Healing Things to Say to Your Friend After a Fight

Getting into a major row with your friend is probably one of the last things you want to do. But, it’s bound to happen. After all, you both are only human. It might be your fault. Or it might not be. Whatever the case, the bottom line is you have fallen out with your friend. Your confidant. Your partner in crime. Your shoulder to cry on. And the one you had laughing fits with.

While fights between friends are absolutely normal, they sure tend to take a toll on your mental and physical state of health.

When you fall into an argument with a friend, your initial reaction will most definitely be anger. However, at the end of the day you too are well aware that they’re your special human and you’ve got to fix the bond between you two.

Sometimes when actions cannot be used, you have to use your words to heal relationships. And the same is the case when you and your friend get into a rift. Words sometimes can do the magical job of filling gaps and when you find yourself in such a situation, they’re your best friend. Words that are constructed with love, care, and kindness can help you reconstruct the broken bond between you two.

11 Things To Heal Up The Bond With Your Friend After a Fight

Why Is My Friend Ignoring Me?

Saying the right things at the right time will make sure that you make peace with your best friend. Here are a few ideas to get you started on the road to peace.

1- Get your apologies sorted

Tell your friend that you’re sorry about what happened. It may require the murdering of your ego, but a minute taken out to apologize to your friend can do wonders.

A heartfelt apology costs nothing, but it will rekindle the love in your friend’s heart and build a bridge between you two.

Admit your shortcomings without holding back.

2- Tell Them What They Mean to you

Nothing feels better than knowing your value in a loved one’s life. If you can’t imagine losing your best friend then let them know how important they are to you.

Tell them that you value them too much to lose them over a stupid argument.

Insist on making peace with them because your friendship is too precious for you.

Explain to them that your bond with them is very close to your heart and that you don’t want to ruin it after it has come under the rubble of misunderstanding.

3- Remember all the Good Times You’ve Had Together

Remember all the Good Times With Your Friend

Reminisce about the good times that the both of you have spent together and the countless memories you’ve made.

Remembering the good times will make your friend want to restore things to how they were.

Tell your best friend you want to make more of such memories together.

Convince them to give your friendship another chance for old time’s sake. And to fix what has been broken.

4- Be All Ears

Nothing mends a broken relationship like a listening ear. Let your friend know that you are there to listen to whatever they want to talk about.

Offer your ear and be willing to discuss the matter at hand in a civilized manner. Let it be known that there will be no judgement, annoyance, or tiredness in listening to them.
Even if they want to scream out at you, let them. Allow them to shout, rant, complain or even cry.

Make them feel that they are being listened to. It will help you both to renew your bond and be friends again.

5- Understand that All Relationships Have Bad Days

Friends not talking to each other

A perfect friendship is a myth. All genuine relationships have their fair share of good and bad days.

Make your friend realize that your friendship is just going through a rough patch and there will be sunshine after the storm.

This will help in regaining their trust and rebuilding your broken bond.

Secondly, make every possible effort for getting your bond out of this pit.

Let your friend know that your friendship has survived through a lot and together, you both can save your bond and restore it to what it was before.

6- Forgive And Forget

This mantra will get you out of anything and everything.

To forgive and forget is the best thing you can do after a fallout with your best friend.

Convey it to your friend that you are not ready to let your bond go.

And that you are ready to put everything behind and start anew.

Dumping the negatives will give your friendship the boost that it needs.

7- Tell Them You Love Them

Apologize to your friend properly

Saying “I love you” never hurts anyone.

Coming from someone special, these magical words are sometimes all that you need to save your bond from dying.

Tell your friend that even though you guys are not on the best of terms at the moment but you still love them.

And that no matter what happens you will never stop loving and caring for them.

After all, you can’t stop loving someone who has given you innumerable good times.

8- Tell Them You Miss Them

Expressing yourself in the most transparent way possible should be your go to.

Your best friend is your partner in crime.

The rock that keeps you grounded.

Let them know that their friendship is your happy place.

Express to your friend that you miss being together.

That you miss the laughter you shared together. The drama you went through and the crazy adventures you had together.

Tell them that you miss them and want to get back together and revive your bond to its original level of awesome.

9- Project Willingness to Make Amends

He plays hard to get

Be flexible when trying to win back your best friend. Let them feel like you are ready to change.

Let them see an even better friend in you.

Be everything for your friend that you want you want your friend to be for you.

Tell them that you are willing to make every effort you can to save your memories together and make even more of them.

Your willingness to evolve for the sake of your friendship will help your best friend to see how much you cherish their friendship.

And they are more likely to have greater faith in the bond you both share.

10- Communication is key

Communicate, Communicate, and communicate some more.

Because it is undoubtedly the key to all happy relationships. Period.

Sit down and talk to them properly. Try to figure it our together where things went wrong and what should be done differently from now on.

It’s a fact that discussing things face to face tends to remove any misconceptions and you should do the same.

Tell them that your friendship is something you look forward to everyday and you want to keep doing that all your life.

Let them know that you are aware of the damage you’ve done to your bond and that you regret it immensely, but you need their help to make things better.

Communicate to your friend that you do not want the two of you to be bitter about one another.

11- Make promises and keep them

Calm down a person

Promises are the special ingredients that keep the spark alive in any relationship. Make delightful little promises to your bestie and keep them too.

Promise them that you will leave no stone unturned in securing your friendship.

Promise each other to never give up on your bond, no matter what befalls you, ensure that you will not let go of your special person without putting up a fight.

And at times when you guys do fall out, live up to your promises and give your best friend solid proof that you indeed keep to your word.

All is Not Lost Even After a Fight

Ups and downs and fights are normal occurrences in any real relationship. Do not let a temporary dispute end your friendship. Friends are pillars of strength in our lives.

Even when you have a nasty fight deep down you know you can’t do without your best friend. So whenever you fall out with your friend it’s important to quickly sort things out.

Always bear in mind the positives of your friendship. And focus on the things that keep you glued together rather than the issues that caused you to fall out.

It doesn’t matter who started the fight. Simply apologize and do not prolong your dispute, because no fight is worth losing your friendship over. Celebrate every moment of your friendship.

Instead of coming up with mean and sarcastic remarks to say to your friend after a fight, make use of healing comments which will help you to bring comfort and peace to their heart and to your bond too.