What Happens To The Brain When You Get Knocked Out?

What Happens To The Brain When You Get Knocked Out?: If you are a fan of boxing, you must have kept yourself updated with the latest news. Do you know what the fastest knockout in UFC history is? Well, on 6th July of 2019, Saturday Jorge Masvidal recorded the quickest knockout in the history, of UFC by delivering a flying knee to Ben Askren’s head. It just took five seconds for Jorge to knockout Ben and recorded the fastest KO by beating the previous record of 6 seconds made by Duane Ludwig.

If you want to know how to knock out someone, you can have a look at the match of Jorge Masvidal. In the match, Masvidal’s knee hit Askren’s temple and the fighter fell to the matt at the instant. Askren was unconscious on the mat, but before the ref could stop the match, Masvidal delivered two more punches to Askren.

What is a Knockout?

boxing 1

Knockout is a winning and a fight-ending criterion in boxing. It is a sudden loss of consciousness, which is traumatically caused by a physical blow by your opponent.

When one fighter during boxing match falls on the canvas and is unable to stand back on feet within some specified period of time, it is known as a knockout.

The primary signs of knockout are unconsciousness, exhaustion, disorientation and pain.

For instance, if a fighter is knocked down and becomes unable to continue the fight in the time period of 100 seconds, he is counted as been knocked out and the other fighter is declared a winner by awarding the KO victory.

So, every boxer must know how to knock out someone for an absolute victory.

Kinds of Knockouts

Boxing History - Timeline and Facts

Along with knowing how to knock someone out easily, you must also know the types of knockouts.

All the knockouts are nither the same nor equal.

There are three types of knockouts.

1.      Flash Knockout

Flash knockout, as the name indicates, is for just a short time.

It’s like a flash and it lasts less than three seconds and the person can even retain the memory of the bang that caused it.

2.      Typical Knockout

The unconsciousness caused by a typical knockout last for a longer time.

When the person comes back to consciousness after a while, he has no memory of the event that made him unconscious.

3.      Stunning Knockout

A stunning knockout is basically the same to a concussion in which the person doesn’t lose consciousness.

The impact leaves a person not able to hear, see or other senses might get damaged.

The person is stunned temporarily until the person shakes off the impact.

How to Knock Someone Out?

how to knockout someone

Knocking your opponent out is the easiest way to win the match. Everyone looks for a moment to get a KO win.

For this, you must know how to knock someone out in a fight. Knocking out doesn’t require a whole lot of power, but it needs technique.

If you place a proper punch to your opponent with adequate power that your opponent can’t handle, it will be enough to knock him out. There are some simple ways to knock someone out conveniently.

Work on the Accuracy

Use your heavy bag to work on your knocking out technique.

On the heavy bag put some marks which indicate chin and temple.

The height of these points should be the same as that of the chin and temple height of a person.

Now moving around the punching bag target on these points dead-on from different angles every time.

As the heavy bag moves wildly, it provides you a great chance to develop the accuracy as well as hand-eye coordination.

Polish the Technique

You need a perfect knocking out technique to win the match.

Practice the technique as much as you can and work on your accuracy.

You must know where to punch for a knockout.

Causing a violent turn of the head can help you in that.

To make a sharp turn of the head, you must hit the opponent on the temple or chin rather than the cheek.

The human neck is weak and it hardly prevents the twisting motion.

Take an example of the wheel. If you want to spin a wheel, where you will spin it, from the center or the edge? The answer is obvious the edge is much easier to spin the wheel.

The same principle applies to twist someone’s head.

Work on Core and Hip Flexibility

A stronger core, abs and oblique help you to twist your body with more force and it is also a vital element for pivot principle.

The more control you get over the pivot, the more power you can deliver to your opponent through punches.

To work on strengthening and flexibility of your core, you can practice specific exercises like side bends, crunches, hanging leg raises, roman twists, and oblique crunches that will make your core function efficiently.

Full control of your body and flexibility is critical to master the technique of knocking out.

Strength Building

Boxing is all about technique, but strength building is quite beneficial to score an absolute win.

More strength means more power. When it comes to boxing while strength training, make sure that you add certain bodyweight exercises in the strength training.

The primary purpose of strength training is to get total control over your body and to move the concerned muscles effectively.

Secrets to Develop a Knockout Punch

How to throw a liver punch

In sports like boxing possessing a knockout punch can be the reason for your victory.

Sometimes you can defeat the talent level and skill of the opponent just by delivering a powerful knockout punch.

So every boxer must know how to knock someone out without them knowing.

Being able to punch the opponent hard and having heavy hands naturally are the two great weapons in boxing.

If you have a big punch, it means that you are never out of the game.

Some people are born with natural heavy hands and they do not have to work much on it whereas some have to develop the punching power.

There are many ways to improve your punching power and practice as well as proper technique is the key.

1.      Shift Your Weight Accurately

The power for the punch is generated from the base of the fighter. If you want the power to transfer from the legs to your torso and then to the fist, you need a proper shifting of weight.

You can achieve this with smooth motion enabling power to travel from your base to the fist with the highest velocity and torque.

First of all, produce strength at your base by sitting down slightly before punching the opponent. Tuck your elbows and launch the punching arm towards your opponent.

At the same time, pivot your back foot towards the opponent and twist the torso inward as you punch with your rear hand.

It will flow all the energy from the base to your fist. This is an accurate method to shift weight.

2.      Keep Yourself Relaxed With Proper Footwork

Full control over the body and proper footwork play a vital role in boxing. If you are not able to land correctly, there will be no use of throwing a strong punch.

It is critical to keep yourself relaxed, loose and balanced on your feet, so that you can easily move in or out of danger during a fight.

If the boxer is stiff and tense, the opponent can easily guess the technique and see the punches coming.

It is crucial to know how to knock someone out without them knowing because it is said that the hardest knockout punches are those that the opponent doesn’t see.

The element of surprise is vital in boxing as it makes it difficult for the opponent to read your offense.

The proper footwork has great significance to keep the boxer alert and calm in the fight.

If you have mastered the footwork, you can smoothly switch between defense and offense with unpredictability.

3.      Keep Your Focus on the Technique

Maximum power is delivered if you have the correct posture and know how to knockout someone with one punch.

People tend to focus more on throwing hard punches when they don’t even know the correct way to punch someone. This is the most common mistake that leads to defeat. In order to ensure that maximum power is delivered, you need to throw the punches correctly and technically.

The impact your opponent feels comes from the power that is produced from the legs are is then transferred to the fist via torso.

Even if you follow the legends of the boxing world, you will see that they follow some incredible technique to throw punches.

When you understand that it is the technique that is base on a powerful punch, you will experience more power in your fists.

The practice is the only way to master a technique and become a pro at it. You will also need to repeat the technique for so many times that it becomes attached to your muscle memory.

4.      Don’t Forget Your Defense

If you are confident about your technique and know how to not get knocked out by your opponent, you will deliver the punch with more power. It is gained by remaining aware defensively even when you are throwing a punch to your opponent, you must keep the focus on your defense.

When you deliver a straight punch to your opponent, there are chances that you will get yourself punched straight too. To defend the counterpunch well, you must keep the off-hand up to guard your temple and the chin. With this defensive technique, a boxer can punch the other fighter without worrying about getting a counterpunch.

When the fighter has the defense in place, he can punch the opponent straight using full force and speed. Usually, people ignore the fact that defense is an integral part of a good offense and in fact, a vital part of victory too.

5.      Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes a man perfect, it is the most precise saying not only for boxing but also for other sports and games. All the great fighter in history have spent hours and days in practicing the game.

Constant daily practice is required to throw a devastating punch. Even the best fighters of the world practiced their technique every day, despite being on a high level of boxing. Practice keeps the fighters ready and sharp for the battle.

The more you practice the knockout punch, the more you become pro at it. The best tool that you use to practice your knockout is the heavy bag. You can also use a double-ended bag, correct bag and uppercut bag to boost your overall punching power.

Self-defense is the fundamental human right and also one of the basic techniques for boxing and every boxer must know how to not get knocked out.

Where to Hit to Knock Someone Out?

how does the liver shot feels like?

To get a KO win, you must know where to hit to knock someone out.

There are two areas to hit, Head and the Body.


If you are looking for the best place to punch someone for a knockout, then there are many easy targets in the head region.

Behind the Ear: The area behind the ear is quite vulnerable when it comes to knocking someone out and this part is closer to the back of your head where most of the vital nerves are present. These critical nerves control the organs of the body for the equilibrium of the body and certain functions of the brain too. The back of the head also has less protection as there is less bone density as compared to the front of the head. The area behind the ear is the best place to punch someone for a knockout.

Jaw: Jaw is one of the best points to hit for a KO win. The jaw is made from the fragile bones that are quite easy to damage and also a hit on this area causes your head to turn. You need to hit a big punch on the chin from a certain angle by which you will knockout the opponent and make him dizzy.

Temple: Temple is present in frontal on the head, it is a delicate and critical area for knocking someone out. It also has a lower bone density as compared to other parts of the skull. A strong punch at the temple area can produce a heavy impact on the brain, making the opponent unconscious. For knocking someone out, it is the most recommended area as fighters might have great chins, but they possess vulnerable temples. Also, the fighters keep their hands in such a defensive posture to protect their chins and mostly forget to cover the temple area as it will block their vision.


Ribs: Ribs are easy to target and if you hit the opponent in this area, he experiences severe pain. A hit on the ribs is not only painful but can also cause opponents to break, giving you a KO win.

Stomach and Liver: Liver and stomach are the most vulnerable parts to hit a punch and cause a lot of pain.

A powerful punch with a proper technique can make your opponent fell to the floor with pain, affect their endurance and can even slow their footwork. These body punches indirectly help you in knocking out the opponent as targeting these areas can break down the guard of your opponent as the opponent hands will move to the stomach and liver and expose the head.

Solar Plexus: It is a painful place in the body. When you hit at this part, it will make the opponent roll on the ground with severe pain.

You can easily get a knockout chance if you hit at the solar plexus of your opponent. But a drawback is that it’s very difficult to target.

The perfect way to target solar plexus is by using your right hand to punch while the opponent also throws with his right hand.

How Knock Out Affects Your Brain?

Your liver and the nervous system

With a well-landed punch, you will be cold and unconscious before even hitting the floor. You must be wondering what happens when someone gets knocked out.

The impact of the shock you get from the punch affects your brain. The brain is the sensitive organ of human body that is protected by your skull. It is made of delicate nerves and blood cells.

All the systems of the body are controlled by the brain and even a slight injury in these nerves can cause massive damage.

If you want to know what happens to the brain when you get knocked out, you are at the right place. The human brain has three parts — the brainstem at the bottom, the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. A person loses consciousness if both of the hemispheres are turned off all at once.

If only one of the hemispheres is affected, the other one will work as a backup.

You can also become unconscious if any part of the brainstem is knocked offline during boxing.

There are also many other reasons which affect brain activity like the supply of oxygen may cut off to specific regions or a blood vessel in the brain might burst. A blow to the head causes disruption leading to loss of consciousness.

Assume the brain as the firm jello. The two hemispheres of the brain are heavy and the brainstem present at the bottom is narrow, which connects these two hemispheres with the rest of the nervous system. The brain stem is just like the stem of a flower on which the flower is dependent.

When the head of a person moves violently, the brain starts moving around in the skull.

The heavy parts of the brain (Hemisphere) put a lot of pressure on the brain stem that can cause pulling or twisting of the brainstem as the brain moves out of the place in the skull after the blow.

The pulling or twisting of brainstem breaks down the brain circuits and as a result, certain parts of the brain shut off.

If the part of the brain that controls your consciousness is affected, the person is knocked out, that is what happens to the brain when you get knocked out.

Difference between Knockout and Concussion

importance of throwing a right liver punch

A concussion is also known as TBI, mild traumatic brain injury.

It occurs as a result of an impact to your head or due to an injury that makes your brain shake quickly back and forth.

Concussions and being knocked out are related to each other, but they are not the same.

In knocking out the part of the brain that controls consciousness is affected. However, in concussion, the same things happen.

The brain is twisted and the nerve circuits break down, but the difference is that different parts of the brain might be affected.

Disorientation, headaches, vision problems, memory loss and balance issues are the problems that are caused by concussion because the nerve circuits controlling these functions are damaged or broken down.

As long as the part of the brain handling consciousness is not affected, the person is not knocked out.

Long Term Effects of Being Knocked Out

What happens when someone gets knocked out? They fell unconscious, but there are some long term effects too.

The after-effects of being knocked out depending on the severity of the injury caused by the impact.

If a person loses consciousness for a short time or suffers a concussion, then he or she will recover after a few minutes.

But if the brain is seriously damaged, the person may remain unconscious for days, weeks or even longer in some cases.

If the injury on the head causes swelling or internal bleeding in the brain, the person may require surgery to alleviate the pressure on the brain.

Acute brain injuries can cause many long-lasting effects such as cognitive changes, memory loss, seizures, lasting behaviors, and paralysis, depending upon the area that is affected in the brain.

First Aid for a Person Who is Knocked Out

The body punch knockout can be dangerous and might need immediate medical assistance.

If the person is unconscious for a short time, for instance, less than a minute and the signs of concussion also disappear fastly, then a visit to a primary care doctor will be sufficient to ensure that there is no serious issue.

If a person remains unconscious for more than a minute and the symptoms also do not disappear after a few minutes, it’s vital to bring him to the emergency room for a thorough checkup as there can be some severe brain injury.

An immediate checkup is crucial as bruising or bleeding can lead to many dangerous consequences.

Confidence for Getting Knockouts

Along with skills and power, you need confidence and the right mentality to land the knockout punches.

It is very rare that a knockout happens by accident. Knockout doesn’t happen that way, they require a proper technique and strategy.

If you want to knock out someone, be confident about your power, know that you can knockout someone, believe that you really want to knockout someone and then go for it.

Start Sparring

The best way to boost your confidence is by trading shots with the other fighters, in this way you can easily evaluate where you stand in boxing. When you do sparring, you are boxing with different players who possess diverse skills, so you get the chance to test your own abilities. With time as you defeat fighters, you start believing in your own power.

Strengthen Your Technique

You need to work on your technique and strengthen it. For this, start hitting the heavy bags, sparring partners and mitts. The simplest, easiest and quickest way to multiply your punches power by 2 to 3 times, is to have a proper technique.

Be Aggressive

For winning a boxing match, you must think aggressively. Fight just to win and defeat your opponent. Also think defensively, being aggressive and losing focus from the defensiveness is a foolish act. Wait for the perfect opportunity, have confidence in yourself and land a punch when you get the perfect target.

Fighting Strategies for Throwing Knockout Punches

1.      Left Hook Exchange

Try to aim the chin or the temple of the opponent, if he is not holding his glove higher. Along with that, make sure that you keep your own right glove up and chin down to protect yourself from the counter punch.

2.      Left Hook against the Right Cross

-Thereare two methods of this strategy. In the first one, you need to place your left hook when the right hand comes out of the opponent. This method is much more defensive as you will first defend yourself safely and then try to hit him right after when he misses the punch. You can also roll with the punch of your opponent by throwing your left hook over the right hand of the opponent. There is another option of catch and shoot way when you catch the punch of the opponent on your guard and then fastly release your own hook by pivoting your body hard.

The difference between these two methods is the timing of the hook, which is before or after the opponent throws a punch from his right hand. Another method of this strategy is to land your left hook before the right hand of your opponent comes out. You should land your left hook as the opponent angles the right hand back. In this situation, most of the fighters aim for the side of the head, but you can go with chin or target the temple to cause more damage. If you think that you might get punched by his right hand, you can avoid this by turning your head with the hook.

3.      Right Cross Exchange

Right cross-exchange is the most powerful counter-punch that you can land on your opponent. It will be your strongest punch as your opponent is throwing his strongest one. If your opponent just swings his head into your punch, it will cause huge damage, so make sure that you aim for his chin.

4.      Right Cross over the Jab

Jabs are one of the easiest counter punches and also the most effective ones. Wait and look for the long jab of the opponent and dip your head inside, now throw a right cross over the extended arm of the opponent. This strategy needs to be done with care as if you land the cross right on the coming jab of the opponent, he might throw his head in with the jab.

Another way of using this strategy is to land your cross punch as opponent throws his right hand after the jab. This requires good timing and also a little of patience. First of all, you have to slip outside the jab and then come back with the right hand as he throws his right hand. In other sense, it is just the right-hand trade.

5.      Hooks against a Guarded Opponent

The wide punches work more efficiently for the opponents that are shelled up because while defending themselves, they also cover their vision to some extent. Thus they become less able to see the punches that are coming from the sides.

It will help you to mix up different punches from the head to the body. By this, you get the chance to throw some straight punches into the face of your opponent and body as well to make his arms focused on blocking at the front thus allowing you to curve your arms around to his sides.

Hooks to the Head: Take a left hook or an overhead right around the guard of your opponent into his chin, behind the ear or temple. If he is using his gloves to cover the forehead area, aim for his chin. If he is covering his chin with gloves, then there is a chance to aim for the temple which will be above the gloves or the ear by going around the gloves.

How to Not Get Knocked Out

If you know the technique, there are many ways to knock someone out. But in a fight, your victory is not only dependent on knocking out the opponent. If you are only focused on punching him and forget about your own defense, his knockout punch will definitely make you lose the fight. So, along with knowing how to knock someone out easily, one must also know the techniques to prevent a knockout.

The opponent will never be going to knock you out if you are already prepared for the punch. The neck muscles are strong enough to prevent the head rotation caused by knock out in many cases if you see the punch coming. There are three ways to prevent a knockout easily.

1.      See the Punch Coming

The best place to punch someone for a knockout is the chin, so keeping your chin down can help you to avoid a knockout. The hook and uppercut are the most common punches that knockout people in a fight. Both of these punches strike your chin making your head pivot at the furthest point.

The uppercut punch is the most dangerous one as you not might see it coming because your nose and the chin hide it. The unseen uppercut punch combined by an unseen hook to the exposed chin afterward whips your head around and the job is finished.

You can avoid this by keeping your chin down. It will help in two ways, first by keeping your chin down it becomes a harder target to strike for the opponent. By this, there will be less under the chin area which is exposed to hit. Secondly, this will enhance your peripheral vision and you will easily see around you and thus can see the punches coming.

2.      Keep Your Head at the Right Angle

The head muscles can resist rotation to a large extent, but the ability to withstand the pivot is affected by the angle at which the person holds his chin. Whenever you go for the boxing practice, you will surely hear ‘Chin Down’ by the trainer. Because when your chin is down the muscles of the neck become more capable of preventing pivot. On the other hand, when your chin is up, it will be an easy target and you will not be able to resist rotation of your head when the opponent hits you with the body punch knockout.

A stiff neck hold and the proper position of the chin are the vital parts of your fight because it will help you to fail the effort of your opponent and make you see the coming punches. If you see the punch coming before it hits you, you will tense the neck in time and keep your head at the position preventing it from whipping around.

3.      Develop Strong Neck

If you know how to knock out someone, you must be aware of the importance of developing a strong neck. A strong chin and a strong neck are the tricks that go a long way in helping you to avoid getting knocked out. Avoiding a knockout not only helps you to prevent losing but also a knockout may have harmful impacts in the future, so by avoiding it, you can avoid future health issues too.

When you keep your chin down, you can see the punches of your opponent coming and can quickly develop a strong neck. Boxers who are aware of the fact, where to hit to knock someone out, they know that a fragile neck can make you lose easily.


There are many defensive boxing strategies which keep you from getting knocked down or knocked out. Along with knowing how to knockout someone with one punch and being aggressive, one must be defensive too. There is some simple advice to prevent a knockout, like doing neck exercises to make your neck strong, keeping hands up and keep your head moving all the time so that the opponent doesn’t get a shot easily.

It is critical to look for the right angles during a fight and be cautious of the punch timing. Most of the boxers don’t understand the knock out techniques, put themselves in vulnerable positions where they are easy to knockout, get tired and get reckless. Anyone of these things or a combination can easily lead to getting them knocked out.

If you train intelligently, fight properly, maintain correct postures, focus on the technique and resist the defeating urge that makes risky decisions, you will be successful in the fight and prevent knockout every time.

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