Send These Comforting Messages to a Friend Who is Sad

We often find ourselves in situations where a friend is going through something and we aren’t sure how to comfort them. It is easier to make a person feel better when you are with them but it can be difficult when you are far away. While distance does make the heart feel fonder, it has also made it hard for us to cope with things on our own.

Whether it’s because of distance, social distancing, or other commitments, we as a modern generation have turned to text messages to communicate. When a friend is sad, you can send them a text saying you’re sorry about their struggle, that it is okay to feel this way, and they should take their time to heal.

Let them know you are there with them if they need to talk or need anything at all.

Remind them to be easy on themselves and also how strong they are and how great they’re doing despite everything.

Remind them of what they have conquered in the past.

Give them hope that things will not stay the same forever and will surely get better.

Most importantly, remind them how much they mean to you and everyone in their life.

15 Messages you can send to comfort a friend

1) “I’m sorry about what you’re going through, I hope things get better soon”

Acknowledge what your friend is going through.

Make them feel like you hear them, recognize the debacle they are in, and empathize with them.

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It will help your friend feel seen and understood.

Let them know that you are sorry about the situation they are in.

At the same time, show your friend that you mean well for them.

Let them know that you wish things were not this way and that you hope with all your heart that the situation blows over, things get better, and it puts an end to their sadness.

PS, you can also sent them a video:

2) “It’s okay to be feeling this way”

When a person is sad, they may feel guilty for a number of reasons. Sometimes people think that they do not have the right to be sad with all the blessings they have.

It stems from the feeling of low self esteem, gnawing at the legitimacy of their emotions. Sometimes they feel like they should not be upset about the situation they are in because many people have it worse.

Sometimes the situation is so complicated, that they try to repress their emotions and in doing so, start acting different.

For these reasons, it is essential to let your friend know that it is alright to be feeling all these things.

They need to be reminded that all they are feeling is natural and normal and that they should not make themselves feel worse by invalidating their feelings.

3) “Give yourself time to process things and heal”

Often when we are sad, we do not take the time to really understand what is bothering us.

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Rather than taking the time to process and analyze what it really is that is making us feel low, we let the quick pace of our life take us with the flow and do not pay attention to the problem.

Rather than taking the time to fully heal, we put our thoughts and feelings at the back of our minds.

When we do this, we do not fully heal on the inside, which is why it is important to remind your friend to do so.

Remind them to take the time to process the situation they are in and what they are feeling and let them-self heal, rather than thinking they will be fine and moving past it like it is nothing.

4) “I hope you feel better soon”

When a person is sad, sometimes all they need is a little support. They need a reminder that there is someone who is there for them and is rooting for them.

They need to be reminded that there is someone who cares that they are feeling low, and hopes that it passes and they can emerge feeling stronger, better, and happier.

You can remind your friend of this by letting them know that you sincerely hope their pain goes away and they feel better soon.

This not only lets them know that you mean well for them, but also that they can possibly be feeling better soon.

5) “Let me know if there is anything I can do for you”

When we are in a tough situation, we need the support of our loved ones more than ever.

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More often than not, what helps us pull through is their support.

When we have someone who is willing to do just about anything they can to make things better for us, passing the busiest road can get easier too.

Aside from the help, this also lets us know that we are not alone and that we have someone who wants to help and support us in all kinds of ways.

If you remind your friend of this, they will know to reach out to you if they need anything at all and it might make things easier for them to cope with.

6) “I am here if you want to talk about it”

Talking about one’s struggles makes them easier to deal with. At times, what we really need to heal quicker is to let out all that we are holding in and confide our thoughts and feelings in someone we trust.

This also makes one’s heart feel lighter. At other times, the other person has some advice to offer which turns out to be the answer to our struggle.

If your friend is sad, you should let them know that you are there if they want to talk about it. This will let them know that you are willing to listen and be there for them.

This will keep them from being hesitant when reaching out.

7) “We will get through this together”

When a person is struggling, the circumstances can make them feel very alone. They may be left feeling like they do not have anyone who is there for them.

They may also feel like their problems are too many or too overwhelming and they cannot deal with them all on their own.

To ease your friend’s mind and impart more strength into them, let them know that you are going to get them through this.

This will let them know that they are not alone and also that they do not have to face their struggles alone, that you will be right by their side, supporting them through and through.

8) “Don’t be so hard on yourself”

If your friend is in a situation that is constantly getting them down or hindering their daily lifestyle, it is probably making them feel worse about it.

If they feel like they should not be feeling this way about the situation, that they should be dealing with it better, or that they should be over it by now, or that they should be doing more, it could be making them feel worse.

In such a situation, it is important to remind your friend to take it easy and not be so hard on them-self.

Remind them that it is human to struggle and they cannot always be at their best.

9) “You are doing great”

Your friend may be feeling like they are not dealing with the situation as well as they should or that they are not doing enough to fix things.

They may also feel worthless for not doing enough.

When your friend is sad, let them know how great they are doing. Let them know that anyone in the situation they are in would be struggling as much as they are.

Remind them that what they are dealing with is a lot and somehow despite that, they are still doing pretty amazing.

10) “You’re stronger than you think you are”

Because of the overwhelming nature of the situation and because of how stressed out and upset they might be feeling, your friend could be thinking that they are not very strong.

They may feel like they are not strong enough to deal with what they are going through and cannot make it through it.

This is why when your friend is struggling, you should emphasize that they are stronger than they think they are.

Remind them that even though they may not feel like they are strong enough to deal with their struggle, their strength is still present within and they will see it emerge in time.

11) “I am proud of the person you are and the person you are becoming”

Sadness can be coupled with feelings of worthlessness.

When we are low and struggling, it brings thoughts of not being good enough for not accomplishing all that we should have, for not conquering our troubles, and for not maintaining our relationships as we should.

One thing that would really bring your friend comfort in this situation is knowing that they are still incredible and are not disappointing the ones around them.

Let them know you are proud of who they are and also who they are becoming over time.

12) “As someone who has conquered so much in the past, there is nothing you cannot deal with”

Something that can help your friend when their struggles and sadness become too much is remembering all of the things they have dealt with in the past.

Remind them of a time when they felt really low before and thought it would not get easier and somehow they still conquered it and emerged stronger than ever.

Remind your friend that you remember everything they have faced with courage in the past.

Let them know that you believe that you can deal with the current struggle just like they did with the others.

13) “Things are going to get better very soon”

When we are at a low point in life, all we want is for the pain to be over and when it gets too severe, we just do not want to deal with it any longer.

Whether it is because we are tired of dealing with the problems or because we feel we are not strong enough to deal with them, we just need them to be over.

Remind your friend is that things will not be this difficult for too long and that they will get to see better days very soon. This reminder can be a source of comfort.

14) “Things will not be this way forever”

In struggles that last long, it can be difficult to think of a time when things might be better.

In situations like these, we need a reminder that things do not always stay the same and that either our situation will improve or it will stop affecting us as much as the time passes.

Help your friend find comfort in the fact that this sadness and struggle are temporary and there are going to be a lot of better times in the future.

15) “You’re very important to me and everyone else in your life”

Since sadness is often accompanied by feelings of unworthiness, your friend may feel insignificant as a result of it.

They may not feel like they are important to this world or to the people in their life.

Let your friend know how much they mean to you. Let them know how much you care for them and that they are a vital part of your life.

Remind them of the special place they hold in the world and in the hearts of the people in their life.

To conclude:

A good friend is someone who is there for their friends when they are sad or struggling.

If your friend is sad, they need you to be there for them and help them find comfort.

Even if you cannot physically help your friend get over their pain, keeping close to them through texting and dropping a supportive text here and there will definitely let them know that you have their back.