Nissan’s Slogan- “Innovation That Excites”

Nissan’s Slogan- “Innovation That Excites”: Whether you’re a car fanatic or just someone who’s been looking for a new car, I’m sure you’ve come across the name Nissan.

This is because Nissan is a Japanese automobile company that has been on the frontlines of innovative car production since 1999.

Since 2012, Nissan has been making use of the slogan, “Innovation that excites” to promote its brand and prove its creativity when it comes to putting out exciting new vehicles in the market. With comfortable designs and cutting edge features, Nissan continues to be the favorite and the most comfortable car of choice for many families.

Nissan provides its customers with a wide range of automobiles from pickup trucks to sports cars to SUVs such as Maximas, Altimas, Xterra, and Sporty Nissan 370Z.

Additionally, Nissan is a very environmentally conscious company that actively tries to ensure that each model they put out is more environmentally friendly and technologically advanced than the one before.

A perfect example of this is how they try to decrease their CO2 emissions in the air by replacing fossil fuel consumption with alternatives such as lithium batteries.

Pretty cool, right?

However, that is a very brief introduction about Nissan, and if you’re interested in learning more about how Nissan stays true to its slogan concerning its products and features then keep on reading!

Nissan Company Background

Nissan Company Background

Nissan is a Japanese automobile company that has been based in Yokohama, Japan since 1999 and is currently run by Makoto Uchida.

However, since its launch, the company has opened business worldwide and is now one of the most popular, fast-selling car manufacturers in the world. Additionally, Nissan is also the largest all-electric vehicles producing company.

According to a report in 2013, Nissan is the 6th largest automobile producer in the world as it has manufactured and sold more than 5.2 million vehicles worldwide.

It currently has over 60 different car models of cars under Nissan, Infinito, and Datsun brands combined.

The range of their products includes trucks, SUVs, sports cars, regular and electric cars, which are sold both domestically and internationally.

Nissan’s Slogan- Innovation that excites

Innovation that excites

A catchy yet accurate slogan is the perfect depiction of what a company values most in its products and for Nissan, it’s “Innovation that excites”.

Since 1999, Nissan had been using the slogan, “Innovation for all”, however, in 2012; they changed it to “Innovation that excites”.

Although this change in their slogan might not seem like much, it does a great job of summing up the company’s initiative and intentions in just a few words.

If you’re wondering how Nissan demonstrates this exciting innovation through its products, luckily for you, I’ve done a fair bit of research and I’m here with the answers!

So let’s dive right into what makes Nissan a great user-friendly company to shop from!

Cutting Edge Designs

Cutting Edge Designs

One of the most attractive things about Nissan is its unique designs. It’s almost impossible to spot a Nissan vehicle on the road without recognizing it.

Nissan cars are designed to be a perfect blend of comfort, security, durability, and ease of use.

The company mainly uses strong and lightweight materials such as aluminum and steel to make extremely durable cars with an aero- design exterior.

Examples of cars that are a testament to this include the Nissan Brentwood.

Along with that Nissan ensures that their cars are safe for their customers by including safety features such as traction control, stability control, front- side airbags, and rearview cameras.

For comfort and style, Nissan cars come with a soft-touch interior with wooden and copper accents along with upgraded seating.

Eco-Friendly cars

Nissan Juke - A Eco-Friendly cars

Nissan is a company that has put great importance towards not only taking care of its customers but also the environment, from its production and manufacturing process, all the way to the final products.

Nissan has released a couple of cars that are eco-friendly as they make use of solar or lithium powered electric batteries rather than fuel to run.

Not only does this preserve the depleting fossil fuels but it also reduces air pollution. An example of this is the Nissan Leaf.

Fuel Efficiency

Nissan Fuel Efficiency

However, along with that, Nissan has made their cars fuel economy efficient which means that the cars are consuming less fuel and ultimately releasing less CO2 into the atmosphere.

The fuel efficiency is demonstrated by how their cars achieve a mileage of 20 miles per gallon which allows you to travel further before having to think about refueling your tank.

An example of this is the Nissei Maru which uses solar power, an electronically controlled diesel engine, and a low- friction paint coating to save up to 1,400 tons of fuel each year.

Best products

Nissan GTR

I can talk about all of their good qualities and what makes this company so worthwhile all I want but I think it’s about time I back it up with some examples.

So here are a few examples of some of the best vehicles Nissan has very successfully put into the automobile market.

Nissan Leaf

The first car on this list that was the breakthrough of Nissan’s innovation is the Nissan Leaf because it was the first all-electric car to be produced.

This car in particular was not only a huge success for the company but also a huge hit amongst customers because despite being fully electrical, it’s driving experience was very close to a regular car.

This electrical car can run for a range of 151- 226 miles on battery before needing a recharge. A complete recharge of the Nissan Leaf takes about 7 hours to complete.

In addition to that, as its electrical, the car makes use of lithium batteries for fuel rather than fossil fuels which makes it environmentally friendly and decreases CO2 emissions.

Using an electric car does raise the concern of finding charging stations across towns when needed.

However, along with an at-home charging option, you can use the app Nissan LEAF EZ-Charge which will help you find all charging stations around you.

Nissan Navara

The Nissan Navara is a great example of a Nissan truck that has been a huge hit amongst consumers as it’s considered to be perfect for just about any occasion as it’s designed to withstand harsh conditions in the environment.

The Navara truck is built for a drive that should be as comfortable as any regular car would be. It comes with some additional intelligent mobility and safety features which make use of Nissan’s latest technologies that really sell it to its customers.

These features include the addition of four cameras on the truck which connect to the monitor and aid the drivers in keeping an eye on the road along with helping in the more challenging aspects of driving such as parallel parking.

Along with that, there’s an off-road monitor that checks the road for obstacles when the truck is on 4 wheel drive.

Despite being a truck, the Nissan Navara offers quite a comfortable ride because it has the ability to improve noise isolation and decrease vibrations.

For added comfort, there’s additional truck bed volume and a step has been installed in the rear bumper to allow for easier access to the truck bed.

To enhance the maneuvering of the steering rack at slow speeds and to increase the steering response across the speed range, a new steering rack has been adopted.

Nissan Rogue

The Nissan Rogue is an example of the SUV that is very easily available and much loved by all of the customers with multiple models having been released to date, each one hosting new features and technological advancement.

Overall, it’s a great catch for the price because not only is it affordable but it also tops it up with a very spacious interior, classy design and incredibly large cargo space for those family vacations and camping trips.

With a 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine, the mileage is about 33 highway miles per gallon. Other features of this SUV include a 7-inch touchscreen with smartphone compatibility and a driver assistance feature.

However, what sets it apart are the multiple advanced yet efficient safety features available in the SUV which include an automatic emergency braking system, a rearview camera, a lane departure warning, and a rear cross-traffic alert.

Even when compared to cars like Honda Cr-V, Rouge stands out because it provides a greater value for the price point.

Nissan GT-R

The Nissan GT- R is a sports car that is quite popular amongst consumers and has also become a very popular car in video games.

More commonly known as the Godzilla, the Nissan GTR came out in 2007 and has an incredible horsepower of 1000 and a 3.8-liter twin-turbo engine.

Aside from having an incredible acceleration and lavish leather interior, the GT-R is just as easy to drive down a regular road as it is down a track because it has an adjustable suspension.

Other features include a 6-speed dual-clutch which gives power to all four wheels for an all-wheel drive, quick steering, and an overall rigid structure.

Similar to the other Nissan cars, this car has a sound canceling feature which means that despite the roaring sound of the engine while driving, the ride is relatively quieter.

Along with that, it has a relatively easy to use information and entertainment system. Although this system isn’t top of the line with graphics and sound, it is easy to use and is accessed through an 8-inch touch screen.


For the most part, Nissan seems to have done a good job in bringing its slogan “Innovation that excites” to life.

However, with competition constantly growing in the market, companies need to be on their A-game at all times if they need to stay on top.

Although for the most part, Nissan has succeeded in this, according to customer reviews, a few of their products such as the Nissan Frontier truck have remained pretty much the same for the past few years.

One of the main issues being faced in this truck along with other vehicles such as the Sentra, Versa, and Altima is with the CVT along with a lack of technical updates.

Being as advanced and successful as the company is, it’s probably going to be easy to survey these issues, and trying to resolve them would not only save their customers a lot of money but also help in pushing Nissan way ahead of its competitors.

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