6 Best Motion Sensor Trash Cans

6 Best Motion Sensor Trash Cans: Buying a motion sensor trash can in 2021 can be a fickle task; they don’t come cheap and those that are relatively inexpensive, have to make some important trade-offs that might work for some, might be a deal-breaker for others. Especially if you’re just getting started out on these cans, you’d have a ton of concerns;

Is it clean? Is it truly odorless and germ-resistant? Does it draw too much power?

Even with the cheaper ones, with the amount you actually end up paying, you would want a smart trash can that lives up to its name. You would want something that revolutionizes how you handle the trash while at the same time elevating the décor of wherever you want to place it.

Unfortunately, not all of the options out there on the market do this which is why if you’re out there looking for the best motion sensor trash can that gives good value for money, you need to resort to expert and reliable reviews.

Fortunately for you, we subjected some of the best motion sensing trash cans that money can buy to some rigorous testing to find out which ones are truly smart and take your trash handling experience to the next level.

Ultimately, after testing out multiple trash cans, we narrowed down and reviewed 7 of the absolute best. Here’s our take on the top 6 motion sensor trash cans you can get in 2021!

Top 6 motion sensor trash cans in 2021

6- Simple human 40 Liter

Not quite sold on motion sensing cans and want to try one before you fully commit?

Coming in at number 6, this product seemed like a good buy for those on a budget and for those who were new to the idea of having and using a motion sensing trash can.

The standout features of the Simple human 40 L that we noticed while reviewing were its reliably smooth lid maneuvers that we found were quick and consistent when triggered by hand motions and gestures.

The can was significantly quieter than most of its competitors on the market averaging a noise level of just over 52dB- almost 50% quieter than a regular trash can.

The main issue we had with the can was its build quality; plastic. But then again with the affordable price tag it comes with, this is one tradeoff most users will be able to work with. Although the durability of the can may vary depending on strenuous or light use.

The can also uses 4 AA batteries for power and unlike the other options in this list, does not have the option of using an AC adapter.

We recommend the Simple Human 40 L for anyone who’s not quite sold on the idea of having a motion sensor trash can and wants to see if they can work with it, without breaking the bank.

5- Glad Can Extra Capacity

Does your large family generate a lot of waste?

At number 5, the Glad Can is particularly suited for those users with large families who generate a ton of waste.

Sure, the name says Extra Capacity but we were pleasantly surprised to note that it held 50% more trash as compared to your standard bin.

The motion sensors were reliable, and the operations were silent for the most part (except when the lid opened). The can worked overtime to cut down foul odors and it showed.

A couple of particularly convenient things we found out during our review were the easy cleaning of the can (thanks to it being fingerprint resistant) and the bags especially made for it were available at an affordable price.

The inconvenient things, however, included the price tag that came with it, the problematic sequence of removing and installing plastic bags and the creaking noise it made when the lid opened.

We recommend the Glad can Extra Capacity for anyone looking for a reliable motion sensing trash can with a capacity to hold large amounts of waste.

4- Sensor Can 49 Liter

So compact, you wouldn’t even notice it’s there!

This particular can is especially suited for those looking for a trash can that holds a fairly large amount of trash without compromising the aesthetic look of your décor.

The Sensor Can is very compact, coming in at a height of 26 inches and a width of 16 inches, we found that we could adjust it just about anywhere.

The can didn’t compromise on the capacity though, its 12.75 inch extra wide lid gave us all the room we needed to stash our waste.

Its stainless-steel build and a fingerprint proof surface gives it a premium feel and we found that during our reviewing, it was particularly good at cutting down on odors. It comes with the options of using an AC adapter or batteries.

The downside of this product was mainly the location of the sensor; it was much lower as compared to the other products on this list which made it more prone to accidental lid openings.

If you’re looking for a motion sensing trash can that does its job reliably without being unsightly or standing out too much, the Sensor Can is just the one for you.

3- iTouchless 49 Liter

Things are getting serious!

Moving on to the heavy weights in our list, at number 3, the iTouchless motion sensing trash can does its job exceptionally well: but it could have been placed higher up this list if it didn’t have some design flaws.

We found it to be lightweight; moving it around was very convenient.

It came with replaceable natural carbon filters which meant that, at no point during our testing, did we experience any foul smell; it was truly odorless. It had additional air vents that made bag changing and removal easier; a theme that is consistent in our top 3 picks.

It also gives a lid status alert through its LEDs which at first seemed like a gimmick but it quickly grew on us; the information it gives on when the lid is about to close was especially useful since we knew when to stop dumping in waste.

The design related drawbacks we found had to do with it not being pet proof especially if you have a bigger pet, despite being claimed. The batteries and activated carbon padding were seemingly always in contact with the trash which made them visibly dirty. Another particularly annoying aspect was that the lid didn’t open fully unless manually lifted.

Though smarter design choices could have earned it a higher spot, the iTouchless 49 L could be an ideal choice for people looking for a compact, well-built motion sensing trash can that holds vast amounts of trash all-the-while neutralizing foul odors.

2- Ninestars DZT-50-28SL

Looks too good to be a trash can!

The Ninestars DZT was another impressive entry in our list; it did most of the things right but fell just short of the first place owing to slight performance issues. Here’s what we found:

This product was the most visually pleasing in our list, especially with the black variant that we got. Black stainless steel with a minimalistic look- good luck beating that aesthetic!

Another thing it did better than most was the actual handling of the plastic bags. It had a well-designed removable ring lining that allowed for some easy changing and adjustments and not once during our use did we find any unsightly signs of plastic bags sticking out; looks like they put a lot of work into making it look as pleasing as they could.

You could say that the product ticked all the right boxes of being quiet, consistent, odorless and germ free but where it did falter- and ultimately ended up losing out on first place- were its lack of AC power supply and slight performance issues that had to do with leaking and lid sensitivity.

Though it came with a bigger battery, changing batteries frequently became quite a chore. The can also strangely had a few holes in the bottom, presumably to make bag installation easier, but they ended up giving us a few occasional leaks; that’s never ideal.

Despite the occasional malfunction, this was not a bad product by any means and if you’re someone who prefers a trash can with the best design and aesthetic, while giving a premium trash handling experience (for the most part), the Ninestars would slot right into your preference.

1-Simple human 58 Liters

The pick of the bunch; the best this market has to offer in 2021!

Coming in at first place, the Simple human 58 L promises the best of what money can buy you when it comes to a motion sensing trash can.

This was hands down the most fun and convenient trash can to use in our list. Not only did we find it to be quiet and consist throughout our use, but the additional feature of voice control it came with made it stand out from the rest. At a simple command of “open can”, the lid pops open making both dumping and taking out waste a very convenient process.

The build quality was impressive to say the least; though you would expect it at this price point. There were no leaks or tears and with a handy design that allows trash bags to be secured in place, there was hardly any waste spillage either.

Some other features that enhanced its ease of use were its easy cleaning (thanks to a fingerprint-proof surface), easy bag removal and installation and a respectable degree of storage capacity.

We particularly liked the option of being able to use an AC power supply or batteries and another thing we noticed was how well it blended in with the other stainless-steel objects in our kitchen.

For the sake of nitpicking, the only issues we noticed were its relatively low height which might be a nuisance for someone on the taller end of the spectrum. Also, although the build quality is not bad by any means, it’s not quite stainless-steel, it’s coated to look like it.

The Sensor Can 58 L does not come cheap, but you wouldn’t expect it to. You call it the flagship of 2021 motion sensor trash cans; fit for those for whom the performance matters more than their budget.

If you’re someone who’s looking for the crème de la crème of motion sensing trash cans, with the best specs and performance this gadget currently has to offer, then the Sensor Can 58 L is just the one for you.

Final thoughts

All of the motion sensing trash cans that made it to this list are excellent choices and each comes with its own perks.

If you’re just starting out on these cans and want to see if you can work with them, without spending too much money then the Simple Human 40 Liter variant would suit you.

For something a little more advanced with extra space to suit your large family; the Glad Can would be the way to go.

The Sensor can and iTouchless 49 L were more or less the same; both fit for you if compact and sturdy bins that don’t stand out or take up too much space are your thing.

The Ninestars can would be ideal for someone who wants premium performance from a trash can that quite honestly looks too good and futuristic to be a trash can; like something straight out of Star Wars!

Finally, if you want the best of the best and have the pockets for it, the Simple Human 58 L with its bleeding-edge voice command features, exceptional odor elimination, and smooth and consistent performance would be perfect for you.

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