Top 6 Landscape Architecture Firms in California

Landscape architecture is, often, the forgotten profession of the development industry.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Architecture firms do work precisely but are still neglected as they deserve importance as well. They blend nature and man-made resources to bring a change in the community.

Indeed, the discipline should be regarded as an important part of the built environment, as some of the most iconic designers in history can attest to. Peter Walker, who called himself a landscape architect, once said:

“Landscape architecture as high art, firmly grounded in the natural sciences.”

Not only this, the famous personality which we all know about, Zaha Hadid stated that: “I started out trying to create buildings that would sparkle like isolated jewels; now I wanted them to connect, to form a new kind of landscape, to flow together with contemporary cities and the lives of their people.”

Architects are artist who designs the surrounding and buildings so precisely and beautifully which add colors and beauty to surrounding and environment.

Landscape architecture is the chemistry of man-made design and natural surroundings.

Things to consider while looking into the architecture firms

Things to consider while looking into the architecture firms

At the point when you are investigating employing a landscape architect or a site design team, regardless of whether you’ve experienced the cycle previously, ensure you pose these significant eleven inquiries. From the design process, to expense structure and timeline so that it’s easy for you at the end who to select and why to select.

Selecting the top best firms in California, I’ve kept in mind the following eleven things so that it’s easy for me to finalize what I want:

  • The Value of Integrated Services
  • Design process
  • Communication
  • Technical challenges
  • How much can be accomplished now, or ever?
  • When can they start
  • Cost determination
  • Contractor
  • Design-build
  • Estimated cost
  • Coordination and interaction

Firm 1: CMG Landscape Architecture

CMG Landscape Architecture

“Equity in Landscape Architecture”

CMG is a mission-orientated landscape architecture studio in San Francisco, California founded in 2000; working to increase social and ecological wellbeing through creative design.

It works on a vast range of initiatives, project scales, and types, as a single overarching project of improving communities.

People have ranked it as one of the best firms due to their punctuality, quality, responsiveness they deliver to their clients.

Client’s satisfaction is their prior goal.

Their work differs them from others on basis of punctuality and presentation of work, we think that their work is outstanding keeping in mind what people want from them.

By bringing in change through working on the lands pe is surely a great blessing to our population and society.

Their unique design, preservation of nature, and motivation toward their work adds glamour to our landscape and by receiving the 2020 Preservation Design Award for Rehabilitation from California Preservation Foundation they have proved that whoever wants to achieve their goals they achieve it.

Not only this they have promoted campaigns to support the public park so that children and the elderly can enjoy their peacetime.

Landscape conservation, gardening, and landscaping technology and garden preservation by their project ideas help the eco-system by decreasing carbon dioxide and improving the well-being of people around them so that people can enjoy life.

Decent architecture designs and the color scheme of their project attract the surrounding people and one who has to receive output from them surely encourages them through praising their work.

Working as a team of 10-49 people and each putting some thought and promoting their company have raised them to the best firms in the world.

People like SMEs, Medium size businesses, and enterprises usually hire this firm for their project. CME has projected many cafes, Van Ness Rooftops, Market streets, Brannan, Parks, Waterfront Vision, Hospital fronts, Flats, and much more.

Firm 2: SALT Landscape Architects

SALT Landscape Architects

“Humanize the city”

SALT Landscape Architects is a Los Angeles-based design studio founded in 1994 that creates enduring, appealing, and advanced landscapes at the client’s budget.

The firm’s name, derived from “salt of the earth,” reflects the grounding and site-specific nature that they aim for in all of their projects.

Their projects are well-desiand landscapes that convey poetic, lively, developing, and ecologically sensitive designs.

Close to nature and from their firm’s name, we can understand how close they are towards natural habitat.

If we put a glimpse towards their project it gives coolness and calmness to our eyes. After a positive and pleasant response and reviews of people

They’ve made several attractive projects e.g. People street, Croft, Fig House, Birdview, Temple Israel, Green Alleyways, Covina Community, and Retirement Center, Riyadh Metro, Parks, and much more.

Their projects are close to nature and sober looking.

The way they transform the landscape and put life in their work has one person’s heart.

Everyone appreciates their professionalism and quality of work.

There are no words to appreciate their work. “It’s just flawless”!

They have excellent team leadership experience, and strong skills in grading, drainage, and construction detailing.

Employees are self-motivated, self-directed, well organized, possess strong communication skills, and problem solver.

Client’s needs and the requirement is their first intention.

Firm 3: McCullough Landscape Architecture, Inc.

McCullough Landscape Architecture, Inc.

“Gardens are for people”

David McCullough opened McCullough Landscape Architecture, Inc., in June of 1999 with a vision of generating passionate design and user-oriented spaces.

They merge context and creative passion with determination, depth, and grace.

Their design philosophy is entrenched in empathy, community, and the human spirit engaged in nature.

Come let’s step forward and have a look at what this firm gives us an idea about it. Something adventurous or related to nature.

By doing many projects like commercial, hospitality, institutional, community, and on the table projects, but all in respect to nature and to harming the color, beauty, and surrounding.

After viewing their work I can surely say that “the beauty in nature is in its imperfection.”

Looking at rare ideas and work, we can say that they are on our top list if we are planning to engage ourselves in nature. They are surely close to the environment, nature, and by keeping all this in mind, they do their client’s work.

Their work brings a big smile to customer’s faces and fascinated others also who see that work. It gives a positive reflection, peace, motivation, and excitement.

David McCullough has beautiful creative designs. He does his work with love and not in the desire for money. He designs architecture after listening to the customer’s point of view in the same way as salt and pepper add taste to your dish, his ideas add a smile to the is customer’s face.

Team of smart and intelligent people with beautiful and attractive work.

Firm 4: Zeterre Landscape Architecture

Zeterre Landscape Architecture

“Every Green Spaces makes people happy”

Zeterre Landscape Architecture was founded in 2003. They fulfill customer’s wish with no matter what’s the size of project, they’ll listen to you on every step of the way to ensure that the end product (your gardens) exceeds your expectations, is completed on time & budget, as well as add value to your home.


Zeterre’s design garden to be an expression of the homeowner’s lifestyle, the home architecture, as well as complements its interior design. Their goal is to make all of these important elements flow together unconditionally with their unique Zeterre contemporary twist.


Zeterre’s work is based on residential, hospitality, and equestrian projects. They follow a great union and twists.They always take their assignment as something unusual, memorable, and always with elements of surprise. The delicacy and twist added to projects lighten them.


Excellent lifestyle, we assure that people are right about their work and we’ll give a big round of a pause after seeing their work. Highly recommended if you want someone who listens to your ideas and presents to you just the way you like it. In the end, what matters is the customer’s satisfaction.


The traditional landscape architecture for very modern gardens. Change from indoor to outdoor then your first choice should be Zeterre Landscape Architecture.

Firm 5: PGAdesign Landscape Architects

PGAdesign Landscape Architects

“Creating Significant Landscapes”

PGAdesign Landscape Architects founded in 1979.

Come let’s pack our bags and visit Oakland, the land of timber, take a moment and imagine your place with the beauty of wood and nature.

They deal with creating landscapes of cultural significance.

After amazing work they have created and served for almost 40 years, they are experienced and can understand customers’ thoughts.

People love their work, after seeing their projects and artwork, we can just say one thing, “Wow”!

They’ve done a dozen projects but a few of their masterpiece are Lakes Senior Housing, Downtown Educational Complex, 55 Ninth Street, and Dublin/Pleasanton BART Transit Village. The firm has been involved in a broad collection of public and private projects, including parks, plazas, and schools, multifamily housing, transit corridors, urban development, historic preservation, and master plans. Their work has been recognized with local, state, and national awards.

What outstanding work! Don’t you think so?

It’s a complete box of a package with collaboration and creativity.

Their way of thinking and working is beyond words and explanations.

They are master of environmental surroundings, inclusive design, urban place making, and joyful engagement with communities, culture, and history. They’ve grown by focusing on innovative solutions for the commercial landscape market and focusing on our customers’ success!

Firm 6: Pamela Burton & Company

Pamela Burton & Company

“A doctor can bury his mistakes but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.”

It’s a small, women-owned firm, PB&Co is committed to furthering landscape architecture and its interrelationships between art, architecture, and the environment was found in 1975.

The renowned landscape architecture firm that integrates the disciplines of art, architecture, and landscape.

They offer comprehensive landscape design for civic, institutional, commercial, and residential clients. They are an internationally recognized and respected landscape architecture firm that specializes in integrating the disciplines of art, architecture, and landscape. Championed by a team of professional landscape architects and designers.

They’ve offered several assignments such as Single Family Residential, Multi-Family/Mixed-Use, Education, Healthcare, Commercial, Civic, Cultural, Streetscapes.

“I admire elegance and have an appreciation of the finger things in life. But to me, beauty lies in simplicity.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the list of landscape architecture firms in California?

    1. CMG Landscape Architecture
    2. SALT Landscape Architects
    3. McCullough Landscape Architecture, Inc.
    4. Zeterre Landscape Architecture
    5. PGAdesign Landscape Architects
    6. Pamela Burton & Company

Foundation of a list of landscape architecture firms in California?

    1. CMG Landscape Architecture (2000)
    2. SALT Landscape Architects (1994)
    3. McCullough Landscape Architecture, Inc. (1999)
    4. Zeterre Landscape Architecture (2003)
    5. PGAdesign Landscape Architects (1979)
    6. Pamela Burton & Company (1975)

Which landscape architecture firm in California has done most of the projects?

    • CMG Landscape Architecture

Which is the oldest architecture company?

    • Pamela Burton & Company

Where are the mentioned firms located?

    1. CMG Landscape Architecture: San Francisco, CA
    2. SALT Landscape Architects: Los Angeles, CA
    3. McCullough Landscape Architecture, Inc.: San Diego, CA and Fremont, CA
    4. Zeterre Landscape Architecture: San Francisco, CA and Menlo Park, CA,
    5. PGAdesign Landscape Architects: Oakland, CA
    6. Pamela Burton & Company: Santa Monica, CA

Ending Note

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”

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