Best Programmable Slow Cooker With Delay Start

Buying a pressure slow cooker can be a time-consuming decision but you should be sure about getting your hands on the correct product. There are certain factors which you should consider before buying your hard-earned money. One of them is the ease of use. Similarly, an ideal cooker should show the cooking temperature so that the user can increase or decrease it according to the varying cooking needs.

I have spent a lot of time highlighting the three top slow cookers with the best features.

These slow cookers offer everything that modern-day cooking demands. All you need to do is get a feel for the requirements you have the budget that you can spend.

This would assist you in picking the correct option.

For instance, if you are looking for a highly convenient cooker that can be controlled through a smartphone and you can compromise on the features, the Crock-Pot Wemo should be your pick.

This slow cooker can easily be controlled through the Wemo App and you do not need to stand next to it till your meal is done. Similarly, if you are looking for the best slow cooker for cooking large six meat pieces, my first choice would suit you.

Safety is another feature that needs attention. Unsafe cookers can cause major accidents particularly if the lid does not fit properly. The three best slow cookers listed above have been selected after studying several other alternatives. They surely offer the best features at the most economical prices.

Slow cooking brings a unique taste that’s simply incomparable. And that is why we bring you the best programmable slow cooker with a delay start. We have compiled the 3 best programmable crock pots on which you can easily set the start time and add a delay.

In this post, you will read about the finest programmable slow cookers, the quality features that they have and how you can use them to make the most delicious meals.

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Hamilton Beach (33969A)

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This is not a conventional slow cooker. You can set a certain temperature and cooking according to the meal that has to be cooked. Once the cooking process is completed, the cooker would return to warm mode.

This is the best programmable slow cooker to cook large meat pieces. It has a probe mode that is used. By using this mode, the user can cook large meat pieces at the desired temperature. The internal temperature of the food being cooked is shown to the user on the outside.

The gasket of this cooker fits on the edges with the help of clips. Thus, when you are carrying this cooker to a party, the food inside would not be spilled and create any mess.

When you are purchasing a programmable slow cooker, the process to clean is matters. This is the best surely the best programmable slow cooker when you talk about cleanliness. Once you are done with the cooking and it has cooled down, you can clean it by going through a simple process. The safety crock and glass lid are both removable and the cooker can be cleaned easily within a short time span.

The capacity of this cooker is simply amazing. You can easily cook a maximum of 6lb chicken and 4lb roast. Hamilton Beach is an ideal option if you have invited guests at home and you want to cook a delicious meal for them.

This programmable slow cooker comes with a power prevention option. For instance, if you are without power for a small duration and something is being cooked, the slow cooking process would not get interrupted. This option proves to be very helpful when there is a sudden power outage for a small time span.

The cooking modes of the best programmable slow cooker

As a user, you use three cooking modes according to your suitability and the time available to you.

  • The Probe Mode

The probe mode is ideal if you want to cook large meat pieces including chicken breasts and boneless beef steaks. Through this mode, you can select the internal temperature of the meat being cooked according to your preferences. This slow cooker with programmable start time would display the temperature of the food being cooked. After the cooking time has been completed, the cooker would automatically return to the warm mode.

  • The manual mode

The manual mode is the simplest mode and allows you to cook simply by increasing or decreasing the temperature manually. It is suitable when you have the time to be present near the cooker until the cooking has been completed. During the cooking process, you can increase or decrease the temperature according to the cooking requirements. Once the meal has been completed, simply turn the knob of the programmable slow cooker off. If you do not want to serve the food right away, turn the warm mode on so that the food does not lose its freshness.

  • The Program Mode

It is not necessary to be around and wait for the meal to be cooked if you are using this amazing slow cooker with a programmable start time. To cook a meal, you can set the temperature and time. To start with, you need to put all the ingredients and enter the cooking time that would be needed. After that, set the start time for the programmable slow cooker. When the program mode of this slow cooker is selected, the temperature increases or decreases automatically during the cooking process. When the meal has been cooked, the cooker would switch from the program mode to the WARM mode

What can you cook?

A slow cooker is mostly used for meals that get cooked gradually. Here are some key meals. dishes that can be cooked by using this amazing programmable slow cooker.

Beef Steaks and Chicken Breasts

No need to visit the restaurant if you are in the mood for scrumptious boneless meat as you can do it all at home. With the best programmable slow cooker, it is very easy. As it is mentioned above that the probe mode can be used to cook large meat pieces. If you want to treat yourself with beef steaks, chicken breasts or meat roasts, the Hamilton Beach (33969A) would prove to be ideal for you. You do not have to be an expert at using cookers. This is a simple to use a slow cooker and you can easily cook large meat pieces using it.

Delicious Desserts

It is hard to find someone that does not like to eat desserts. Apart from meat dishes and other main course meals, this slow cooker can also be used to make desserts including pies and puddings.

Key Features

This slow cooker comes with the following key features

1. Large Sized Temperature Display

When the meal is being cooked, you do not have to worry about the temperature of the food. For instance, when you are using this slow programmable cooker in the probe mode, the temperature of the food being cooked inside would be displayed outside. In this way, you would have an assurance that the meal is being cooked at the correct temperature.

2. Easy to Use temperature controls

As compared to the other slow cookers available, the temperature controls of this cooker are much simpler. You can increase or decrease the temperature by using simple controls.

3. Automatic Switching to Warm Mode

In the case of most cookers, the food gets cold and loses freshness if it is not kept warm until it is served. If you are using this impressive slow cooker with programmable start time, keeping the food warm would not be a problem for you. Once the cooking process has been completed, the cooker automatically switches to the warm mode. In other words, the food remains warm and fresh until you serve it.

Who is it for?

  • This slow cooker is for everyone who cooks at home. It has advanced features that allow you to cook everything easily. Particularly when you talk about cooking large pieces of beef and chicken, it is surely the best programmable slow cooker that you can get your hands on.
  • Are you someone who likes to hold parties at your house regularly? If yes then you do not have to spend money unnecessarily on ordering meals from the restaurant. With this amazing slow cooker, you can cook everything for you or your guests. It also has a gasket with adjustable clips that fit on the sides. This feature helps when you have to carry the cooker from one place to the other. As the gasket gets fixed, the food inside does not shake and get spoilt.

Magic Mill 8.5 Quart Slow Cooker

The Magic Mill 8.5 holds the second position on my list. It has impressive features and suits people who do not have a large pocket. This economically priced slow cooker has an approximate price of USD 62 and comes with the following features.

This programmable slow cooker has three basic temperature settings. You can select the low, high or warm features according to the cooking requirement.

There is a programmable cooking feature. If you want to perform other tasks alongside cooking, this feature works well. You can set the cooking time between 30 minutes and 20 hours as per your needs.

It is quite easy to carry this cooker as it large-sized handles for holding purposes. Along with that, the lid has tempered glass. This helps in keeping a check on the meal without lifting the lid.

The cooker has a dependable locking system. The lid fits on the lower part of the cooker through strong locks.

The timer of this cooker has a reverse timing feature. Consider that you are cooking a roast that would require 2 hours. When you set the timer for two hours, it would show you the cooking time left. This helps if you wish to serve other things alongside the main course. Consider that you want to serve salad along with the roast meat. Once the reverse timer shows 15 or 20 minutes, you can start preparing the salad so that it gets prepared in due time.

Why is it ranked second?

Durability is the key concern of this slow cooker.

  • The ceramic coating inside the cooker does not last for long. It starts melting and losing color in a few weeks.

Remove Crock Stoneware for easy cleaning

Cleaning a programmable slow cooker can prove to be a problem for users. The Magic Mill 8.5 is easier to clean because its crock stoneware can be removed. The process is quite simple. First of all, remove the lid by unclipping it from the cooker. After that, hold the stoneware from the side and pull it up. This helps in cleaning the lower base of the cooker that gets oily and dirty with the passage of time.

Crock-Pot Wemo Smart Wifi-Enabled

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According to my research, the Crock-Pot Wemo is the third-best programmable slow cooker on my list. Here are some of its features

The unit can be controlled through a smartphone-based application called Wemo. Along with that, users can always control the unit directly. For instance, if you wish to increase the cooking time, you can do it simply by using the app and being near to the unit is not necessary. This Wemo app can be used through multiple smartphone platforms including iOS and Android.

It is a spacious slow cooker with an oval shape. This makes it suitable for cooking large-sized meat pieces.

Different meals can be cooked by easily adjusting the cooking time and temperature. These changes to the programmable slow cooker can be made using the Wemo app as well as by controlling the cooker directly.

The price of this cooker is very high considering the features that it offers to the users. As compared to the other cookers available with similar or better features, it is a lot more expensive.


After a detailed and tiring research of more than 2 weeks, we have finally realized that the best programmable slow cooker is Hamilton Beach (33969A). The best slow cooker has the following features.