Kiierr vs Illumiflow Hair Growth Helmet

Laser caps for hair development are one of the most amazing hair development treatment strategies accessible for people experiencing going bald.

In any case, as you currently know, there are a wide range of hair products available to browse.

It is important that you do your research and know about the company and the hair product you will buy to assist with combatting your balding condition.

We know how much this condition can take a mental toll on you, thus we have compared two laser cap companies Kiierr vs illumiflow that can help you fight this conditon and make a decision.

Comparing illumiflow with Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap

Duration of therapyThirty minutes every other day.Thirty minutes every other day
Treatments19,000 treatment sessions20,000  treatment sessions
SizesTwo unique sizes, ordinary and XLSize that is the”one-size-fits-most”
Guarantees and warranties 7-month money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty. 6-month money-back guarantee and 5-year warranty.

Kiierr and illumiflow both use laser diodes, not Led’s which is beneficial for both products as laser diodes produce better results than LEDs.  they use 5mW laser, making them equal in overall power output and scalp coverage.  Together with this, both laser covers have customized sensor innovation(automatic shutoff)  to naturally wind down the cap. In this manner, you can keep the cap on, regardless of the action you’re occupied with – including dozing (it itself winds down when you rest). Laser caps for hair development use laser parts for clinical treatment and are needed to follow safety regulations managed by both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH). Both the laser caps are FDA approved, hence safe to use. The two companies utilize low level light treatment science for the best hair development treatment conceivable, thus similar in this aspect as well.

illumiflow cap inside the box
illumiflow cap inside the box

Though both the product are similar in many aspects there are considerable number of differences as well that we have listed out for you. Both have different available sizes, guarantees, warranties, prices etc. we have compared each aspect with the both companies and determined a winner in each case, which will help you find the perfect product for your hair. 

Warranty Comparison

Kiierr has a 7-month money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty. In order to use their 7-month money-back guarantee, you must have used the product for seven months and be able to provide photo proof (a before and after photo) showing that your device was not effective. You’ll also be charged a restocking fee if you are able to get a return approved.

illumiflow with box

illumiflow with box

Illumiflow offers a no questions asked 6-month money-back guarantee and 5-year warranty. As the name infers, you do not need to jump through any hoops to process a return and should you experience any manufacturing issues with your laser cap, you have three additional years to get support from illumiflow!

Size Comparison

Both the caps have different sizes, illumiflow provides only one size that is the”one-size-fits-most” laser hair cap. While Kiierr offers two unique sizes, ordinary and XL, for a more agreeable fit.

Differences in product

While the two companies offer a 148 and 272 laser diode laser cap. Kiierr offers other hair development enhancements to aid hair rebuilding. For example, DHT impeding cleanser, Biotin chewy candies, dermal remedial hair development cream, a laser cap conveying case and more.

Differences in Return Approaches

Kiierr offers customers a 14-day window to return their laser cap upon receiving it. Whatever the reason may be, you are allowed to return your cap within the first 14-days for a small restocking fee. illumiflow on the other hand allows no returns until the 6-month growth guarantee period is up.

Price Comparison

At base price Kiierr charges $595 for their 148 Pro and $845 for their 272 Premium model.

Illumiflow’s base prices come in at $849 and $1,149 for their 148 and 272 models, respectively. However, illumiflow is nearly always running a sale, with the average cost of their laser caps of the last year coming in at $549 and $799.

Moreover, illumiflow is one of only a handful of exceptional organizations to sell renovated units for the two models. With illumiflow; in any case, that is not generally the situation. The revamped units might have had a flawed part that required supplanting or were returned while never being opened. They then, at that point, take these profits and find the issue by hand prior to returning them through our assembling interaction to make them like new.

Usage Comparison                                                                    


Stage 1. Unload and connect the charger with the power pack.

Unload all parts of Kiierr Laser Cap framework. Connect the force pack with charger and attachment into any switch to charge completely. Charge it fully to gain the best results.

Stage 2. Place Laser Hair Cap into the ball cap.

Stage 3. Associate the USB to the Kiierr Laser Hair Cap module and power pack.

After your power pack is completely charged, connect the USB to the power pack and the Kiierr Laser Cap module you placed inside the ball cap.

Stage 4. Spot the Kiierr module on the head and press the on button to turn on (the gadget will squint when on, then, at that point, naturally turn off after 30 minutes).

Spot the Kiierr Laser Hair Cap on your head and press the force button. The blue battery marker light will glow, and Kiierr laser cap will begin working.


Attach one side of the battery pack into the divider, plug the opposite side into your laser cap, place the laser cap on your head, hit the power button, you’re ready to go.

They both are used in the same way, there are no major differences.   

How do they both work?


  • Stimulates Skin Tissue- lasers radiate low light treatment to the skin’s tissues. Thus, blood stream flows to tissues to lessen inflammation and starts to circulate along the head. Stream circulation ships the fundamental oxygen and supplements to the follicles and cell recovers in the affected (diminishing) parts of the hair.

Cell Absorption and Protein Synthesis-The light energy enters the skin, the debilitated cells on the scalp assimilate the light. This revives the scalp and takes into consideration new hair to develop.

•Recreates Hair Follicle Cells-When the hair follicle cells are recovered, the hair is “resurrected” from the dormant (telogen) phase of the hair development cycle into the healthy growth (anagen) stage.


  • In the first three months, this device, by Using specific wavelengths of Illum flow laser, painlessly penetrates your scalp skin and boosts the growth of dormant follicle cells.
  • In the next four to six months, laser treatment promotes new hair growth, strengthens the existing hairs, and deepens their roots.
  • In 9 months to onwards, new hairs continue to grow while the existing ones thicken.
  • Laser 272 diodes slow down the hair losing hormone efficiency; however, it increases growth protein activity KERATIN.
  • Also, increase blood flow for the delivery of more oxygen to the follicle cells.
  • The illumiflow 272 Laser Cap is equipped with 272 laser beams that cover your entire scalp. Visually, the product looks like a normal cap and weighs only 0.58 lbs.

Therapy Duration

Ilumniflow laser hair caps have a treatment time of atleast 30 minutes( shouldnot exceed 60 minute), every other day.

These laser caps have 30 minutes treatment time. It is not recommended to use mores than 30-minutes per day. Treatment is taken with a gap of one day. Scalp needs a day of rest to respond efficiently to the therapy.