Automatic Tracking Cameras That Follow Your Movement

Automatic Tracking Cameras That Follow Your Movement: After a thorough review and discussion about the features of our top 5 “Your personal Camera-man” cameras, we loved the Soloshot 3. It’s not just about its stylish body and cool specs, it’s a standout in our top picks, and we love how it works.

But the main decision also depends on your needs and especially budget. So, you can consider our other picks as well. (I’d persoanlly go with Pixio Robot Cameraman (see below))

All these cameras here constantly survey your movements automatically. Simply place the GPS on let’s say a drone and these cameras will follow you.

Soloshot3 Optic

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The SOLOSHOT 3 is a well-constructed robotic filming product that allows you to capture photos and make videos of the action from up to 2,000-ft. away.

Especially design for sports, this captures the real-time fast moments of your actions.

Either it’s a sports game or a birthday party, this fantastic device is all you need if you want to track your events automatically.

The camera captures the action in 4K and 30 Hertz, which is more than enough for high-quality pictures and videography. Although 60 Hz would have been better with 4k.

But still there’s another option to shoot in 120 Hz with 1080p resolution.

Other than that, it has a 65x zoom range and includes three specialty modes, which include the 12MP photo bursts, motion time-lapse, and astrophotography mode to suit your needs.

Another useful feature is the addition of SOLOSHOT edit, an automated highlight-finding software built into the base that intelligently finds and pulls highlights from your clips.

It saves so much time of going through footage and allows you to mark a highlight in real-time.

Then there is cloud sharing.

The clips can be uploaded to your cloud and then shared on your favorite social network sites.

Moreover, the SOLOSHOT app has just leveled up your game by live-streaming your camera feed. All you need to do is to merely invite friends, family, and fans to join the SOLOSHOT community to view your live stream.

It also has a Touch Screen. It is equipped with a built-in touchscreen interface for more intuitive navigation.

An exciting feature of this camera is also its OLED screen, which is the latest and most efficient one available in the industry.

It also has an overall Strong Design. It comes with a wearable that is shock resistant and waterproof, thus ensures the durability of the product.

It also comes with an adjustable base, as this cam has a robotic base that can provide 360° continuous horizontal rotation & 60° vertical tilt to capture all around you.

Battery time is also great: Its lithium-ion battery provides an excellent battery time of 4 hours, which means you can take it to your adventurous journeys without any worry of charging.

Quick look at its pros and cons:


  • It is available in both Optic65 and Optic25 cam sizes
  • This solo shot cam measures only 3 x 7.8 x 3.2 inches and can easily fit in all your bags
  • Due to its lightweight, it is incredibly portable
  • Auto pan, tilt & zoom for live streaming
  • Intuitive touchscreen control on the base
  • Can be easily connected to Wi-Fi
  • The battery lasts up to hours
  • Multi-mode for tracking multiple tags
  • Built-in Soloshot cloud and edit software


  • A bit pricey

Soloshot3 is a perfect due to its leading-edge technology amazing features and functions that make it awesome and worth buying.

Its Optic65 is recommended if you want your photos to be of exceptionally high quality. But if you are a low on budget, Optic25 is not a bad choice too.

OBSBOT Tail camera:

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The OBSBOT tail is the world’s first auto directing camera that is powered by an advanced AI tracking system and can be used for a variety of purposes.

It has ½.3’’ Sony CMOS 12.40MP sensor and a Hoya 3.85mm-13.4mm, F2.4-F5 lens, and a processor with HiSilicon Hi3559A chip.

Its main purpose is to record things or subjects when moving around without an operator.

That is why it is called as a ‘set and forget’ camera and this feature help YouTubers to easily record videos whenever and wherever making it a top of the line vlogging camera.

It’s AI technology helps in deep visual subjects tracking, recognition, posture estimation, behavioral estimation tracking, and focus shooting up to 40 meters away. It has the ability to re-track a subject even if it is lost in a complex environment.

It introduces portrait composition and position estimation to a smart videography system that performs autonomous optimization and accurately detects humans as well as pets.

Its power gesture feature allows users to access a variety of functions in an AI videography.

You can unlock over 30 control possibilities along with a launchpad.

Sony CMOS sensor and Hoya optical lens support 3.5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom, 240fps slow-motion feature, and 4k 60fps quality shooting.

This bot has a three-axis gimbal platform that effectively stabilizes the images, and its 360-degree lock-free horizontal pan achieves a maximum speed of 180/s which ensures rapid video coverage

It’s studio app supports real-time image transmission as it helps you with filters and editing, 3D-LUT color matching, and sharing on the go.

But still we really missed the built in mic here, and also, we think its still a little bit expensive.

Swivl C Series Robot:

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It is the most advanced, easy-to-use video capturing tool in the industry specially designed for students and teachers.

This robotic camera does the job for you with precise audio and high-resolution video.

It can connect to four microphones, and you can control it with any markers as it is only one touch away to record the presentations and interactions.

You can place this rotating camera in any location, and it will follow you for video and audio. It has a FERPA/COPPA compliant video skill development cloud platform for students and teachers.

It follows you with great sound and provides professional-quality video with its Lightning Interface feature.

It easily connects with four markers (microphones) simultaneously, and you can control it with any of the connected markers just with a touch of a button.

It has a redesigned audio technology DCET that gives high-quality sound and a better connection.

And it has an extended battery life of 6 hours.


It’s base and cloud software are to be bought separately. And it’s one camera that has a range of only 32 ft so these 2 things could have gotten better here.

GigaPan EPIC 100 Robotic Camera Mount:

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GigaPan EPIC 100 empowers the small DSLR cameras to capture high gigapixel images.

EPIC 100 snaps the photos and automatically arranges them in rows and columns.

With its multiple shutter feature, it allows you to capture up to 9 images of a specific position or location.

It is compatible with almost all of the devices and we had no issues over there.

It also offers a good enough display wich has a big 2-line monochrome LCD.

And speaking of Battery, with its 6 AA Batteries, it can capture 1000 images when fully charged.

It also allows panoramic view, its fixed and focuses shots, so you can capture up to 20 pictures per minute. (It also supports 360-degree panoramic and 90-degree tilt motion).

We also really likes its start/delay feature which sets a time before each panorama shot. Timer can be set up to 5 minutes.

(The only thing we disliked here was its weight).

Move N See Pixio Robot Cameraman:

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Pixio is a robot camera that films moving targets both indoor and outdoor.

Its automated zoom feature works by catching signals even from the smartwatches.

It can film and zoom without the aid of any camera-man.

You can film horse riding, sport, pastors, conferences, and any event with complex surroundings using this robot camera.

  • Indoor and outdoor tracking
  • Range of 330ft / 100 meters
  • Designed for your third-party camera (SONY, CANON)
  • Automatic ZOOM capability
  • Live streaming capability
  • Proven technology

If you are looking for a similar technology in your budget that does a work of auto tracker, this is the right one for you.

Things to consider before buying Auto tracking cameras:

Auto tracking camera buying guides
  • Brand value
  • Specification and features
  • Product value
  • Product price
  • Customer reviews and ratings
  • Quality and durability
  • Performance

These automatic tracking cameras and, in general, are what you are looking for.

These can track and follow you and other objects.

You can use them to capture sports games, events, and buildings.

If you are a travel person or vlogger, these are perfect for you.

To sum up everything here:

Besides Soloshot, we also discusses other budget picks.

For something handy that will aid your device in capturing perfect shots, then GigaPan EPIC 100 Robotic Camera, Mount, and Movi Cenemic robot camera are the best.

If we talk about the other products we viewed, they are perfect for travelers.

They are budget-friendly yet ensure high-quality performance and HD results.

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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