Best Cheap Stocking Stuffers for Men

During the holiday season, everybody loves a surprise. And no other surprise can be as gentle as a good stocking stuffer, especially for men. But having spent all your money on the actual Christmas gift, you may be short on cash and would still like to show some love. You are at the right place.

During our picks of cool gadgets for men, we picked some perfect for the stockings. BTW, did you know that the biggest stocking was 168ft tall and 70ft wide! You obviously would not want that but the average Christmas stocking is about 20 inches.

These days Christmas stockings are available in a variety of sizes so fitting your gift in the stocking should not be a major worry. Having said that, the ideal stocking stuffer has to be small enough to fit inside a sock, albeit a giant one! While picking a stuffer you want to make sure that you don’t go overboard with the “being cheap” thing, I mean you may wanna avoid stuffing it up with some undies or boring socks. So without any further adieu, let us get started.

The Ten Best Cheap Stocking Stuffers for Men

Stockings for Christmas

For this list, we have tried to include those items that pack a lot of function at a reasonable price while being compact enough to fit in any stocking. You would be surprised at the quality some of these products offer.

Wallet Ninja 18-in-1 MultiTool

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This is an all in one tool – a perfect pick to stuff in.

With dimensions of just 3”x 2.1”, it can fit in some of the smallest stockings you can think of as most small stockings have a width of about 2.5”.

With six wrenches, four screwdrivers, four openers, two rulers, a fruit peeler, a letter opener, and a cell phone stand all packed in one, this one may prove to be the ideal gift for any man trying to do house chores by himself.

Think about it, when men are stuck and need any tool to help them open a bottle or tighten a screw, they will absolutely love this handy little appliance.

Another plus is that it is TSA approved so it won’t be a headache on flights. Add to that the metallic matte design and the exceptional price, this is the ideal cheap stocking stuffer for men and our top pick!

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

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The ideal stocking stuffer for the compulsive traveler. When you are on your travels every drop of water is critical. And there’s nothing worse than running out of it.

This product from LifeStraw allows travelers to drink from anywhere they want and this filter will take care of the hygiene removing all harmful chemicals and microorganisms. With a microfilter size of 0.2 microns and capacity of a 1000L, this one will last you for a long time while giving you exceptional performance.

It comes with a sealed bag and can easily fit into your backpack weighing only 2 ounces making it convenient to carry. You may need a slightly bigger stocking to fit this one but once you start using it, it will leave a mark.

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream

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A considerate gift for hard-working men. The harsh winters can cause any man’s hands to become dry and most moisturizers feel too oily to be practical and suitable for men’s needs.

That is where this product comes in handy. It is a great moisturizer that creates a protective layer over damaged hands allowing repair of cracks and locking in your natural moisture giving you better protection.

The impressive thing about this product is that it allows hand skin to become softer and is safe for diabetics as well. This is something you’ll notice first hand whenever you shake hands with whoever you gift it to.

It is odorless, unlike other such products that can leave a strong undesired smell on men’s hands. All in all, this is an effective product that has “lifesaver” written all over it.

HODOR Door Stop

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Practical and cool. A match made in heaven. While it may not have ended the way everyone hoped for, Game of Thrones was still a cultural phenomenon that deserves to be celebrated.

We, as a society, are united by TV shows and their memorable characters and this is a great internal joke for GoT lovers. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loved that iconic episode, yes, you know what we are talking about.

Made of hardwood oak, this one does a great job of keeping doors open to let the air come in to ensure ventilation. In summary, this door handle can hold the door.

Timex Men’s Scout Watch

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Watches can never go out of fashion. And this military-style watch is perfect for the outgoing man. Being a military watch, it is water-resistant up to 100 meters making it an able travel companion. It easily fits any stocking and does not cost a fortune.

This is a watch with a lot of personalities.

It has a battery life of up to 10 years so that you need not worry about this watch for long periods of time.

The durable scratch-resistant mineral glass and the adjustable leather strap make it reliable for men on the go.

Add to that the accuracy up to 1/20th of a second and it becomes a great gift for any man looking for a sturdy watch.

Want to see more watches? See our picks of best vibrating alarm watches here.

Easton Marlowe Men’s Dress Socks

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Socks are the kind of accessory that is a safe choice to gift any man because they are needed by everyone and tell you more about a man’s style than anything else.

These socks from Easton Marlowe are for the men that tend to dress up formally but like to flaunt some of their personality too.

These printed socks are very much in right now so you ought not to miss out on such an opportunity.

Made with soft cotton with a touch of acrylic for added elasticity, these are comfortable and breathable.

At an extremely affordable price, you get six exceptional pairs of socks and a sock within a sock is always great. There aren’t many better deals in the market for such quality.

The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small

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This list could not have been complete without recommending you a quality book. This book, in particular, is for the wanderlust who needs a new challenge to keep him going throughout his life.

Travelers always have things they would like to do but the strenuous work schedule and family commitments never leave them alone so that when they do have the time, they don’t know what to do with it.

Thousands of people these days are lacking a driving force to keep them going and this book can definitely change that.

With over 1000 great travel ideas like driving through clouds in Sri Lanka or swimming with dolphins in New Zealand to cross off your bucket list, this one will keep him on his toes while giving him some unforgettable moments.

Suitable for all ages, this book is highly recommended as a stocking stuffer for men.

Pocket Ref 4th Edition

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The book every to-be dad should have. If the man you are gifting it to is becoming responsible and wants to be a DIY kind of guy, this book has all that he needs to know.

You want something fixed? Have a look. Do you want to know how an appliance works? Have a look.

The perfect guide for any handyman and just a great read for curious people in general. This book is Google before Google came into existence. It would surely be a thoughtful gift this holiday season.

Echo (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker

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These speakers can make life easier for whoever you give it to. Think of this speaker as a lot more and kind of your personal assistant.

From controlling Alexa to doing all the important stuff in the day like creating reminders and events, checking the news, or any other information these speakers are compatible with several things.

The 360 degrees sound is ideal for listening to podcasts and music and the compact design easily fits in any stocking. It is available in four trendy colors and the fabric design allows it to fit in your house decor seamlessly.

A great idea is buying two or three of these so you can talk to other members of the family through these, a modern walky-talky if you may.

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade

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Uppercut Deluxe is an old and respected name in the grooming industry. And this product will be loved by young men looking for a pomade with a matte finish.

It has a medium hold so that any hairstyle remains intact throughout the day without looking too shiny and tacky.

Men often do not know the perfect product for them unless someone buys it for them. This Christmas, let this pomade be that product.

It is a highly versatile product so that it adjusts to whatever hair length you apply it on.

It is water-soluble and easy to get off. Plus, the price is reasonable, helping you to save cash for the main Christmas gift.

To sum up…

This was a comprehensive list of the best cheap stocking stuffers for men of all kinds. We tried to give you affordable options that add value to a man’s life, something every man appreciates.

All the products in this list are impressive but if we were to choose one the Wallet Ninja would be our pick because of its versatile function and exceptional price.

This list is by no means exhaustive and you can always think of new ways to make the men in your life happy. That being said, a thoughtful stocking stuffer made specifically to cater to men’s needs is imperative in the holiday season and you should not miss out on this remarkable tradition.