Top 7 ESTP Careers to Avoid

Top 7 ESTP Careers to Avoid: Well known for their athleticism, mechanical skills, and ability to negotiate their physical surroundings these Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, and perceiving people make up 4% of the general population.

They are commonly referred to as The Dynamo for their thrill-seeking behavior and dynamic energy.

They have high observing and adapting abilities and can thus responsibly fit in their environment.

Their physical aptitude and daring nature can make them win situations that other people may never dare.

So, it is very important to save these intellectual beings from making wrong career choices in order to receive maximum output from these logical and highly coordinated personalities.

Here we have particularly targeted the careers that an ESTP should avoid.

But before that, a brief intro of the natural tendencies and weaknesses of an ESTP might help you know why certain careers may not comply well with them.

Natural Energies of an ESTP and how they affect their career choice:

ESTP - The Entrepreneur Personality Traits

The unique thing about this personality type is its originality. ESTP’s are known for their originality and adventurous nature.

They really enjoy working in a profession that offers them new challenges to conquer on daily basis. These challenges must be physically demanding as that is what an ESTP craves.

Pushing orthodox boundaries, creating and exploring new ideas, and pursuing their passion will never be frightening or fearful for an ESTP.

Facing fresh challenges as they arise is what ESTP’s are known for. Their hardworking and dedicated nature makes them enjoy seeking new opportunities.

They can easily excel in career paths that offer them the opportunity to take a hands-on approach to problems and quickly deal with them.

Being practical thinkers they quickly draw facts to take immediate action in any situation. So professions demanding immediate solutions and actions are well-suited for them.

They are very perceptive as they will observe the minute details that others may miss. They are naturally blessed with powerful charisma and strong leadership skills thus are born to lead.

ESTP Weaknesses:

Personality aspects of an ESTP

A lot has been said about the positive aspects of ESTP’s but in order to shortlist the careers to avoid it is important to dig into the weaknesses, these individuals may have.

Only then can one reach the reason for why certain careers may not fit this persona type.

Or why this persona type may not suit some career paths.

Their tendency to push boundaries and risk-seeking behavior can sometimes result in landing the whole team into trouble.

They can go beyond the line that others may consider unsafe.

Structure or repetition and confinement to follow certain directions strictly can make them rebellious or defiant to follow.

They can easily hit back on even the authoritative figures when they feel that they are being lectured or dictated.

Moreover, their constant and never-ending hunger for excitement and adventure can make them lose interest in a task quickly.

They are poor at empathizing with those around them and this is because of their highly logistic and extra practical nature.

These individuals are not good at planning their future although are very good at dealing with the present. This can make their future life difficult.

ESTP Careers to Avoid:

Now that we have clear insights about what are the strengths, weaknesses, and natural tendencies of an ESTP it gets very easy to pinpoint the careers they should avoid.

Here we have a list of the top 7 careers that an ESTP should definitely ignore.


psychologist Jobs

A psychologist has to be sensitive and emotionally understanding towards others only then can he help people who visit him for their emotional or mental health issues.

But on the other hand, an ESTP can sometimes get very rude and insensitive to what other people feel or think.

This is because of their realistic and practical approach to certain life aspects.

This is the first reason why an ESTP should avoid getting into this career path.

Secondly, like most other careers on our list, this career also hinders the adventurous and energy loving approach of an ESTP.

Thus if an ESTP gets into this career path he/she will face serious troubles as he might not meet the emotional demands of this profession and the profession might also not help their natural tendencies.

As a true ESTP, you can easily feel how tired and monotonous will you feel if you are made to listen to a list of patients who suffer emotional disturbances.

This is certainly out of your comfort zone and is a highly demanding profession. You should never opt for such a career if you have a personality type that struggles to understand the emotional needs of people.

Your blunt and direct approach makes you the least suitable persona type for this career.



Although ESTP’s can be very religious-minded and passionate about their school of thought and beliefs, still being a clergyman is not suitable at all for them.

The first reason why this career is unsuitable to an ESTP is still the reason that they have a very blunt and direct approach and this makes them appear cold, rude, and insensitive.

These traits are certainly unsuitable for a clergyman.

And any profession that demands a person to be good at explaining concepts, reading other people’s emotions, and being nice to even those who are not equally nice in return can be very tough for an ESTP.

This shows that the desired personality of a clergyman and the natural personality of an ESTP run antiparallel.

Moreover, the role of a clergyman lacks all the excitement and adventure that marks the individuality of an ESTP.

Hence this career path will drain an ESTP of all the valuable energies that define an ESTP.


Clerical and Accounting job

As boring as it gets accountancy cannot meet the adventurous standards of an ESTP persona type, either.

Accountancy demands lots and lots of time and if you don’t fit into this career type you should definitely not invest your precious time into this.

This profession is all about doing repetitive tasks every day, sitting behind a computer screen, dealing with numbers and digits, working long hours with spreadsheets, data charts, and more paperwork.

Does that appeal to you?

Well if you are an ESTP then certainly not. Because this is such a hectic and introverted kinda profession.

All these tasks can never appeal to an ESTP.

And what is worst is that an ESTP’s natural tendencies of leadership, adventure, logical researches, and high-quality communication skills will all be left untouched in this career path.

So as per our research not only is accountancy unsuitable as a career choice for an ESTP but also an ESTP is very unsuitable for this career.

As an ESTP can never meet the hectic and strictly structured work demands of this profession.

All this makes Accountancy a big no for ESTP career choice.

Academics Jobs:

Academics Jobs

Although ESTP has great intellectual capabilities which can mistake you into thinking that they can excel as an Academic.

But there are good reasons why this career is on our list of ESTP careers to avoid.

First of all, an academic setting may be too rigid for an ESTP, in fact, it will be rigid for anyone who prefers working with a more hands-on approach to tasks.

Academics have strict rules and duties to follow which can make it tiresome for an ESTP to work on.

Secondly, this job role offers no excitement, energy, or adventure which are the prime work demands of an ESTP.

Not only will this career path be boring and uninteresting to an ESTP but also will it put an ESTP into frustration and depression.

Therefore it should be avoided.

Moreover, ESTP’s are logical and practical thinkers. Whereas, an Academic needs to dwell on abstract concepts for long periods of time.

This again is an energy-draining and un-interesting approach for an ESTP.

Long-Distance Driver:

Long-Distance Driver

This may appeal to you as it is all about driving but do keep in mind this is not some adventure sort of long drive.

If you think so, you are terribly mistaken.

Being a long-distance driver is all about traveling long distances sitting in a driver’s cabin. They usually are alone and have no one to talk with.

They have to follow directions set out by GPS in order to reach their destination and have a strictly monitored time schedule which leaves no margin for creating adventures or spending time in other such activities.

Even if an ESTP chooses to serve in this role he won’t be able to continue this career path for long as this career path highly contradicts the natural tendencies of an ESTP.

Just to have a better idea about what this job would feel like, imagine yourself stuck in a small cabin, alone, with no one to talk to and not much to even think about, strict time deadlines to meet, and a regular route to follow via GPS.

How would you feel?

Terrible. Exactly and that is a one-word description of what this job is for you.

Librarian Jobs:


You must be familiar with the calm quiet environment of a library. A librarian needs to be as quiet and calm as the library itself.

Does that appeal to you?

Well, obviously a true ESTP will hate such a job where he cannot even speak freely and has to ask others to keep quiet as well.

Being highly extrovert this job will seriously affect your energy.

Introversion is one basic demand for being a good librarian and that is certainly not digestible to an ESTP.

This marks the first red flag to this career path.

Next is that not only will it throw you into isolation from the rest of the world but would also put a full stop to your adventure-seeking abilities.

I mean how adventurous can you be under a roof full of books and encyclopedias. So, this can get very monotonous and tiring for you.

Being surrounded by books and quietness can make you feel emotionally low and depressed as you thrive to seek attention and energy from people and adventures which is quite opposite to what a librarian gets.

Hence keeping this job and an ESTP in mind we can say with 100% surety that they both don’t comply well.

Writer jobs:

Editor Jobs

Like we have mentioned earlier, ESTP’s crave thrilling and adventurous activities. They are naturally designed to take risks and use their physical aptitude in adventurous stuff.

Anything as boring and least adventurous as being a writer will never curb their lust for adventure.

Not just that but writing is kind of an introverted career path. A writer is often found behind the laptop screen with a mug of coffee, isolated from the rest of the world.

Very unlike an ESTP who would thrive for interaction with people and would anytime prefer a walk or a little chitchat over writing long paragraphs for hours behind a computer screen.

Another major reason for this career not being suitable for an ESTP is that a writer has to work on strict deadlines. But an ESTP will never enjoy working on strict time schedules.

Thus writing is a monotonous, boring, and least adventurous kinda career path for an ESTP.

With that, we end our list for ESTP careers to avoid.

Careers to Opt for:

Now that we know what to look for in a career before making it our profession. It is better to get a brief dig into the careers that go hand in hand with an ESTP persona.

Like we have mentioned earlier, ESTP is best suited for careers that utilize their adventurous and risk-seeking abilities. Any career that curbs an ESTP’s crave for activity is the perfect career choice.

Moreover, jobs that offer independence and freedom to work as per one’s choice are preferred by an ESTP rather than those that demand working on set schedules and procedures.

Also, ESTP’s are creative individuals and will always prefer creating and dealing with something tangible and logical instead of something that is abstract.

Luckily we have a couple of professions that offer all of what ESTP desires.

So ESTP’s may opt to become entrepreneurs, business development officers, actors, detectives, police officers, army officers,  airline pilots, and firefighters, etc.


Now that you have gone through all that is needed to choose the right career path for you, the choice is yours.

A thorough read through this article will help you know what your basic strengths and weaknesses are. But choosing a profession demands far more than that.

You may not be exactly the same as a general ESTP is. There is a chance that you may have a bit of different interest than any other ESTP.

So, first of all, you need to know your likes and dislikes. These may be different from others of your persona type.

Knowing them will help you get a clear grip of what you want to be. Once you have a clear insight of who you are as an individual only then will you choose the best career for your specific persona.

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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