How To Get A Scorpio Woman Back?

How To Get A Scorpio Woman Back?: Scorpio is a zodiac sign that is the composition of both “endings” and “new beginnings”. These terms are associated with Pluto, the planet that rules this zodiac. Hence, figuring out and dealing with a Scorpio women can be a bit jarring.

Among all the zodiac signs, Scorpios have a higher chance of giving out second chances, whether it is their practical life, or love life. This is based on the condition if the opposing party accepts their mistake and handles the situation that compliments her mood.

They demand honesty and hate being kept in the dark. Due to their enigmatic nature, she might get upset in a relationship on small things you might do unknowingly. Even though Scorpios tend to be secretive and reserved, they want you to be transparent with them so they can understand you better.

After a breakup, you have a higher chance of getting back with her is if you accept your mistake, be open about your feelings and show her that you are willing to understand her reasons and are sincere with your intentions, she will forgive you and will give the relationship another chance.

Following are some comprehensively structured out tips that you can work on. If you have pure intentions and truly love your Scorpio woman, hopefully you’ll be standing hand to hand in the future with the girl of your dreams.

1- Be deliberate in your actions

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Dealing with a Scorpio women requires a set of deeply thought-out, calculated moves. She might have the highest chances of accepting your apology but do remember that the moment you start slipping, she would turn away in a blink.

She wouldn’t want you crowding her space after you broke up, so it is wise to match her mood and keep a low profile for sometimes. Let her figure out her feelings. Being distant from you might make her miss you and she will be willing to come back.

Make sure you are always straightforward and honest with a Scorpio woman because she doesn’t fancy wasting her time listening to lies that will lead to nowhere. If she pick up a hint of you being vague and dismissive about the things that happened or the way you feel, it will trigger her annoyance.

Scorpio woman loves physical intimacy, so try to woo her back by conveying your feelings by simple but intimate gestures like holding her hand, without coming off as invasive. It works a lot better than listing out a bunch of apologies.

2- Be an open book

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Scorpios are known to be very secretive signs, expressing what they feel or know is not their forte. However, they wish to have a partner who ironically is very open with them. Hiding your feelings from her will only fuel the feelings of distrust in her heart.

She can develop feelings of jealousy if you keep things from her, thinking that maybe he isn’t as important in your life. Make sure you are outstanding in proving your love for her and be an open book for her read however and whenever she wants.

Scorpio women are very serious about their relationships and carry intense emotions within them regarding it. Tell her that you want a deep connection based on truth and transparency and she’ll look up to you more.

In simple words, to get your Scorpio women back, have an open eye-to-eye conversation with her, as it will not only remove misunderstanding but also reassure her about the feelings you have regarding your relationship.

3- Prove you are a man of action, not words

Trust can be a foreign feeling for Scorpios. They are not very flexible in letting people in and being confident enough to put their trust in someone needs effort from both sides.

As trust is one of the main building blocks of a relationship, the only way you can earn their trust is if your words correspond with your actions. So, let your actions earn the real score.

You may promise her the moon and stars but if do something that contradicts what you said, she will have no choice but to withdraw herself from you. Weak promises and not being firm on one’s words is one of her biggest pet peeves, so be aware of everything you say.

She will look for practical evidence if she is contemplating giving you a second chance.

4- Always be available to lend an ear

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She is not the one to let you go without saying what’s in her heart. She will expect you to understand how deeply you hurt and affected her well-being and she hopes you understand her more and accept your mistakes to make amends. So, when you have a chance to speak with her to take the necessary steps to make things better, be prepared for a full session of heated arguments assaulting your ears.

She is a vengeful woman who would leave no stone unturned to have what she wants and leave when she wishes to. So, if you have little or no patience to listen and understand her, she will not fancy you being around herself especially when you were the one who caused you two to fall apart.

5- Accept your mistakes

Accepting your mistake wholeheartedly is an ace move.

Stop making excuses and accept the fact that you were at fault that caused your breakup. You should be able to convince her that you genuinely take responsibility of the pain you have inflicted and are willing to make necessary changes to repent for your mistake.

Nothing that she is willing to invest her time in is limited to the surface level, so when she points out what could have possibly gone wrong, rest assured she has done her homework well. So, there is no space for bluffing around a Scorpio female.

6- Pay attention to her

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Scorpios might not show it but they love being the center of attention of a person they are together with. It makes them feel loved and erases their insecurities. Even after you breakup, show her that she still is a sight for your eyes without being clingy.

When you settle down for a discussion, make sure that you are completely attentive to what she is saying and doing. During a serious time like that, if she catches you being distracted or losing pace, she won’t react to it nicely. It will make her think that your relationship with her doesn’t carry the amount of importance she wants and she will step down.

Lack of attention will raise her guard again and she will stop convincing herself to give you a second chance. She won’t waste time on something that she thinks will be fruitless and will prevent herself from becoming a target of another heartbreak.

Thus, give her the impression that you are just as enthusiastic in repairing your bond with her. It will cause her to be more accepting around you and it will increase the chances of her coming back.

7- Keep yourself occupied in your life

Scorpios love mystery as they are very mysterious souls themselves. They love the chase and the thrill that comes along with it. The longer she carries a heap of unanswered questions with herself, the more interested she is in you until her thirst is quenched. You should appear busy in your life, consumed by your work and ambitions and she’ll be curious about where your life is heading at. Show her that despite the grief of breaking up with her, you are not letting it interfere with your goals.

The way she has built up guarded walls around herself makes her appear strong in front of others and she likes having people around who would boost her confidence and help her grow in every field of life. Seeing you in a good work ethic will make her attracted towards you and she would want to be by your side through the journey.

8- Reminisce the good times

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Make her remember all the good times you both spend together, all the memories you made. Encourage her to treasure all the happy moments you spent in each other’s company and make her understand that those moments are worth giving you another chance and coming back. Assure her that you’ll be able to relive those moments much better if she give your relationship another chance.

Take all the good memories to wipe out the effect of the unpleasant ones. If she really felt happiness with you, her heart would want it back. Just strengthen her desire by reminiscing the eventful past. Use nostalgia to win her heart back.

9- Be their ultimate support system

A Scorpio woman is ambitious. To create a permanent spot for you in their heart you need to show them your sincere and selfless support in their endeavors. Be there for them through their ups and downs and make them feel like they can always rely on you even if you aren’t in relationship you previously were. Show her that you still hold her in high regards despite the misfortune that affected your bond.  If they feel like you are in for the long run, they wouldn’t want to lose you and will forgive you.

10- Convince her that you’re meant to be

Scorpios are very deep thinkers and are fascinated by the various concepts in life. If you convince her by your actions and what you say that you both are meant to be and fate always works in your favor, you will be successful in putting her into a deep thought.

After much contemplation she will be more inclined to be with you as she believes that everything happens for a reason and you two are meant to be.

11- Don’t exert your dominance over her

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You would never want to make a mistake of exerting dominance over a Scorpio female. She likes to be in control of the situation and if you try to control her she will just grow to be annoyed. Let her live in her own head-space for a while so she can think clearly.

The decision she’ll make in a relaxed state of mind will be more in your favor.

12- Get rid of all misunderstandings

Scorpio woman normally have a lot to ask to gain clarity. Wipe out their worries by answering their questions. Once their mind is clear of all the clouded and vague misunderstandings, they will be able to think with a much clear mindset and it will result in a positive outcome with her deciding to give you another chance.


You would need to put in a lot of sincere effort to be in the good books of the Scorpio woman who you hurt. She might be the easiest sign to get back with if you do things the right way but the moment you start framing yourself as the victim and try to dominate the situation unjustly, you will lose her trust and make the situation worse.

Above mentioned tips will help you to woo your Scorpio ex-girlfriend back and once you are successful, be sure to keep her happy this time. You don’t want to lose the most magnetic and attractive of the zodiac signs.

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