10 Cool Secrets To Tell Someone

Have you ever been asked to share one of your secrets while playing truth or dare game with your friends? Well, we all have been there…

This question will make some of us crack a smile, some would go down the memory lane remembering something they never told anyone about and some will get flashbacks of that embarrassing incident they would never want to discuss. It would not be wrong to say that all of us have secrets of our own. 

When it comes to sharing, we often find ourselves confused about the extent to which we want to disclose ourselves to others.

Secrets are considered to be very personal thus revealing them to someone is tough yet it can be fun at times as well as a source to develop a stronger bond with them.

If you find it hard to decide which secrets to confide in a friend or someone you have just started dating, here is an interesting list of facts you can reveal about yourself to someone you desire to develop a more close relationship with. 

Keep reading if you want to know the secrets to tell someone. But make sure you never tell these secrets to anyone.

Your embarrassing childhood incident

embarrassing childhood incident

Every one of us has done something stupid as a child, which now makes us feel embarrassed. Some of the stories are even worse than we can imagine. 

 From peeing your pants as a kindergartner in school to being forced to have a ‘make me look like a clown’ haircut because you somehow managed the bubble gum to get stuck in your hair, we all have our own share of stories to tell. 

You might have followed the most hideous fashion trends, while some of us really believed that they’re dinosaurs and werewolves with supernatural powers. 

One way you can make your conversation more interesting with someone is, share with them your childhood secrets.

It can both be fun and interesting. 

You can tell them about the myth you believed in as a kid or something you did which forced your parents to underground you for a week as punishment. 

Childhood stories can always be fun and light-hearted secrets to share with someone.

If you wonder which secret you can tell someone, just bring up your story and ask them to share if they have had such experience as well.

You find yourself laughing and cheering over your little secrets.

PS. There are so many fun Google secrets, that you may have missed.

Your Fears and Phobias

Your Fears and Phobias

No matter how grown-up we are, all of us have some phobias and something we fear. There is no shame in admitting your phobias. 

You can both be muscular and tall but you still can be afraid of heights.

You can be all grown but you still sleep with your lights turned on because you find yourself unable to sleep when it’s dark. Likewise, some of us find ourselves anxious in closed spaces. 

When you are thinking about revealing yourself to someone, it is good to share with them what makes you uncomfortable. 

You can tell them about your fears and ask them about their phobias.

This way you get to know the person better and you feel relatively more comfortable and confident with them as well. 

These phobias can be associated with some incidents in our childhood or something that happened to us long ago.

If you find it difficult to address, you can share this secret with your best friend or someone you wish to confide your untold stories in. 

Knowing each other’s insecurities is helpful in understanding someone better and developing a stronger and more trustworthy relationship where you can rely on each other for your weaknesses.

The most popular show you haven’t watched yet

The most popular show you haven’t watched yet

There is always this one TV show or a movie that is trending worldwide.

Everywhere you go, you find people discussing it, going crazy over the plot and characters.

Yet you can be ignorant enough not to watch a single episode of the show.

When it comes to sharing a secret or telling an interesting fact about yourself, you can start by mentioning that the most popular TV show you haven’t watched yet because you found it over-rated.

You would be amazed by the reactions coming. 

There can be a possibility the other person might share the same views as yours or they can also turn out to be a huge fan so this will give your conversation an interesting turn making you both share your views.

This is a good way to know each other’s tastes and likes and dislikes better.

Revealing the show you didn’t watch might not be as big of a secret but it can definitely be an interesting one. Share it with your friend and spice up your conversation with them.

That one person you cannot stand

That one person you cannot stand

Is there this annoying girl at your college who just tries to seek attention? Or is this the guy at work who just keeps putting his nose in your matters? Socialization comes with both, having dear friends as well as having irritating people in our circle.

 No matter how friendly, warm, or welcoming you are, there still always will be some person at your workplace or your college or anywhere around you, who you find annoying to the core.

We often pretend to be on good terms with that specific person while we find it hard to stand them even for a minute. We prefer to avoid them as much as we can yet there are times when we cannot, so we have to pretend to like them.

 You can share the name of that person with your best friend or that trustworthy company you just found.

When it is about revealing the unknown facts about your personality, you can share with them the name of that person you don’t feel comfortable around. This can be a  way to let them know about the kind of people you are into as well as revealing your taste to them when it comes to making friends.

The meanest thing you said to someone

The meanest thing you said to someone

Have you ever made a comment you regret later? 

If there is something you said to someone and felt embarrassed about it later, you don’t need to feel that bad. In a way or another, we all have been there at some point where our mood swings or the heat of the moment made us say stuff we didn’t want to.

If there is something you said to someone and didn’t apologize and it bothers you till now, it would be good if you share it with your best friend. Know that your best friends are someone who would listen to you without judging you.

There is this possibility that the comment you made was not as mean as you think of it or it wasn’t as bad as you feel. Sharing this secret with someone close would let you free yourself from this burden and make you feel at ease.

When we keep carrying our regrets with us, it makes us feel exhausted. So, it is better to do the venting and pour your heart out so you can free your mental space.

Your crazy habit to stalk someone

Your crazy habit to stalk someone

It would not be wrong to say being a girl comes with in-built qualities of investigating and stalking people’s profiles especially when it comes to someone that interests our best friends.

Some girls are so much into this habit of stalking that they would start with visiting the profile of that new guy next door and would find themselves on the page of their high school batch-mate hours later.

If you are someone with the same crazy stalking habits, it can both be an interesting fact and a secret you can tell someone talking about your unknown crazy ways.

You can share with your friend about the incident of how you ended up liking someone’s two years earlier picture while you were stalking them to the core and put yourself in an embarrassing situation.

It is always fun to share these crazy facts and who knows? They might ask you to help them know someone better by using your stalking skills.

Reveal your celebrity crush

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Who doesn’t fall in love with a celebrity? But some of us are crazy enough to imagine ourselves dating them in an alternate universe.

Are you among the league of those crazy heads who used to dream of marrying their celebrity crush someday? Then you can use it as a secret fact to reveal to your best friend.

Tell them how the sense of humor, their playfulness, intelligence, and the gentlemanly manners of that particular celebrity impressed you so much that you wanted to have them in your life.

All of us have dreamt crazy so what’s wrong with admitting that some particular celebrity made you fall in love with them? Embrace the fact and be proud of your crush.

That test you failed

That test you failed

Have you ever hid a test result in your bag or made a paper ball with it and hit it with your bat because you failed that test?

 We all have been afraid of letting our parents know about the exams we couldn’t perform well in, so we made the report cards vanish to keep them unaware of our grades. If you ever did this years ago, it’s time you may reveal it as no one is going to judge you for the test you couldn’t perform well in years back.

In fact, it can give you a story to tell about yourself when you are sharing your little secrets. However, be sure you don’t have another failed test while you tell the story in front of your parents which can put you in trouble turning your fun fact to a nightmare.

Your biggest insecurities

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At times, we look at the mirror to find flaws in our bodies rather than perfections. 

Many of us feel insecure when it comes to our bodies. From thinking about “I don’t feel my nose is pretty” to finding yourself not having those perfect curves, is something we all go through in a way or other.

Remember that your best friend or the one you love is always there to tell you how amazing you are.

Address your insecurities to the ones you love and trust. Rather than keeping it a secret and feeling bad about yourself, it is better to share your insecurities with those who would let you see and appreciate the beauty you have, more than your flaws.

Most of the time, these flaws in us don’t even exist. It’s just in our heads. It’s better to discuss them with someone and let go of these insecurities.

Your real dreams

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When it comes to revealing yourself to someone you love and hold dear to your heart, opening up about your dreams, ambitions, and passions in front of them is always something good to let them know about you.

Share your plans with them and let them know how much you want to have them by your side when you make those dreams happen. They will always support you and encourage you to do better.

Your loved ones are always the right choice when you need someone to talk about your secret goals. There are times when you need support and someone who can stand with you when you don’t believe in yourself. Let the ones you love and who love you, know about your passions so you can live them together.

Good or bad, small or big, all of us have some secrets to tell. Sometimes it is hard to choose what to reveal to someone and what not. There is nothing bad about sharing your embarrassing moments with someone. After all, it is just a memory to look back to and it’s time you get over them.

Your loved ones deserve that you share your ambitions, dreams, and passions with them. There is nothing wrong with sharing your secrets. It is just about finding the right kind of person to confide your secrets in.