5 Best Portable Exercise Equipment

Maintaining a regular exercise can seem somewhat unmanageable sometimes. Taking out time to go to the gym starts looking like an option to refrain from, and it feels like if you had some handy portable exercise equipment at home, or better yet, in your room, things would get really easier and you would be able to save a lot of time. Portable exercise equipment is easy to move around and is a better option than going to the gym because it requires less level of motivation.

It may seem unlikely that you would be able to exercise at home just like you did at the gym and get similar results, but there are a variety of exercises that require minimal exercise equipment and are recommended by a number of professional coaches. Make sure you also check out the best isometric training equipment too.

Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

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Pushups are a very basic exercise but many people tend to do it wrong. It is essential that we maintain a proper form, otherwise, we are prone to putting a lot of stress on our shoulders. The Perfect Pushup Elite is very easy to set up and helps in pulling off the perfect pushup. 

The good about this product

This pushup stand is designed to rotate slightly which allows you to engage more muscles while doing pushups and helps in increasing strength and definition in arms, shoulders, chest, and abdominal muscles.

Its ergonomic grip helps distribute body weight evenly, reduces stress in elbow joints and shoulders, and allows for the perfect grip.

Treads on the bottom of the handles allow for a secure grip on all surfaces and prevent the pushup stand from moving away from the body.

It supports a weight of up to 400-lb (181.5kg)

It is a perfect choice for all fitness levels.

Beginner level users may find help in pulling off the perfect pushup, while professionals.may use it to increase definition in their arms, shoulders, and chest by rotating the handles and engaging more muscles in their workout.

The bad about this product

Sometimes grease may leak out of this product which would require you to clean it before you start your workout session.

The rotators may also start getting stiff after a few months of use. Furthermore, the product is sealed so you cannot open it up to lubricate the rotators again in the rare case that they get stiff.

Although it helps you in pulling off a proper pushup, the handles may cause the palm of your hands to hurt.

Power Reels Resistance Exercise Equipment

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If you are bored of using dumbbells and resistance bands in your workouts and want to step up your game then this product is a perfect choice. Power Reels combines dumbbells and resistance bands and brings you a 2 in 1 exercise product which is designed to take your resistance training a step further.

The good about this product

It works as a dumbbell and has a resistance reel inside it as well which allows you to work your muscles to their fullest with constant resistance acting upon your arms during your workout.

It is perfect for beginners as well as professionals. It is available in 3 colors. Yellow is designed for beginners as it has 3lbs resistance. Power Reels blue has a resistance of 5lbs, and Power Reels red is for people who want a real challenge as the resistance bands have a resistance of 8lbs.

As this product is very lightweight, you can use it while watching TV or at your desk for a light workout. It works very well if you use it in between your heavy lifting sets to take a short break and keep up the momentum of your workout session.

It allows for multidirectional movement so you can train your muscles more effectively.

It is easily portable as it weighs only 2lbs.

You also get access to a variety of workout videos that will allow you to achieve optimum results with your Power Reels equipment

You also get a free ebook with research-backed lightweight high rep workouts that will help you get lean and stronger at the same time.

The bad about this product

The product has really low resistance. Make sure you buy the ones that fit your needs, otherwise you would be stuck with a product that would feel like you are doing no work at all.

This product is made for endurance and cardio training and building lean muscle. If you want to build up muscle mass then it would be a better option to get dumbbells instead.

Sunny Health and Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands

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This product is perfect for a cardio workout. This machine works very similar to an elliptical trainer but is very lightweight and can be easily moved around anywhere at home. This product comes at a very affordable price as compared to an elliptical trainer and will prove to be a better choice when you are running short of space at home and need your exercise equipment to be as small as possible.

The good about this product

This product has over-sized nonslip foot pedals which accommodate all sizes and allow for perfect balance and safety. You will never have to worry about losing grip and slipping off of the machine and falling.

It supports a weight of up to 200 lbs.

The in-built hydraulic drive system forces your legs to push against your own body weight. It provides a great workout for your glutes, calves and thighs. You are also able to adjust the height of your steps and determine the intensity of the exercise.

This machine arrives at your doorstep pre-assembled so you don’t even need to stress yourself about how to set it up.

A digital monitor on the machine helps you keep an eye on your progress and fitness goals by showing you the time duration of your workout, the total amount of steps and calories burnt as well.

This product also comes with removable resistance bands as well to take your workouts to the next level. Use the resistance bands with your steps exercise for a full body workout.

The bad about this product

Although the foot pedals provide a good grip, you would still have to concentrate on shifting your weight properly and maintaining your balance while using this product.

It would have been way better if it came with handles as well to help you keep your balance.

The friction in the pistons may cause the machine to get hot and a decrease in resistance is experienced when used for longer periods.

You would have to give the machine a break to let it cool off to get the resistance back up.

Oyo Personal Gym Spiraflex full body portable gym equipment set

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The Oyo portable gym allows you to train your whole body. You do not need to have a set of gym equipment as this machine allows you to strengthen your chest, arms, legs, back, abs and core. The equipment is easy to use and allows you to work anywhere, be it your office, home, or outdoors.

The good about this product

The Oyo personal gym incorporates NASA Spiraflex technology which has been used for over 10 years on the international space station (ISS) to help astronauts keep their form and fitness. ISS Commander Leroy Chiao used Spiraflex iRED (interim Resistive Exercise Device) during his 6 months in space to prevent muscle loss due to absence of gravity.

It comes with three Spiraflex Flexpacks (two 10lb and one 5lb) and provides up to 25 lbs of gym quality resistance. They are easy to use and easily snap on the Oyo Gym. The Spiraflex resistance feels like free weights.

The resistance of the Flexpacks feel equal through the range of motion and not progressive like resistance bands.

It also comes with a door anchor and leg attachments which allow you to do a variety of different workouts to train your whole body.

The nylon coated stainless steel cables allow for a friction free easy workout.

The Oyo personal gym can be folded and easily carried or stored in a small space. You will never feel the need to buy bulky gym equipment.

You also get a fitness and nutrition guide PDF and an access to over 197 exercises and 60 workout videos which will help you get the most out of this portable gym equipment.

It is constructed from heavy duty polymer yet it weighs only 2 lbs.

The bad about this product

This product too offers very less amount of resistance and is not recommended for a heavy workout. As for people who workout on a daily basis, this equipment may feel like a piece of cake.

You may even find some exercises and positions very awkward when using this product. To many people, working out with this product may seem strange and unnatural.

The ball ends may seem a little strange to work with as well. It would have been better if this product had handles for a proper grip.

Fitnessery Ab roller wheel exercise equipment

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A lot of people achieve an attractive body but getting one’s abs to show is the hardest part. The very first place that fat accumulates around is the abdominal area, and it is also the last area from which fat burns away. If you have been struggling with your abs to show while you have done a good job on the rest of your body, then this product will help you climb the last step towards achieving the body you have always dreamt of.

The good about this product

This product is made from strong, durable material and will endure even the heaviest workout sessions. 

The ab roller wheel is made up of stainless steel.

It is very easy to use and strengthens your core and abdominal muscles. You would not have to pull off huge sets of crunches. With this equipment, you will start to feel the burn around your abdominal muscles fairly quickly as it is specially made to build and define your abs.

This product is super lightweight and weighs only 1.5 lbs.

The non-slip rubber around the wheel grips any floor surface easily and prevents the wheel from slipping away. The handles are also padded and allow for a comfortable grip to ensure you do not face any difficulty during your workout.

It not only builds your abs but does a lot of work on your arms, shoulders, and chest as well. It is an ideal product to build your upper body.

This product also comes with 3 bonus gifts. With each purchase, you get a 

  • Comfortable knee pad for added knee support
  • A nutrition ebook
  • An ab workout ebook

All Fitnessery products come with a No Questions Asked lifetime money-back guarantee. If for any reason you feel unsatisfied with your product, you can ask for a replacement or even a refund.

The bad about this product

This product does not come pre-assembled so you might have to invest some time in setting it up for first use.

The foam on the handles is sure to wear out with frequent use. You would have to get yourself a rubber grip if you intend to keep on using it.

Commonly Asked Questions…

Can I build muscle with resistance bands?

Resistance bands are mainly used for toning muscles. If you intend to build muscle mass, a better for you would be to use weights such as dumbbells or a bar. Nevertheless, you can still build muscle with resistance bands, just make sure you get the ones with an adequate amount of resistance. The more you struggle with a resistance band, the more muscle you will build.

Can I get ripped with resistance bands?

Absolutely. Using resistance bands is a great way to tone your muscles. You can even get ripped by following lightweight high rep workout sessions.

What are the types of exercises?

Exercises are divided into four types, with each serving a specific purpose.

Strength: Strength exercises are intended to build muscle and increase strength. Examples of such exercises would be lifting weights and using resistance bands.

Endurance: Endurance exercises increase your breathing and heart rate. They are also known as aerobic exercises. Examples of such exercises are jogging, swimming, dancing etc.

Flexibility: As the name suggests, flexibility exercises tend to make your body more flexible and allow for more freedom of movement. Yoga exercises are best known to increase flexibility.

Balance: These exercises are especially useful for older adults. They are intended to help you maintain and improve your balance. A good example is heel to toe walking, and sitting down on a chair and getting up without using your hands.


Keeping your exercise routine and following it no matter the odds is the key to consistent self-development.

We need to be able to exercise every day, whether it be outdoors or indoors, to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Portable exercise equipment definitely helps out people with a tight schedule by bringing their workout to their home or office. 

We hope this guide helped you find the right equipment to buy to keep any hindrances out of the way of your workout routine.