How to Attract a Cancer Man Sexually?

How to Attract a Cancer Man Sexually?: Does your Cancer man seem to be lost and not so into you and you wish to find out what would keep him attracted to you in bed?

It doesn’t matter if you’re aiming at getting your hands on him or you simply want to revivify your off the track relationship with him , we have it all!

This is the perfect guide of how to keep his eyes glued to you and do what would make him adore you to the point that he could do nothing but beg to be with you .

So, let’s get started and find out what keeps a cancer man sexually attracted to his partner!

Cancer men are one the most romantic of the Zodiac Signs and they need a lady who would reciprocate with them at the same level.

Below are few tips and tricks that would definitely help you get his attention:

1 )  Be tender but passionate:

Be tender but passionate

Having said that doesn’t mean you’ve got to be overly emotional with him but you need to be the perfect combination of these traits.

To arouse him, just give him a gentle but passionate touch.

2 ) Be sentimental and dewy-eyed

Be sentimental and dewy-eyed

You likely know that Cancer men like to focus on all tiny details and keep as much in their memory as possible.

So , the next time you meet him make sure you do something that he is never going to forget and keeps reminiscing over and over again.

3 ) Be open-handed and giving

Be opne handed

Your cancer man surely loves to see the bountiful and mangnaomous side of yours.

Don’t forget to surprise him with gifts on and off .

4) Be courteous:

Couple happy kiss

Nothing puts off a cancer man as much as lack of courteousness and mannerism do!

Being himself highly appreciative of ethics and details he definitely wants to see his partner reciprocate with him at the same level.

5 ) Make sure to dress well:

Get your woman back

For a cancer man nothing seems to be attractive in tomboyish styles and trousers unlike many other zodiac signs.

On the contrary he loves too see you in lace laden lingerie , well-fitted silk dresses , and anything else as long as  it’s feminine and sexy!

Woohoo! Looks like you are on the right track ladies .

He is definitely coming for you !

6 )  Flirt With Him

What happens if a Scorpio woman is done with you?

This is one sign that loves to flirt. It’s all part of the romance, but it’s more than just being playful for Cancer.

Flirting allows them to test the water before diving straight in. And guess what! They can flirt naively without unveiling their emotions.

But you mustn’t make any mistakes if he finds you like a fuel to his fire you can have an erotic love session real soon.

7 ) Be doting and caring all the time


Cancer men are sentimental and subject to mood swings. As such, they can’t turn their emotions on and off as required. They need to feel warm and loved before sex.

Some Zodiac just want sex for sex sake. Such men use sex as a physical workout. They’re not bothered about your delight.

On the other hand, Cancer use sex as a way of connecting.

For them, sex is all about emotional connections and plunging profoundly into each other’s soul. They can’t possibly do that if they don’t feel cherished and treasured.

8 ) Make them feel desire:

Unforgiving woman

Try to put efforts to make him feel you want him so bad. And  there are plenty of things they love that you can do.

9 ) Take charge

Controlling woman

Cancer men never make the first move in love or sex because of their  terribly defensive nature towards their emotions.

However, they are most likely to  put themselves in a situation where it’s not difficult for you to make the initial gesture.

Cancer men love it when their partners take control in bed. It reinforces to them that they are loved.

Their confidence blooms once their partner has made the first move.

Don’t forget, Cancer men love women who are bold and decisive in real life. This doesn’t change just because you’ve stepped into the bedroom.

10 ) Be Tangible

Romantic Nicknames Guys Give You

Before Cancer opens up about the way he feels, he’ll show you physically.

Cancer men adore warm random cuddles on the sofa, walking hand in hand  through the garden, quick kisses when nobody’s looking.

And he’ll anticipate  you to be just as haptic as  him.

In fact, it’s one of the first ways he unveils his emotions, by touch.

Cancer men like all kinds of touch, from using massages , to cuddles , to hands and of course kisses.

11 ) Go unhurried:

Signs A Capricorn Man Likes You More Than A Friend?

Cancer men are slightly nervous and frisky  when it comes to appeal and exoticism, so don’t begin a rush.

If a Cancer is willing to  while away time with you,  rest assured  that he’s connected  and he wants to get to know more about you.

12 ) Be affectionate towards his family and kin:

Amusement Park Date

His family is crucial  to him, and he usually considers his friends as part of his family, so make sure you don’t ignore or insult either.

Getting to know his family and friends and having them like you can be one of the best ways to be welcomed warmly into his life.

13 ) Talk about your own family

Showing interest in getting to know your family

Since  romance is a family matter for a Cancer man, tell him about your family.

Talk to him about your childhood and recall pleasant family memories.

Also, let him know if you have dreams of a home and family of your own.

14 ) Talk About Your Career

Why you might need financial advice?

A Cancer guy needs to feel safe.

He is attracted to a woman who can take care of herself financially and has career plans for herself.

15 ) Don’t ferret around into his life

Drive-In Concert Dating

Cancers are secretive and will clam up if they sense you’re prying, so don’t ask too many personal questions, and don’t tell him anything that someone else said to you in confidence.

Get to know him through the flow of conversation.

Always show a genuine interest in what he says, and once you’ve gained his trust, he’ll open up.

16) Be empathetic towards him

Couple watching a movie

A cancer man requires a lot of understanding and he needs someone to attend to his needs, therefore, in case he opens up to you , you have to put aside your points and instead  listen to him.

Stop giving judgements  and don’t feel like you have to make it all better. Just be empathetic and connect with him on an emotional level.

17 ) Give some signs of dependency

Like already told cancer males like to take the traditional male role so you just ask him for help in little ways or you can ask him to give you guidance on something.

By doing this you are not only showing  him respect, also at the same time this  shows him that you trust him enough to show your vulnerable side to him.

18 ) Willing to pay your way:

Amazing date ideas

Money equals security to a guy with this sign, and he tends to be very cautious with his money.

He sees nothing wrong with a woman paying her way. Offer to split the check or pay for your ticket.

He  may decline, but he’ll find you more attractive because you offered. Along those same lines, he is likely to start questioning his future with you if he believes you’re careless with your money.

19 )  Ask him about his likes and dislike:

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Now, Cancer men are intuitive and use their instinct when it comes to sex and pleasuring their partners. But they don’t expect everyone to be like them.

Asking a Cancer man what he likes is a huge turn on for him. It makes him feel comfortable and at ease with you. He can open up to you, which is all he really wants to do.

And remember, he loves women who have a sense of conviction and believe in themselves. He finds these sorts of women incredibly sexy.

20 ) Avoid being overly dominant:

Guy flirting

Now, I know I just said you take charge in bed, but paradoxically Cancer men do love to dominate as well as be controlled. However, this is only once you’ve made the first move. I know, it’s complicated.

Once a Cancer man feels confident and safe enough with you he’ll start to open up himself. But only then will he allow his true feelings to surface.

As soon as he knows you are a safe romantic bet, he’ll want to explore every part of your body and start giving you the pleasure he knows he can.

21 ) Talk about babies:

Connect with her emotionally on Instagram

Most men would run a mile and be detached already  if you started talking about having babies just before a steamy love-making session; not Cancer. He’s all about building a family, setting down roots and starting his own legacy.

Knowing that you want to have children with him taps into his very soul. What connection is more beautiful than having a child together for a Cancer man? Well, it’s none !

That’s exactly the sort of commitment he’s been searching for. And it allows him to finally relax because he’s confident of your feelings towards him now

Just like there are two sides of a coin there are some do’s and don’ts with a cancer man whilst you are with him in bed.

So, what actually does a cancer man does not like in bed?

He doesn’t like a messy or not freshly cleaned bed, so he wants his partner to have the sense of self organizing. This definitely puts-off his desires for a better passionate intimacy.

Apart from this he doesn’t like being seen, instead he needs his private space. The idea of being seen scares him, so curtains must stay down. Intimacy is crucial for his connection and commitment so next time you plan on having a steamy and erotic encounter with a Cancer man make sure you put all the curtains down and close all the windows.

How to behave after making love with cancer?

Hiking date

Without a doubt , Cancer is a Water’s sign. Being as such , it implies to portray gentleness, sweet and maturity. For the man of the Fourth House , closeness and allurism are fundamental, and when he’s done with everything , he wants nothing more than to give and get fondles and strokes.

He cherishes the times when he is patted and skimmed by his partner just to let him know he is more than an ‘ in-bed ‘ fantasy.

Having said that, if a partner is okay with all these things she can definitely be his lifetime partner unless things start to turn out sore between the two of you.

Alas! Don’t forget that although nearly accurate and applicable in most circumstances Sun Signs and the attributes associated with these may vary in certain exceptions. And if you despite having tried all or most of these find no progress then definitely your man is one of the few exceptions!

But, don’t fret over anything, it is going to get bet once you learn to master the skills needed to control your Cancer hulk both in and out of bed.

Concluding it all, we would like to mention something which is known as the ‘Infatuation Instinct’.

Infatuation or put other ways ‘Hero Instinct’ is a  secret desire a man possess which urges him to be the caretaker,lover , protector and better half of his woman.

Hence,next time when you think of bringing him down over a certain matter during your heated argument . Beware my wonderful ladies you are bringing his Hero Instinct down too and that surely would cause damage to him and sometimes these damages could be irreparable!

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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