3 Ways of J.K Rowling That Can Make Anyone Successful

JK Rowling once said:

There comes an expiry date on blaming your parents for steering you in the wrong direction. The moment you are old enough to take the wheel, responsibility lies within you.

She said it right and she took the steering wheel of her life in her hand, to face rejection, failure and then success. There is not a single person on this Earth who is not familiar with Harry Potter.

The Harry Potter series has been so successful that it has earned $400 million dollars in context of book sales. But obviously, as amazing and successful as it might sound, it wasn’t a straight road for JK Rowling.

The road was steep, with several ups and downs…no doubt that the journey was extremely hard for this implausible writer.

Her life, which was filled with grief, failed and disturbing relationships and great unemployment, only became her power to become the best writer ever.

Her failures and rejections became her inspiration to achieve what she actually desired from her life and that was to become a writer.

By every unusual standard, I was the biggest failure I knew – JK Rowling.

As weird as it might sound now, her historical life was nothing like the posh and luxurious one she spends now. And maybe that is how legends are born.

They carved out of the hardships to create something extraordinary out of themselves.

They are the self-made people who know how harsh life can be but they still decide to get up and make it all work out for them.

What inspired me about JK Rowling?

JK Rowling is one of those lucky authors (or maybe the only author, I really don’t know about it yet), whose book series has been translated into 73 different languages.

Now that is a great achievement, isn’t it? And let’s just not forget the point that Harry Potter series has sold of millions and millions of copies and you might see a Harry Potter fan, still burying their nose in that incredible book, before they go to sleep.

So what is it that inspires me or can be a great key of motivation or inspiration for all of us?

Let’s throw some spotlight on her inspirational traits, shall we?

1. You are Responsible for your own Life:

Well, the first quotation at the top of the page might have given you a hint of this, right? JK Rowling believed in this immensely and maybe that is why she became what she is today.

Our parents are certainly our support system. They are more like the backbone of their child (or plural you know). We depend on them for everything. Like, the first step we take, we look back at our mother to see whether she is there to catch us when we fall or not. We are always in need of their guidance whenever a trouble comes embracing us with open arms. They are like a lighthouse in the dark sea.

However, this also gives us the leverage to blame them for anything that goes wrong in our life. But the thing is that there does come a certain age in our life when we are totally responsible for whatever happens. We are responsible for steering the wheel of our future o the right career path and stop blaming our parents for it.

2. Materialistic Belongings won’t Provide you Happiness:

The gorgeous writer said it right though:

“Personal happiness lies in knowing that life is not a checklist of achievements or acquisitions. Your qualifications don’t sum up your life.”

This is a pro-tip to be honest. if you run your eyes around you, you will see people who have everything in the name of comfort, yet they aren’t happy. The joy doesn’t come from within their soul.

Materialistic belongings or joy, won’t last forever. What last forever is personal happiness that comes from within you, on knowing what you want from life and believing in yourself!

3. When you Have Nothing to Lose, You are Finally Set Free:

JK Rowling had failed relationships and a lot of other hardships. But the amazing part is that when you think you are done with life; the feeling of not being afraid to lose anything more comes kicking in along. You actually are left with nothing more to lose.

The fears that you ran away from are done and dealt with and you are finally all set to conquer whatever you wish to. So sometimes, when you have nothing to lose, that becomes your ore strength.


It is impossible to live a life without failing at anything. But it might be for some people, who live so cautiously that you actually have lived nothing at all. In this case, you actually fail in all.

Failure does drag us down but at the same time, it gives us an internal push to stand up again and fight for what we want. The joy of living is in taking risks and doing what you fear the most.

Sometimes, losing people and emotions on the way to life actually make you stronger. ‘They built you as a different person who is not much fearful of losing anything along the road anymore.

Success can be hard to get…but once you get there, looking back is nothing less than a delight and proud moment.