9 Top Signs Of A Possessive Woman

9 Top Signs Of A Possessive Woman: Relationships are formed on the foundation of love and trust. It requires both partners to stay loyal and make sincere efforts to sustain it. The strength of this bond does not merely lie in the tall claims and promises, but the fact that whether they are able to stand the test of time or not. A lot depends on your partner. You may have difficulty adjusting to their temperament or work schedule. Of all the types, possessive partners are like a double-edged sword.

If you are in relationship with a possessive woman, you will feel her interference increasing every day into your personal life. She will tag along wherever you go and if you are travelling alone, you can expect loads of calls and messages from her. Her overprotective nature is what causes her to intervene in almost your every individual decision. She wants you only for herself and is likely to get suspicious and jealous when seeing your interaction with some other women. You can expect her to be extremely clingy, and panicky when you are unable to answer her texts or calls.

The acquisitive and avaricious nature of a possessive woman might be alluring in the earlier days of a relationship, boosting your self-esteem, but it can get extremely difficult for you to manage when your relationship is past its rosy days. It starts becoming a problem when you feel like being watched over constantly. Here are some signs that will help you identify whether your girlfriend is possessive or not.

Controlling and domineering

Reasons Why Your Girlfriend is Mad At You

A possessive woman always wants to be in charge, regardless of the fact that the task at hand falls far away from her expertise. You will find her taking important decisions regarding your relationship without even considering your input.

If she feels a certain way, she is definitely going to act that way even if you are opposed to it. What clothes to buy, where to go, and even at what time you sleep, you will need her validation for all of that. Her authority extends to even your personal life apart from every aspect of your relationship.

A possessive woman wants to have everything the way she wants to the absolute degree. She imposes her will onto you, and expects you to submit without resisting.

Desirous and clingy

Signs that he is trying to make you jealous

Possessive women are obsessed with their partners. They feel the need to be close to them all the time. Whether it is at work or a holiday, they feel the urge of keeping constant tabs on their partners, and if possible, tag along with them. It does not matter how awkward it gets for you, she will do whatever she wants. If you try to school her regarding regulating her actions in the public, you will be the one at fault. She will show extreme resentment if you communicate with another woman apart from her, even if it’s your colleague.

Invades your personal space often

With such bossy and coercive traits, you can expect your obsessive girlfriend to cross the line pretty often and breach your personal space. She does not respect your personal boundaries and wants to be totally involved in everything related to you. She dislikes it when you are trying to keep information away from her for whatever reason. No matter how much you detest it, she wants to give her advice regarding each and every one of your personal endeavors. Nothing is going to stay private and confidential for long if you are in a relationship with a possessive woman.

Way too emotional

When your GF is mad at you

Females are inherently more emotional than males. Add to that acute obsession and infatuation, you will find yourself in a relationship with a possessive woman. You might have experienced her overwhelming sentimentality by now. Every ebb and flow of the relationship sparks an extraordinary reaction for her. Nothing is too normal for her. She has a deep sense of foreboding on the slightest of errors and feels the urge to take a corrective action immediately. If things do not go as planned, you will see her lose her mind and overcompensate in the process of making amends. There is hysteria looming over every day of your relationship as she has a constant fear of losing you.

Feels the need to be public about the relationship

A possessive woman always feels the need to upload every picture she took with you to her social media. She has this want of telling the world that you two belong to each other. It not only solidifies your relationship with her, but keeps any interested people away and helps her overcome her insecurities. It is likely to get cumbersome and embarrassing for you at some point, but it won’t deter her from doing what she wants to. It might even get to the point where she is likely to share any of your personal experiences publicly. As inappropriate and problematic it is for you, persuading her not to do that would be nothing short of formidable and improbable.

Life revolves around you

Top Signs of a materialistic woman

Your possessive girlfriend is more than likely not having many friends she regularly talks to. She is not a very active person as far as her academic and professional life is concerned.

She is pouring every bit of her emotional energy into the relationship she has with you because of the fact nothing intrigues her apart from you. So it is natural for her to make time for you every day of the week. You are a major part of her life now and she will secure the connection she shares with you at every cost.

The desperation and passion is there because of the importance you have in her life.

Set unreasonable and impractical expectations

Hot look

Because of the extreme attachment she has with you, and the precedent and importance you carry in her life, she wants nothing short of what’s the best.

You will see her talking near fiction whenever you are having a deep conversation about the future.

Completely unaware of the pragmatic realities of life, she always has the bar set too high and expects you to respond accordingly.

Wants your constant attention

when Ex is truly done with you

A possessive woman puts a lot of time and effort in a relationship. It is only natural to expect the same from her partner. It does not matter how hard it is to keep up with her, she wants you to be there for her all the time.

No matter how perilous it may get for you, ignoring her even for a moment will prove disastrous. She wants you to know everything about her and be as interested in her life as she is in yours. Replying late by a few minutes will likely get you in a lot of trouble and commotion.

Always stalking

The one constant that never changes when you are in a relationship with a possessive woman is the fact she is always there before you, waiting for you, leaving you no time to spend by yourself. Be it a physical meeting or just an online chat, you will feel that you are being watched over by her. She is into your life all the time. She does not hold back on acquiring every detail of the last picture you uploaded or even the passwords to your social media account. You can expect her to examine your phone thoroughly every time you meet her.

Possessive women can be extremely difficult for a lot of people to handle. Such levels of authority and expectations are more than likely to become troublesome for the relationship, sooner than later. It is always a long and arduous task to give her a convincing explanation of your actions. When she has made up her mind, it is next to impossible to change the decision she is about to make. Furthermore, a constant invasion of your personal space is not what anyone can tolerate over a long period of time.

It is probably right that you will have to compromise your family time when you are in a relationship with a possessive woman. She feels that only she has the right to your free time over everybody else. Furthermore, if she sees any girls around you, you are going to get scolded for that without having a chance to explain yourself. Does not matter whether it is your office or a family gathering, you are not allowed to have any girls around you. Having this desire of a total control over your life is likely to make this relationship suffocating for you while her demands keep increasing with every passing day. Furthermore, she has no respect and awareness of your personal space and indulges in it quite often.

Should you break up with a possessive woman?

It is totally your discretion. If you think you can keep her obsession down to a manageable level, try to maintain this relationship. After all it is not possible to find a more loyal and committed partner than her. Appreciate the love and care she has for you and the fact she doesn’t mind sacrificing for the sake of your relationship.

However, once you are finding it hard to do your daily chores and you are unable to keep up with your deadlines, then it is best that you let her know about how much it is costing you. Have an honest conversation about the fact that you can’t compromise on your future and anything else that is bothering you. If she is no longer respecting your personal choices and wants you to just be a follower, it is not worth it.

How to deal with a possessive woman?

First thing you need to make sure is that she feels emotionally safe and secure. She needs to know that there is no underlying tension building up that might prove to be a threat to your relationship. You need to take it slow with her. Explain to her the concept of spending time alone and having a personal space. Introduce her to your female friends and make her a part of your social circle. Lastly, stay loyal and never hide anything from her or make her doubt you at any stage of your relationship.

There have to be a lot of compromises and sacrifices on your part. If you are prepared to endure all that, do not hesitate in giving this relationship a proper shot.


A possessive woman can be the best or the worst depending upon the time and scenario. There are plenty of signs that can distinguish a possessive woman from the rest. Being emotional and dramatic while showering her partner with all the love in the world is natural to her. Getting upset over minor mistakes and over-reacting to them make it hard for many people to deal with her. Lastly, if you are in a relationship with a possessive woman, you are not to complain about having her wanting you by her side all the time. Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it.

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