Best USB Microscope For Mac & Windows

In this post, you will know about the best USB microscope, its features, and users who would find this device usable. I have gone through rigorous tiring research of 1 week and I reached the conclusion that Jiusion 40 is surely the best USB microscope by all means. 

Jiusion 40 USB microscope

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Who is it for?

Unlike the other digital microscopes available in the market, the Jiusion 40 is not recommended for medical students only. If you are a parent and you want your child to learn using this device, you can surely do so. The interface of the best USB microscope is extremely easy to use and you do not need to be a technical geek to check the features.

A 1000X magnification factor

One of the prime reasons due to which the Jiusion 40 tops my list as the best USB microscope is its magnification factor. It has a magnification factor of 1000X which is not offered by any other USB microscope. This feature is very helpful for medical students as well as teenagers who want to view images closely for learning and enjoyment. For instance, if you take a picture of your arm, you would be able to view the hair pores absolutely clearly.

Compatible with key operating system platforms

Whether you are using a Windows, Mac or an Android-based operating system, the Jiusion 40 USB microscope can be configured with it. For instance, if you have a Windows-based phone, you can use related software to capture images and record videos. A high percentage of smartphone users use iPhones and they seek a digital microscope that is compatible with Mac. Jiuson 40 is surely one of the best USB microscopes that work with iPhones.

8LED’s and a brightness adjustment knob

Every picture has the different requirement when it comes to brightness and focus. The Juision 40 has built-in 8 LED lights alongside an adjustment knob.

The user can increase or decrease the brightness according to his needs.

What will you find in the box?

If you are looking for the best USB microscope, you would definitely be concerned about the peripherals that come along with the actual device. Here is what you will find in the box of the best USB microscope.

  • Metal Stand (Tripod)

The metal stand is provided so that the user can adjust the positioning of the USB microscope and capture images from his desired angle. This metal stand has a strong built and is highly durable.

  • 8 Pcs LED’s

This USB microscope comes with 8LED’s for capturing high-quality images.

  • OTG for Android

The box has an OTG cable with a port to connect to Android phones

  • Installation Driver and measurement ruler

Users are provided with an installation driver CD and a ruler to measure image dimensions.

Common Purposes for Which the Jiusion 40 is used

A USB microscope can be used for numerous purposes. Even if you are not using it for academic reasons, you can view can simply enjoy by seeing what certain things look like when viewed closely.

Insect Examination

The Jiusion 40 is the best option for medical students who have to view the internal body parts of insects.

PCB boards and electronic circuits

Students who study electronics will find this USB microscope extremely useful. It provides very close images of circuits, PCB boards, and other electronic components.


If you are someone related to historical heritage and wish to view the designs of coins being used in the past, the Jiusion 40 would suit you most as it has the best USB microscope camera

Which Smartphones does it Support

The Jiusion 40 supports a wide range of modern-day smartphones including the following

  • Xiaomi 3
  • Xiaomi 4
  • Google 5
  • Nexus 6
  • Samsung (S3 series, S4 series, S5 series and S6 series)

Why should you prefer it over other USB microscopes?

When you are using your hard-earned money to purchase something, you should be absolutely sure that you are putting your hands on nothing but the best.

Highly Affordable Price

There is no point in buying something at a low price when the quality is nothing more than junk. The Jiusion 40 has exceptional features and there are no two ways about it. Whether you are someone related to medicine or a normal user who wants to learn the use of a USB microscope, this device is surely for you. If a comparative analysis of the features that it has and the price it carries is performed, it would be quite apparent that it has the best USB microscope camera. It is not one of the devices which would require you to empty your pockets to make a purchase. If you want to spend an economical sum of money and place a quality USB microscope on your table, this is the best option for you.

Light Weighted Device

The Jiusion 40 is the best USB microscope in terms of weight. If you check the weight of other USB microscopes available, you would figure out that they are heavier. On the other hand, Jiusion 40 has a mere weight of 0.5 lb only. The reviews of this USB microscope also highlight its less weight.

Plugable 2.0

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After Jiuson 40, Plugable 2.0 also has one of the best USB microscope cameras. Here are the other benefits that it has.

  • The Plugable 2.0 comes with a 250X magnification factor which is quite helpful if you want to view images closely.
  • This USB camera works well with Windows-based devices. It gets connected easily to a support application after which it can be used through a Windows-based smartphone or computer.
  • There is an LED light with a brightness adjustment control. The LED is built-in and can be used to increase or decrease the brightness.
  • One of the impressive features that this USB microscope has is its flexible arm. Users can change the angle of the microscope the way they want simply by twisting the arm. This makes it extremely easy to capture images from diverse angles. You do not have to loosen any screws to rotate the arm and change the angle.
  • This USB microscope is very different from the other conventional options available. It has a capacitive touch button to capture completely clear images. To take a clear picture, you simply need to tap softly and a clear image would be captured.


If you have not purchased a USB microscope in the past, you would have to go through an uphill task of researching, making comparisons and deducing results. However, on the basis of my research, you can easily get your hands on the two best USB microscopes. There is simply no need to go through numerous websites and reading through countless reviews.

Do not be hasty when you are checking the reviews of USB microscopes. Before you make a purchase or even think about it, ensure that it is the best deal you can get within your price range. Along with that, check the magnification factor so that you know how closely the images can be viewed. Ease of use is important as well and there is no need to buy a USB microscope for which you need to go through a lengthy tutorial. Lastly, do keep the price factor in check at all times. There is no point in going through USB reviews when you cannot afford the product in the first place.


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