Best Career Matches for INFP

Best Career Matches for INFP: INFP personality at work is least concerned about how much green notes they are making. This personality is more concerned with working a job that aligns with their personal values i.e., helping others. They are excellent visioners and urge to work on projects that are important to them.

INFPs gravitate towards solving problems creatively and have a certain likeness towards complex issues. They have a special talent for solving remarkably complex issues uniquely. They rather think outside the box. Moreover, they like to come up with original ideas that help improve the living conditions of humanity.

This personality can let their feelings and values affect the decisions they make. They are extremely nonjudgmental and are always looking for a deeper meaning of the world around them. Since money does not drive or motivates them, they have no issue compromising their goals and aspirations to let others win and achieve.

The INFP introverted personality likes to work solitarily and appreciate having complete control over a project assigned to them. They are highly dedicated and passionate about finishing the task they have started. However, a team that is similarly committed to the main goal and has similar traits as an INFP is a team they can work well with.

They move away from competitive workplaces that do not share the same values as they do. A cooperative and flexible workplace is where they thrive. An INFP seeks freedom to work towards their idealistic visions.

INFPs enjoy a creative or a humanitarian oriented career that will allow them to work autonomously, use their excellent communication skills and sense of empathy with problem solving skills. An INFP will drain in a career path that does not align with their personal values or restricts their thinking process.

Keeping in mind the work habits and personal traits of an INF, below is a list of twenty best career matches for an INFP:

Arts and Creativity


Artists create animations, sketches, illustrations, or graphic designs for clients such as multiple organizations and companies or single clients.

An artist works solo and in a quiet place. This suits the personality of an INFP as they do not prefer working in teams, loud and restricted workplaces. Artists just like an INFP prefer all the freedom they can get in order to express themselves in an artistic creative manner to produce unique pieces of art.

An INFPs natural eye for aesthetics helps them add beauty to their work. In addition, since an INFP is invested in emotions and empathy they can use emotions as a source of motivation. Furthermore, their excellent communication skills help them create masterpieces according to their client’s needs. INFP personality is expected to thrive as artists.

Music Composer

Music Composers write or direct different genres of music. They work with other music composers, the media industry, or alone. They teach and learn how to play multiple musical instruments and create music.

A music composer’s strength is to be creative. Luckily INFPs strength is also creativity. INFP as a music composer makes unique and creative music. This not only motivates them but also their audience. In addition, their excellent communication skills help them get in touch with what their client exactly wants.

Lastly, an INFPs naturally empathic self adds emotions to their music. Music composer may be an in spotlight job, but it fits an INFP well.


Acting is a type of art. Actos play characters on television. They portray characters written by scriptwriters and have a whole production crew to bring the character to life on tv screens.

Actors are never alone; they constantly have multiple teams they are working with. But since each team’s goal is to produce and finish the media being created, an INFP has no issue working with teams, as they all have the same goal.

An actor’s timings and work tasks are very flexible. This does not restrict them and gives them complete freedom. Besides, an INFP is so tapped into their emotions they are excellent while acting different kinds of emotions and bring them to a life well. An INFPs skill to be creative and passionate motivates them to act.

Not only do they convey their dialogues well because of their excellent communication skills, but they also can entertain the audience.

Fine Artists

Fine artists are a kind of artist that uses sculpting, painting, or drawing as a form of art. They work client based, with museums or art galleries.

INFPs are extremely creative beings. This allows them to tap into their creativity and create exceptional art that captures the eyes of interested individuals. Moreover, their emotional side allows them to showcase their emotions through their art.

Their good communication skills allow them to talk to their client about the sort of art they need. This enables them to have a better insight into their client’s demands and they create exactly what their clients need.

This career path is flexible and does not hold back an INFP. It gives them complete freedom to express themselves and their clients through art.


An editor here is specifically for writing editors. These professionals support writes by improving the writings and providing feedback. They provide notes, critiques, polish the work of writers, and have excellent writing skills.

INFPs will fit as editors because they work independently and in quiet workspaces. Their routine is very flexible, and they are not constricted behind a desk. Furthermore, an INFPs creative mind allows them to edit workpieces finely. This job may not be humanitarian centered but it gives them the ability to be free and use their sense of unearthing deep meaning to life creatively. The job path as an editor is compatible with an INFP.

Health Care and Counselling

Guidance Counselor

Schools are stressful, even for smart kids. Hence, guidance counselors are professionals at the school level. They offer counseling on how to handle stress, pressure, school life, family life, and an active lifestyle without burning out. These counselors also help with maintaining school grades and applying or universities.

This career path is excellent for an INFP personality because they are empathic and kind. They desire to help people and are excellent listeners. Their communication skills allow them to build healthy connections with the students who need help. This allows them to gain a better insight and help the students.

A guidance counselor is a one on one student conversation job in a quiet office space. INFPs have the patience and strength to deal with students and to guide them properly to overcome a difficult time in their lives. Lastly, it is no shock that INFPs will thrive in this service profession.


Psychologists gather information about their clients and evaluate their behavior to diagnose them with any mental illnesses. They also help improve their patient’s or client’s life quality by teaching them how to cope up with their illnesses.

INFPs make excellent psychologists because they have all the qualities needed to be one. They are well tuned with emotions, they are naturally empathic and caring, they love serving others and catering to their needs. Moreover, INFPs are excellent problem solvers, communicators, and good listeners. They are non-judgmental and very accepting.

Their ability to understand beings and things at a deeper level while resolving the dilemmas of their patients. In addition, their calm and patient personality calms the nerves of their clients and helps them open up to them. This allows them to create an emotional connection with their clients, so they can properly provide service, help, and support.

They work in quiet places and have one on one conversations with their clients. Not only do INFPs have the qualities, but their workplace requirements also fit right under the job of a psychologist. Hence, INFPs make perfect candidates for this job career.


Nutritionist looks after and guides the health of their clients. They make nutritional plans for healthy eating habits and enlighten their clients about healthy habits and diets. They mainly counsel and construct eating plans and existing healthy habits of their clients for their wellness.

This job career is great for an INFP because they are passionate about helping others. Their naturally empathic and tender side allows them to connect to their patients or clients on an emotional level. This allows INFPs to motivate their clients and improve their eating habits so they can lead healthy and long life.

The creative problem solving skill comes in handy when an INFP is creating a health plan for their clients or patients. An INFP will succeed as a nutritionist because they are considerate of the needs of others and are excellent listeners. They listen to what their clients want, guides them well, and helps them live a healthy and improved lifestyle.

Physical Therapist

A physical therapist or an occupational therapist works on improving the body functions and life of an individual. They work with rehabilitation centers or hospitals in order to help their patients live their everyday life functionally. Most of the patients suffer from severe body injuries and are recovering to gain motor function back.

Clearly, it is a very rewarding job and attracts an INFP personality because they are invested in the progress their client makes. They find it appealing to see the bigger picture; which is helping their patient get into their normal routine smoothly.

INFPs as physical therapists thrive because it offers them a quiet place to work in, with flexible working hours and autonomy. This one on one client based job is very much enjoyed by an INFP because they drift towards helping and caring for individuals. This job aligns with their beliefs and goals. An INFPs creative problem solving, and good conversation skills help them create exercises and plans for every patient’s needs.

They have no difficulty in putting themselves in the shoes of their patients. This not only motivates them to work harder for their client but also make them excellent occupational therapists.

Speech language pathologists

A speech language pathologist is commonly known as a speech therapist. They work to assist diagnose and treat speech or communication disorders in individuals.

This job fits an INFP character well because they are nonjudgmental and super caring. Their desire to help others is fulfilled through this job. They see it as a highly rewarding job because it allows them to change a being live in a big impactful way.

INFPs are compassionate and excellent at solving complex issues. They think outside the box to help individuals seeking speech therapists. They ensure their therapy results in some positive changes. This humanitarian oriented job also suits an INFP because of their excellent communication skills.

Since a speech language pathologist works with speech INFPS speaking skills come in handy. In addition, their ability to connect with their clients on an emotional level drives their passion to help them. An INFP sees the progress they make, and it satisfies them as their hard work is paying off.



Professors are teachers in higher educational institutes such as universities. Professors are required to plan the curriculum for the class, they make schedules and work in the labs for research purposes.

INFPs make excellent professors because of their passion for helping. They share their knowledge with their class. Since an INFP likes to ponder over the world around them, they ensure all their students are intellectual and are growing personally as well.

Although this job does not offer them solitary, they do not mind working with a huge number of students as they all share the same core values.

Special Education Teacher

A special education teacher provides help and learning to students who need extra help and support to keep up with their education.

Since the main composite of a special education teacher is to help the students, this very rewarding job is perfect for an INFP. INFPs move towards rewarding jobs and are highly attractive to jobs that allow them to care for others.

An INFP uses their communication skills and creative problem solving skills to help the special students learn in an effective manner. They do not run out of creative ideas. Moreover, their patience level is very high, and they can easily keep up with the slow students. Their natural compassion and empathy enable an INFP to engage with the special students at their level of understanding.

This job aligns with the personal values and views of an INFP hence, this job path is an excellent career option for them.

Preschool Teacher

Young kids are hard to deal with but with a teacher with an INFP personality, it is easy to control the kids and help them gain knowledge.

INFP is a caring and creative personality. Both these qualities are super helpful to deal with kids. The creative side allows the teacher to keep them engaged in school activities so they can learn in effective manners. The caring and sensitive side are considerate towards the young kids.

An INFP may not like restricted routines or loud places, but they are willing to make certain sacrifices as they find helping kids rewarding.

Athletics Coach

An athletics coachwork with athletes to prepare them for competitions with other teams. Although an INFP is least likely to work in a team, they do not mind guiding a team that has the same goal as them.

INFPs are excellent communicators and strategists. Both these qualities help them train their team and motivate them to play well. In addition, their empathy and compassion allow them to connect to the athletes on a personal level. This connection allows them to motivate each player to reach their potential.

Athletic coaches need a creative mind to plan strategies and plans to keep their players engaged. Coaching as a career for an INFP is not a bad choice.

Social Work

Social Worker

A social worker is responsible for helping the neglected individuals of the community such as individuals who suffer mentally or are physically challenged. Or individuals who substance abuse or suffer from domestic violence. A social worker makes sure they are given the help they need and are well taken care of.

The job description of a social worker indicates that it is a humanity oriented job. So, without doubt an INFP will develop a likeness towards it. This job description aligns parallel to the beliefs and goals of INFPs.

Although an INFP may let their sensitive side impact the decisions they make, the decisions are always in favor of their client and for their betterment. This personality is not attracted to status or money. Their inner compassion to help others drives them to work tirelessly to help their clients live better life.

In addition, their good communication skills, and ability to solve complex issues creatively ensure they achieve their goal regarding each client’s case.

An INFP can build strong relations with their client as they can connect to them on an emotional level. An INFPs empathy and passion to help others ensures that they are well be fitted to become a social worker.


Fundraisers organize campaigns or small events such as bake sales or Sunday bazaars to collect money for a good cause or charities.

This job is a very humane oriented job that INFPs gravitate towards. INFPs are passionate about helping others and are always volunteering. An INFPs excellent capability to come up with creative ideas helps with organizing attractive campaigns and events that raise immense funds.

Moreover, a fundraiser job does not have a high salary, but an INFP is willing to compromise on money as long as the job’s description aligns with their beliefs. They also work well alone and can create strong relations with the donors through their strong communication skills.

Not only do the INFPs use their creative sides but they also work in places that have similar beliefs and goals as they do. So, a job as a fundraiser suits an INFP well.



Librarians work in a library. They keep records of the books, maintain the records, organize books, hold small seminars, and even maintain the atmosphere of the quiet library.

All these tasks are according to the likeness of an INFP because a librarian works alone. An INFP will use their patience and excellent communication skills to help the visitors find what they need. Plus, they will also conduct humanitarian based seminars and little gatherings in the local library to talk about the ongoing issues of the community.

As boring as a job of a librarian may sound, the right INFP can make things interesting and maintain the library. In addition, since an INFP is not attracted to the money, it is no surprise INFPs will thrive as a librarian.


A marketer is responsible for growing the business they are working for. They need to promote their products well enough to gain more customers.

This job is right for an INFP because of their strong ability to overtake any problem and solve it in a creative yet impactful manner. In addition, an INFP character can fully understand what their client wants, and they can give exactly what they want. Or at times, they may outdo themselves and provide their client with something even better. This personality trait of an INFP helps with marketing campaigns of the products.

Besides, INFPs are empathic personalities, this enables them to connect to the customers and gain a better insight into what they want. To top this all, an INFPs sense to perceive what the customer and the client wants will surely take them to the top of this career path.

Human Resources Specialist

Human Resource Specialists or HR specialists for short are individuals kept by organizations as an intermediate between the workers and the official board. These specialists work in favor of the employees. They deal with salary increases, hiring new employees, employee benefits, and workplace necessities of the employees. Their main goal is to keep the employees happy and satisfied in the workplace.

This humanitarian oriented job suits an INFP well. They have a way of dealing with humans and show empathy. This allows them to connect to the employees and maintain a healthy relationship with them. The newly hired employees are welcomed by the HR specialist in a way that they feel more comfortable in the new workplace. Moreover, an INFPs ability to solve issues creatively always keeps both the parties i.e., the employees and the office board happy. Hence, an INFPs strong communication skills and humanitarian focus make Human Resources Specialist a good career choice for them.

Public Relations Specialist

A public relations specialist or PR for short are professionals who stand between the public and the client. A PR specialist has required to maintain a positive image of the client or the organization they work for. They are supposed to come up with creative and innovative ideas to deal with complicated situations. The main goal is to have the public and other companies view their client or organization as public perception.

INFPs have strong and excellent communication skills. This skill is in addition to their ability to solve complex issues in a creative manner. Both these skills make an incredible public relations specialist. An INFP will use these skills to impactfully create a positive image of their organization or client. Moreover, an INFP’s ability to understand and perceive what their client or organization requires helps in being able to create successful and impactful campaigns and events. Without a doubt, Public Relations Specialist is a quite satisfactory career path for INFPs.

Final Words

For the reason mentioned, INFP personalities work well in a career path that allows them to take care of the needs of others being and show empathy. A very humanitarian oriented career path such as a psychologist, social working, or counseling will suit an INFP. The Healthcare field offers physical therapist and nutritionist career matches.

Furthermore, an INFP will also like working in a creative job path that allows them to use their creative thinking skills without any restrictions. So, it is likely that an INFP personality will thrive in careers related to art such a graphic designer, writer, and actor. Lastly, education field jobs such as a preschool teacher or a coach also compliment the INFP character.

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