Tablo Vs Hdhomerun | Which One Is Better?

Taking about the best TV tuners and DVRs, 2 devices come to the top. Tablo and HDHomeRun. The two of the best options to look forward to if you are finding a way to cut the cord. Our team researched both of these OTA DVR’s and tested them for weeks to come down to the following conclusion:

The Silicon Dust HDHomeRun is the best TV Tuner and DVR to invest in if you are eager to cut down the chords. It delivers free Live TV at your home, bringing you the best services of all.

Let’s review both of them side by side.

Silicon Dust HDHomeRun

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The winner between Tablo vs HDHomeRun is definitely HDHomeRun for us. It has an impeccable video and audio quality which makes it superior over Tablo in all ways. Cut the cord and forget about the TV cable too with this amazing OTA Tuner.

If you are looking for a better TV experience while cutting the cord and you also want to save money than this one is worth your money. If we compare HDHomeRun vs Tablo, then ease of setup and use is one thing that is common between both these devices. You can scan all your desired channels easily and they all tend to be crystal clear and crisp in quality.

Also, you just need to open the app and everything is literally under your control; no worries at all. The HDHomeRun app guide is a little stupid. It doesn’t offer you a proper insight on how to use it. But you will figure it out on your own pretty well.


  • 1080P HD Resolution
  • Streams to DLNA compatible devices
  • Expansion of multiple users is available
  • Pause and record
  • Watch TV on 2 devices simultaneously
  • Free OTA TV
  • HDTV Over Ethernet

Pros. & Cons.


  • It is very easy to setup
  • The picture quality is also impeccable.
  • The video and audio are crisp which makes it our favorite
  • Also, it is very easy to use


  • The instruction manual is a bit confusing and it might take a while to understand it

Who is this for?

Between Tablo vs HDHomeRun, Silicon Dust HDHomeRun is perfect for tech-savvy people. If you are greedy for good image, video and audio quality then this is the ultimate choice to make, without any doubts. It has superb quality in terms of resolution and actually brings you the perfect Live TV Broadcast experience that you are in search of.

Why is it the best?

After a detailed comparison of Tablo vs HDHomerun, we adored the latter more for the following reasons:

Its ease of use had swept our feet away!! It was super easy to set up. All you have to do is to plug in the antenna and the power and plug your device into a router through an Ethernet cable. Also, it comes with an app support which aids you in controlling everything in a much easier manner. Thus, its user-friendliness will have you in love with it.

The most important factor for deciding whether a TV tuner and DVR is worth it or not is its picture quality. This is where the HDHomerun stands out and provides you with the best image quality of all. Comparing HDHomeRun vs Tablo, we can certainly say that Homerun has a better image resolution and quality overall.

Also, we love it because it is compatible with IOS and Android both. You can use both the apps equally well. We have tried the Live Channels app on Android and we got up to 170 channels. We also tried the Channels App from iTunes and its performance was also impeccable with the HDHomeRun. Therefore, the apps function pretty well and are not disappointing at all.

TABLO (Our 2nd Choice)

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The second runner up in the battle amongst Tablo vs HDHomerun, is Tablo. It is a good option to make and we consider it the second best option to choose.

Why is it not the ultimate best?

Here are some reasons why we considered Tablo to be our 2nd best choice and not the ultimate one amongst Tablo vs HDHomeRun.

  • If you are a tech savvy person, this might not be your best bet. First of all, Tablo is incapable of offering you the top-notch quality that a broadcast TV has to offer to you. The video streaming is capped up to 10MBPS which never allows it to push further from its limitations.
  • Another thing that didn’t let this one be the ultimate choice amongst HDHomeRun vs Tablo is that it only offers 5.1 channel surround sound support. This is actually not very impressive for people who are looking for a top-notch quality and a perfect broadcast either.

Why is it still a good choice to make?

Here are some reasons why we think that Tablo does deserve the 2nd best space in here:

  • It is very easy to set up. You wouldn’t have an issue in setting the DVR up and working. The manual is pretty easy to understand and that brings in ease of use which is an important factor to consider in any good product.
  • Also, you get a bundle of options that you can browse and record a lot of TV shows too. This is great for people who love watches a lot of seasons and want to watch new stuff all the time. You have almost no browsing limitations with the Tablo DVR.
  • Another good feature about Tablo is that it can stream TV to a variety of devices which is another major perk for a house with a lot of people in it. Everyone can stream whatever they like on their devices and they are good to go!

Thus, this is why we consider Tablo to be our 2nd best choice to make amongst HDHomeRun vs Tablo comparison.


  • Streams free broadcast HDTV
  • Manage records
  • Skip commercials
  • No HDMI

Pros. & Cons.


  • Easy to use and control
  • Easy to setup
  • Streams TV to various devices
  • A lot of different options for recording and browsing


  • It doesn’t have a commercial-skipping feature
  • Incapable of delivering the ultimate TV broadcast experience
  • You cannot surf the channels while you are watching Live TV
  • The audio quality also feels a bit sturdy and uneven

Who is this for?

If we compare the HDHomeRun vs Tablo, then the Tablo DVR is perfect for people who are not that much of a technology geek. The type of downfalls that we experience in Tablo in terms of quality is a little too much for any tech-savvy person to handle. They might not invest in it because of some setbacks that it has to offer because they are pretty much a lot for a tech geek.


Our final verdict is obvious; after a detailed comparison of HDHomeRun vs Tablo, we prefer HDHomeRun OTA Tuner overall. It is a winner without any doubt for us as it brings in great quality. We are thoroughly impressed with the picture, audio and video quality that this OTA

The tuner is capable of delivering to us. Also, it is the best way to cut the cord and enjoy wireless TV on different devices.

On the other hand, if you are not much of a tech-savvy person then Tablo might be a good choice for you from amongst Tablo vs HDHomeRun. Although we highly recommend you to invest in HDHomeRun as it is the best bet for your money. You won’t regret buying this one as Tablo has some obvious issues with its quality. You won’t be enjoying the live TV Broadcast experience with Tablo at all.

To conclude our battle between Tablo vs HDHomeRun, we have come to the final verdict that HDHomeRun is a better choice to make if you are in search of the best OTA Tuner of all. We have tested it thoroughly and we are satisfied completely.