitted khaki-colored chinos or grey plaid trousers (in the case of solid-colored shirts), not only do they match well but also give a bit more of a casual yet smart look.

You always have the option of messing around with bolder colored ties, if you prefer white shirts. To travel further away from the business wear vibe, wear a fun bow tie instead. Or go for a completely tie free look.

Finish off with Loafers or Monk Strap shoes and matching belts.

(Makes sure you look at these shoes that look good with Khakis)

  1. Polo shirt

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On their own, polo shirts give off a ‘day in the golf field’ vibe.

However, a clean white polo shirt is great for semi-formal occasions when paired with khaki or grey checkered trousers.

Add appropriate shoes, and of course- a blazer and you are ready to stun the crowd.

For an effortlessly classy look, an important tip to keep in mind when wearing polo shirt, is to tuck the limp collar under the collar of your blazer.

  1. Sweater vests and waistcoats

While both of these give off a similar vibe, a sweater vest is usually used in the fall/ winter season along with a button-down shirt. On the contrary, waistcoats are used in formal occasions such as weddings. These add a little extra flair to the outfit.

As long as the sweater vest is not overly chunky, it gives a very flattering look under a blazer, with some grey trousers and a tie. For a more casual look, untuck your shirt but watch out for tails! Don’t forget to grab a muffler for when the weather gets colder.

Casual Navy Blue blazer outfits:

These outfits are perfect for casual occasions such as dates or parties. You want to look like you put in the effort but don’t want to show up in a full-on tuxedo either!

  1. T-shirt and jeans outfit

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The best way to dress down a formal item is with jeans. However, you can’t just throw on any jeans with a random shirt, put on a blazer, and call it a day. The color and the fit of these jeans needs to be just right.

So in the case of a navy blue blazer, avoid wearing jeans which are of the same shade as your blazer. It will most likely resemble to a suit. Instead, opt for lighter colored jeans topped with black or brown belt.

When it comes to the shirt, avoid crazy patterns and graphic tees. The blazer looks classiest when worn over a simple white, grey, or a striped t-shirt. The stripes always add a fun little element to your outfit.

It’s important to make sure that the shirt has a good fitting and is not baggy. You could tuck your shirt in or leave it out but we recommend tucking it in for a more polished look. If you’re wearing jeans, sneakers are a perfectly acceptable option. Or maybe just stick with plain brown loafers.

  1. Turtlenecks and Trousers

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Most men might shy away from turtlenecks but they are a great article of clothing for the fall/ winter season, especially with blazers.

When choosing what turtleneck to wear under your blazer, make sure it’s a thinner knit. Do not opt for a big chunky sweater. Why? Because that will make you look very bulky. Go for neutral and dark-colored turtle neck for a semi-formal look. But feel free to opt for bold fall colors like orange if the occasion is more casual.

You could pair your turtlenecks with grey corduroy trousers (roll up the hem) or turn to a good old pair of jeans. Just make sure to keep everything else neutral and muted if you are wearing a bold colored turtleneck.

The last thing you want is to be walking out of your place looking rather like a Christmas tree! A perfect shoe for this look would be the Chelsea boot.

  1. Shorts

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Shorts might seem like an odd thing to wear with blazers but bear with us on this one.

They used to be more of a country club- fashion statement outfit.

But they have now moved onto be a relatively popular trend in the summers, especially when worn with polo shirts.

The preferred colors with a dark blue blazer are usually white or khaki and since most of the focus is on the legs, you need to make sure you’re wearing the appropriate shoes for the occasion!

While sneakers might be the preferred option for those opting for comfort, tan-colored loafers and brogues are great footwear options too!

What type of blazer do I wear (according to the material, weather, etc)?

Blazers vary in materials, according to the seasons and occasions they are made for. However, some of the common ones include wool, flannel, cashmere, and linen. While we have classified how blazers should be worn in different settings (in terms of formality), let’s look at the type of blazer that’s perfect for each weather.

When it comes to fall/ winter blazers, woolen or tweed blazers are perfect for keeping you warm and stylish! If you are in a business setting then opt for a more structured looking blazer (with defined shoulder pads). Whether you choose single or double-breasted blazers, the look remains quite formal as long as you stick to the guidelines given above.

On the other hand, summer blazers require a thinner, more breathable material. After all, no one wants to be sweating under the hot sun and show up to a party with wet patches under their arms!

So opt for a linen or cotton blazer. In a casual setting, these should be unstructured (no shoulder pads) and easier to slip on and off as you please!

Can light blue blazers be styled with the same outfits as navy blue blazers?

For the most part, yes! A light blue blazer is not the traditional choice but it is easily just as versatile and wearable as a navy blue one.

While you can style it pretty much the same way, it does look best when paired with lighter colors like whites or grays instead of black or navy, etc. Here are some of the best ways to style a light blue blazer:

  • A lot of people rock the picnic table cloth look with a red checkered shirt under a light blue blazer. Paired with pants and shoes of choice according to the formality of the occasion, you can rock this outlook perfectly.
  • When it comes to pairing it with darker colors, opt for a double-breasted blazer, a neutral collared button-down shirt, and some navy blue or black chinos. Add black leather tassel loafers for an extra classy look! Make sure you’re matching in a darker tie and watch the whole look come together!
  • Another very popular trend that’s been seen a lot with light-colored blazers (monochromatic outfit and not) has been polka-dotted ties. With just enough patterns to catch someone’s attention, these ties pair well with most outfits.
  • A color that compliments light blue perfectly is pink. Whether it’s the shirt, the pants, or the tie, if worn with other neutral colors, you end up looking bright and fresh!

How do I take care of my blazer? (Storage, cleaning, etc)

A good quality blazer is not only versatile but is long-lasting too. Thus, you need to take care of it in all ways possible.

To ensure longevity and keeping your blazers as good as new, every blazer of yours deserves a bag of its own.

Also, get a wooden hanger (if it’s got shoulder pads) big enough to support the blazer. The usual wire hangers tend to bend under the weight over time, defeating their purpose of supporting the blazer in the first place.

At the end of the day, you do tend to collect a lot of dust, lint (maybe even cat hair?) on your blazer. So make sure you keep a lint roller around to remove the visible dirt off of it.

A steamer is a must-have if you want to keep your blazer free from crinkles. You don’t want to iron it each time, do you?

Feel free to mix and match these looks according to your preference and remember to dress with confidence!